it's a good thing he does that a lot


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How do you think Trudeau is doing as a PM overall (good, bad, meh)? I feel that he's a bit all over the place (esp regarding indigenous issues) and I don't really know what to think about him/the Liberal gov't.


It seems that for every ‘good’ thing he does he does something completely contradictory the next day, copies a Stephen Harper policy, or breaks a campaign promise. It feels like this government is in a constant cycle of 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

I was a lot more optimistic for his government last year. He’s done so many problematic things in the past year, I’ve lost count.

The party is the same corporate, elitist, neoliberal party its always been, despite the change in rhetoric.

Monster!Robbie can’t fly, but he can sorta-kinda hover a little with those wings. Which he pretty much never does, because that’s just tiring. He’d much rather chill and eat whatever surgary things he can find.

With those hands and feet he’s pretty good at manipulating small objects, and he’ll sometimes look through people’s garbage to find old broken things he later makes little sculptures with. This monster loves creating things!

Heat of This Moment [Post-Survivor Series 2016 Ambrolleigns One Shot]

Summary: Dean Ambrose was scripted to be eliminated first. He was scripted to come out and “reunite” with his Shield brothers to feed the fans. He was not scripted to actually love those two “brothers” of his, but good thing about that is he doesn’t want to admit he does. Won’t even say it. This is a (very long) one shot following the three boys and what went down after they all left the ring. Established Rolleigns. Past Ambreigns. Lots of angst and misunderstandings but its a happy Ambrolleigns ending!! Please comment your thoughts and reblog if you liked it. @the-awkward-fangirl-hard-life @ilzehs @cookiethewriter @arrowtothecrown @nessaliv @adriennegabriella @justtheaverageblog1 Just tagging some people I think were interested before, if you’d like to be tagged in the future lemme know too!

Roman really would’ve liked for this one to be different. He knew he was stupid to get his hopes up.

Canada. America. Europe.

What did it matter if everything he did got the same reaction anyway? Still. The crowd whooped and cheered for the triple-power bomb. Every. Time.

And that moment he’d felt it— yeah he let himself soak in every drop of that crowd’s love and excitement — as short lived as it was.

He didn’t want to be bitter. He didn’t wanna feel sad. Defeated. But he was damn human, not the Superman he pretended to be. And the fact Dean refused to make eye contact with him, even during their spot, only made things worse.

“Roman sucks! Roman sucks!”

The words were still ringing in his head as he rolled over, wincing while he saw Seth get hit with the RKO and get pinned in his peripheral vision. Roman rubbed the exhaustion from his eyes and cursed creative for booking him to be the last member of RAW left.

Oh yeah.

“Let’s go SMACKDOWN! Let’s go SMACKDOWN!”

Seth was the only thing tethering him to the fan’s good side. Now he was really alone.

Heaving himself up by the ropes, Roman stared blandly across the way at Randy and Bray. Luke Harper too, the fucker.

Roman realized he’d been getting far too many flashes of nostalgia tonight for his health. The Wyatt family and one grain of dirt from Evolution right before his eyes and a terrible ache in his spine all the while.

The match passed in a blur, and of course he wasn’t going to be the soul survivor here, and the echoing sound of the ref hitting the mat beside his head became music to his ears.

At least now the crowd was cheering.

His coal dark eyes stared up at the blaring white lights, and he let himself be pushed out of the ring by Luke Harper’s sweaty head—

‘Didn’t know he was actually part goat, or lamb or whatever the hell their mask was modeled after’ — Roman snarkily thought to himself, but felt the rest of his body roll over the apron and onto the floor.

He just wanted to go.

Seth was already sitting backstage, running his tingling fingertips through his wild curls of hair. He was watching the end of the match play out, and he couldn’t help but notice Roman looking particularly… down— to anyone else he might’ve looked like he always did in the ring — but they’d had enough history together for him to catch the little things in the big dog’s expressions.

He pitied him, he really did. Seth radiated self confidence, wasn’t far off his in-ring persona in real life, and genuinely felt unaffected when he used to get boos, but he knew how Roman was too. Roman was a good fucking guy, and was a good fucking wrestler too, contrary to popular belief.

He deserved better than what he got.

But apart from that… he’d find Roman later, he had to talk to the other part of their very jagged jig-saw puzzle.

Seth found Dean coming out from the locker rooms, roughly rubbing a towel over his unruly mop of hair. Even though the ginger-blond was already in sight, Seth still found his feet speeding up slightly, as if he were afraid Dean would be gone in an instant. Maybe it was because he was half-expecting the lunatic to have already left.



The raspy voice answered back, even though the owner of it didn’t turn around.

“I’m surprised you didn’t leave yet.”

“You know me so well.” The eye roll was palpable in his voice.

“Listen, I know why you asked to be drafted to SmackDown, but Steph told me that she was thinking about getting you to RAW 'cause—”

“No, Seth. You knew why I asked, then you wouldn’t be trying to convince me to come back. So don’t.”

“Fine.” Seth was right beside Dean now, pulling the damp towel from where it was absently lying over the taller one’s head.

“Even if you don’t come to Raw, would you at least try picking up his damn calls? He’s fucking drowning himself, Dean, and I’m not a lifeguard—!”

“—You get a fucking perm or something?”

Seth stopped, brows furrowing.


“Your hair. It’s might as well be tickling the roof of this damn building with all that volume. You need to think about gel or something because water ain’t workin’.”

Seth could practically feel his skin heating up by the second, and threw the towel he’d unknowingly been clenching onto into the wall.

“I see you haven’t changed.” Calm voice contrasting the tense fists tucked into his crossed arms, Seth stepped into Dean’s space- in front of him now.

“And I see you’ve changed plenty. Like the commentators said, You and Ro clearly 'kissed, hugged, and made up’ right? You two sharing rooms again too?”

Seth smirked over clenched teeth.

“I see you’re jealous.”

“I don’t get jealous.”

“Sure, like my hair doesn’t frizz up during matches,” It was Seth’s turn to roll his eyes.

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{ iwaoi / bokuaka fic rec }

i was recently thinking about making a fic rec and then!!!!! an opportunity struck!!!! here’s a nice, incredibly long fic rec, dedicated to @seijhoe !!!

bolded = faves EVER


general audiences+

10 ways iwaizumi hajime has said i love you || daisugass || word count: 15,894 || this one made me SUPER EMOTIONAL lol,,, but it’s about the little things iwaizumi does that say he loves oikawa and its …. so good


Freckles || starlitcities || word count: 1072 || in which iwaizumi counts all of oikawa’s freckles. pure fluff. it’s wonderful.

Like Perennials || tothemoon || word count: 35,523 || oikawa and iwaizumi can time / space travel and !!!!!! i cried a LOT at this one thats all you need to know its just so good and so ,,,, pain

kiss || buu || word count: 2289 || a collection of kisses from iwaizumi and oikawa. fluffy and Good™

Press ‘1′ To Get A Call From Your Drunk Best Friend || parasolghost || word count: 5400 || iwaizumi is drunk, calls oikawa, and theres a lot of descriptions and oikawa in complete awe :^0

lips like sugar || ohhotlamb || word count: 8064 || oikawa gives iwaizumi kissing lessons. this is one of my personal favorite fics of all time. the writing style is really soothing and aaaaaaaaaaah

falling slowly || commovente || word count: 3670 || oikawa and iwaizumi falling in love over the years. it’s really beautiful.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not || parasolghost || word count: 8763 || oikawa’s a nerd and decides to use magazine quizzes and a magic 8 ball to help him figure out if iwaizumi likes him back or not !! honestly this one is so cute and fluffy and aaaa

new phone, who dis (unfinished) || meruemsthighs || word count: 32,007+ || oikawa texts the wrong number and accidentally starts a really hilarious friendship. there’s a lot of ‘your mom’ jokes and i’ve laughed and cried through this whole fic. it’s truly one of my favorites

By the Time You’re Eighteen || ricekrispyjoints || word count: 4219 || oikawa swears that if iwaizumi turns eighteen and he still hasn’t had a first kiss, oikawa will do it for him. 

I Choose You || TripsH || word count: 9315 || soulmates au where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to meeting your soulmate, and iwaizumi’s has always been at zero.

Timeless ( We Have 30 Days ) || glass_owl || word count: 12,341 || before death, a number shows up, like a tattoo, counting down the days until the actual death will occur, but oikawa hasn’t told anyone, and there’s only 30 days left. i cried so hard at this fic that i was shaking while writing the tags oh my god

how to let your planets align || tothemoon || word count: 15,894 || a girl who has had a crush on iwaizumi hands him a list of things she planned on doing with him before they died, but the apocalypse is here, and she cannot do them anymore. iwaizumi does them with oikawa instead. i cried a lot at this one too oh my god its so good

mint || tothemoon || word count: 18,801 || iwaizumi comes over for a three day visit (or maybe 2 ½), oikawa’s face is on a billboard, a fight, some tofu, and the sound of me crying in the background

then fall back together || seabear || word count: 3907 || more kisses through the ages !!! super super cute


Prelude || Moami || word count: 3696 || oikawa’s missed iwaizumi quite a bit and is very eager to have him back in his grasp. theyre both too much for me here and now im Super Gay™

Always, My Pillar Of Strength || starlitcities || word count: 16,609 || in which iwaizumi gets a boyfriend and it takes a lot for oikawa to get over it. in all honesty i’ve never cried more over a fanfiction and to this day it’s my favorite piece in the world


blush || greymadder (whatisausername) || word count: 8002 || hONESTLY @seijhoe I KNOW THIS IS A REC FOR YOU BUT ,,, I HAD TO INCLUDE THIS ITS MY FAV,,, i love friends with benefits fics and this is a really good example of that

No Touching Allowed || starlitcities || word count: 10,478 || oikawa gets set up with a private dance from iwaizumi and is completely turned into a mess by just how hot our favorite iwa-chan is :^)


(there’s a small enough amount of these that i’m not categorizing them)

4AM || talonyth || teen+ || word count: 13,448 || akaashi drunk-calls bokuto and there’s a lot of cute conversations and aaaaaaaaaaa its good

third wheel || arsenicjay || teen+ || word count: 4533 || kuroo knows more about the relationship between akaashi and bokuto more than they do and its hilarious

Insomniac Olympics || Aetherdrive || teen+ || word count: 20,087 || akaashi is an astronomer, bokuto’s a colorblind artist, and the two of them get along after a long trip from home and a need for inspiration. this is also one of my faves and it’s really really sweet

heavy heart, a love apart || kepetin || explicit+ || word count: 7004 || akaashi and bokuto break up, but continue to visit, bokuto hasn’t moved out, and there’s a lot of messy emotions.

i will dream of you, you’ll dream of me too || orphan_account || not rated || word count: 4295 || akaashi discovers that he’s in love with bokuto. beautifully written.

have fun!!! woah this took an hour to make

listen lmao lukas is literally what a lot of us had to go through, growing up and hating yourself because you like people of the same gender. its really not easy, especially when you like someone, especially when you like a friend. so like stop hating on him, just because you can’t relate to his issues that does not make him a bad person. though not every decision may be “nice” or “good” he is dealing with things in literally the only way he can. hes scared and feels alone. 

yeah insecure lance is good bc it’s #relatable but also like…he actually does matter a lot

every one of the paladins has a talent and lance’s is social skills. like. he brought everyone together and is (from what i’ve seen) the most relatable paladin and represents all the good things you associate w humanity.

personally?? i want to see insecurities from the other paladins too. there is a significant amount from shiro to be fair, but not the others. things like keith feeling that he doesn’t have anything real to add to the team, he’s just an ok pilot/fighter. expanding on pidge’s doubt in episode one that she’s not even a pilot?? and also way younger than the others and thinking all she has is her intelligence. hunk not realizing how much he contributes to the team with his own genius and friendliness.

idk it just feels like lance’s contributions are made out to be lesser and they’re really really not :(

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❌ What is the biggest mistake they make in their relationships?

potentially giving way more than hes getting back and just stressing himself perpetually trying to fix the life of someone who is perpetually making bad decisions or just keeping their lives ‘unfixable’ in other ways - he can be quite the doormat and is easily convinced hes the flawed one and hed naturally think ‘if i were better with others emotional needs i could help - i just need to try harder

however he is happiest in a relationship where he can be attentive and giving. he naturally gives a lot - its just a matter of if hes getting good things back and finding replenishment in the connection and can sustain a balance - he never demands attention but he does have needs he doesnt recognize ( peace, privacy, assurance his partners needs are being met )

oh he also tends to not get treated as a person a lot. like i mentioned - the enclave and tektus treated him as more of a tool and other ppl naturally assume theres less to him bc he doesnt voice anything. so thats part of why he naturally gets stuck in situations where ppl just have him do stuff for them and not give back and often not even realize hes in a state of unfulfillment ( and he wont even realize it bc hes never learned differently lol )

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Don't you think that Red didn't have a choice when he made the hard decision, to give up his family and his life to become a criminal? I think you should respect that selfless quality of his. He always does things for others and now its devouring him

Without @askraymondredreddington, I wouldn’t be where I am today with @askthomasvincentkeen and @askagneskeen, and I am grateful for that. But it’s also important to not let those things blind you to what he’s done. He killed Kaplan. That was his choice, and it benefited no one but himself. 

Look, he has a lot of money and a lot of power, and with that he’s done a lot of good things help other people, including myself–I get that, but I’m also not just going to look the other way from how he acted with Kate. That crossed a line.

things you should probably think about

okay i’m about to get real here:

  • henry lives with michael

  • they probably go furniture shopping together

  • you know damn well henry cooks all the time because michael doesnt know how

  • they go to get frozen yogurt together late at night because they get bored

  • michael makes henry watch kid movies with him because he doesnt want to look weird going to the theater alone

  • and henry makes michael watch wrestling with him even though he thinks its boring

  • henry likes saying things in spanish because he knows michael cant understand him

  • michael used to drive to the teen wolf set because henry would be too lazy

  • when henry threw michael that surprise birthday party, he made michael almost cry happy tears

  • michael recorded henry sexually caressing a lamp…. and put it on instagram

  • henry listens to michael sing and tries to battle him sometimes

  • they also have rap battles

  • they probably watch every episode of teen wolf together

  • and they also practice lines together; henry does a pretty good lydia impression

  • henry does the laundry because michael doesnt know how

  • they have movie nights with lots of popcorn and junk food and then they both feel really sick after but they do it at least 4 times a week

  • they both cried when they saw the good dinosaur (lets be honest who didnt???)

  • they go on hikes together

  • and they both love to take pretty sunset pictures

  • “hey is this one good?” “no take another one”

  • michael goes to bed first because he gets up early

  • and henry stays up until 2am stalking fans on twitter

  • henry and michael are like brothers and they are so cute :-)))))))
voltron characters playing overwatch
  • pidge: always stays on the objective during attack. hates other teammates. mains symmetra and is deeply offended when the third genji asks for a real support character. says hello to enemies after they kill them.
  • hunk: is a torbjorn main but like not in an asshole way. loves to collect scrap and provide armor for everyone. also leaves the health pickups for people who need them more. Pure and Good.
  • shiro: a genji main that stays with the team. when bastions are trying to mow down his team, he jumps in front of it to deflect the bullets. always uses the 'acknowledge' and 'thank you' when other team members talk to or heal him.
  • keith: ...reaper main...
  • lance: does that annoying thing where u emote after getting a lot of kills. mains mccree mostly bc of the BAMF belt buckle. always votes for the support characters especially when its pidge.
  • allura: loves to play as mercy mostly because no one expects her to devastate the other team with her little tic tac gun. never revives people who dont stay on the objective. sometimes plays because she loves Destroying her enemy (and she always gets play of the game as
  • coran: is lost but is gay for hanzo
reasons to love Special Agent Dale Cooper:

• his ears go up when he smiles
• he enjoys the little things
• everything looks good on him; sophisticated suit and tie, muted earth tones, the lot
• his lower lashes are always pointed in that ‘just got done crying’ chic
• very pretty eyes all around, like a cross between a gemstone, a star and an almond
• delicate hands - can probably knit and sew
• great hugger, when you need it
• probably smells like rose soap, honey body butter, and talcum powder
• good with animals
• does yoga and meditates
• probably sings shit like ELO in the shower?
• describes being in love as a tingling sensation in his toes and stomach
• likes wearing leather and tearing up the dancefloor
• sees the best in everyone
• a literal angel most likely

Bliz just kills 2 good healthy queer popular ships with one go for ge/nmercy

This man right here should be the biggest rapper right now. i dnt understand why people like young thug are bigger than him, in my books he is up there with people like Kendrick. For me as a black woman i appreciate him so much and all the other black men who appreciate black women like he does. Everywhere you go, whether its twitter, facebook,insta, tumblr you can see posts of black women being called all kinds of things and what makes it worse is that most of it is from BLACK MEN. So its so good to see black men appreciate black women. Obviously we dont need men to appreciate us so WE can appreciate our beauty and who we are as black Queens, thats not what this post is trying to say.This post is to just appreciate the black men who appreciate us unapologetically because its a lot of black men doing the exact opposite, who take out their self hate on us. so shout out to men like @moisemorancy who do appreciate us, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!❤️❤️ 

Sole Party Day 4

How is your Sole in a fight? Can they hold their own? What weapons do they use? 

Also a day late, but hello weekend!

Marlowe does pretty good in a fight at range. He weapon of choice is the alien blaster, even though she recognizes she probably has to hang it up in favor of something more powerful soon. She loves that it’s compact and fairly accurate, but hates how easy it is to run out of ammo.

She likes throw grenades. A lot. Throwing things was her best combat skill when she first got out of the vault.

She’s a bit crappy at hand to hand or anything that requires close contact. As much as she wishes she was a badass with a knife… she is not.

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Trump will be president for 8 years if he is able to get done what he promised. Lots of jobs. Secure the border. ( and securing the border is the right thing to do including building a wall!)repeal Obamacare which is imploding on its own. Better trade deals. Better foreign policy. All good things that will be great for our country and its people.

I’m not getting into a discussion about trump because it’s senseless…
I think he is a jerk and he has no political knowledge whatsoever.
Even if ppl don’t want to hear it what he does is dividing a country and that’s not making it strong it’s making it weak.
And as I come from a country where healthcare is a right to everybody I can’t understand the American-way of thinking that state provided help is a bad thing and I never will. Sometimes ppl get kicked in the ass by fate and to let them don’t get medical help because they can’t afford it in my book shows lack of compassion…
But I hope not just for the US but for the world that he will get his act together….

it just hit me but i wholeheartedly believe that both simon and piggy in lotf r autistic it makes a lot of sense and its not even bc im autistic and project my neurodivergence onto fictional characters i mean. piggy is v logical and pragmatic and he has a hard time grasping sarcasm and does not know when ralph is being rude or genuinely polite to him but hes good at rational thinking he likes rules and things to make sense and he’s been bullied his whole life and ralph is probably his first ever friend. and also simon is sort of an outsider ppl notice theres smth off abt him but they dont know what it is hes just weird and his special interest is nature and he likes being alone in the forest bc he loves the sensory of all the plants n smells n sights and he thinks in rly abstract different ways tht ppl have a hard time understanding and statistics show that even tho autistics tend to lack theory of mind and empathy theyre quite naive and gullible n have above average sympathy n i jsut [clutches chest] holy sht


Was tagged by @benjji2795 to do the lockscreen/homescreen thing; my lockscreen does this cool thing where every time i look at it, it rotates through an album of photos! I set it to my favourite art to remind myself im a good art dude or whatever. Anyway when i saw the tag thats what was on my lockscreen, and the third photo is all the photos that my lockscreen cycles through. (Wow. Its a lot of crosby.)
And my home screen is me and michael colbourne after seeing him as enjolras on the west end for the second? Third? Time.. i saw him as enjolras a lot, he was amazing. Its been my homescreen since may 2015 and isnt gonna change unless i get a selfie with idk.. crosby..

Im tagging @dianysus @JOANA IVE FORGOTTEN YOUR NEW URL @larrysonntag @localgaymoon @glamgilmore