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Prejudice That Destroys Children’s Pride”

I’ve had yet another theory hit me after seeing a brilliantly designed Zootopia shirt at Target.

The phrase that was printed on the shirt was, “Anyone can be Anything.”

And then it suddenly occurred to me as I thought about Nick and his past.

From what you can conjecture, he looked quite enthusiastic about joining what must have been the Boy Scouts.

However, even with something as seemingly innocent as this can have its dark sides.

With a youth organization like this, it’s highly probable that their motto of being brave and honest means they’ll apply it to those who “look” the part rather than actually live up to it.

And seeing as Nick is a Fox, there is a possibility that he received the stigma of being someone cowardly and mistrustful.

Who knows, maybe those who were jealous of his strong ambition and skills used the fact that “He’s a fox“ to ensure that he gets rejected and kicked out by everyone.

And worse still it’s something that followed him for the rest of his life in which people assumed

“You’re a fox, you can’t be trusted,”

until at last he was placed in a job society would deem fitting for him.

Can you imagine just how heartbreaking and cruel it is to put that into a kid’s head at a young age that they can’t be what they want to be based on prejudice ideals?

With the repetition of history’s cruelty of judging others and classifying them in a role that the masses perceives as truth, I have a strong feeling that this movie is just what people need (particularly kids) to shake those archaic notions to help people be what they WANT to be instead of what they HAVE to be.


This is from my animation class. We had to animate a type of walking and I wanted to make the sneaky walk and I couldn’t get Sneaky Kura out of my mind! So here he is. (No Millenium Ring though, there’s too much going on and its my first time doing frame-by-frame animation through Flash I don’t want to torture myself more than I already had)


Little Red Riding Hood, I’d like to hold you if I could…


i still try to spell it “lense” every time and i don’t know why