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Every slow motion shot of Diana beating the absolute shit out of someone added ten years to my lifespan

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Do you have a list of ficrecs anywhere? I need ALL the bottom!Dean Wincest :3

I’m sorry this took me ages!! I’ve been busy and… to be honest I also kinda procrastinated making this list //coughs// 

(I just realised I don’t even have THAT many bottom!dean PWP fics saved - so many good smut scenes are hidden in longer fics… and I wanted to make a story fic rec or ages now, but ughh. :D anyway, here are at least some nice one shots)

Fill You Up - jejunestars
It’s way too early for this, Dean thinks. Way too fucking early in the day for Sam to start his fucked up kinky shit. 

Hush - leonidaslion
Motel walls are thin..

Rough Riders - rivkat
From two spnkinkmeme prompts seeking a Sam who likes rough sex and a Dean who doesn’t like it nearly as much, but won’t admit that until Sam figures it out.

Top This - leonidaslion
Dean’s sure he’s a top. Only problem is, Sam’s pretty sure that’s his job … 

Keeping Count - leonidaslion
Good things come to those who wait…

Nothing Was the Same - king_wizard
They aren’t lying to each other anymore. They aren’t lying to themselves. Keeping with that sentiment, Sam licks his lips and doesn’t even try to tell himself the sight before him isn’t a wet dream come true.

[no anal sex, but nice dom/sub]
A Question of Control - leonidaslion

Dean wants to put down the load for a while, but he just doesn’t know how to let go. Sam does his best to show him.

[also no anal sex, but a nice blow job for Sam and one of my favs]
Red Hot Catholic Love
Sam goes to confession. Dean blows him right there in the confessional. 

A Distant Glow of Hellfire - leonidaslion
Dean has a little panic attack… Set directly after Fresh Blood


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