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I know threats are horrible, but thousands upon thousands of people are threatened each day and nothing happens. Sandsverse is a joke type blog. He isn't literally threatening you, its a rp blog. It's not gonna break character. Nothing's gonna be resolved.

There’s a difference between a lazy threat and a threat with intent. You and I both know Seymour threatens with intent. He has the artillery to kill anyone he wants easily, if his pictures are for real and not ripped off of Google Images (and there are a good many of them I’ve never seen before in my life, so IMO it’s safe to bet the former). People not taking him seriously is the reason he is still hurting people and being abusive and threatening.


hello my name is jordan or pent and im doing emergency commissions for my leopard gecko

he has very bad mouth rot and refuses to eat, i would add pictures but my phone refuses to take pictures and i wouldnt even know how to add them but the rot is big and you can tell it hurts him a lot

i asked my mom if she could help me, but she refused and wont take him to get proper meds to help him

so ive decided that i will make up the money to help him myself by opening commissions

i can also do short animation loops like thisss it would be about 7$ and one character onlyy

its a horrible sheet, buts its midnight and im extremely tired from having a brakedown about this im sorry about any mistakes

things i will do-

  • gore
  • some furries
  • ocs
  • some fandoms
  • some ships

things i wont do-

  • porn
  • oc x canon

my gmail is and my paypal is

i draw my art on a fucking 3ds and i barely know anything about art and shit so please be aware of that 

please please reblog this if you can i know this post is all over the place but im desperate and really dont want my leopard gecko dying


Hit ‘em ‘ard and hit ‘em low!

More akin to an airborne plague of locusts than a proper squadron in the eyes of the Imperium, Reapa Skwadron is a rag-tag group of Ork attack aircraft that have managed to become somewhat proficient in not crashing* every sortie, enough to become a credible threat. Their ranks include an eclectic collection of aircraft, including:

- Da Thundabolt, the current skwadron command craft.

- Da Blitza, a strike bomber equipped with heavy ‘boom bomms’. 

- Jagtoof, the former skwadron command craft. A rare breed of Dakkajet with a turret.

- Zog Off!, ‘Mad’ Zoggins’ personal death machine. Prone to ramming things its guns can’t damage, to varying effect.

- Da MiG, the skwadron’s ‘yoof’, yet to acquire kills in battle.

- Da Krimsun Komet, Big Mek Wagznabul’s magnum opus and personal Wazbom Blastajet.

- Orkbird**, a Voidraven looted in unknown circumstances, though the pilot looks suspiciously like a Kommando…

- Flamin’ Mork, a Burna Bommer so haphazardly made that not even the Mekboys know how the thing works properly.

- Da Flyin’ Wing, a looted Necron Croissant Night Scythe turned into a fast Blitza Bommer.

- ‘elldiva, another Blitza Bommer, distinguished by its ‘U’ shaped tail.

- Flamebelcha, a Burna Bommer, juuust about visible at the back of the last picture (I ran out of uploads).

They’re not all finished by any stretch, and you’ve all seen the Blastajet before. Nevertheless, here’s the Orky Air Horde in all its magnificence. The group shots are from a mass Aeronautica game where I formed an entire team by myself, and promptly lost horribly because of Tau Barracuda shenanigans and the fact that Ork airplanes are made of wet paper.

*Excluding when landing.

**A reference to the Arkbird, not the Orkney Islands as someone once suggested.

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YEAH I KNOW!! I remember when I first watched voltron and heard the word kerberos, I screamed bc being the huge nerd that I am it was so cool that they actually reached that far??

- Mod Keith

(Side note: Please guys.. I love to answer these questions but that’s not what the blog was made for, I would continue but I haven’t talked to Mod Allura yet, so if any of you have asks like this to send us please do it on our main accounts bc  we can do whatever we want there)

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Could you do batfam headcanons for a gender neutral S.O. with glasses? Like would they steal them or tease them, would they make sure there's a spare pair at the mansion, and how do you think the boys would react if they accidentally broke their s.o.'s glasses? (Sorry if that's too much, I'm not entirely sure how the headcanons work, so if I put too much please don't hesitate to trim it or anything) (thank you! And I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, one of my faves! <3)

AN: Thanks for the love hun <3


  • Takes a bunch of pictures of his s/o with glasses
  • Literally thinks it makes them 100% more adorable
  • Tries to take glasses ALL the time
  • Succeeds most of the time
  • “Hey y/n do I look good yet?”
  • “I wouldn’t know cause I can’t see”
  • He felt HORRIBLE when he broke your glasses
  • Promised to buy you a new pair
  • Never touches your glasses again


  • Teases you about you glasses all the time
  • But you both know it’s just banter
  • Would kill anyone if they touched your glasses
  • Likes seeing you w/out them cause you squint a lot
  • Helps you pick out the frames if you need new ones
  • Thinks its funny when your glasses get foggy from steam


  • He most likely has glasses cause he sits in front of the computer all day
  • Ya’ll accidently switch glasses
  • Cause he can’t tell his from yours when he’s tired
  • Probably broke your glasses accidently from it seeing them
  • Buys you a bunch of spares cause it’s not a rare occurrence
  • Still feels bad from the first time he broke them


  • LOVES seeing you wearing glasses
  • Also loves trying them on
  • Always helps you pick out new frames
  • Silently nods when you pick a pair that looks really good on you
  • Thinks you look good with every pair
  • Therefore tries to buy you a bunch of different pairs


  • Thinks you look wonderful with your glasses
  • Compliments you 24/7 on them
  • Fights anyone who teases you
  • Tries to take you to the best ophthalmologist 
  • Cause you deserve the best
  • Never takes your glasses from you


  • Always pays for your glasses/appointments even though you don’t want him to
  • Has never broken your glasses ever
  • Has a bunch of spares around the house in case you lose/break them
  • Always tells you how good you look with glasses
  • Defends you if anyone says anything about your glasses
  • Offers to buy you contacts whenever your glasses bother you

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In their efforts to keep Endeavor guessing, the students of Class 1-A get together and make a blog. Said blog seems to be speculating on Shouto's relationship status, and includes pictures of him out and about with various classmates, but the entire thing is written in such horribly mangled Engrish it's hard to tell. (First article is the Does is Gay one). Whenever Endeavor tries to look into his son's relationship status he inevitably ends up on said incomprehensible blog.

There needs to be more fanfic about Class 1-A banding together to fuck with Endeavor. I need it so bad u don’t even know. I’ve seen a couple of stories here and there but there can always be more.

keith is actually generally a nice person once you get to know him (though he can be a total b*tch sometimes). he can be ignorant to other’s troubles but is willing listen to your side of the story in order to understand the bigger picture.

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Help I saw this really offensive meme and I laughed and then I realised that it was really offensive and now I feel awful and idk what to do. I feel really bad and i don't agree with the meme at all. Idk why I'm even telling you this i think I just need to know if I'm a bad person for laughing at it or not. It's a really horrible meme especially cos of current events, I don't even know whether I was laughing at the text or at the weird picture (which on its own was inoffensive) help what do I do

So long as you are now aware the meme was offensive and realize it was wrong to laugh at it, you should be fine, Anon. Nobody is 100% unproblematic, honestly, and no one should be expecting you to be perfect.

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shot in the dark, but a long time ago i saw a picture of a cave creature on some sort of paranormal website. story was that a guy had gone exploring certain desert caves but got lost. in his panic, he'd had to use the flash on his camera to light his way out and in one image he captured this horrible creature, clinging to the side of the cave wall but with its face turned to him. i remember the picture clearly, but haven't seen it in years. any chance you know what im talking about?

I’m sorry, I don’t think I know the picture you’re talking about. Maybe one of my followers might know!

I thought it was interesting that people seemed to ignore the white woman in the “pussy hat” who’s in the front on the Captain America picture while the Black Lives Matter sign floats in the back and there isn’t a single visible black person on it so it looks like its floating in mid  air… 

To me, if you could notice the problem with having Hydra-Cap holding mjolnir like that and the deeper issues behind the picture than you should have noticed the problem with taking the most obnoxious and tone-deaf part of the anti-Trump resistance (horribly and incorrectly credited with being the “the largest protest in U.S. history “) and putting it front and center alongside Muslims and pro-immigrant protestors while throwing a random BLM sign floating in the background with no black person to hold it. Its especially bad if you remember how TrueCap has a unique relationship with anti-black racism and black resistance that he doesn’t have with most of these other issues. 

Yeah I know that only one of those is “official” and the other one was inspired by protests but it says a lot that folks pass it around when the erasure is just so blatant.  I mean, its not bad, its a nice piece of art, its just the obnoxious liberal erasure that we’re used to…

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I saw that post about the dirkjake thing, and i posted a picture about it. I really don't like how ppl say it was unhealthy. :c

its really not. dirk is a man who has toxic masculinality and it was unhealthy for the both of them. they both did wrong. yes it was unhealthy at first but now that they have grown as people, they are adults now. not teenagers anymore (2012 stuff). they can make it work and talk about their issues. dirk isnt an abuser. dirk is not bro.

i DONT like old unhealthy dirkjake where they are suffering.

i DO like current dirkjake where they are both flawed but talk about their feelings and make sure thaty they are both okay. i DO like current dirkjake post endgame where they can live normal lives and not be in a suffocating relationship. they can make it work, and need to talk about their issues.

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Kataiiii.... ummm.... I kinda drew a picture of Nelo and Aki together. (•///•)

ho ho darling my name is Katia** but its ok don’t worry you were close!! plus my name is kinda weird so UR GOOD. 

and omggggg if u ever wanna like show me u should fufufu

It’s ridiculous to think that Sam was actually in love with his big brother. And yeah, it was weird to know that he we would be stuck with this stubborn, annoying, impatient, insecure man for the rest of his life—

“Dude,” Dean said, face straight and eyes glaring, “take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

Sam blinks, crosses the empty space between them and presses their lips together. Dean opens his mouth immediately, let’s Sam lick inside…

—but Sam really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ultimate Tasertricks Fic Rec List ( edition)

* means highly recommended

Sogood Series:

** They Say Fortune is a Wheel  by LuvaGoodMrE

Thai, Tazers and Tricks by VillainObsessedGirl (companion fic)

* Thrice Blood Series by  labyrinthinemelange



This Means War (companion fic to Discord)


This series has no title but its awesome so read it

Lima Syndrome by CreativeReading

Stockholm Syndrome 

A Bad Choice  (companion fic for Stockholm Syndrome)

Tony and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (end credits scene to Stockholm Syndrome)

Marvelous Completed Multi-Chapters:

** Funny That Way by LuvaGoodMrE
This fic is very well written, but also very eccentric. All the characters are slightly wackier versions of themselves in the sense that their traits are emphasised and enlarged, like a worded caricature. Bottom line is, this is one of the most popular tasertricks fics for a reason, and that is the simple eccentricity of it.

* Redemption by GoldSilver02
This fic is amazingly written. I especially love the bracketed commentary. It’s written in a unique style caught somewhere in between casual and poetic. The plot behind this is simple but the concepts it takes you through are deep and phonological. Staring contests, chaos and the end of the world.

** Stolen by WorstPenNameEver
Told from Darcy’s point of view, this fic is goddamn poetry with avid descriptions and engaging plot. Taking place during the avengers, Darcy is revived by Loki for inexplicable reasons but suffers from amnesia. Loki wants to use her to gather information about Jane which would obviously be hard to do with the amnesia.

Seven Days to Home by AllIsButToys
All human AU in which Loki is just Tom with a generous sprinkling more sass. Well paced and fluffy, this is a good read overall.

Beautiful Lies by lokishorcrux
This fic has a very captivating plot. Its well paced and dives straight into the plot from the first chapter. Thor plops Loki with SHIELD and him and Darcy get inexplicably bound together by magic.

* Ink And Parchment by The Goddess Of Art
This is a fast paced fic that picks up immediately on the first chapter. It’s written eloquently and poetically with vivid imagery that is really amazing. Loki falls to Midgard (er…earth) and into Darcy’s care… And destroys her furniture.

* Woven by BonGarland
This is a hella damn awesomesauce good story. It’s told from Darcy’s perspective and jumps from past to present to tell the story of Loki and Darcy’s relationship. With a very unique style of story telling and an astounding plot, this fic is stellar. Currently, Darcy is old, sick and dying. Her daughter Alice catches Loki’s attention and maybe, just maybe, they can help revive Darcy.

Forever and A Day by her-little-musings
Darcy goes to Jane (read: SHIELD) for a job after college. Loki seeks redemption by serving the very organisation he despised during New York. The two meet and sushi and drinks get involved.

 I Don’t Like You by PeachyLana
Filled to the brim with snarky banter that leads to eventual smut comprising of kinda hate sex. So Darcy and Loki are both turned on by sassy arguments.

Magical Incompleted Multi-Chapters:
Note: since these are incomplete, I will not review/ rate them. You are welcome to read them and join me in the hell of waiting and praying for updates

Suddenly, Darcy by  magwitch

 Syllogisms by emily.down

Life’s Great Lie by shakespeareinthepark

Machiavelli’s Favorite Son by Lena7623

The Nature of Satisfaction by MildredJosephine

Cosmic Derp by happyapples

Suspend My Disbelief by LadyCharliEM

Courtly Matters by ArtificialAorta

On The Edge Of Madness by Rhiannon A. Christy

Ohwow Oneshots:

You Don’t Need to be Immortal by mispatch
Beautifully written and terribly sad. How one manages to shatter feels in a oneshot I do not know. Tasertricks wedding… with a dark twist.

Homonyms by mnemosyne23
This is not even a one-shot. Its like a drabble or a flashfic but its really good and I loved it. Its witty and sweet and smutty and angsty at the same time. I love the concept of this. (features Fosterson and Clintasha)

Prelude to a Seduction by jetplanejane
Skinny dipping, flirty Loki. A cracky, adorable fic.

Short by StarTrekFanWriter
Adorable pillow talk between Darcy and Loki on the topic of Thor’s hammer.

Sweet And Simple Utterings by Elliot Grace And Theories
 Loki is an invisible stalker. Darcy is the only one who can see/sense him. Post TDW. This fic is well written and extremely captivating.

** A Pen and Darcy Lewis by molescout
ABSOLUTE ADORABLENESS! So Loki and Darcy have a not exactly kinda maybe friendship via notebook communication and it eventually escalates into the ancient “asking out” ceremony.

When Duty Calls by Advena
Not really tasertricks centric. This fic focuses on a day in the life of Nick Fury dealing with Tasertrick’s shenanigans.

Put a Ribbon on It by Berry’s Ambitions
A cute fluffy drabble in which Darcy brings Loki a present.

Fringe Benefits (Loki & Darcy) by starhawk2005
EXTREMELY HOT SMUT in which Darcy teaches Loki about Midgardian customs and it is important to cover all aspects… including bedroom customs.

Worth My While by readbycandlelight
A petty argument somehow escalates into exchanging dirty pictures in the way only this ship can manage to do.

** Showering In The Rain Of Faces by LxIsxJustice 
Fluffy smut
Darcy invites Loki to join her for a shower. This fic is so poetic and beautiful and is one of my favourite on It’s the perfect blend of sweet and sexy and sentimentality. 

In Cold Blood by bs13
This fic is absolutely horrible I don’t know why anyone would write this (go read it). Its really dark and angsty and ITS SO TERRIBLE WHYYYYY.
The writing is incredibly fluid and enrapturing. The short storyline is a tasertricks shipper’s nightmare. It’s brilliant. 

** So It Goes by her-little-musings 
Deep, deep, abyss dark angst
This fic is so horribly, artfully written, I can’t help but want to revel in the fluidity of the words and vibrant imagery. Yet the plot is despairingly bittersweet and ughhhh. Just, why can’t you use your silken words to create something that doesn’t make me die inside? (Sarah-speak translation: I loved it)

~to be updated as new works arise~
note: I’m not really that active on so it would be very much appreciated if you could message me any amazeballs fics that I missed out or you think belong on this list. thank you <3

Autumn dance- Theo imagine- part 3

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A/N: this went in a completely different direction to begin with. I’m still pretty much improvising as I go, just with a few (a lot of) tweaks here and there.

part 1 is here

part 2 is here

Words: 1126

You aimlessly walked around school for a while, until you had calmed down then headed back to the canteen where the pack were sat. You forced a smile on your face as you sat down next to Malia. She initially smiled back but that smile fell when she used her senses.

“What’s up with you, you smell bad.” She stated bluntly, earning the attention of the rest of the group.

“I’m fine don’t worry” you tried to reassure them. Everyone seemed satisfied except stiles, who was still looking at you while everyone else returned to the previous conversation. You mouthed to him that you were okay but he simply shook his head. He had been your best friend for way too long and knew something was up. You hated keeping secrets from stiles, and this one in particular was eating away at you.

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So I know my art is super bad but I just love looking at it, like I see all the horrible things that I couldn’t get right, but it’s just so nice to look at something and know that you made it