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@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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Edgy Fluff Hcs

A promise is a promise and i am a onion of my words;

  • Dark tends to have a lot of muscular problems due to how stressed and overwhelmed he is in a constant daily basis, he often suffers a lot of spine/back pain and headaches due to this. 
    Anti is totally aware of this and that is why when Dark is laying down ( when he ever lays down) Anti sits on him so he doesn’t move and starts doing massages on his upper back. 
    You can hear the cracking Dark’s back while he does so, those were very needed.
  • Then Dark stretches like a grumpy cat and is tbh so pleased but won’t thank him cause that would mean being nice.
  • Anti says ‘you’re welcome’ anyways. 
  • Dark is fan of romantic movies with sad endings, Anti prefers action movies or horror with gore. 
    Even though its not what he prefers Anti sits through Dark’s old-timey novellas without complaining.
    He says he can hear Dark’s faint heart beat faster while he watches them though he is showing no emotion.
  • When dark is-uh- preparing the meat for a dinner he often invites Anti to do it because he knows how much he enjoys the gore of it. 
    Anti looks like a 5 year old with a new toy every single time. 
  • As i already said before, Dark washes Anti’s hoodies cause the virus is just lazy. But he does not stop there, poor man ends up doing the full laundry very often. 
  • Anti knows how soul wrecking (from his point of view) is to wash clothes so in a exchange he ends up cleaning Dark’s room. When it ever needs some sort of cleaning. 
  • Dark has a tendency of scratching the back of Anti’s ears when he does a good job on something. Anti loves it. 
  • Even though it is rare, when Dark has his downer moments Anti is the one to drag him out of his room or even medicate him accordingly. In these Dark is almost unresponsive so that takes a lot of effort. 
  • In the other hand when Anti has his psychotic episodes it always ends up with Dark hugging Anti tight and locking him on place so he does not create any more havoc on their home. Anti does the impossible to break free, from mutilating the back of Dark with his claws of chewing his neck out, still does not work because Dark is determined in not moving, no matter how much it hurts. It takes at least a week for Dark to recover from the bad ones, which is why under his neat suit sometimes he is wrapped in bandages.
  • Even though these two are constantly colliding due to how different they are, they managed to have a working and healthy (in their sense) living environment. These took years to generate. You can say they finally learned to appreciate the differences they have.
  • Dark has a collection of ties, Anti tries to help by stealing getting him new ones, even though he is not aware, Anti has a terrible fashion sense and the ties end up being awful in patterns.
  • Dark still uses these ugly af ties his fav one is the one with the ugly flamingos on it. 
  • The main reason Dark got into cooking ( and is now a amazing chef) and hunting is because in the early days Anti would simply not eat at all.
    This would end up in him being a sack of bones for days which Dark found both disturbing and worrying. 
  • “What type of food you like?”
    “A type i cannot get locked up in here.”
    “Try me”
  • Oh and let me mention of cheesy Anti gets when he tries to calm down a furious Dark.
    “No it is not, i would sell Mark to Satan for a corn chip and you know that. I’m here and I listen, please calm down, it’s okay, tell me what is bothering you.”
  • Anti wears Dark’s suits when he is out of clean clothes, these often are too big for him so they look hilarious on him, except the pants, the pants are always too short for Anti.

I have more so ya’ll let me know if you want me to write more.

Bts reaction to their innocent s/o being into horror themes:

Anon requested:  How would bts react to their sweet and innocent girlfriend being really into Paranormal and chilling mysteries. (Black Dahlia/Enfield House/Annabell/etc)

A/ N: I was gonna search up the examples but then I remembered its 4am… The gifs got a little suggestive and irrelevant towards the makane line but I’m a sinner so


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Laughs it out. No one is completely innocent and he would be lying if he said he hadn’t sensed it when you squealed every time a horror movie was suggested. Doesn’t mind at all though he would appreciate it if you didn’t insist on a hair-rising movie each date night.


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Actually impressed. A soft girl wouldn’t last long in my opinion with Yoongi if she didn’t have it in her to be brave. He would think that you’re all up for rainbows and barbies but when he saw this side of you, he couldn’t be anymore thankful.


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This is one is different. Wanna watch a horror movie? you're alone because Hobi clearly exhibited how much he dislikes horror themes. Just remember to warn him before you drift into your spooky realm otherwise the poor baby might have a heart attack.

Rap Monster:

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He finds it entertaining whenever you get too enthusiastic about popping a horror movie at night. If anything he loves that side of, how you survive all the gore and mystery despite other girls who might start crying few minutes into the movie. 


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The maknae line is a bit different. Jimin is the second most willing member, after Jungkook, to watch a movie with you. Though not the best choice, he just finds that horror movies have a specific time and place and it’s certainly not every night.

V/ Taehyung:

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I can see him happily choosing My Little Pony over The Conjuring. Do I have to explain any more?


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Loves it. jungkook is probably the most into these stuff and if you suggest a horror or mystery movie he is never objecting. in fact not only will he be having the time of his life, it will kinda make him fall for you more. 

Is it absurd enough, yet?  TFP is BBC Sherlock’s Plan 9 from Outer Space

Watching TFP, while Mycroft and John are talking to the head of security at Sherringford the lamps and their arrangement really struck me.  Not only do they look like 1950s movie space saucers but they were arranged in such a way as to look like they’re in flight.  

While these time of flying saucers were seen in various movies before better special effects came along, I think that they were seen possibly most famously in Ed Wood’s, ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’, (1956).  Long considered the worst film in history, it has become a cult classic due to its campy, clashing elements and extremely low budget.  

But, the space ships are not the only psobily connection to this film: the leader of the invading aliens is called Eros.  That is correct, it is a very similar name to the new and strange villain introduced to us at the end of TLD: Eurus.

Let’s think back on Moriarty’s derisive description of Sherlock’s dream in TAB: ‘Is it silly enough for you, yet?  Gothic enough, mad enough, even for you?’.  When something is very silly and strange, maybe it’s a dream, right?  Well, the sheer number of obvious references to sci-fi and horror films could be a clue as to just how, ‘silly’, TFP really is.

Plan 9 is known for its many continuity problems, for visible boom mics and cameras in the shot, its poorly-written dialogue.  It is said to combine elements that at the time would’ve seemed disparate: gothic fiction and science fiction.  We definitely see this sort of genre clashing in TFP.  The whole episode feels like the worst possible film frankensteined out of all of the writers’ favourite horror and science fiction movies.  

In fact I think that those shots of John and Mycroft talking to David are a pastiche of like at least 7 or 8 films.  I can see a bit of Doctor Stranglove, Tron, the table to me looks like a combination of the Star Trek enterprise and their logo.  In view are shots that make Eurus look especially like Samara Morgan from The Ring, a lot of the other lamps are spherical and look like the death star from Star Wars.  After the palace goes on lockdown Moriarty comes on the speaker and even mentions Darth Vader by name.

Anyway, I’ve run out of steam: in conclusion I think the flying saucer like lamps may be a reference to what’s known as the worst movie ever made.  That movie is known for its low production value, bad dialogue and clash of genres.  All of these are things we see in TFP.  That plus the plentiful literal references to other horror and sci-fi films adds another layer to the pastiche.

Now, if we consider that most adaptation of Sherlock Holmes are pastiches, this can also be seen as the writers doing the most pastiche that one such adaptation has ever had.  It’s a monster, like Frankenstein’s monster.  We were even told as much in TLD.  ‘He’s a monster but he’s our monster’.  This episode is their monster.  

And while I am aware of and greatly respect the opinion that Sherringford looks like a penis, I’d also like to posit that it looks like an old-fashioned movie camera,

Sherringford and TFP is where every single movie reference that Gatiss and Moffat have ever wanted to make apparently exist.  All clashing, all creating this disjointed, disorienting experience.  

PS I wasn’t sure what part of awkward dialogue to pick, from TFP, but I think I will leave you with this,

“I’m too clever”.  Maybe besides serving as absurd dialogue for their terrible episode, can also show that if you’re clever you speak only in metaphor.  

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hey! do you know of any mystery (fiction) podcasts i could listen to with my family? (i have some young teen siblings so it's got to be pretty family friendly)

So I’m not sure how young your teen siblings are but I’m going to assume they’re at least old enough to get into a PG-13 movie!

I’ll warn you that most mystery has an element of creepiness/horror. That being said, most of the “Journalists get into Trouble” podcasts would probably be fun to listen to!

1. The Lost Cat Podcast
I’ve just started listening to this myself so I can’t vouch for the later episodes, but so far it’s very promising! A guy loses his cat and gets into some very weird circumstances trying to find it. (The VA has a very soothing voice and there’s some nice music in it)

2. Rabbits
A new podcast by the makers of Tanis and The Black Tapes. A woman searches for her missing friend (who may, or may not, have disappeared after being caught up in a secret game.) It features secret societies and cults. There’s only 1 episode out so far and it’s mentioned that the friend is an escort - so I’d listen to it first to see if it’s suitable.

3. The Black Tapes
A journalist starts off with a slice of life documentary and quickly gets sucked into the world of paranormal investigations with a sceptic who may be part of some sort of demonic cult. (Don’t let this put you off though! It’s creepy, certainly, but in a slow way with nothing too horrifying.) This one is more fun if you pretend it’s real haha

4. Tanis
From the same people as the previous two, some of the same characters investigate a mysterious place that moves around the world. This one is more a mystery wrapped in conspiracy wrapped in secret societies. Again, this one isn’t “creepy” or “horror” but it’s more fun when you pretend it’s real.

5. Passage
A lifeboat from a ship that sank centuries ago washes up at a small port town in the Pacific Northwest. A journalist travels to find out what the story is and ends up stumbling into a murder mystery, reincarnation, and historical small town intrigue.

6. The Bright Sessions
I debated putting this here because it’s not reeeaally a mystery podcast. It’s based around a psychologist called Joan Bright and her patients - people who have superpowers. There’s a secret shadowy organisation who wants to keep track of them all and they do some preeeetty shady stuff. I’m recommending it because it is VERY GOOD at portraying mental health issues and I wish I had it as a teenager because it would have helped so much with my self esteem haha. I honestly think everyone should listen to it. (And if they like any kind of comic superheroes then they’ll probably like this)

7. The Bridge
Again. Is it really a mystery podcast? Debatable. It’s set in an alternate universe of the present day where a bridge has been built across the ocean. The hey-day has come and gone and we’re left with the rag-tag group manning Watchtower 10, sending out radio broadcasts to an empty and dilapidated road. Oh, and there’s a sea monster locked away in the basement. The mystery is finding out what happened to the bridge, and the people on it, and why they’re still there.

8. Archive 81
The first season is your run of the mill - guy gets drafted into a secret government project listening to some increasingly weird tapes. The second season turns away from the mystery slightly and heads more into horror. I’d give the 1st season a shot definitely, but possibly vet the 2nd season before you show it to impressionable younger audiences

9. Drywater
Not gonna lie I love this one. The only problem is that there’s a couple of episodes and they’re put out infrequently. Set in the future 2 guys (amateur radio presenters) find evidence of a government coverup and try and bring it to light. They get shut down at ever turn so decide to investigate on their own (which brings its own heap of problems)

10. Small Town Horror
This is…definitely more in the horror genre. Again, vet it before you let younger people listen to it, but it a good one. A guy goes back home after his dad dies and finds out that the creepy town game he played as a kid (and his subsequent kidnapping) may have more sinister connotations than he realised.

11. The Magnus Archives
Again, more horror mystery than anything else. The Magnus Archives are a collection of short creepy stories about paranormal goings on. There’s a whole larger story about the archivists and the possible murder of the previous head of the department. Definitely vet it, but give it a listen to.

12. Mabel
Still on the horror side of mystery. A carer for an old lady starts leaving increasingly weird voicemail messages for the old woman’s living relative. The 2nd season is when the mystery really kicks in. Definitely vet it as it’s possibly not that family friendly.

13. Hush
A student production that has an interesting storyline (and stuff at the end from their student radio on dealing with school pressures). A teenager comes home one day to find her grandma is missing. She ends up moving in with a family while a hunt is started. There’s also an old mystery where a whole bunch of people (including Andy’s parents) went missing in some local caves - which also seem to be a portal to other worlds. I’m not explaining it very well but I would definitely recommend this one!

14. Return Home
It starts of as sort of horror, but it’s not really. It’s more lite-horror than anything. A guy returns back to his town to find it over-run with secret societies and strange goings on. You’ll find creepy dolls and faeries but also an arc on were-bunnies.

15. Alice isn’t Dead
A trucker tries to find her wife on the long American highways. This is more horror than mystery and there are some definitely creepy moments. I’d listen to it before you let younger members of the family listen, but it’s a good missing person story.

16. Within the Wire
This has some horror moments - like the nurse but at the end - but nothing graphic. It’s mostly creepy in the way everything is so normalised. If you’re a fan of Portal, you’ll most likely enjoy this. The narrator is the voice on some relaxation cassette tapes, speaking to the patient listening to them. The mystery is trying to figure out how and why they’re in this mess in the first place.

17. The Elysium Project
A bunch of kids get experimented on by a shady government agency and gain superpowers. They escape but are left trying to figure out why them, what makes them so special, and why the government is so adamant at hunting them down. This one has a slow release schedule but it is so worth it!

18. Augustine
This one is a short little mystery podcast about the town of Augustine and what happened to it. It’s like a lite version of some of the others on this list and a good one to start off with.

19. The Tunnels
A journalist decides to do a podcast on a local feature. He accidentally stumbles on a conspiracy and possible monsters locked away in the tunnels that run underneath his city. It’s good and not any scarier than others on the list.

20. Help Me
This one is definitely more horror than anything else. I’m putting it down because it’s technically mystery but I don’t know if it’s suitable for the age group you’re wanting. Basically it follows a young girl as she investigates her friends suicide and discovers it may not have been a suicide after all, but the work of a demon that acts suspiciously like slenderman. It’s short but there are some moments that I don’t think would be suitable for anyone impressionable. Definitely vet this one before letting younger family members listen to it.

21. Limetown
Year ago there was a secret government town. Years ago something went horribly wrong and everyone in that town disappeared. You follow one young woman as she journeys to find what exactly happened to the residents of Limetown, and why it was covered up so hard. There’s only one season but it’s a really good season.

22. The Message
This has been renamed LifeAfter, but it’s 2 separate stories and the first of definitely worn a listen. The message follows an intern as she chronicles the first message mankind receives from an alien race.

I Really, Really, Really Like You

Jonathan Toews x Reader

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Warnings: Slight language, implied sexual themes, FWB

POV: Second Person

Do you write for Toews? If so, I’d love a fic where you are Fwb, but then he does on a date. Reader is super sad bc she had fallen in love with him, but there’s a happy ending where toews feels wrong on a date with some1 else and comes back to Her. Thanks😘 

Originally posted by hockeyeurs

Your name: submit What is this?

“You’re off early,” You mumbled, hearing Jonathan fumble around the room, attempting to get dressed. You rolled over in bed and looked at him, watching as he scrambled to button up his pants. 

“(Y/n),” He breathed. “We can’t do this anymore.”

“What?” You sat up, completely taken back. “Why?”

“I’m branching out,” He explained. “I’m dating around,”

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dating jisung!!

this and one or two more willl be the last of the dating series….


anyway, lets go!

- whoo boi

- ok so

- you r in the same dance class as jisung

- btw you’re actually bETTER than him!!1

- the teacher is ike trying to teach a dance but!! wait!!

- jisung doesn’t know how to do a series of moves

- so,,, the teacher orders you do go into another dance studio and teach him

- which you don’t really wanna do cause he’s so cute  but you do anyway

- so now y'all r in the dance studio

- “ok so what part of the dance are you struggling with?”

- “erg,,,the,,,uh-the part where-,,,y’know,,, where this part of the song comes on”

- “jisung thats the chorus it happens like 3 times during the song”

- anyway so ya he was finally able to explain

- and you’re teaching him

- it was pretty tiring cause it was a high energy move and you had to repeat it like 4848498 times

- after you congratulate him is when he notices your beauty


- so for the nest 3 weeks jisung ignores you

- and u get a lil emo cause u have a teeny weeny crush on dis boi

- jk u have une massive crush 

- so u confront him about it

- “hey,,,so why r avoiding me?”


- so he pretty much confessed right then an there

- he kept on apologizing so

- yOU cUt hIM oFF w A kISS

- jakjkjkajkjak yalls faces were so red

- anyway

- jisung always hugs u after dance

- like 

- no matter what, he gotta get his goodbye hug

- “y/nnnnnn”

- “no ur gross and sweaty”

- he didn’t sign up to be bullied when he asked you out


- he prepared a dance and got the whole dance crew

- when u showed up at the studio NO ONE WAS THERE

- until

- you see jisung walk in

- and start dancing SJSKSJKJSK



- so u go in for a hug


- moving on

- jisungs a giant rite

- so ur short compared to him (depeNDING ON HOW TALL U R THAT CAN CHANGE)

- when u hold hands u can’t even see your hands

- and he lets u wear his sweaters n shit 


- like h OW

- jisung is a rly emotional boi ok

- dont hurt his feelings cause

- just don’t



- k tbh when you guys first met he was shorter than u

- and he has pics of it an d teASES U 25/8 

- “ahhehhahHHAH you were taller than me look at me now”

- “stfu atlas i can dance”

- “i- true”


- YOU GUYS ALWAYS somehow reply right away

- kind of creepy but its guc

- once for a date, jisung suggested a horror movie 

- cause his hyungs said to

- big mistake



- you thought it was cool until u feel smth wet on your shoulder


- you stop the movie an d cuddle

- that!was!your!first!time!cuddling!ever!!

- you were the big spoon

- but then you became the small spoon within a couple of minutes



- y'all make eye contact for 0.00000001 seconds and suddenly all his hyungs r whistling and teasing him

- man all he wanted to do was eat some fries in peace


- u were ready to die tbh

- once u challenged jisung to a dance battle

- and beat him

- and he cried

- the suddenly taeyong comes and challenges u

- u also beat him

- and he cried


- jisung is such a cute bf though

- he will do anything for u

- like dye his hair green cause u told him u like grass


- but u made him dye it back to his natural colour

- jisung loves back hugs

- so much 

- he just wraps his arms around u and rests his head on your shoulder



- going to have a “fun time”

- he can’t even be kissed on the cheek with out blushing and stuttering

- y'all aint slick 

- anyway

- jisung is a precious bby

- he loves u with all his heart 

- and u love him too


tbh im kind of emo cause i can’t write scenarios FOR SHIT sjkalklksl and I’m gonna stop doing dating au’s 

maybe i should do a drabble game? but its too hard to think of ideas cRAP

whatever imma just see what happens i guess

- emma


Imagine dating your brother’s best friend

Characters: Reader, Single! Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, mentions of family

Pairings: Reader x Jensen

Warnings: All Fluff and SMUT

Word Count: 3,100

Summary: Jared Padalecki is your big brother. When you are graduating high school, Jared lands a job acting for a new show called supernatural. By the middle of your freshman year of college, Jared drags you along to an award show he must attend. He really wants you to meet this guy that he has been working with, Jensen. The two of you hit it off and the rest is history.

Things to know: I have been working on this story for weeks. I hope you guys like it. Not sure it’s my best work. 

The large oak doors stared at you ominously. You couldn’t believe this was finally happening. Jensen Ackles was on the other side of that door. That was all you needed to know to walk through it. 

You had met Jensen Ackles almost ten years ago. You remembered it like it was yesterday. Your brother Jared had landed a role on a new show called Supernatural. The show was a big hit, and he was having the time of his life. It was a nice change of pace for him after his stint on Gilmore Girls.

In January of 2006, Jared had to attend an award show. He begged you to accompany him, partially because he wanted you to meet his new best friend. This guy that he worked with that was quickly becoming like a brother to him. You were 19, in college, and excited at the idea of getting to go to an award show. You happily accepted Jared’s invitation and joined him at the Critic’s Choice Awards.

From the moment you laid eyes on Jensen, you could tell something was different about him. The way he smiled at you, his green eyes sparkling, when he first met you made your heart jump up to your throat. Sure, he was almost nine years older than you, but that didn’t stop you from developing a crush on him right then. The three of you spent the evening laughing and joking together. You got a taste of Hollywood life, though you were thankful that Jared was the one in the acting business. You would stick to your music, it was what you really loved. Jensen had been sure to make you feel included the entire night. You had even caught him staring at you a couple times throughout the event.

At the end of the night, he invited you to the set to watch he and Jared film an upcoming episode. You had made sure that J was comfortable with you being on set. “Jared, you sure you want me there?” you had asked skeptically when Jensen invited to the set the week following the awards ceremony.

“Of course, Y/N! I would love to have you there. You can see just how much hard work your big brother puts in,”  he had smiled and draped his arm lazily over your shoulder.

Jensen smiled widely. “Perfect. I can’t wait for you to see what a complete doofus your brother is on set,” he said with a laugh.

You smiled. “I’ve lived with him for 19 years. Trust me, I bet you haven’t seen anything yet.” The two of you looked at Jared and he rolled his eyes at you. This sent you both into a fit of laughter, and so the night went on like that. It had been a night that changed your life forever. If you had only known the wonderful things that would come from that night.

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"Stay warm" for Jhope (Drabble game! 😃)

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

BS: J-hope | 01 

“Hobi I need a favour.” Yoongi spoke into the phone. Hoseok looked between the comfort of his bed and the clock that read 3 a.m. He had just arrived home from the studio and his only planned destination was his bed. That didn’t involve a call from Yoongi. 

“Hyung, I’m kind of busy.” Hoseok mumbled. 

“Doing what?”

“You know, just what normal people do. SLEEPING.” he said, glaring at the wall as if it was Yoongi himself. 

“Come on Hobi, please. I’ll owe you one.” Yoongi begged. 

“Fine.” Hoseok gave in all too easily, just as Yoongi knew he would. “What is it?”

“I need you to pick up my sister. Her flight lands in an hour or so.” 

“She’s coming to Seoul? I thought she’s studying at Daegu?”

“Yeah but my parents are fed up with her attitude so they’re dropping her ungrateful ass on me.” Yoongi grumbled. Hoseok was taken aback by the spite in Yoongi’s voice. But he knew Yoongi had a rather rough way of displaying his “love”. “So will you do this for me or not?” 

“What are you doing anyways? Why can’t you pick up your sister?”

“I’m uh…slightly busy.” he mumbled an incoherent excuse. He thought he heard a female voice in the background, but he couldn’t be sure. “Will you?” Yoongi asked again. 

“Ugh hyung, fine.” 

“Thanks, Hobi”

“But-” before he could say anything Yoongi had already hung up the phone. Hoseok found himself staring at his phone in disbelief for a while. Did this call really happen? Maybe he was just imagining it. Maybe he was dreaming. He could atleast say that was the case. He could just go to sleep.

He sighed. 

He couldn’t do that. He just didn’t have it in him to leave a girl stranded at an airport. With one last longing glance at his comfortable looking bed, he finally turned around and headed out. 


It wasn’t long before Hoseok parked his car and headed inside the airport and to the terminal that Yoongi had texted him. He had met Yoongi’s sister once before during their pre debut days, and it was more of a wave and nod than anything really. He remembered that she was maybe a year or two younger than he was, and slightly punk looking back in those days. He had no idea if she would still look the same or not. He stood at the arrival area, looking around with drowsy eyes. His eyelids felt too heavy to lift and his body cried for sleep. He leaned his head back, pulling on his face mask. What if he just closed his eyes for a few seconds…


He jerked awake, dropping his phone that had been resting on his lap. He looked around till his eyes landed on the individual who had called him with such conviction. And then he saw her. And he was left blinking a few times because…this was not the girl he had remembered.

“You are Hoseok?” She asked him. 

He nodded, pulling down his face mask to give her a smile. 

“Its nice to see you again, after so long.” He grinned. “How have you been? You’re brother always talks about you.” 

She snorted at his words. 

“Yeah, I can imagine the things he says.” She remarked under breath. “It took me forever to find you, didn’t realize you were flying in from another city as well.” He was about to correct her when he stopped, realizing that she was being sarcastic. And right than did Hoseok see the stark resemblance, an almost mirror like image of Yoongi’s temper standing in female form. When Hoseok didn’t say anything, she arched her brow. “So, are we spending the night here? Shall I take my sleeping bag out?” She snapped at his lack of response. 

Hoseok just stared for a while before giving her a small smile. That only seemed to piss her off even more. He stood up and gestured for her to start walking. 

“Ladies first.”  


They got in the car and were on the road in no time. 

“So, I’ll drop you off at Yoongi-hyung’s” Hoseok said.

She was leaning her head against the window, her eyes lazily shutting and opening. Hoseok took a few side glances of her and couldn’t help but realize how adorable she was…when her sharp Yoongi tongue wasn’t on fire that is.

“His house? He texted me saying that I’m staying over at yours for tonight.” She said. 

“Mine?” Hoseok couldn’t believe his hyung. 

“Apparently he has ‘someone’ staying over.” She rolled her eyes. “As if I don’t know who it is.” She said more to herself. 

“Well hyung could have told me. How very brotherly of him.” Hoseok muttered at the lack of responsibility Yoongi was showing. 

“I’m sorry, is this going to be a problem?” She suddenly asked, her eyebrows furrowed together.


“Am I burdening you in someway? Because if this is too much to ask for then I don’t need any favours. You can drop me off at a hotel. I don’t need these snarky side remarks.”

“Woah.” Hoseok stopped her rant. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. And that ‘side remark’ was for hyung, not you. I’d love to have you over.” He quickly explained. She glared at him for a while longer. 

“Oh.” Was all she said, before turning to face the front again. 

“Hey does the hot-headedness run in the family or…?”

“Excuse me?”

Hoseok chuckled. “I think I got my answer.” 


They finally arrived back to Hoseok’s apartment where he roomed with Jungkook. Jungkook must have been asleep by now. He unlocked the front door and brought her bag in. He offered her his room, simply taking a pillow and blanket for himself. She didn’t agree, like he imagined, instead insisting that he take his own room and she can sleep on the couch. Hoseok chuckled, shaking his head. He told her he could never do that. She insisted he could. Hoseok continued to shake his head no and it seemed her temper was growing. When Hoseok said he could do this all day, she quickly gave in because the thought of keeping Hoseok up any longer for her needs didn’t sit well with her. She didn’t like accepting favours, and he learned that all too quickly. After that he let her take a shower in his bathroom and get to bed as he slumped down on his couch and quickly fell asleep. He couldn’t have been asleep for more than hour when the noise of something breaking woke him. Hoseok sat up immediately, looking for the source of the noise. He walked over to the kitchen to find her crouched on the ground over a broken tea cup. She was picking up the pieces. 

Fuck” She suddenly hissed as she pulled her hand back. Hoseok reacted immediately, darting forward. 

“Did you cut yourself?”

She turned around, surprised by Hoseok standing behind her. 

“Yeah, its just a prick. Its okay. I’m sorry I broke your cup. I was trying to make some tea. I couldn’t fall asleep and -” Her explanation was left hanging as Hoseok had already pulled out a bandaid box and had her finger between his hands, wiping away the blood gently. She watched him concentrate on her finger. She noticed how soft his features looked. Noticed how close he stood. His tongue was sticking out slightly as he worked on her wound and the concern in his eyes was kind of…heart warming. She wasn’t used to that. 

“There.” He said. Finally taking a step back. 

“Thanks. I’ll clean this up.” He shook his head. 

“I got it.” He set tea for the both of them and grabbed a dustpan to pick up the pieces. 

“I’m really sorry Hoseok.” She muttered, as she watched this clearly exhausted man work on cleaning up her mess. She really did feel bad. 

“Its fine.” he smiled at her. He always smiled, she noticed. It was so weird. And every smile was so genuine. He seemed to have a world of patience, which completely amazed her because everyone she knew, including her brother, was always done with her in the first ten seconds in meeting her. It was refreshing and ….strange but nice. “Why can’t you sleep? Jet lag?” 

She nodded her head. He tossed the pieces away and finished up tea. 

“We can watch a movie, if you like?”

“Don’t you have to get some sleep.”

“I’ll manage.” Hoseok replied, leading her to his living room. She took the blanket he offered and they flipped through channels till the Jurassic Park movie came on. “Do we have to?” Hoseok asked as she kept it on that channel and got comfortable. 

“Don’t you like it?”

“Its kind of not my thing.” he mumbled.

“What, scared of dinosaurs Hoseok?” She chuckled. But when she noticed he wasn’t laughing, she gasped in surprise. “Are you seriously afraid of this movie?”

“This and many more. And its really not that funny.” He mumbled, pulling up the blanket to his chin. 

“I’m not laughing at you, I swear. I’m laughing at how adorable you are.” She said between fits of giggles. She was too far gone at the idea of his horror movie phobia that she didn’t even realize her words.

Adorable.” he stated with a grin.

“Did I say adorable? I meant…”

It was his turn to chuckle at her flustered state. “Fine, keep your movie on. I need to get some shut eye anyways.” He said, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. 

“Is the volume too loud?” she asked after a bit. When she looked over, she saw him already fast asleep. She smiled, gently pulling more of the blanket over his sleeping form. “Stay warm.” She whispered. 

When she pulled her hand away, he suddenly caught it. She froze. She looked up, surprised, but saw his eyes closed. He was still asleep. To her utter surprise, he leaned his head all the way down till it practically fell onto the pillow on her lap. He brought her hand to his head and she immediately caught on. Smiling to herself at how ridiculous this must all be. Nevertheless, she began to slowly run her fingers through his hair as he slept. 

She had never admitted this to anyone. She vowed never to do so. But, now in this moment, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to admit. 

“Jung Hoseok,” She whispered, as she continued stroking his forehead gently. “I’ve always had the biggest crush on you.” She bit down on her lip, amazed that she had actually said it outloud. 


She stopped breathing. She looked down to find his smiling…and very awake face looking back at her. 

Gael Garcia Bernal On Mexico’s Plan to Save Its Image With Documentary Films

The 2017 Academy Awards ceremony was a largely apolitical affair, but Gael Garcia Bernal changed that. Co-presenting the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, he acknowledged the current tension with the Trump Administration over immigration issues, specifically as they pertained to Mexico. “As a Mexican, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I’m against any form of wall that separates us,” he said.

Over the last 12 years, Bernal has been putting that message of unification to work within the boundaries of his native country, pushing a country marred by reports of a drug war and other problems to find itself at the movies. Along with his close friend and “Y Tu Mama Tambien” co-star Diego Luna and the producer Elena Fortes, Bernal co-founded the Ambulante Documentary Film Festival in 2005. The traveling screening series focuses on non-fiction film that brings its vast programming to cities and rural areas around the country over the course of two months.

READ MORE: Mexico Detains, Then Frees, Undocumented Subjects of an Ambulante Documentary Ahead of Its World Premiere

Bolstered by generous government funding and the support of the national theater chain Cinépolis, Ambulante’s 2017 edition featured 106 documentaries screened across 64 days in 42 venues. The lineup is an eclectic blend of highlights from the international documentary scene — from “I Am Not Your Negro” to “Last Men in Aleppo” —to locally-produced projects and students films depicting everyday life in Mexico.

On opening weekend in Mexico City, screenings were packed less with industry figures than curious locals intrigued by the prospects of unfamiliar programming, starting with a free outdoor screening of “The Eagle Huntress” in the city’s plaza. That weekend, more than 300 moviegoers camped outside in the mountainous region known as Los Dinamos for a free screening of the documentary “Brimstone and Glory,” about the fireworks celebration in Tultepec, Mexico, and engaged in a prolonged Q&A session with the filmmaker that ran almost as long as the movie itself.

Such widespread enthusiasm is exactly what Bernal and Luna had in mind. “There’s an interesting dialogue that happens when people are in the same room watching a documentary,” Bernal said in an interview. “The singular discourse disappears. Arguments become more sophisticated. This is what happens when you see a plaza full of people watching a documentary for free.”

Bernal was inspired to start Ambulante after seeing that Eugenio Polgovsky’s 2004 documentary “Tropic of Cancer,” about an isolated community in Mexico in which villagers trap animals to sell them to tourists, failed to get a release in its home country. “It made me feel that there was no chance for someone to see the film — specifically, the people who are portrayed in it,” Bernal said. “Maybe a few film festivals could screen it, but that would be it. So we decided to take that film and others to the places where they were shot. It was more utopian euphoria than frustration.”

Notably, Ambulante receives 44% of its funding from U.S. sources, although some 40% comes from federal and state funds, while an additional 15% comes comes from private sponsors, and just one percent comes from ticketing and merchandise sales. Ambulante has been designed more as a form of advocacy than a business, and that goal has extended to its educational initiative, Ambulante Mas Alla.

The program involves filmmaking workshops in rural areas of Mexico, where participants ranging from teenagers to senior citizens produce short films about topics such as farming and family traditions. Since the program launched with the start of Ambulante, program instructor and documentary producer Carlos Rossini said that he has seen significant improvement in the sensibilities of his students. “It used to be that when I asked what was the last documentary students had seen, they would say ‘Shark Week,’” he said. “Now, after 12 years, that has changed. They talk about the films they saw at Ambulante.”

The communal progress underscores a broader goal for the festival, now run by director Paulina Suarez and director of programming Meghan Monsour: the capacity to push beyond stereotypical impressions of the country and its hardships. “This is the most important thing for us now,” Rossini said. “To discover that people are all on one side. It’s not what everybody says it is. It’s not a war, it’s not that everybody’s a corrupt police officer or politician. It’s a big country working through things, sharing thing. There are many difficulties, but most of us believe that this place has a future.”

For Bernal, the festival allows Mexico both a window into its own identity and the ability to scrutinize other cultures. “Watching otherness, understanding and creating empathy, can only lead to good things,” he said. “All films are political to me.”

The 2017 Ambulante Film Festival runs through May 25, 2017.

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One Year

Requests: “kol eating y/n out??”

You swung your door open to reveal Kol standing on your doorstep with his wicked grin and flowers in his hand. You blushed and pushed your large framed glasses up your nose. Kol stepped inside, closing the door behind him and pecking you on the cheek and then handing you the flowers. You sniffed them and blushed again, it seemed like a rather expensive bouquet. 

“Happy one year.” You beamed up at him, and in return, he kissed you sweetly on the lips. To this day you wonder how Kol could have any mortal he wanted and chose you. It had been the best year of your life, explaining family problems to each other and he revealed his biggest secret to you. Despite him being a thousand years old, you trusted him with your life. 

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interrupted (M) part II

pairing: reader x ???

genre: Lil but of angst but mainly SMUT. OLUWAUNNIE I FUCKING WARN YOU NOW. DONT SAY I DIDN’T.

summary: part two of this jikook love triangle lmao.

word count: 2.2k (specifics: 2,263)

warnings/triggers: this is some sinful badly written x-rated shit okay. and and it swears a lot like me lol.

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Silver Silence Part 2

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 1,259

Warnings: Fluff and slight anst, possible future smut but not in this part. Very shy reader


It had been four days since I had moved into the compound, and within that time, I saw no trace of the Avenger’s newest recruit. In fact, the only reason I knew I wasn’t imagining it was because I overheard Natasha arguing with tony about her.

“God damn it tony she’s not a china doll!” Natasha let out an exasperated sigh when tony rolled his eyes at her.

“She might as well be! She broke her hand well punching a sand filled bag Natasha!” Tony yelled back angrily. “Do I even need to bring up what happened the first time you trained her?!”

“For gods sakes Tony she’s trying! And know You’re making it impossible for her to even do that!” Nats eyes narrowed as she pushed past tony and began to storm down the hall nearly knocking me over in the process.

“Yeah well she’ll thank me later for keeping her out of a hospital bed!”

His eyes locked with mine before he to stormed out of the room, leaving me to wonder what on earth was such a big deal.


On the 5th day of me being at the compound I was sitting on the couch flipping through multiple channels and finding absolutely nothings good. As I surfed the channels, Steve walked in from his afternoon training session and plopped himself down on one of the kitchen bar stools.

“Whatcha up to pal?” he asked, whipping his face down with a towel.

“Trying to find out if this TV has any movies from the 1940s” I replied, slightly embarrassed that I wanted to recap some of my older memories of film.

Steve seemed to think for a moment before he shrugged.

“If you’re looking for old movies you should ask (y/n).” a voice spoke from the hallway as Wanda made her way into the room. “The girls got tons”

“Really? She likes 40s movies?” I asked dumbly.

“She loves them, just the other day I came in to the living room and found her watching ‘arsenic and old lace’ at around 2am” she began getting dishes out of the cabinets, filling a glass with water and turning back to me.

“I love that movie” I smiled.

“So does she” she mentioned, “she’s got at least a dozen on DVD, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you borrowed them.”

“Yeah, okay.” I replied sheepishly as I stood up. “Where can I find her?”

She looked up from what she was doing only to shake her head with a smile and a light wavy laugh. “Same place she always stays, her bedroom.” She walked past me to plant herself on the couch. “Floor just above this one, down the hall, last door on the right” she said simply, turning her attention to the TV and picking up the remote.

I nodded my head and hesitantly turned around, heading towards the elevator.

When I arrived at her door, I found myself un able to knock, feeling a sting of fear in my chest. She was already so extremely shy, and I didn’t want to add fear of the winter solider on top of that.  So I stood there, ringing my hands against each other and looking down at my feet, and right when I lifted my hand to knock the door lightly creaked open.  

I pushed my gaze down lightly to her short frail form outlined by the darkness of the room.

“I felt your presence” she mumbled quietly, looking anywhere but at me.

“Oh” I cleared my throat and then began to feel my knees grow slightly weak when I looked back to see her beautifully made (e/c) staring up at me.  “I- um… Wanda said you possibly had some old movies I could maybe borrow?”

She let her gaze shift around before she gave the slightest nod of her head and opened the door fully to let me in.

I gave a polite nod of my head and entered; watching as she skittishly shuffled over to a bookshelf and stood on her toes to reach a couple of movies on the top shelf.

Seeing her struggle I decided it best to be a gentlemen and help her reach them, so I walked over near her and laid a hand on her shoulder.

Next thing I know by body is being sent back to the other end of the room as my back collides with the floor. I grunt as I lift my body up, only to see her looking at me as her hands are clasped around her mouth and her eyes spread wide in horror.

“I-I I’m s-sorry” she stutters as she lowers her hands, and I rise to my feet cautiously. “You frightened me”

“Its alight it isn’t your fault” I replied as I gave my best attempt at a smile, hoping it looked as gentle as I wanted it to be.

She said nothing else just shook her head with a frown and looked down at the cases of movies that she had dropped.  She picked up the four from the floor and handed them to me, looking painfully guilty as she did so.  I took them with a kind smile and breathed a gentle thank you to her. She merely nodded in return.

I began to make my way out, observing she wasn’t one for company, but I stopped myself as my mind bobbled a question iv been itching to ask.

“(y/n)?” I asked softly.

She turned her head from the floor to me and tipped it to the side slightly, waiting my continuation.

“Why won’t tony let you train?” I tried to come off as gentle and as concerned as possibly, not wanting her to feel obligated to tell me, but still wanting just as much of a response.

She looked back down at her feet again; it seemed to be her own slight nervous habit because she then stuttered out some things before lifting her gaze back to me.

“My body can’t take it.” She spoke clearly this time; as if that was the only thing she was sure of in life.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

She sighed, turning her body towards me more and raising her right hand to show her cast. “My bones are basically made of glass.” She lowered her hand slowly. “My lungs are almost made of paper”

My eyes went wide slightly at her explanation and I found myself looking at her with curiosity lining my lips.

“it’s a result of my powers…” she trailed off, a slight hint she wanted to hide away but when she looked back at me, I nearly felt her heart skip a beat, even from this far away. “My body stores all my energy and strength into my surges… which leaves nothing for me.”

I couldn’t help the light buzz of pity that manifested inside my lungs, because it truly was sad that this beautiful women, felt like she was a prisoner in her frail prison cell.

I couldn’t bring myself to make words arise in my throat, only a nod a smile as I began to exit the room, but then a thought crossed my mind. A silent quite beckoning to tell her something to let her know I wouldn’t mind talking to her again.
“If you ever want someone to watch movies with-“I turned to her quickly “I’m always up for some arsenic and old lace”

As I shut the door, I just barley saw the ghost a smile form on her shy, gently crafted lips.

Part 3

Scaredy Cats

* Hamilsquad × reader
* There was no prompt I just had this idea

A/N: Another Hamilsquad story! I had this idea and had to write it, basically the whole story came to me at once. Well, besides the end which is why it’s a bit sloppy…

You had to go get groceries. It wasn’t your favorite thing but someone had to, otherwise the poor boys would starve. “Guys I’m running to Walmart!” You called to your friends.

John Laurens came running out of his room. He was pulling an elastic band around his hair. “Can I come? I getting bored sitting around here.”

“Sure. I don’t care.” You shrugged.

Alexander and Hercules left their rooms at the same time. “I wanna go look at the laptops.” Alexander said.

“What’s wrong with yours?” You asked.

“Probably nothing.” Muttered John.

“I just want something to do.” Hercules said while pulling his cap on.

“Iz everyone going?” Lafayette asked from the doorway to his room.

“Apparently.” You said.

“I’ll come too then” he said and turned to find some shoes.

“Whatever. The more the merrier I guess.” You said. All the boys piled into your car, John had called shotgun but Alexander took it from him. So he was left sitting in the back pouting. You plugged you iPod into the stereo and hit suffle. You all were singing loudly to all the songs, however, the boys would deny the fact that they sang along to Let it Go.

You got to Walmart and it didn’t take the boys long to scatter. John was pushing the cart and tried to run off. “Oh no.” You stopped him. “If you have the cart you’re sticking with me.”

“Alright.” Only this entailed him acting like him acting like a five year old who was allowed to push the cart. You went through the food section and began crossing things off a list. Hercules eventually wandered back to you guys with a six pack. After you had everything you needed you need to fine the other two boys.

“Where would they be?” You wondered allowed.

“Alexander will be down by the laptops.” John said currently tipping the cart back so it was on its front wheels only.

“I saw Lafayette down in the baking isle.” Hercules told you.

“Let’s go get him first then.” You said. Sure enough he was there and threw some ingredients for cookies in the cart. Next you wandered down to the electronics and had to practically pull Alexander away from a new laptop. “Yours works just fine!” You told him. He huffed and crossed his arms but followed you anyways. Walking past the racks of movies your eyes spied a new horror film. “Guys let’s get it!” You said excitedly.

“Let’s not.” Said Alexander. All the boys nodded in agreememt.

“Why not?” You asked.

“Uh it just didn’t look good.” Alexander said.

“Yeah I don’t think it’ll be scary enough to warrant a watch.” John added.

“Plus it seems we are always watching films d'horreur.” Lafayette spoke up.

“Do you really want to waste another night with pizza, beer, and movies?” Hercules asked.

You pondered it for a moment. “Yes.” You said and tossed it into the cart. You paid for everything and piled back into the car. John ran out to the car ahead of everyone so he could have shotgun. He spent the car ride changing the songs on your iPod.

When you got home you made the boys help you put the groceries away. Then you put a frozen pizza in the oven. “Don’t go far guys. We are watching this movie tonight.”

“Really?” Lafayette asked.

“Yeah. What’s up with you guys? You guys are usually the one to suggest watching some movie.” None of the boys spoke up. About 15 minutes later the pizza was done. You cut it up and gave everyone a slice on a paper plate. They all grabbed a beer from the six pack.

You started up the movie and quickly learned why the boys were all against it. They were scared. They were beyond scared, they were terrified. You laughed when they screamed at a pitch they would deny came from them later. The movie ended and all the boys let out a sigh of relief. “You guys are wimps!” You exclaimed as you began gathering the plates and bottles. “It wasn’t even that bad.”

“How did you not find that scary?” John asked.

“It just wasn’t.” You said. They all looked at you confused. You shrugged. They all went their separate ways to get some sleep. You were watching some videos on YouTube when there was a knock at your door. It was almost 1 o'clock in the morning. You opened the door. A sheepish John was standing there.

“Hey…I was wondering if I could come and kill some time with you. I can’t sleep.”

“Still scared?” You joked.

“Terrified.” John surprised you with his answer.

“Get in here.” You told him. “What should we do?”

“Netflix binge!” He jumped up on the bed and grabbed your laptop. You scrolled through the website and decided on Parks and Rec. The first video was loading when your door opened and Lafayette poked his head around the side while taping the wood with his knuckles.

“May I join you two?” He asked. “The movie may have effrayé me quite a bit.” He admitted.

You scooted close to John and patted the space next to you. He smiled his wide happy grin that always made you smile too. You were halfway through the second episode when the the door opened again. “Was there a Netflix binge I wasn’t invited to?” Alexander asked.

“Join in if you want.” You said. Alexander climbed up on your bed and sat behind you. He sat criss crossed and grabbed your pillow. He held it close to his chest and leaned forward so he could see the screen better.

“Thanks. There was no way I was sleeping. Not after that film from hell.” Alexander said. The episode didn’t even finish before Hercules opened your door.

“Come sit.” You said before he could say anything. He smiled and came to sit by Alexander.

You guys let Netflix run and watched the show late into the night.

You woke up with a groan. You were stiff. And you mind registered it was because you slept leaning against someone. Over time last night you all had moved around. John ended up asleep leaning against the wall and you slept against his shoulder. You looked at him, still asleep. Hair was escaping from the pony tail and hanging in his face.

Alexander had his head at the front of the bed but your pillow was still clutched in his arms. His legs were curled up close to his body to make room for the others on the bed. He had let his hair down and it was tangled in many places.

Hercules was on the other side of John. You looked and he was flat on his back. He had his legs stretched out, however, they were longer than your bed and hanging off the end. At some point during the night he lost his hat.

Lafayette was in the other corner of your bed at the end. He was also curled into a ball but he wasn’t clutching a pillow and kid of reminded you of a cat curled up. His curls were completely wild from sleep. You looked for your phone with out waking anyone and took pictures of them for blackmail later.

Just then you got a horrible, but wonderful, idea. You looked up the trailer for the movie before turning your phone down. You watched through it and pause it right before the trailer played the sound of the demonic creature and a scream. You turned the volume all the way up. You scooted in the corner of your bed by the wall so no one would accidently hit you. You held the phone out and tapped play.

John woke up with a shout. Lafayette woke with a start which caused him to fall off the bed. Alexander threw your pillow. Hercules shot up and slipped off the bed as well. You were sat in your corner laughing.

The guys all glared at you.

“Y/N, that wasn’t very nice.” Alexander said.

“Really mean.” John agreed.

“But it was funny.” You argued back.

“Maybe for you mademoiselle.” Lafayette shot back.

“You didn’t fall off the bed.” Hercules said.

“I also didn’t need to be protected from scary monsters last night.” You retorted. The boys didn’t say anything I response. Well, until John spoke up.

“Well whatever, we’re picking the movie next time.” You just laughed.

The 1975 horror film the Devil’s Rain has something of an odd reputation, mostly due to the circumstances of its production.

In addition to gaining some notoriety in later years, the movie was about a Satanic cult in the American desert and even featured Anton LaVery, founder of the Church of Satan as a technical adviser and in a small role within the movie itself. It’s also said to be where the Church of Scientology converted John Travolta, following John meeting L Ron Hubbard on the set.

So it’s a cult movie about a cult, starring a cultist, where one of the actors ended up joining a second cult after another cult leader wandered onto the shoot.

Embry Call Request

Hi! (Love your writing btw) and I was just wondering if I could get an Embry Call imagine where he’s really nervous about his first date with the reader and he’s planning it all out (and him just obviously being a nervous wreck 😂) but it all working out in the end and their date being absolutely perfect?? 😍😍😍

“How’s this sound,” Embry paced as he got ready and spoke to Seth, “I pick her up, we go to dinner downtown, see that new romance movie, then go for a walk?”

“Sounds good.”

“Or, how about I pick her up, then we do the movie, then dinner by the theater, and then we go for dessert?”

“Sounds good too, Embry.”

“What if we-”

“Embry, it’s a date with a girl, not a vacation for the president. You don’t need to plan every since second out. Just try to go with the flow.”

“Ok, I’ll try. What time is it?”

“6:40,” Seth told him.

“Crap, I gotta go now or I won’t get to her house before 7,” Embry grabbed his keys and jacket and booked it out the door.

“Coming,” you yelled as you heard your doorbell ring. “Embry,” you smiled, “come in; I just have to grab my jacket.”

“Sorry I’m late,” he apologized. “I lost track of time.”

“Embry,” you laughed, “it’s 5 after seven. I’d hardly call that late.”

“Sorry, I just didn’t want you to think I was going to stand you up or something. So, I was thinking we could go to that new restaurant downtown before we catch a movie, how’s that sound?”

“Great,” you smiled. “Ready to go?”


Embry insisted on paying for the check and held every door for you. “So, he said getting in the car, “I thought we could see a movie. There’s that new romance movie out about the Australian girl…” You saw how stiff he sat in his seat. You reached a hand over one of his.

“There’s also that new horror movie about the demon hunters,” you recommended. “That’s probably more your speed, and I know I wouldn’t mind seeing it.”

He smiled and seemed to relax, “Ok then. Let’s see it.”


The movie was great and fulfilled its purpose, nearly everyone in the theater was screaming their heads off. You and Embry went and grabbed some ice cream from the shop across from the theater. “Not to scared to take a walk are you,” Embry smirked.

“Not with you,” you grinned. You and Embry took a walk around town, laughing at the people you people watched and at the stories you told each other.

Embry opened your car door one last time as he took you home. “I had fun tonight, Embry,” you smiled at him.

“I did too. Maybe, we could do it again sometime?”

“I’d like that.” You opened the front door and noticed that he wasn’t making the first move. You grabbed his face in yours and gave him a small, simple kiss. “Call me when you’re ready to go out again,” you smiled and went inside your house.

Your phone rang before you could even make it into your bedroom. “Hello,” you said.

“Y/N,” Embry’s voice said, “just thought I’d give you a call. Ready to go out again when you are,” you could hear his smirk and the engine of his car in the background.

“Wednesday night?”

“I’ll pick you up at seven.”

2:30 am - Oscar Isaac x Reader one shot

Prompt: Would you be able to do an Oscar Isaac one where he comes home after being away for filming and wakes you up accidentally? Could you make it fluffy?? Thanks!! 

 A/N: Oscar is my baby so of course I’ll write it! So I wrote this last night, in bed, on my phone after drinking several glasses of wine. But here you go! I hope you like it. 

Warnings: Swearing? 

 Word count: 600 - only a short one this time

Keep the requests coming guys!! 

You were startled awake by the huge ‘thud’ you heard coming from the hallway of your empty house. Jumping out of bed, you took a glance at the clock on your bedside table 2:30am. “What the fuck is happening” you whispered to yourself, picking up a book from the shelf near the door and holding it above your head, ready to hit any potential intruder, you proceeded out of the room. Looking around, it was too dark really for you to see anything “putting the light on is what the first person to die in a horror movie would do” you thought to yourself. So with that, you slowly walked over to the curtains, opening them slightly in the hope that the street light outside would provide enough light for you to be able to make out any unusual shapes. After opening them slightly, you took a look around and that’s when you spotted him.

“Hey baby” said that oh so familiar voice you hadn’t heard in months.
“Oscar? What the hell are you doing… its half past two!”
“I was just going to curl up on the couch, I didn’t want to wake you” He smiled innocently
“Doing a great job!” Too sarcastic for this time in the morning.

The two of you stood there smiling at each other before finally you bounded across the room and leaped into his arms, naturally he caught you. He always did.
“God I’ve missed you” He said between the kisses he was planting along your neck.
“I’ve missed you too” you whispered with your face pressed against his shoulder. “Fuck, I love you” He was looking straight into your eyes as he whispered the words. His voice, raspy and seductive.

Still in his arms, he carried you to the bedroom and placed you gently down on the bed before planting a soft kiss on your forehead.
“I love you” you whispered
“I love you too, now get some sleep” He replied as you snuggled down with your back to his side of the bed. He slipped in behind you, wrapping you up in his warmth; his beard was tickling your neck.

When you awoke the next morning, you rolled over to find that Oscar wasn’t there. Had you been dreaming? Getting out of bed, you traded your vest top for one of his t-shirts and walked to the kitchen. You could smell bacon cooking. Smiling to yourself, you knew you hadn’t been dreaming. The man you loved was home.

He hadn’t noticed you walking into the kitchen so you snuck up behind him, slipping your arms around his waist and burying your face in his back.

You could feel his muscles moving as he laughed to himself.
“I’m so glad you’re home” you mumbled
“Me too” He replied, turning around to face you. You lifted your head slightly as he turned so that you could look him in the eye. He planted a soft, quick kiss on your lips and you went back to buying your face in his chest.

He was resting his chin on your head for a few moments before he asked “is that my shirt?” 
“Yeah” you laughed, “I woke up and you weren’t there, I’ve really missed you” 
“Oh baby, I’m all yours for the next few weeks”
“Really?” There was excitement in your voice.
“Really” He replied “for the next few weeks I’ll do anything you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s complete up to you”
A smirk spread across your face. “Anything?” You asked mischievously. 
“Well,” He raised an eyebrow “within reason of course.”