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I know threats are horrible, but thousands upon thousands of people are threatened each day and nothing happens. Sandsverse is a joke type blog. He isn't literally threatening you, its a rp blog. It's not gonna break character. Nothing's gonna be resolved.

There’s a difference between a lazy threat and a threat with intent. You and I both know Seymour threatens with intent. He has the artillery to kill anyone he wants easily, if his pictures are for real and not ripped off of Google Images (and there are a good many of them I’ve never seen before in my life, so IMO it’s safe to bet the former). People not taking him seriously is the reason he is still hurting people and being abusive and threatening.

So its officially been a year

Its officially been a year since I created this dumb art blog and started to upload my arts onto this wonderful and horrible platform aka Tumblr

NOW TO CELEBRATE THIS I have saved the first picture I ever drew and uploaded. Cuz my blog got deleted in August it doesnt exist anymore (Thank fuck). But I will post it now just so you guys can witness the massive amount of progress Ive made then.

My first digital art piece, made in March 11th, 2016

OKAY NOW this was made on March 6th, 2017

Massive improvement eh? Its important to know that you don’t need talent or awesome supplies to do art, just the willingness to do tons of hard work and have the determination to push through and persevere. I did both of these using the same program on my phone. Nothing fancy.

But thank you guys for supporting me and my passion for art, it really means a lot and helps me. Even when my art didn’t look the best you guys still stayed with me up until this point. And hell, I still have massive amounts of improvements to make that within hopefully another year I can make, look back on, and be proud of.

so this might be Too Angsty for this blog sorry but like

Maybe we should stop telling young LGBT+ kids who have come out their family and faced horrible rejection and hatred that their family will “come around eventually.” Maybe we should stop encouraging them to continue to picture their parents as some sort of Wise Beings who will Learn Someday and No Longer Hate Them.

Because not everybody’s parents “come around,” and not everyone wants their parents to come around. Parents are regular people who are capable of just as much evil as any other person, even if it’s directed at their own children. Parents are no magically enlightened people who will slowly come to understand homophobia/transphobia from their child’s struggles.

And telling some vulnerable child who has just been told by their parents that they’re going to hell, sinning, a freak, unloved, hated, or a mistake or whatever else that “Don’t worry!! Your parents hate you now and want you dead but someday maybe they won’t think you’re the scum of the Earth and everything will be hunky dory :)” isn’t going to help that child.

When you’re grieving the loss of your parents’ love, the last thing you need to be told is to “be patient.” Any parent who tells their child that they are unwanted and unloved has forfeited their right to patience.

Especially because what if the child’s parents don’t come around? What if the 13 year old who came out to his parents as a trans boy waits and waits for his parents to decide to help him pay for surgery, for years, thinking that they’ll “come around” because “no parent could hate their kid that much” realizes that his parents won’t help him with hormones, won’t help him with surgery, won’t call him by his real name, won’t use the right pronouns, and continue to misgender him? What happens when he has to come to terms with the fact that his parents won’t “come around,” that he’ll have to find a job and move out if he wants to be himself, that his parents won’t want to see him get married or keep updated with his life. Do you just tell him to keep hoping? Hoping that one day his parents will say “sorry we’ve been transphobic shits all these years. Buy you a beer to make up for it?”

Because I know I don’t want my parents to come around anymore. There isn’t anything they can do to me to make me want to forgive them, to make me want to have them in my life any more than I absolutely have to for my own survival. And if they did “come around” and try to apologize, I wouldn’t want it.

it sucks, i worked many hours on that cloud connie painting and my camera, after an hour of testing pics. couldnt take anything of good quality and its still really annoying me

actually, the original idea for that drawing was for it to be done digitally, i just felt like painting last night and that was the only idea in my mind. so you can expect to see that same picture reasonably soon, but in a much better quality. (no guarantees though, you all know how horrible i am at time management) 


Would you guys like to see a picture of me?? I mean, its gonna be a horrible picture but maybe you wanna know who’s behind this fucking mess of a blog? 😂😂 Idk I know I said I wanted to be anonymous but I kinda wanna get closer to you guys.

a part of me.. kinda regrets leaving him. only because i knew that if i left that he would do this.. i knew that if i left he would demonize me. thats why i was hesitant to leave. because i knew that the moment i did he would immediately try and turn everyone against me. that he would do his best to make me look as horrible and awful as possible. but.. the thing is? theres a ton of proof of his actions and everyone’s claims. so i dont understand why he would play it off as if he did no wrong doings..
and the fact that no one is even coming to hear both sides of whats going on is.. well.. kinda disappointing. because they wont know the whole picture. but i cant blame them. i dont expect anyone to come and ask me for my side. but at least they could contact me for proof and confirmations. its not that hard you know..

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8-11 for the meme thing

8. Name the character you would want Feyre to be with if Rhys wasn’t in the picture.

NO ONE!! ITS ONLY RHYS! ahhaha ;)

9. Name who you want to kill Maeve and how.

I want Rowan to kill Maeve.  I know Aelin has her reasons, her hurting Rowan and such and taking herself captive, but I really think it’s important for rowan to do it because she has done so many awful, horrible things to Rowan.  She has manipulated him, lied to him, killed someone he loved, then tricked him into thinking she was his mate, then breaking him for like 200 years and making him hate the word so much, that he hated Aelin and didn’t even recognize his own mate when he saw her, and hurting his friends (sqaudre).  I think its really important that Rowan gets the killing blow because Maeve has hurt him the most.

10. Name who you want to kill the King of Hybern and how.

NESTA! I don’t know how, but that finger point has something to do with this theory! SHES COMING FOR YOU

11. Name who you want to kill Jurian and how

Rhys!! again, I don’t have a reason for this, I just feel like Rhy’s should be the one to kill Jurian, I can’t remember if they have a longstanding mutual hatred but I do remember went hey went to the bone carver Rhys saw Jurian and I want to know WHHYYY!!

Situation in Chile

Some of you probably know this but anyways i’m going to explain what is the situation. 

(In this picture you can see the comparison of hectares lost last year and right now from the fifth region to the worst one, the seventh region / where I live) 

Chile is going through the biggest wildfire in its history. Thousands of Thousands of  hectares are gone and despite all the effort and help , the fire seems to not stop any time soon. Houses have been burned down, animals are hurt and dying , and people have lost everything and we cannot see or breathe because the smoke is covering everywhere. It hurts me to see all the beautiful places I visit often, burned down to nothing. It breaks my heart to watch the news announcing more wildfire in other places and hear the fire truck sirens every 10 mins. i can’t take it anymore, and all i can do is send water to the fire station and pray. 

Chile has been through many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and many other natural disasters. I’m sure we will stand up again and build up our lives from the scratch.

So please keep us in your prayers 🙇 


I was scrolling through the comments of several videos of Pansexuals coming out on camera to their viewers, or to their parents. Mind you, there weren’t many comments on these 2 videos and the fact that I have so many pictures is hella dissapointing.

This not only calls for pansexuals, but for all other sexualities and genders. Its sick of people to act this way. There were times when reading these comments that I thought they were joking around and being sarcastic- but no. Its horrible that people can be so blind.

As a pansexual myself, i know what this is like. Like the comments say, i am told i am bisexual, I’m making ‘pansexual’ up, and that i am another sexuality because “they know my sexuality better than i know my own likings of people”.

Like any other person who supports lgbtq+ rights, I hate this!!! Yet as much as we all spread awareness of the lgbtq+ community and the hate, homophobia hasn’t changed. But what really needs to happen is we need to stay strong and laugh about these comments and things. Because psshh… They think they KNOW us? Hahaha idiots. They know NOTHING. We are better than them and we will achieve better. We can just leave them pounding their fists on the ground. Let them break their fists by pounding so hard. We are so much stronger and better and we can do this. Let your pride shine through.


(tho can’t imagine there is a soul left on tumblr who has not seen the set pictures…)

I know there was already a rumor that Odin would be on Midgard, but I have still been biting my nails. Since like, November 2013.

I needed to see him, guys. I needed to see the All-Vagrant on set.

I am so relieved that Loki didn’t kill Odin. Sure, he might have done a number of other horrible things, but nothing else in this movie can hurt me as badly as that could have.

(Haha. Yeah, that’s me lying to myself. Everything in this movie has the potential to hurt. This movie has power over me, and I both love and hate it.)

So I’m working on something Ichiruki right now but decided to do a Rukia tutorial instead of Ichiruki lol You’ll see the full one up today or tomorrow.

1. Find pictures of Rukia to use her eye/face shape/hair as reference. I don’t always do this but it helps keep to the original. Draw her eye as close as possible.

2. Copy, paste, and flip the other eye and move it around till it fits. Remember this doesn’t always work because if her head is turning side ect. You’ll have to draw out her other eye. In this case I need her frontal view yay lucky me!. Add a nose to help you determine how far apart the other eye should be.

3. Add her hair and a mouth. Make sure you do her hair on a separate layer from the eyes, mouth, and nose because you’ll have to erase/move the hair around.

4. Next do a rough sketch of her face and hair. Make sure the hair and face are on different layers. I made it different colors to help me differentiate the layers. Play around with her hair and face shape until it comes out to your liking. 

5. After you get it to your liking merge both her hair and face layer, changed that opacity to 50% or lower. It does not have to be 50% or lower. it can be 90% 80% 70% ect. Personally for me, I like it low though that way I can trace over it easier. After you are done with merging and lowering the opacity, make a new layer, then on that new layer start tracing over the blue and green.

6. After that you are done and you can draw a body! ;D this tutorial totally did not help but at least you have an idea of how I art Ichiruki.

OKAY WHAT THE FUCK RYAN ROSS IS VERY HIGH, DRUNK AND LOOKS HORRIBLE AND CONFUSED AND PEOPLE ARE JUST TAKING PICS WITH HIM LIKE WHAT?? It just looks so wrong to me, like they’re taking advantage of him and like wtf in all the pictures his expressions are just like confused and its kind of creepy people are doing this. I know I’d love to get a picture with him if I saw him BUT IF HE IS EXTREMELY INTOXICATED HELP HIM DON’T TAKE PICTURES WITH HIM