it's a great place to meet a girl

better with you || stiles stilinski

word count: 2238

warnings: heated make out session, little swearing

request: hey there :)could you write something where the reader is very shy so she only talks to Scott and stiles around the pack but she has a huge crush on isaac.She tells stiles to ask him for help cause she doesn’t know how to talk to him so he practices with her and after a while he suggests to practice kissing with her because he starts to realize that he really likes her and the reader gets so comfortable around him that she doesn’t really that she loves him?you can include shy smut if you want c @ephemeral-stilinski

author’s note: so i haven’t written or posted in a couple weeks but i am back! i hope you like this because i’m really happy with how it turned out. thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for proof-reading and fixing my errors as well as @sarcasticallystilinski for also reading this! i’m happy they both liked it! :)


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last night i realized that usually the rich-poor relationship is the girl being a rich, elegant and preppy gal full of luxuries and the boy being a humble, poor ( or not sooooo wealthy ) guy, kinda like in lady and the tramp or the famous ship formed by serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey in gossip girl !! sooooo why not make a plot: where MUSE A is a rlyyy rich boy, always dressing in suits or expensive clothes from famous brands (( even his sweatpants cost lots of $$$ )), elegant, with this misterious thing around him and maybe kind of an asshole, ((( +++points if he’s a bit of a womanizer, dont mistake it w being a fuckboy they different things ok !!!! ))) with high standards when it comes to women, and MUSE B is a humble middle class girl that could work in a not-so-chic place like a cafeteria or some fast food place??? or is just a student and she has to work hard to pay her studies bc her bank is full of - - - and not $$$, her personality could go from being classy, shy and a rly nice girl to ‘i hate u and ur money i dun lyk u!!!’ type of girl, its up to your imagination idc?? ofc they dont know each other so they could meet anywhere. u can do a lot of things w this plot tbh that’s why its so great just let your imagination fly and yeah !!!!


Hey guys! Here is a list of all my writing in one place for you. Enjoy! (most recent is at the bottom) *when you request a prompt, please specify what list its from


How you meet. 

Nights out (smut) 

He cheats on you with another girl   part 2

Dog days (smut) 

Home is where the heart is (smut)

Something great 


Never in a million years (smut)

All mixed up

Is it too late now to say sorry (smut) 

Just the way you are (smut)

Dancing queen 

First day of forever (smut) 

Caught (smut)

Crazy little thing called (love Smut) -full version 

Crazy little thing called love (aka complicated) -sneek peak 

Something you can’t fake (smut)

Three (smut)

Wedding series: part one (the proposal)  Part two (the wedding)


How harry would be in bed  


Green eyed monster 


Prompts*: (list 1, list 2, list 3, list 4)

“I’m not even sorry.” 

“So, it was you.” 

“Are you still awake…?”

“That’s irrational.”

“Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.”/ “I shouldn’t be in love with you.” 

“You’re such a bitch.”/”Don’t be fucking rude.”

“You made that way more sexual than it needed to be.”

“Are you jealous?”

“You’re a virgin?”

“You always this quite?”

“Drop the attitude.”

“The skirt is supposed to be this short”

The Breakfast Club Pt. 3

~Power Rangers AU~

Billy Cranston doesn’t have many friends.

Well, if we’re being honest, Billy Cranston doesn’t have any friends.

It’s not like he doesn’t want any, but the majority of kids at school found him and his constant babbling annoying. They thought he was weird, and well, a freak.

So after three years of trying, he gave up. He stayed to himself and didn’t talk to anyone without them talking first.

He learned the hard way what happens when he approached people with the intent of becoming friends.

In his freshman year Billy made the mistake of trying to befriend Eugene Bulkimeier and Farkas Skullovitch, otherwise known as Bulk and Skull. They seemed harmless at the time, both smiling and laughing at something the other had said.

He had no idea of the cruelties they were capable of.

He was new to Angel Grove after all and completely unaware of their infamous reputation as the biggest jerks this town had ever seen.

Billy still didn’t know what had taken place in that one conversation that made them want to harass and bully him for the following years to come. He never bothered to ask, something told him that they wouldn’t answer kindly.

So besides going to school, avoiding Bulk and Skull, tweaking inventions in his basement, hacking into various places and visiting the mines, there wasn’t much Billy did. He was never a fan of clubs or sports.

You could say he was an a loner, of sorts.

And everything he had failed to do for the past three years, was finally happening. He was being social, in fact he was the center of attention. it was a weird adjustment to make but he liked it.

He liked having people actually care about what he had to say. He didn’t know if he could call them friends, but it was nice to pretend. Just for a little while anyway.

“But why did you have the dynamite in your locker in the first place?”

Billy turned his attention to Zack, he was pretty sure he’d already explained this part but he had no problem repeating his words.

“For the mines, weren’t you listening the first time?”

Trini answered for him and Billy slumped back into his seat, a little disappointed but grateful at the fact that she had actually paid attention to what he said.

It was a weird feeling, not being ignored.

Zack made a mocking face at her and in return she rolled her eyes. Billy wondered if it was just a friendly exchange or if they honestly didn’t like each other. He didn’t ask, now wanting to push his luck any further.

“Why do you go down to the mines anyway? You know its dangerous down there as it is, without the blowing stuff up part.” Jason asked.

“My dad died when I was eight years old. He used to take me down to the mines all the time and together we would search for anything discarded that we could make something out of it. Some nights we’d stay late and look up at the sky, he’d tell me some of his endless theories about what lied up in the stars. We dig for clues of anything extraterrestrial. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean that tradition has to end.”

The room’s once light and fun atmosphere had =darkened significantly. He looked around and the once smiling faces had turned into unreadable expressions. Confusion washed over Billy, was it something he said?

“Billy, I-umm, I’m sorry to hear about your dad.”

Jason was the first to interrupt the quiet and he only confused the brown boy more.

“Why? You didn’t kill him, cancer did. There’s no reason to feel bad.” He explained but instead of relieving the tension, he seemed to only create more.

The silence wasn’t ending and Billy didn’t know how to fix it. He didn’t know what he’d done wrong.

He watched as Kim and Tomi slowly retreated back into their areas.

He’d messed it up, whatever good thing he had developed with these strangers was slipping right out of his fingertips. How could he fix this? How could he stop this from happening?

“Let’s play truth or dare.” He blurted out, a little too loudly but still, he had gained their attention once again.

“Okay, I’m down” Trini said, Billy was a little surprised that she was the first one to agree but he smiled anyway.

“If crazy girl’s in, then so am I” Zach followed and soon all the others joined in. Kim was a little hesitant but she didn’t want to seem like she had something to hide.

“Alright then, who’s first?” Jason asked and again, Trini surprised Billy once again by raising her hand.

The others watched as she turned towards Zack, eyebrows raised and brown eyes tracing over him. Almost as if she was trying to crack the code that was the boy in black.

“Truth or dare”


“Okay, I dare you to tell me why every time we see each other, you call me crazy girl.”

Billy hadn’t really noticed that, he must’ve done it a lot for her to have to ask him about it.

Zack looked at her with a sly grin spread across his face. Not once did his stare falter, even after Trini’s looked away.

“I see you.”

Again, Billy was confused. They all see her, she’s sitting right in front of them.

“Out on the mountains where the mines used to be. Every other day I see you out there, climbing the rocks without any gear or even a helmet. And then once you reach the top, you take out your headphones and then you do yoga. Right on the edge. There’s no way you’re not crazy. And besides I never knew your name before.”

“It’s Trini”

“I like crazy girl better.”

They stayed silent for a few seconds before Trini spoke up again.

“I see you too, you’re always doing some weird shit on top of one of the abandoned trailers up there. If I’m crazy than so are you.”

“I know.”

They went to the mines too? There weren’t a lot of people who went up there anymore. Ever since it shut down, it’s been a ghost town.

“I go up there sometime to.” Kim said.

“Really?” Zach questioned and she nodded.

“Yeah, I live on the other side of it. I like to hike and swim out there, its secluded. It’s nice way to just escape, you know?”

Billy didn’t know but he didn’t say anything.

“Are Jason and I the only ones here who don’t go up there?” Tomi asked and the lack of response was all the answer he needed.

“How is it that all four of you hang out up there but you’ve never had an actual conversation until today?”

They all turned to Jason and shrugged. Billy had never really noticed any of the others up there. It was weird to think that his secret place also belonged to three practical strangers.

“Bad timing I guess” Kim said and Jason laughed, before shaking his head.

“Maybe its supposed to be this way. Maybe its’s fate you guys. We were never to meet until its forced upon us, maybe we were all meant to meet here and not anywhere else. Everything else has just a been a series of calculated movements by the universe so that we’d all finally meet at the right time at the right place. Right here, in detention. Maybe it’s fate.” Trini proposed and Billy’s eyes widened at the accusation.

No one said anything as they pondered what the girl in yellow had just said. Billy couldn’t help but a get a little excited at the thought of being fated to have friends. Sure, the circumstances weren’t great but at least they were there right?

Just before he could read into it more, Trini and Tomi burst out laughing. Followed by Kim, Jason and Zach.

“I’m just fucking with you guys, alright who’s next?”

The game continued on as Billy realized what had just happened. Of course it was a joke, it was dumb of him to think otherwise.

So he ignored the sinking feeling in his stomach and turned his attention back to the group.

anonymous asked:

can you give me tips or hints on how to approach girls when I'm at the gym? like lets say if i wanted to talk to someone like you at the gym but dont really know if its okay to or just generally afraid

Are you looking for a gym buddy? Generally, I’ve made friends by sharing equipment with them. My university gym gets super packed, so I’ll often have to share benches/squat racks with people, and that’s been a great way to meet other people! Everyone I’ve come into contact with is super friendly and welcoming.

If you’re trying to ask girls out at the gym, my advice is: don’t. Most people are just there to get shit done and it’s not the time or the place.

UNDERTALE - Phone Call Starters
  • No one wants to pratfall during a cool technique.
  • Try to be nice to people made of strange materials.
  • This dog loves to be pet. That's its defining personality trait.
  • Our feelings for grease run deep, like a river.
  • I wish I had eight legs... so I could wear four pairs of hotpants.
  • Why can't our history be COOL ANIMATIONS like the humans?!
  • _____ never tells anybody anything.
  • Cherish this bird.
  • Cherish this ghost.
  • If you want to get someone to open up, you should engage them in combat.
  • Don't let a body of water determine your self-worth!
  • After all, I'm housemates with a lazy bag of trash!
  • Plus, its' a GREAT place to meet girls. Don't quote me on that one.
  • Just be your lovable old garbage self!
  • It's not wrong. It's just my headcanon.
  • Seriously, though, stop committing ghost crimes.
  • Emitting slime... that's just what brothers/sisters/siblings do.
  • There's only one talking flower for me!
  • Spikes. Danger bridges. The pillars of youth.
  • My respect for block puzzles was depleted by corporate life.
  • No! Not the flattery supplex!
  • He loves science fiction. Especially when it's real.
  • My knowledge quantity is stagnant.
  • Stop calling and making her/him/them say gross things.
  • Orange means you'll... smell like oranges.
  • Isn't it natural to love meteorology?!
  • I'm forecasting an incoming front of SHUT UP!
  • A real teacher would never accept deadly lasers as an excuse!
  • I don't care about people just because they're popular.
  • You should just call her, and say in a hot voice, "____... I need help with a.... (audible wink) puzzle."
  • It's nice when people are platonic friends like that!
  • You guys becoming friends... it's kinda cute.
  • A spider wearing four pairs of pink booties. Meditate on this image.
  • It's best if you don't encourage him/her/them.
  • Earlier, ____ and I danced with DEATH!
  • I would never take a vacation for any reason.
  • The problem is... dog.
  • I mean, if having an imaginary friend makes you happy...
  • Hey, you didn't hit me with my entire couch!
  • I just wanted to have handsome, bishonen eyes.
  • Let's not get philosophical over the alphabet.
  • Sorry. Can't talk. Too busy being popular online.
  • Wink! can see me winking, right?
  • I wonder if any of my online fans are spiders.
  • Fangs for visiting my website. That's what spiders like to post.
  • Maybe I'm a baby that loves cartoons for children!
College Tips - first semester

Here are some tips to survive your first semester of college!

1. Do not take 8am classes, you will end up not going. Try to avoid Friday classes!

2. Order your books from,, or; they will be cheaper.

3. Go to study groups and finish your homework on time! At least by the day its due…

4. Keep mostly healthy snacks in your dorm to avoid the Freshman 15.

5. Take advantage of your meal plan and the college’s rec center.

6. Don’t party everyday - save it for the weekend, your grades will plummet and your parents may decide to pay you a visit.

7. Experience different college environments! Go to football games, fraternity parties, join a club, and meet new people.

8. Underage drinking is bound to happen. To avoid a hangover; eat cereal (with or without milk), take tylenol, and drink a lot of water before you go to sleep.

9. If you’re a girl, go through recruitment, you might find a sorority that you love! If you’re a boy, look into rush and see if its something that you’d like to do. Sororities and Fraternities are great places to meet people and have great college experiences.

10. Sex. This is a big deal for college freshman, It’s their first time away from home, the boys are horny, and the girls are looking for love. If you’re going to get into someone’s pants, take precautions, I’m sure you don’t want to be a parent at 18. 

You have a reputation from the minute you introduce yourself to someone, word spreads so quickly through a campus. If you’re that person to get black out drunk and pukes everywhere, almost everyone will know. If you sleep around a lot, people will only be interested in you for sex. The way you present yourself determines what people will think of you.

Need You To Let Go [Part 1]

A/N: So it’s been a while since I wrote something angst-y, this is going to be a three to five part fic. This is NSFF for now, but it’s definitely SFW. 

SFW. NSFF (for now). 2000+ words. 

Clubs always were her least favorite place. They were loud, smelled of alcohol, puke and cigarettes and she was always just sitting in the corner, nursing her gin and tonic and watching the girl she wanted grinding with other guys.

Well, at least that’s what’s been happening ever since she admitted to herself that she had feelings for her best friend.

Hannah didn’t know why she actually agreed to go to a club tonight. They were in their late 20’s for God’s sake, usually nights at the club had turned into nights on the couch with Game of Thrones playing while she stuffed her mouth with leftover Chinese food, but when Grace called her and begged her to come in that tone that she knew she couldn’t resist, they both winded up at the club, Grace on the dance floor and Hannah at the bar.

“Hey, what’s a pretty girl like you doing alone at a bar?” A voice coming from her left says, forcing her to tear her gaze from Grace and the guy that she is currently dancing with. Her head turns towards the voice and she sees a pretty girl in a short black dress with a sweet smile on her face.

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Undyne Trivia

If you go through Waterfall and call Undyne she gives you some really cute dialogue and trivia. I put the best ones under the cut. The ones in bold are worldbuilding or plot stuff while the ones in italics are comments implying Undyne/Alphys . This is all info from calling Undyne at different waterfall areas, so if you did that there isn’t any new info here!

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character profiles — based off this

Last Friday these two guys were tossing around a ball and one guy nailed the other right in the face. I mean, it was a mess, blood everywhere, the nurse came out, the place was in chaos, his girlfriend was all freaking out, and you just sat there and read. I mean, you never even looked up. I thought, “I have never seen anyone read so intensely before in my entire life. I have to meet that girl.”

anonymous asked:

You said that Cory wouldn't meet the girls on Shawn's place but he did! it's gonna be a great episode

I never said that. I think I had ONE post where I said that Cory wasn’t really around for the “fix” as far as Maya goes. But that’s because by the time he gets there, it’s been pretty much “dealt with.” I also said that the adults don’t go with the girls because it’s not a family trip or anything like that—which is true. Cory (and only Cory) shows up LATER.

Don’t y'all remember how I talked about how much Cory and Shawn there was in this episode? 😂💛

Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York was nice but too patriotic. So much left out about the immigrant experience and how Americans have truly dealt with immigrants/refugees in the past. It isn’t as idyllic as its portrayed. The episode paints America as this land of promise and freedom, traits that are conditional and not equal for everyone. And I love how it took a “multicultural” episode to see more people of color on the show despite the fact that it takes place in New York City, a very diverse place. 

Oh, and Ava’s Cuban impersonation was….too much. Sad thing is she could’ve stayed blonde and normal and still been Cuban. Shocking, I know…….


First, yeah. Maya and Josh is happening. Maybe it will be a slow burn, because I agree with the show, Maya is still a little too young for Josh but she is clearly mature enough to know the difference between a crush and liking someone. Maybe even love someone.

No. The journey will probably be from Josh’s part, as much it will be Maya’s. He needs to stop seeing her as Riley’s (his little niece) best friend and start to see her as just Maya. Then something could happen.

Also, Zay and Farkle are hilarious together and Riley will be an excellent Gamma sister.

I missed Lucas tonight. I hope they don’t make it a thing to miss a character when other is taking its place. I like the dynamics between this five friends, Zay is a great addition to the group.

Auggie was hilarious and so cool. Is it just me or the kid has a great amount of sass?