it's a hidden gift

Today a woman wanted to buy a sublime tshirt. Before buying she asked me of there were any hidden pot leaves in the suns face ,
“Its a gift for my son and i dont want any drugs on it.”
I told her no
“But there is a devil in the sun.” i tell her.
“Thats ok.” she says as shes taking out her wallet.
Shes not ok with weed…. But ok with satan….. Wut…


Rin… I love you.”

Prompt:  A romantic holiday that involves confessions and fluff and romance! :)

Rushed to complete this at like 5 am for the RH exchange haha,, It’s a gift for  thenotsoreluctanthero


Original sketches for Ranger Iwaizumi based on Allie’s “I Followed Fires” (which you should totally read if you love yourself).

My plan was to draw the scene in which we first meet Iwaizumi in the story.
But I also felt bad for hiding his face, while simultaneously dying to draw exactly this?!!
So, in the end I added the 2nd one. Typical.

I decided to focus on the one showing his face, as this was a birthday present for Allie who is basically responsible for all of this (curse you.. bless you), so I had some kind of deadline to meet and just knew I’d never finish both on time.

While drawing the one you already know, the picture/atmosphere changed quite a bit and it doesn’t fit the exact scene I had in mind before, so I will just leave these design sketches at this!!

I like the sketchy-style as well :>
I gotta learn to /leave/ things be anyway!! è v é)9

To the young man out there that stays fighting love, I hope the girl that left your heart shattered and closed up with a thousand band-aids twisted round it, never gets the satisfaction of leaving you loveless.

I hope one day you will understand that your love in its own is too much a gift to be hidden. I hope one day, someone, anyone, walks in and reminds you that love truly is worth passing on, from one heart to the other.

I hope that someday, this someone reminds you that everyone deserves that out-of-breath love, at least once. I hope you understand that love is above all beautiful. I hope she doesn’t leave you loveless.

—  @akosuawrites - Catching Love Pg. 87