it's a good list tbh

ships that deserve more attention

  • olivia/drake
  • liam/drake
  • chris/arjun
  • madison/becca
  • bertrand/that reporter with the “i’d like to speak to a manager” hair

Every slow motion shot of Diana beating the absolute shit out of someone added ten years to my lifespan

Blessed Cutscene

Straight up Knuckles is the cool uncle that tries not to be a bad influence but kind of is anyway and is just awkwardly apologizing as he inwardly cheers because he’s so proud

Knuckles, internally: Ya damn right I don’t that’s my boy

list of things i want from episode ix
  • finn having a subplot where he finds one or both of his parents and one of them is lando calrissian and they become a family and adopt everyone 
  • poe dameron (that’s it, that’s all i want, i want him to be in the movie. i hope this one happens)
  • ben to wear his hair in a half ponytail like rey does

2am, time to disappoint my parents