it's a good thing i bought it

heroicleap replied to your post “all i do is say terribly bitchy things on the internet and wear matte…”

whats your favorite matte nail polish, i bought essie matte top coat on a whim because i trust them but it took several hours to dry completely and i cant live like that

all nail polish ive tried thats supposed to dry matte has been utter shit, but the sally hansen matte topcoat is actually very good and quick-drying. right now im wearing it over essie “playing koi” and its really good

 That boy needs therapy!

hey i forgot to sign this and i don’t wanna change all the frames so i’m going to have to trust the internet not to steal it. i hope you’re having a good day

my mother just texted me to ask if she should buy me a cushion

with darth vader’s face on it

in velvet

for $3.99


To all my hoes, I bought this at Sephora about 3 days ago exactly, I was very distrustful about this product since I have tried a lot of this kind of products for acne, but the Sephora girl was insisting very much on it, so I bought the kit to give it a try and guuuurl this thing works magic on acne, I have very bad acne, and it gets even worse on those days of the month (which I always have to cover with make up) and it’s very uncomfortable when I have to sleep over with a SD and I have to take my makeup off 😑.

With the only 3 days I’ve been using it, my acne it’s almost gone,besides its a very good price for all of the goodies it contains than buying each one (which I recommend too) ☺️

I had one of those nasty pimples who get very red and ache and I applied the step 2 every four hours and at night all the redness was gone, and even the pimple.

If someone wants to see the before and after picture let me know 💕 but let me warn you the before picture looks gross lol

i bought one of those eos lip balms a few weeks back to see if they’re as overhyped as i thought and yeah they really suck at moisturizing

another thing i discovered was that you’re basically just paying for the packaging of the product because i bit it out of curiosity and i got like no product in my mouth it’s all just plastic with a thin layer of lip balm

i dont know anything about lush or soap or anything but we bought this thing called a shooting star and using that soap is like getting kissed by an angel that smells like starbursts its so fucking good and it looks really cute its purple and there are neon stars like inside it

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Honestly you're a huge reason I love Mabel as much as I do. I never disliked her and I thought she was a great character but I was more "meh". Then I started following you and I realized exactly how awesome she is. Also because I love Mabel I bought some Mabel-like sweaters and glitter-y stuff and she's helping me get over my internalized misogyny about 'feminine' things so its turning into a endless cycle of Mabel love. Thank you very much! :)

I am so so happy every time someone tells me that I’m the reason they came to love Mabel! It’s honestly the best compliment and makes me feel like I am Doing My Job here at scribefindegil dot tumblr dot com.

And I’m so glad! that Mabel is helping you! She is so unbelievably good for that and I’ve felt so much of it myself and I am just filled with love and joy to hear this! Thank you for sending me this ask!

Trying out a new tape i just bought. It turns out better then expected 😭😭 I didn’t have any cutter so i used this really big knife to cut the parts. Good thing it didnt cut my skin 😂. Sooo tomorrow I’ll be going to DISNY LAND AAAA. It was suppose to be today but for some reason all of us were so tired and decided to stay home for a day. Gotta wake up early tomorrow so im going to bed now. Have a nice day guyss 😉🍀

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NAC: thank you for all the suggestions about my teeth thing. I've broken 4 all together. I have a mouth guard but when I wake up its always on the floor lol so its not really helpful. But I just bought a big thing of gum and I hope it helps.

I hope the suggestions work! Good luck! :)

Eating a whole pizza for lunch for no reason other than the fact that I was really hungry.  Post-Christmas is always a difficult time, I feel like I’ve massively overeaten and gained weight etc etc etc.  When, really, (a) who cares?! and (b) it really isn’t a bad thing to eat lots of food every now and again - particularly when it’s such a lovely family occasion and everyone is happy and laughing and enjoying themselves.  The food is all part of that.  I had such a lovely time at home; such an amazing week with family and friends that I’m not going to tarnish the memory by criticising myself.

Also… it was a delicious pizza hahaha

Hello all! Greetings from Budapest. Sorry I’ve been so quiet and haven’t replied to any messages for the past week - decided to take a little impromptu break from social media, so I’ve just been reading and watching Hungarian TV for the whole week.

A few things about Budapest:

- Many beautiful buildings and statues, lovely views from the hills
- Watching Hungarian news is very relaxing since I couldn’t understand a thing
- Attended a very nice classical concert in a rather sparkly and gilded venue
- Saw a rather bland production of Billy Elliot. They had censored Michael’s homosexuality and downplayed his dressing in skirts. Can’t believe that change has been approved by the producers of the show??
- Bought a lovely simple English adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde for its illustrations. Many good Utters. Will scan some of them later!
- The Budapest Christmas market was nice, bought a lot of soap
- Overall, a pretty neat city, but the tourist-y, most famous areas with the 19th century buildings didn’t really charm me. Maybe it’s the season, or maybe I’m just in general more interested in older stuff, medieval architecture and such
- The opera house was very impressive, though

All in all, nice. Hope you guys have had a good last week of 2016, too!

  • *friend goes to get a glass from my kitchen cupboard and sees the sippy cups daddy bought for me*
  • Friend: is that a sippy cup? (´゚o゚`)??
  • Me: ummm... no that's a cup with a straw *tries to play it cool *
  • Friend: that's a sippy cup for babies.
  • Me: ...No?!...that's a sippy cup for grownups!
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  • so very french they once bought an entire fuckn baguette and ate it for lunch
  •  “i love cheese its so good & pure” further proof that they’re a french stereotype with legs 
  • keeps tagging me in things and games even though i forget to do them 
  • lit nerd. they once categorised les amis as french literature periods i mean
  •  literally best url ever im so jealous 

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Hi! I recently talked to my friend about being a Spoonie but I'm not really good at explaining things and I was wondering if you have any good resources explaining Spoons?

Hi, lovey! is the best website I have found for references. I have used its Spoon Theory (there is a link for it at the bar, fourth from the right) to help my husband, my son, my friends, etc to explain how my illness affects me.

There are books (I am unashamed to say I bought Fibromyalgia For Dummies as a gift to my husbeast to help him understand) that explain in detail why a person can have fill-in-the-blank illness. Also there are blogs and websites online, either written by people with specific illnesses or written, as helpful guides and usually some anecdotal humor for those with said illnesses. I’m really foggy right now, but I know there is a decent sized Spoonie community on tumblr along with Facebook groups and other social media.

If I think of anything else to add to this I will, but hopefully this helps!

Today, I fucked up... by selling on eBay which lead to the Secret Service showing up at my work

It started when I was going about my usual business at an overstock store called Bargain Hunt. I come here quite a bit to buy and resell things on eBay as a side income, and I usually buy electronics whenever I see a good deal. I stumbled across currency counter that I thought might be worth the time to resell, so I made the purchase and listed it when I got back home. The next day, a user bought it and paid right away. I shipped it to him and about a week later I received a message saying it didn’t work. At least that’s how I interpreted it. It read:

“Hi i porched this item a few day ago , its seams like its open before , the machine is not working proparly , i have conect the producer of the machine and he recomend that i will return it becuse its defectI want to return the product and get a refound . Please tell me where to send it back. -Ronen”

Every once in a while I’ll have someone tell me something was defective, and then I always offer to give a full refund once the item is shipped back to me. This was no different (aside from the broken English), so I apologized and offered the same refund like I would to anyone else. A few days pass and I get the package in the mail. I opened the box to verify that it was the same currency counter I shipped to him, and then issued the full refund.

Nothing unusual.

Then, the real fun began a few days later. At the time I was in the process of buying a house and was supposed to close that day. I get a call from my realtor and find out that the seller was causing problems, and now the closing date would probably be pushed back. The only reason I mention this is to give perspective of how my morning was going so far.

Shortly after that I see two gentlemen walk into my office. I shake their hands and then they proceed to tell me that one was a Secret Service Agent and the other was a police officer. The officer asked if he wanted me to close the door. Being my usual self, I just said “Nah that’s all right.” I still had that look on my face that said “Did you just say the freaking Secret Service?!” The SS agent said he wanted to talk to me about a package I received about a week ago that weighed 8 lbs. He then informed me of some lovely conclusions: “There are two options: 1. You have made someone very angry or 2. You are involved with an international organization printing counterfeit money.” At this point I was actually holding back laughter, both out of nerves and also because of how ridiculous that sounded. I make a point not to have enemies and would never be involved with any kind of illegal organization.

It took me a second to recall what package they were referring to, and then I realized it was the eBay item I refunded. I pulled it up on my computer and showed then the transaction, shipping dates, weight, messages, tracking info, etc. They were writing down notes and taking in the information, and then asked if I still had the package. I told them I did, and then they asked if we could all go to my apartment to look at it. I gladly agreed to ride with them to my apartment and show them. On the way there, they told me they had talked with my landlord and learned I drive a silver BMW. Yes, this is true…but it is a 2001 X5 with about 123k miles on it and a few small scratches/dents. Good car but nothing extraordinary. I was explaining how this was nothing spectacular but officer Barney Fife said “It doesn’t matter.” It seemed like he was implying that was a red flag, along with me getting ready to buy a new house.

We get to my apartment and I show them the box and open it up. It was just the currency counter as I was expecting. I even used my eBay scale to show them it weighed about 8 lbs. At this point, everything checked out and we returned to my office. I printed out the paper trail of that item along with the other information I had previously shown them. They said I was all clear and apologized for coming off strong at first. Apparently a huge bust was recently made at that eBay user’s house and he was connected with an international group that has printed out at least $5 million of counterfeit money, and they just wanted to check that I was not involved. They finally left and I noticed one had parked out front and the other out back- which was also pretty comical. I told my boss and landlord the story and they both seemed to get a kick out of it. My heart rate was still pretty high the rest of that day, but I woke up the next day laughing about how ridiculous this entire situation ended up being. Moral of the story: Honesty, transparency and a good paper trail can go a long way when unforeseen circumstances rise up in life!

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Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

What did you guys get for Christmas??? Anyone get any deals on Steam???

I myself received JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Manga, all of the Part 1 volumes in a set <3 from a friend of my mother’s and a headset that we had to return because it just wouldnt configure to my computer its the most confusing thing ever everything would work except for i couldnt hear sound out of it whatsoever, but its fine cause my best friend irl hooked me up with an old headset of his thats still in good condition C: So im happy 

I had also bought quite a few things on Steam with steam gift cards I received and some from my own money

1. VA-11 Hall-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action : I was craving a bartending game for some reason and thought it would be a shot in the dark to check if Steam had anything of the sort but damn if i was surprised. VA-11 Hall-A or as its said Valhalla is about a bartender named Jill working in a semi-mediocre bar in this cyberpunk futuristic setting, there’s robots and humans for the most part of what ive seen but i also heard from other character dialogue that there’s even some type of animals that are characters. In short to keep this from being a super long ass post the gameplay is you creating drinks for customers that come in and order and you chat with them and get to know their character sometimes things they say come up later on and each one of them is memorable as fuck dude like even the cynical ones are interesting to talk to :^T. The dialogue is REALLY FUNNY and not TOO futuristic, without rambling on and making ppl read too much its DEFINITELY worth a look.

As someone who usually would be turned off by the thought of a bartending visual novel game, I can assure you dude, its not what it sounds like. If i had a complaint about this game my only sole complaint would be that the Steam description is a misleading intentional joke but i almost dashed it off as one of those dating visual novels if i didnt take a closer look into it. though i guess people who judge books by their cover typically are the only ones missing out hehe

2. Skullgirls :i LOVE skullgirls, cerebella is my favorite to play as

3.Suits : This game is literally less than a dollar like clocking in at like literally 70 cents on Steam right now and even then its SUUUUUPER cheap. If you like OFF like me, you’d get a similar vibe from it like i did. I havent played much but its worth atleast a look at the trailer if you dont like rpg maker games then i dont think itll be up your alley imo

4.Tomb Raider 2013: One of my friends recommended this to me and DAMNNNNNN THAT INTRO WAS BRUTALLLLL, i plan to play this at some point but it seems like a big game to complete so I have it set aside for now but man did it get my attention

5.Papers, Please: Literally havent touched this game yet just heard its good

6.Ultimate Chicken Horse: THIS GAME IS SOOOOO FUN TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS, make sure you’re playing with multiple people though! its definitely more fun with more people. its a cute little game where you create obstacles on the course and whoever can overcome them and get to the goal a number of times, wins. you can play as a cute little sheep,chicken,chameleon,raccoon,horse or bunny as characters too!

7.Grim Fandango Remastered : I really have wanted to play this for some time, i like it a lot so far the cutscenes remind me of like old 90s cgi and for some thatd seem canny by todays standards but i love it, i love that you can physically see the game’s age while at the same time are able to enjoy it remastered.

8. ASTRONEER :This game is really nice to look at and I am dying to have someone to play it with someday soon :DDD I really was interested in playing a space game and Astroneer features you being able to explore planets with friends and do space exploration and such :T. 

9. Psychonauts: I heard this game was underrated, I initially dont know a thing about it other than it was released on the original xbox as an exclusive and that it was 90 cents on steam

10. Dangan ronpa trigger happy havoc : I love the art style for this game’s characters, Ive known about this series since like what 2014?? Was that when these games were made, i saw some shitposts from the fanbase they were pretty neat too, a lot of my friends like it as well but i never actually sat down to play a dangan ronpa game at all. A friend of mine had tried to get me to check out the series by saying you solve mysteries like Ace Attorney, so I had seen half an episode of Dangan Ronpa The Animation back then but I lost interest very quick sadly. Unfortunately at the time I hadnt heard that was the worst way to get a first impression of the series lmao, but anyways, who knows, this could even kick off a whole new type of game content on my blog, the fandom seems to be a fun bunch as well. 

11.Hyper Light Drifter : NEVER BEFORE HAVE I SEEN SUCH SWEET SAVORY GLOSSY BRIGHT COLORFUL PIXEL ART IN A MANNER SUCH AS THIS GAME HAS PRESENTED. it really seems like a game i need to play soon, infact i plan to play it after I beat Valhalla (Even though it has multiple endings HHHHHHH this game keeps getting better). If you dont know what hyper light drifter is my guy, check it 

And that wraps up every game I got from 2016 Steam’s Winter sale. But ive been talking a LOT, what have u homies gotten yourselves over the holidays

Do your research first.

“Hey guys I recently bought in s2000 didnt check the oil but the owner said its good through Mid January i rode it yesterday put some gas rode back home cut off on me jump hear this thing knocking i put more oil in it then this video i took off the belt do i need a new engine?”

He’s a young kid so I feel bad telling him that he probably spun a bearing and he pretty much just bought a lemon. FYI never take someone’s word for the work they have supposedly done on a car unless they have documents backing it up. Hopefully he can get away with a reground crank and new bearings. Either way he is going to have to come up off some money to fix it.