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I want you to know that I was looking at this picture for a good solid 15 minutes bc of the jawline, neck and collarbone forming a ‘Z’ backwards.

Or an ’S’ for Supergirl bc I love foreshadowing

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I know threats are horrible, but thousands upon thousands of people are threatened each day and nothing happens. Sandsverse is a joke type blog. He isn't literally threatening you, its a rp blog. It's not gonna break character. Nothing's gonna be resolved.

There’s a difference between a lazy threat and a threat with intent. You and I both know Seymour threatens with intent. He has the artillery to kill anyone he wants easily, if his pictures are for real and not ripped off of Google Images (and there are a good many of them I’ve never seen before in my life, so IMO it’s safe to bet the former). People not taking him seriously is the reason he is still hurting people and being abusive and threatening.

(jk though the fluff chappy is on its way too eventually, this didn’t take me long)

As I mentioned before in the tags, this snippet doesn’t actually encompass the extent of how horrid WH is (in fact, it’s actually rather mild) as I really don’t know how to translate his horribleness to you without spoiling the whole thing, so uh. Here you go for now. (And on another note, this fic’s going to take a bit of setup with some other fics I’m working on, so it’s not going to be posted for quite a while)

(this is also going off that cool theory that BH can see out of pictures of himself sagdfhjkllhgf)

(You get a long snippet because it is a very long fic and won’t be posted in quite a while (this is also very rough and unpolished so sadfgdgh just ignore me))


To hear a knock on the door wasn’t unusual.

Well, unless there were no clients scheduled for that day. Then you had to be wary.

There were three delicate little taps. If door knocks could sound sophisticated, this was a perfect example.

Hell, Flug just happened to be passing by, blueprints under his arm. He wouldn’t have even heard it if he weren’t just on his way to the lab. The doctor’s head tilted slightly at the noise, then he gave the door a puzzled frown. That’s….. odd.

He approached slowly, contemplating whether or not he should set the blueprints aside and have his attack ray at the ready…. just to be safe, that’s exactly what he did. One hand held inside his labcoat and gripping the concealed weapon, Flug slowly opened the door. “Um… Hel-?”

His jaw dropped before he could even finish the greeting, eyes widening with confusion and shock.

The man that stood outside wore an outfit nearly identical to Black Hat’s, albeit the colors were reversed, and his skin was a much lighter grey, as well as having an oval-shaped monocle covering his right eye as opposed to Black Hat’s circular left. Instead of a tie, he wore an old-fashioned steinkirk cravat with a blue-gemmed brooch pinned in the middle, identical to the gem at the top of that marble-looking scepter in his hand. And were those fucking swan feathers in his hat? Who the hell is this eccentrically dressed doppelganger?

The man shot Flug an overly cheery grin, baring pointed fangs that would’ve been perfectly white if not for that bluish tint. “Ah, hello, my good man! Top of the morning to you!” He bowed slightly and removed his hat in greeting, revealing a smaller hat underneath. “Do tell me, is Black Hat around? I was dearly hoping to see him today!”

“….. Uhhh…….” Flug found himself unable to come up with a response, momentarily struck dumb. A million questions flooded into his mind. Who is this guy? What is he doing here? Is he dangerous? Why does he look so much like Black Hat? How do they know each other? Why has Flug never heard of him before? So many unanswered questions.

“Left you speechless already, have I?” The man chuckled, taking a step closer. Flug’s grip on his gun tightened in response. That was an exact phrase he’s heard from Black Hat. Was that coincidental?

Not taking his eyes off the stranger for even a second, Flug stepped back, calling down the hall, “Mr.Black Hat?”

“What is it, doctor?” Came the distant response from Black Hat’s office.

Flug watched the stranger carefully as Black Hat’s voice became heard, and he did not like the way his expression twitched upon hearing him. It was just a momentary slip, but something tells the scientist these two aren’t exactly friends…. “There’s… uh…. someone here to see you….”

“What?” He must’ve poked his head out the door, because his voice was somewhat closer now, and the hint of suspicion in his tone became clear. “Who? I wasn’t aware of any meetings booked.”

“I, um, don’t know who….”

The click of shoes could be heard as Black Hat made his way down the hall, and the stranger stood taller in anticipation, probably oblivious to how fucking smug he looked, Flug figured, frowning.

The first thing Black Hat saw was Flug’s guarded stance, taking immediate notice of how he looked ready to whip out a weapon at a moment’s notice. Wasting no time in striding to the doctor’s side, his suspicious glare turned to the source of Flug’s wariness. “Who–”

His entire body went stiff. The first look on his face was one of utter shock, before twisting into a look of anger, fangs baring in a hostile snarl. “White Hat.”

“How do you do, my friend!” White Hat chirped, tipping his hat again. “It’s been far too lon–”


“…….. Rude.” He commented to himself, face inches from the now-closed door.

“Sir….?” Flug said quietly, more confused than ever. “What was that about….?”

Black Hat was fuming. There was literally smoke swirling around him as he paced back and forth, mumbling to himself. “That… That thing…. has the audacity to show its face around here–! What could it possibly want–!?”

There was a polite little couple of knocks, and the demon looked about ready to laser-vision the door to a crisp. With great disgust in every movement, he actually opened the door, much to Flug’s surprise.

“Hello again!” Came the cheery voice. “Going to actually let me talk this time or–”


“…. Why did you open it again if you were just going to-?” Flug’s cut his question off when more knocks came, and Black Hat held up a finger signalling for him to wait as he turned to open the door once more.

“Did you really just open the door to slam it in my face again?” White Hat questioned, arms crossed and foot tapping, unimpressed.

“Why yes, yes I did.” Black Hat replied with a shit-eating grin. “Far more satisfying the second time, let me tell you.”

“Well.” The second eldritch said, tapping his scepter on the ground and leaning back, returning to that irritatingly smug expression. “If you’re done playing games, I would like to take a gander at some of your fine merchandise.”

“Our merchandise.” Black Hat repeated, skepticism written all over his features.

The doppelganger seemed to anticipate his suspicion. His grin widened. “But of course! You are the best of the best, aren’t you? I would expect nothing less.”

“We don’t sell to heroes.”

Hero? Flug almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was tempted to interrupt, ask for an explanation, but something made him bite his tongue. He wanted to see where this would go.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not your typical hero now, then is it?” White Hat went on, persistent. He took a step closer, Black Hat pulling the door inward slightly in suspicious response. “Now, how would it look from a professional standpoint if you turned a customer such as myself, hmm?”

“I have no qualms about turning away such trash, actually.”

“Oh, but I–”


……… ……….. ………..

“What a child….” White Hat commented judgingly under his breath. Once more, he knocked.

Sigh. He’s not going to give up so easily. That much, Black Hat absolutely knew.

“Sir….?” Flug said hesitantly, stepping towards the obviously-frustrated demon glaring at the door. “Shouldn’t we just ignore him now….?”

Black Hat took a deep breath. “……. It’s not that simple.”

There was another knock, and Flug’s boss groaned in frustration.

“Let me guess.” The lighter eldritch said in a flat tone as the door finally opened just a smidge, “More satisfying the third time?”

Immensely so.” Black Hat grinned hatefully from the crack in the door. “Which means you should realize that you are not welcome here.”

Before the demon could close the door one final time, White Hat stopped it with his hand.

“Tut tut, don’t be that way.” White Hat’s voice took on a new level of eerie hostility, as did his face, though both still held their dominantly ‘polite’ tones. He leaned in as close as he could, staring Black Hat directly in the eyes. “I’m being generously civil as of this moment, my dear Black Hat. But I have a limit to my patience too, you know.”

When all he got in response was that mistrustful narrow-of-the-eyes, White Hat’s grin grew impossibly larger. “Just let me in, Blackie.” He continued. “Surely it would be better than the alternative. Our little spats can get so dreadfully tiresome, after all, and surely you wouldn’t want to damage this absolutely wonderful house!” He accented the comment with a wave of his arms, patronizingly admiring the building aesthetic. “I am not leaving until I get what any other customer would get, and if I have to resort to violence, I can’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be any….” His visible eye flicked back to Black Hat. “…. casualties.”

There was a dangerous flash in the darker demon’s eyes. One that almost seemed intent on cutting the other’s throat.

….. But are the repercussions worth it? He certainly doesn’t want to start anything here of all places.

He almost glanced back at Flug, but stopped himself as to not tip off White Hat. The villain bit his tongue in frustration.

“……… You are here to browse our products?” He said finally, voice low and eyes narrowing to slits. “Nothing more?”

“But of course! What more would I possibly need from you?” White Hat chirped, all too happy with himself and twirling his scepter in hand.

“……………. What more, indeed………” Black Hat growled under his breath. Reluctantly, he stepped back and pulled the door all the way open so his counterpart could enter. Aside from Flug’s jaw hitting the floor in shock, the doctor remained deathly silent.

This can’t be good.

“So!” White Hat chirped again, almost bouncing in his tracks as he strode inside like he owned the place. His gaze flicked to every picture, every piece of furniture, every detail he could soak up in as little time as possible. He then clicked a heel and gracefully spun around to face Black Hat and his scientist. “Where might you keep your best products?”

Black Hat snorted. “Have a little patience, will you. I need a word with my employee first.” He added under his breath, “You did come in uninvited after all….” With that, he led Flug down one of their many hallways, leaving White to mingle in the entryway.

Flug’s confusion was ever growing.

“Oookay, Mr.Black Hat….” He whispered as he was being ushered just out of the other demon’s sight, Black Hat glancing around the corner one more time to make sure White stayed put. The lighter eldritch had taken to 'admiring’ one of Black Hat’s self-portraits. Good. Whether or not he knew Black Hat could see out of the image’s eyes was uncertain, but as long as the villain could keep tabs on him, he felt somewhat calmer. “W-What is going on?”

The doctor’s inquiry grabbed his attention. With a frustrated sigh, he faced him. “Look. I cannot explain everything to you right now. But that thing…..” He made a vague gesture in White Hat’s general direction, “Whatever it says it’s here for, it’s not here for that.”

Black Hat caught glimpse from the portrait of White Hat waving at it, indicating awareness of the little 'spying’ trick. The supervillain could only groan again in his annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose area. “Flug, we must be careful.”

“Are you saying he might attack…?” Flug asked, quirking an eyebrow slightly.

“Ehhh….. I don’t think so……. Not now, at least……” Black Hat grumbled, casting wary glances down the hall. “Not its style to strike right away….. but I want you to have this, just in case.” Reaching into his coat, Black Hat pulled out a pocket-size standard picture of himself and handed it to Flug.

“Charming, but I already have one in my wallet.” Flug joked as he took the photo.

“Just…. Keep it out of sight, but somewhere you can easily pull it out should you need me and I’m for any reason not nearby.” He looked down, and his voice lowered darkly. “I… I would just feel far better if I know I can keep an eye on you…”

Flug was about to make some joke about Black Hat worrying too much, but judging from that look on his face, maybe now wasn’t the best time…. “…. Okay.” The scientist said quietly, slipping the picture into his pocket.

With a slow nod, that seemed to make the demon slightly more at ease. “Good.” Turning again to head back towards that pain in the neck, Black Hat said, “We’d best not keep it waiting. The sooner this is over with, the better…..”

“So this lab of yours…” White Hat chatted as they walked, Black Hat placed firmly between him and the scientist he was speaking to, “… you keep your inventions there?”

“J-Just a small assortment of our better-selling ones, to have handy for customers looking for our best works. Like yourself.” Flug replied, keeping his tone as polite and professional as he could. “Y-You did say you didn’t want anything big, right?”

“Yes yes, just looking for something small and easily portable.” White Hat smiled back. “I’m sure I’ll have a better idea of what I want when I see the selection.”

“Ah, right….”

“And what of you, friend?” The creature chirped, suddenly slinging an arm around Black Hat’s shoulders. “You’ve been awful quiet!”

At the contact, Black Hat went completely rigid for a split second before giving a fierce growl and pushing his arm away. “I have nothing to say to you.” He snarled, “I just want you in and out of here as quickly as pos–”

“Black Hat?”

Demencia’s voice cut through one of the hallway intercoms, quieting the trio. “We’ve got a few customers here demanding to see you. Something about a product you sold them not working properly or malfunctioning or something? I know you usually like to be the one to handle stuff involving company guarantees, sooo…..”

Black Hat was dead silent for a full ten seconds at least. Slowly, he turned to White Hat. “When this day started, we were supposed to get no guests today.” He spoke quietly and suspiciously, eyes narrowing, “Now we have two unexpected visitors  dropping by mere tens of minutes between each other. Why do I have the sneaking feeling that you have something to do with this supposed 'malfunction’?”

Me?” White Hat chided, acting confused. “How am I to know? You’ve never been good with feelings, dear friend.”

At this point Black Hat looked about ready to sever this guy’s head from his body. But before he could get another word in, Demencia spoke up once more. “I’m still here, you know.”

Again, the demon hesitated, eyes locked onto White Hat. “…….”

“You’d best go deal with that.” White Hat smiled, looking ever-so-innocent. “Breaking guarantees on big-name products like yours must be a pretty big deal, after all. I’m sure your fine doctor can assist me on his own.”

It is a big deal. Their products have a 99% success rate. So what are the chances of one failing on the same day White Hat just happens to drop by?

Once again, he hesitated. It would be important to see these unsatisfied customers right away, but…

The villain glanced at Flug warily.

“It’s okay,” He said, playing it off as casual while also very subtly patting his pocket. “I can finish up helping this one. You’d better go sort that out.”

“…………………… Fine.” Black Hat growled reluctantly, stepping back. Casting White Hat a pointed glance, he snapped sharply, “I will be back as soon as possible.” With that, the demon was off in a puff of smoke. He didn’t like this one bit.

Flug watched him go, nodding, then turned his attention to White Hat. Admittedly, with Black Hat suddenly gone, the unease that came with this mystery figure suddenly felt far more apparent, but the doctor at least managed to conceal that well enough. Straightening his back, he gave another polite smile. “Well, my lab’s only a few more doors down. Just follow me.”


“As you can see, we’ve got quite a fine selection to choose from.”

Flug had laid out a series of small, intricately-designed devices on one of the lab tables to display for White Hat. A Liquiflux, disintegration ray, smoke bombs, all sorts of things.  The eldritch had been looking over each one thoughtfully, picking one up, examining it, then placing it down to see another one while Flug described each one.

“I specialize in handrays of sorts, one of our most recent big successes being the gravitational distortion ray…” Flug explained, gesturing to the device in question, “Of course, most of our merchandise is, uh, villain-oriented, b-but I’m sure you could find something for whatever suits y-your needs, and–”

“You’re quite passionate about your work, aren’t you?” White Hat spoke up suddenly as he examined one of the smoke bombs.

“…. U-Um. Yes?” Wouldn’t that be kind of obvious?

“It really shows.” White Hat cast him a fanged grin. “Your inventions are really quite impressive.”

“Ah, t-thank you…”

White Hat looked the doctor up and down. Time to do some reactionary experimenting.

“You really should expand your horizons. It’s a shame all that brilliance is confined to this one little company.”

Flug could feel his muscles tense. He had to fight to keep himself from fidgeting with his fingers. “I-I, um, I like where I’m at. If you, uh, if you wanted to talk about the products–”

“What are you doing after work?”

“….. S-Sir?”

White Hat stepped forward, giving him a devilish grin. “Perhaps you would let me take you out to dinner. We could talk more about science, business, whatever you want… Maybe I could even offer you a position among my own ranks. I would be blessed to have you.” That last part was added with a wink.

Now the scientist felt a spark of annoyance, on top of surprise. Is he serious? What kind of a person just asks something like that out of the blue so randomly?

Flug immediately stepped back in response to White Hat’s advance. “With all due respect, I do not fraternize with customers.”

“But you fraternize with employers, now don’t you?”

At that, the doctor’s whole body stiffened. Eyes narrowing, he took another step back and looked away, gaze falling onto the inventions displayed on the table. “If you are not interested in discussing the merchandise, then I must ask you to get out of my lab.”

White Hat only became more pleased with each passing second. He found he was quite enjoying poking at the doctor’s nerves. “Oh, but I’m very interested in the merchandise. As such, you can’t even imagine how fascinated I must be with the brilliant mind behind it all.”

The demon drew closer, a strange look in his eyes that made Flug feel all that much more uneasy. “Blackie made a smart move, recruiting you.”

When White Hat reached out a hand to lightly feel Flug’s bag, the doctor completely froze. Reacting almost immediately, he batted the other’s arm away in a heartbeat.

Okay. If this guy is anything like Black Hat, Flug knew he wouldn’t stand a chance if this turned into a physical confrontation.

But he knew one invention that might be a saving grace.

“My, my.” White Hat chuckled, voice like silk. “So he has a bit of fire after all.”

White Hat made another move towards him, and Flug reacted as quickly as he possibly could, reaching for the Liquiflux on the table.

Not quick enough.

This creature’s reflexes were lightning fast, and he slammed his hand down on Flug’s before it could reach its target.

“White Hat. Let go of me.” Flug demanded, glaring at the eldritch pinning his arm down. He hoped the other couldn’t smell fear like Black Hat could, nor hear the pounding of his heart as panic started to grip him with icy claws. But most of all, Flug hoped the demon had not noticed his free hand subtly slipping into his pocket and pulling out a small photo.

“Now now, you’re not being reasonable.” White Hat purred with amusement, “I was just having a friendly talk, is all. You were the one reaching for a weapo–”

He halted his statement when he felt knife-like claws gripping his shoulder.

“Weren’t you just leaving, White Hat?” Black Hat’s harsh voice asked, a rhetorical question of course, and with a very strained grin that clearly portrayed his strong desire to tear his counterpart to shreds.

White Hat glanced over his shoulder. Black Hat almost seemed to be shaking with rage. How hilarious.

Now’s not the time to provoke him, though. That can wait till later - this is just a test run, after all.

“Ah, yes.” The lighter demon said, brushing the furious villain’s hand off his shoulder like dust and letting go of Flug in the process, Black Hat immediately positioning himself between them. “In fact, your doctor was just showing me what I should purchase.” He reached for the Liquiflux, exchanging it for a rather large wad of cash that had been concealed in his coat, then handed the money to Black Hat with a grin. “This should be more than enough to suffice.”


Black Hat knocked the money right out of his hand and onto the floor, bristling with rage. “Just get out.

One glance at the scattered bills. One glance at Flug. One glance at Black Hat. “…… As you wish.” He replied smoothly. “Thank you for your services.”

At that, the lighter eldritch finally took his leave. Out the window in a form of cloud-like smoke, mind you. What’s with eldritch demons and the smoke thing?

Black Hat took a long, tense deep breath in, exhaling just as slowly as he tried to keep his rage in check. Very slowly still, he turned to Flug, glancing at his arm. “Did it hurt you?”

“Ah, no– W-Well, I mean, not badly–”

Flug stopped mumbling as his boss carefully took his arm, rolling up the sleeves to see the dark bruises his counterpart left behind. The demon shivered as he again pushed down the urge to completely rage.

“…..Black Hat…..” The scientist said softly, concerned. “….. Who– What exactly was that?”

“………… It’s a long story.” Black Hat growled quietly, eyes narrowing. “They never should have called upon a demon to do a hero’s work.”

Alternate Ending: Lotus introduces us to Ballas instead of walking off into the light.

Took waaay to long to finish this cus my pen was not cooperating.


Hit ‘em ‘ard and hit ‘em low!

More akin to an airborne plague of locusts than a proper squadron in the eyes of the Imperium, Reapa Skwadron is a rag-tag group of Ork attack aircraft that have managed to become somewhat proficient in not crashing* every sortie, enough to become a credible threat. Their ranks include an eclectic collection of aircraft, including:

- Da Thundabolt, the current skwadron command craft.

- Da Blitza, a strike bomber equipped with heavy ‘boom bomms’. 

- Jagtoof, the former skwadron command craft. A rare breed of Dakkajet with a turret.

- Zog Off!, ‘Mad’ Zoggins’ personal death machine. Prone to ramming things its guns can’t damage, to varying effect.

- Da MiG, the skwadron’s ‘yoof’, yet to acquire kills in battle.

- Da Krimsun Komet, Big Mek Wagznabul’s magnum opus and personal Wazbom Blastajet.

- Orkbird**, a Voidraven looted in unknown circumstances, though the pilot looks suspiciously like a Kommando…

- Flamin’ Mork, a Burna Bommer so haphazardly made that not even the Mekboys know how the thing works properly.

- Da Flyin’ Wing, a looted Necron Croissant Night Scythe turned into a fast Blitza Bommer.

- ‘elldiva, another Blitza Bommer, distinguished by its ‘U’ shaped tail.

- Flamebelcha, a Burna Bommer, juuust about visible at the back of the last picture (I ran out of uploads).

They’re not all finished by any stretch, and you’ve all seen the Blastajet before. Nevertheless, here’s the Orky Air Horde in all its magnificence. The group shots are from a mass Aeronautica game where I formed an entire team by myself, and promptly lost horribly because of Tau Barracuda shenanigans and the fact that Ork airplanes are made of wet paper.

*Excluding when landing.

**A reference to the Arkbird, not the Orkney Islands as someone once suggested.

{{Figured I’d start sharing pictures of my collection as I unpack here instead of just on twitter. 

Only have my bookshelf fully unpacked so far, and I’m already out of room. Probably going to need to move the magazines somewhere else once I get the chance. {Shoutout to @ciniga for mailing me the Danish one on top there. It’s got me wizard boys in it. I had a craving and she provided.}

Once I open the toy bag I’ll probably have a a couple figurines in the front, but this is pretty much it.}}

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Could you do batfam headcanons for a gender neutral S.O. with glasses? Like would they steal them or tease them, would they make sure there's a spare pair at the mansion, and how do you think the boys would react if they accidentally broke their s.o.'s glasses? (Sorry if that's too much, I'm not entirely sure how the headcanons work, so if I put too much please don't hesitate to trim it or anything) (thank you! And I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, one of my faves! <3)

AN: Thanks for the love hun <3


  • Takes a bunch of pictures of his s/o with glasses
  • Literally thinks it makes them 100% more adorable
  • Tries to take glasses ALL the time
  • Succeeds most of the time
  • “Hey y/n do I look good yet?”
  • “I wouldn’t know cause I can’t see”
  • He felt HORRIBLE when he broke your glasses
  • Promised to buy you a new pair
  • Never touches your glasses again


  • Teases you about you glasses all the time
  • But you both know it’s just banter
  • Would kill anyone if they touched your glasses
  • Likes seeing you w/out them cause you squint a lot
  • Helps you pick out the frames if you need new ones
  • Thinks its funny when your glasses get foggy from steam


  • He most likely has glasses cause he sits in front of the computer all day
  • Ya’ll accidently switch glasses
  • Cause he can’t tell his from yours when he’s tired
  • Probably broke your glasses accidently from it seeing them
  • Buys you a bunch of spares cause it’s not a rare occurrence
  • Still feels bad from the first time he broke them


  • LOVES seeing you wearing glasses
  • Also loves trying them on
  • Always helps you pick out new frames
  • Silently nods when you pick a pair that looks really good on you
  • Thinks you look good with every pair
  • Therefore tries to buy you a bunch of different pairs


  • Thinks you look wonderful with your glasses
  • Compliments you 24/7 on them
  • Fights anyone who teases you
  • Tries to take you to the best ophthalmologist 
  • Cause you deserve the best
  • Never takes your glasses from you


  • Always pays for your glasses/appointments even though you don’t want him to
  • Has never broken your glasses ever
  • Has a bunch of spares around the house in case you lose/break them
  • Always tells you how good you look with glasses
  • Defends you if anyone says anything about your glasses
  • Offers to buy you contacts whenever your glasses bother you

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YEAH I KNOW!! I remember when I first watched voltron and heard the word kerberos, I screamed bc being the huge nerd that I am it was so cool that they actually reached that far??

- Mod Keith

(Side note: Please guys.. I love to answer these questions but that’s not what the blog was made for, I would continue but I haven’t talked to Mod Allura yet, so if any of you have asks like this to send us please do it on our main accounts bc  we can do whatever we want there)

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Can you write an ask for HT UF Sans and SF Pap and how they react with an SO who compares them to Kintsugi? It's an art form where broken vases are put together with gold lacquer, resulting in something more beautiful than the original.

(Ohhh I have seen picture of it. It’s so pretty lookign and just cool.)

HT Sans: He…doesn’t know what to say. He really doesn’t like himself. He had his moments of self hatred even before everything went so horribly wrong. But now, after all what he has done, and especially after he has so much time to remember this things, his memorys now no lounger clouded trough starvation, his memory getting better, the hole in his head healing slowly. But then you compare him to something so beautifull and he..he cries. 

He hasn’t cried often in his life, he just is not the type of guy to cry. He is the kind of guy who shrugs things off usually, why bother crying, it doesn’t solve anything, and is way to exhausting for a lazybones like him. 

He can’t belive you really think he came out of everything broken but better then before. Do you know how many people he killed with his own hands. Do you know how often he felt a twisted sense of joy when doing it. He just can’t accept that he is somebody you would compare to beautifull, golddecorated vases. But a part of him is glad that there is somebody who loves him like that, even if he can’t. Not yet at least.

UF Sans: “if you pour lacquer into my cracks, i won’t be cracking any jokes anymore, hehe…”, he doesn’t know what to say, so he does what he always does. He fingerguns clumsily while sputtering out a terrible joke. He doesn’t know why you would compare him to something like that. What kind of fucking thing is this even. More beautifull then before, pff, you gotta be kidding me. Nothing is more beautifull after beeing broken. It’s only usless and it takes effort and time to make it at least usefull again, and nobody got time for that kind of shit.

But you make him see it like that. A lot of people helped him, his brother, his friends and you. You all put effort into helping him out whenever he needed it. And he tries to deny everything you say, but you are right. He is so much…happier? Yes, he is actually enjoying himself. he barelly has panic attacks, barely feels like shit, barely sleeps only so he doesn’t have to be awake, rather he sleeps because he likes doing it.

Hm..maybe…maybe he can accept that you see him like that.

SF Papyrus: He just chuckles, withouth any amusement in his voice. He doesn’t deserve to be compared to something like that. He isn’t worth beeing seen as anything good or beautifull. You shouldn’t even waste your time on convincing him otherwise. Don’t listen to him and keep on it. He will start thinking about it. He usually hates thinking about things, it always leads to unpleasantlys. Just existing and not feeling a thing is what he prefers. It’s not nice or good, but it’s better then actually feeling things sometimes.

He doesn’t know when he started to become numb like this. But whatever broke him, so to say, nothing glued him back together. 

Maybe hours or days later you two will do something, nothing big, maybe jsut watching TV and cuddling, maybe just reading books while sitting next to each other, and he wil lookg at you, and smile. And realize how much you made him feel, andhow much he enjoyed that. He can deny it, but he hasn’t been truly numb to everything in so long. He enjoys his brothers shenanigans, enjoyes messing with him, you and other people. He likes baking small things. He even enjoyes feeling negative emotions. Not like he looks forward to beeing sad or angry, but more like he enjoyes how many different things he feels.

And a part of him remembers your comparison, and he starts to believe you.

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In their efforts to keep Endeavor guessing, the students of Class 1-A get together and make a blog. Said blog seems to be speculating on Shouto's relationship status, and includes pictures of him out and about with various classmates, but the entire thing is written in such horribly mangled Engrish it's hard to tell. (First article is the Does is Gay one). Whenever Endeavor tries to look into his son's relationship status he inevitably ends up on said incomprehensible blog.

There needs to be more fanfic about Class 1-A banding together to fuck with Endeavor. I need it so bad u don’t even know. I’ve seen a couple of stories here and there but there can always be more.

keith is actually generally a nice person once you get to know him (though he can be a total b*tch sometimes). he can be ignorant to other’s troubles but is willing listen to your side of the story in order to understand the bigger picture.

For the past 24 hours, Puerto Rico has been continuously hit by Hurricane Maria with 160 mph winds and heavy rain.  The last time I was able to communicate with my family was at 3pm where they were still inside the house, ensuring me that they will be fine that night and in the next day.  Right now, they have no power along with the rest of the island with no possible way to communicate with them.

I was afraid that this moment would come.  I thought we would be safe after Hurricane Irma left little damage two weeks ago.  But yesterday was a wake-up call for me.  Seeing pictures and videos of the damage Maria left behind in several towns was heartbreaking.  Reports confirming that we may not have power for months didn’t make the situation better.  And our financial situation, which came at its peak in May, illustrate the utter hopelessness of Puerto Rico. However, what I do know is that we will get better.

It will take a long time to recover from this but puertorricans have gone through horrible situations in the past and we always got up and became stronger.  We are stubborn, risk-takers and persistent.  And deep inside of us, we have hope. As Groundhog Day said constantly throughout the show: “Tomorrow, there will be sun; if not tomorrow, perhaps the day after.”  

Puerto Rico, I may not be with you physically right now, but my spirit and love will always be with you 

  • Zerovirus: so, i would like to tell you about something that gives me infinite amusement
  • Benedict: that's a lot of amusement
  • Zerovirus: oh yeah
  • Zerovirus: it's all the amusement ever
  • Zerovirus: anyways, see, you know those creepypastas with little kids drawing horrible creepy things and acting like it's normal cuz they don't know any better?
  • Zerovirus: the local community art center here is called the norman firehouse center
  • Zerovirus: it runs figure drawing classes for adults (which i attend) and silly things for kids
  • Zerovirus: apparently, one of these silly things was 'draw the name of our museum!'
  • Zerovirus: 'i.e., literally 'fire house'!'
  • Zerovirus: so there's this huge wall with kiddy drawings stuck all over it
  • Zerovirus: composed entirely of pictures, over and over, of houses on fire
  • Zerovirus: and kids with happy faces watching the house burn
  • Zerovirus: and occasionally some of the more enterprising kids would write on their drawing things like 'art', 'artistic', 'fun'
  • Zerovirus: so out of context it's an entire bulletin board composed of kid crayon drawings of a house burning down and stick figures appraising the event as highly artistic
  • Zerovirus: i walk by this board every week for figure drawing class and it hasn't gotten any less funny to me
  • Benedict: oh my god that's amazing
  • Benedict: arson crafts

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This is random, but do you think Cole shaves his chest? There are many pictures of him in shirts undone, same with Dylan. But Dylan has a noticeable patch of hair that Cole lacks. Or maybe I'm reading too much into these men's chest hair. Lol. It's just been on my mind lately.

*giggles madly*

You know - I have actually thought about this before too. Which, upon reflection should be horribly embarrassing to me - but I’m not even sorry.

I actually don’t think Cole waxes or shaves his chest. In fact, I’m pretty confident that he doesn’t have to shave his face all that often either. 

Though it must be said that his treasure trail is pretty visible (especially in this photoshoot by the ever wonderful Damon Baker) *cough*

However - to answer your question, Grayface - I believe as twins both Cole and Dylan share *most* of their DNA - Dylan definitely got the genes for being (slightly) more hairy than his brother. 

I love that even they tease each other about this too.

(now I’m going to go be emotional because of my photograph choice *sobs*)

Thank you for the Ask, Grayface. Have a great night! <3 Jandy

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Help I saw this really offensive meme and I laughed and then I realised that it was really offensive and now I feel awful and idk what to do. I feel really bad and i don't agree with the meme at all. Idk why I'm even telling you this i think I just need to know if I'm a bad person for laughing at it or not. It's a really horrible meme especially cos of current events, I don't even know whether I was laughing at the text or at the weird picture (which on its own was inoffensive) help what do I do

So long as you are now aware the meme was offensive and realize it was wrong to laugh at it, you should be fine, Anon. Nobody is 100% unproblematic, honestly, and no one should be expecting you to be perfect.

Ultimate Tasertricks Fic Rec List ( edition)

* means highly recommended

Sogood Series:

** They Say Fortune is a Wheel  by LuvaGoodMrE

Thai, Tazers and Tricks by VillainObsessedGirl (companion fic)

* Thrice Blood Series by  labyrinthinemelange



This Means War (companion fic to Discord)


This series has no title but its awesome so read it

Lima Syndrome by CreativeReading

Stockholm Syndrome 

A Bad Choice  (companion fic for Stockholm Syndrome)

Tony and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (end credits scene to Stockholm Syndrome)

Marvelous Completed Multi-Chapters:

** Funny That Way by LuvaGoodMrE
This fic is very well written, but also very eccentric. All the characters are slightly wackier versions of themselves in the sense that their traits are emphasised and enlarged, like a worded caricature. Bottom line is, this is one of the most popular tasertricks fics for a reason, and that is the simple eccentricity of it.

* Redemption by GoldSilver02
This fic is amazingly written. I especially love the bracketed commentary. It’s written in a unique style caught somewhere in between casual and poetic. The plot behind this is simple but the concepts it takes you through are deep and phonological. Staring contests, chaos and the end of the world.

** Stolen by WorstPenNameEver
Told from Darcy’s point of view, this fic is goddamn poetry with avid descriptions and engaging plot. Taking place during the avengers, Darcy is revived by Loki for inexplicable reasons but suffers from amnesia. Loki wants to use her to gather information about Jane which would obviously be hard to do with the amnesia.

Seven Days to Home by AllIsButToys
All human AU in which Loki is just Tom with a generous sprinkling more sass. Well paced and fluffy, this is a good read overall.

Beautiful Lies by lokishorcrux
This fic has a very captivating plot. Its well paced and dives straight into the plot from the first chapter. Thor plops Loki with SHIELD and him and Darcy get inexplicably bound together by magic.

* Ink And Parchment by The Goddess Of Art
This is a fast paced fic that picks up immediately on the first chapter. It’s written eloquently and poetically with vivid imagery that is really amazing. Loki falls to Midgard (er…earth) and into Darcy’s care… And destroys her furniture.

* Woven by BonGarland
This is a hella damn awesomesauce good story. It’s told from Darcy’s perspective and jumps from past to present to tell the story of Loki and Darcy’s relationship. With a very unique style of story telling and an astounding plot, this fic is stellar. Currently, Darcy is old, sick and dying. Her daughter Alice catches Loki’s attention and maybe, just maybe, they can help revive Darcy.

Forever and A Day by her-little-musings
Darcy goes to Jane (read: SHIELD) for a job after college. Loki seeks redemption by serving the very organisation he despised during New York. The two meet and sushi and drinks get involved.

 I Don’t Like You by PeachyLana
Filled to the brim with snarky banter that leads to eventual smut comprising of kinda hate sex. So Darcy and Loki are both turned on by sassy arguments.

Magical Incompleted Multi-Chapters:
Note: since these are incomplete, I will not review/ rate them. You are welcome to read them and join me in the hell of waiting and praying for updates

Suddenly, Darcy by  magwitch

 Syllogisms by emily.down

Life’s Great Lie by shakespeareinthepark

Machiavelli’s Favorite Son by Lena7623

The Nature of Satisfaction by MildredJosephine

Cosmic Derp by happyapples

Suspend My Disbelief by LadyCharliEM

Courtly Matters by ArtificialAorta

On The Edge Of Madness by Rhiannon A. Christy

Ohwow Oneshots:

You Don’t Need to be Immortal by mispatch
Beautifully written and terribly sad. How one manages to shatter feels in a oneshot I do not know. Tasertricks wedding… with a dark twist.

Homonyms by mnemosyne23
This is not even a one-shot. Its like a drabble or a flashfic but its really good and I loved it. Its witty and sweet and smutty and angsty at the same time. I love the concept of this. (features Fosterson and Clintasha)

Prelude to a Seduction by jetplanejane
Skinny dipping, flirty Loki. A cracky, adorable fic.

Short by StarTrekFanWriter
Adorable pillow talk between Darcy and Loki on the topic of Thor’s hammer.

Sweet And Simple Utterings by Elliot Grace And Theories
 Loki is an invisible stalker. Darcy is the only one who can see/sense him. Post TDW. This fic is well written and extremely captivating.

** A Pen and Darcy Lewis by molescout
ABSOLUTE ADORABLENESS! So Loki and Darcy have a not exactly kinda maybe friendship via notebook communication and it eventually escalates into the ancient “asking out” ceremony.

When Duty Calls by Advena
Not really tasertricks centric. This fic focuses on a day in the life of Nick Fury dealing with Tasertrick’s shenanigans.

Put a Ribbon on It by Berry’s Ambitions
A cute fluffy drabble in which Darcy brings Loki a present.

Fringe Benefits (Loki & Darcy) by starhawk2005
EXTREMELY HOT SMUT in which Darcy teaches Loki about Midgardian customs and it is important to cover all aspects… including bedroom customs.

Worth My While by readbycandlelight
A petty argument somehow escalates into exchanging dirty pictures in the way only this ship can manage to do.

** Showering In The Rain Of Faces by LxIsxJustice 
Fluffy smut
Darcy invites Loki to join her for a shower. This fic is so poetic and beautiful and is one of my favourite on It’s the perfect blend of sweet and sexy and sentimentality. 

In Cold Blood by bs13
This fic is absolutely horrible I don’t know why anyone would write this (go read it). Its really dark and angsty and ITS SO TERRIBLE WHYYYYY.
The writing is incredibly fluid and enrapturing. The short storyline is a tasertricks shipper’s nightmare. It’s brilliant. 

** So It Goes by her-little-musings 
Deep, deep, abyss dark angst
This fic is so horribly, artfully written, I can’t help but want to revel in the fluidity of the words and vibrant imagery. Yet the plot is despairingly bittersweet and ughhhh. Just, why can’t you use your silken words to create something that doesn’t make me die inside? (Sarah-speak translation: I loved it)

~to be updated as new works arise~
note: I’m not really that active on so it would be very much appreciated if you could message me any amazeballs fics that I missed out or you think belong on this list. thank you <3

riker analysis

season 1: theres something very upsetting about riker without a beard in season 1. is it his weird pointy face? the fact hes skinny? the horrible hair? i dont know. he was so smug and an ass no one was able to like him. 0/5

season 2: he looks like a completely different person??? his head looks longer. theres also something very upsetting about his beard.. why is it so low.. let that bitch grow. season 2 was not as boring but was worse than season 1. 1/5

season 3-7: i took the decency of choosing a good looking picture of him mind you.. its good. its perfect. that uniform was a sin. 5/5

bajoran: i want to die. 0.0/5

insurrection: is it smooth as an android’s ass? no. and do i like it? no. jk i do. frakes being chubby probably made it look uh less… uncomfortable. 4/5

Here’s something that gets me… players significant others DO NOT have to be nice to their boyfriend/husband’s fans. They don’t have to be. If I were say, a really pretty model, I’d be really frustrated if people talked about how I shouldn’t be with my boyfriend, how he’s out of my leauge, and how I’m just using him for money. If most of those people were my boyfriends fans I’m gonna feel probably pretty alinated. These are people I’ve never meet who have never met me who have never meet my boyfriend and they think they know anything about our relationship. I know that logically my boyfriend has fans that probably don’t care about me in that they don’t know I exsist, probably he even has fans that are SUPPORTIVE of us. But the few fans who talk shit ruined it I’m not going to trust any of my boyfriends fans. Because our relationship is NONE of their business. moreover, if my boyfriend HAD cheated on me I wouldn’t want everyone talking about it, I’m still with him for reasons his fans don’t need to know. If I cheated on him ot goes the same way. Maybe we’ve talked about having an open relationship he lives really far away and we’re young it’s what WE decided and it’s BETWEEN US. I would post photos of us when we’re apart because I miss him, or maybe because he wanted me to or maybe because his mom hasn’t seen the picture. The fans don’t need to know. This relationship is between me and my boyfriend and I don’t trust his fans anymore, but that’s okay because they are not part of this relationship.

TL;DR get your Jordyn hate out of Auston’s tag you don’t know shit about their relationship.

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I really would love some fluff with Tsukiyama! (I need it ç_ç) I know its horribly OOC, but ... can you draw him tickling Hori?

Well, it’s not super fluff this drawing but at least it’s Tsukiyama-cinnamon-roll tickling Hori xD But, looks more like: “This is payback for that horrible picture you took of me!” So~, he’s not OoC like this xD

Hope you like it anon <3