it's a good kind of flood

special request like. can yall tag STEM negative stuff?? bc i am strugling to get into a very hard STEM program and its kind of disheartening to see posts disparaging me for my major constantly……. im not like. naturally proficient in math and it actually is really hard teaching myself to be good at it and idk im just like. tired

i know liberal arts majors work really hard too & college is difficult for everyone and i hate this dumb elitist bullshit colleges have got going on as much as the next guy but its just… aurghhh im constantly being flooded with STEM critical posts when i have like 1 queer STEM friend and im already really fucking lonely in a really hard program

No, Hydra and the Empire/First Order Are Not Interchangeable

Every time I mention on Twitter that the enthusiasm with which fandom has embraced Hydra as fun/funny/cool really creeps me out, I promptly get a small flood of people either demanding to know why I am trying to censor Star Wars fans, or using what I said about Hydra to castigate people who cosplay the Empire/First Order/Whoever.

No, and no. 

This is the difference, or at least the difference as relevant to this conversation:

Is there any risk that someone who glimpses your 501st or Kylo Ren costume from a block away might be survivor of the Jedi massacre or someone who was drafted during the Clone War? 

That would be a no.

Hydra, on the other hand, is a fictional entity situated firmly–in both narrative and popular perception–in an actual real-life genocide within living memory.

For me, this renders certain issues fairly black-and-white. For instance:

I don’t think it is ever okay to publicly cosplay in an outfit that is reasonably mistakable from any distance for a Nazi uniform, or which employs symbols easily mistakable for Nazi iconography. Period. 

As far as the rest of Hydra fandom: I don’t think that shit is funny, but I also recognize that it exists in a much grayer area than what I’m talking about above. I don’t think “Hail Hydra” memes involving Sesame Street characters are cute, and I will not respond positively if you tweet them at me or whisper “Hail Hydra” to me at a convention. OTOH, I found Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra pretty charming. Like most humans, I am a creature of not entirely consistent passions. *shrug*


  • Yes, I am aware that the swastika was a Buddhist and Hindu symbol before it was a Nazi symbol. Yes, I am aware that there are subtle differences between those versions. Yes, I agree that it is totally unfair that genocidal fascists can appropriate and permanently ruin someone else’s perfectly innocent religious symbol. My heart goes out to you. Don’t wear swastikas.
  • And yes, if you are in the United States, you have the legal right to go outside in not only a Hydra costume or a Buddhist swastika, but full Nazi regalia, should you so choose. That does not make it an acceptable thing to do. There are plenty of things that are perfectly legal and also total dick moves.

  • If you are about to argue that Hydra isn’t really a Nazi thing, or it’s not that Nazi, or it’s more of a Nazi thing in the movies than the comics, please take a minute to consider whether “there is a medium in which they are maybe a little less actually Nazis but still kind of actually Nazis” is actually the hill you want to fight and die on. (No.)
  • There is probably an interesting and lively conversation to be had about the implications, ethics, and history of fandom focused around fantasy fascists. This is not that conversation.
In the Beginning||Closed Starter for Girl-In-The-TARDIS


Late March 2008, London

The Doctor stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked as he joined the tributary of concertgoers flooding through one of the exits doors, flowing into the aisles and then the lobbies inside Royal Albert Hall. He felt carried away by the crowd of humans swirling around him, and it felt kind of good. 

It’d been only a month since the Year That Never Was, and its corresponding nightmare, had ended. Music was always good for him – the R.E.M. concert had been a good antidote to how he’d been feeling. He only wished Martha could have been there with him to see it. 

Glancing above everyone’s heads, he spotted the exit doors to the outside and flowed with the crowd down the cold grey stairs out into the chilly late March night. He filed past the clumps of people who’d gathered to take selfies, chat, and smoke until he was on a patch of sidewalk, alone. Scanning the landscape, he searched until he found the TARDIS, tucked away under a tree, and began heading in that direction.

What he didn’t bargain on was finding a young woman standing a few yards from his TARDIS, staring at it in disbelief.

“’Ello, can I help you?” he inquired as he approached her.

Its kind of funny with all the issues the Forerunners had with fighting Flood (though we don’t know for sure how well their weapons work against Flood since the weapons and Flood haven’t been in the same game yet) nothing beats a good ol shotgun or an energy sword (notably one of the few Covenant weapons to NOT have a Forerunner basis, because the pre-Covenant Sangheili considered messing with Forerunner things to be blasphemy, the energy sword had to come from the Sangheili completely.)