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It always annoys me when white people kind of talk down to Japanese-Americans and diaspora bc they “know more” about Japan than whomever they’re talking to. Like congratulations on knowing more than me brad bc my grandma had to assimilate while u watched anime and decided to read 80 wiki articles and appropriate Japanese dress and traditions. Well done

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Fleur Delacour at Beauxbatons/in the Triwizard Tournament (the slash can be an and or an or it's all good)

  • Fleur Delacour is so proud of her French heritage but when she is eleven and is enrolled in Beauxbatons, she kind of wishes she was going to The Hypatia Academy of Young Witches in Egypt instead.
  • Beauxbatons turns out to be pleasantly rigorous and Fleur takes on extra classes because she likes to be challenged. There’s an entire class about Curses she particularly enjoys and by the time she’s twelve her parents can tell she enjoys danger. So long as she keeps up with her ballet, they don’t really mind (though her grandmother complains that Fleur is going to “scar that pretty face” until Mrs. Delacour starts bragging over that about how Fleur is taking seventh year classes in her fifth and is the best on the flying team (“all that grace, you see I told you ballet would be useful to her”).
  • As soon as the Triwizard Tournament is announced, half of the table she’s at looks immediately at Fleur and no one is surprised when she’s the first to sign up. (Her mother says, “did you not listen when they said people die? Mon dieu, I’m sure you didn’t what am I thinking. What are you thinking?” but doesn’t stop her).
  • Fleur looks at Hogwarts and thinks, “dusty.”
  • Most of Beauxbatons came with the knowledge that Fleur would be their champion, despite all the others who came to enter as well. When her name was called, no one was surprised and Fleur thought about the letter she would send to her sister.
  • Fleur is used to people like Rita Skeeter. Her family is high profile and prominent in France, so the press is something she’s used to. Still, she loathes Skeeter and the terrible article (she feels sorry for Harry, once she gets past the initial suspicion because he is after all, just a boy).
  • (after the article is released Rita Skeeter gets scathing Howlers directed to her in half French, half English that she neatly swipes into the trash, still screaming and angry)
  • The actual tournament is different from what she anticipated, and there’s more cheating and scheming involved than she would have preferred. Still, Fleur isn’t above having advantages and she takes the information Madam gives her and uses it without much guilt.
  • She’s enraged by the second task, the kidnapping of her sister whose letters had stopped just days before and now Fleur knows why. She scans the water desperately, feeling the dread sink cold and hard into her as someone tries to patch up her wounds and Fleur thinks about what her mother is going to do when three heads pop out of the water and gasp for air and Fleur weeps, unashamed. (Later she finds out that the officials had asked her parents very nicely but firmly if they could “borrow” Gabrielle and after the task the English Ministry gets several Howlers akin to the kind Skeeter got. Those aren’t swept away but responded to in length with profuse apologies and reassurances. The Delacours are very prominent people.)
  • With Gabrielle safe, Fleur can focus on the third task. She’s never failed at anything before so being in last place makes her grim with determination. Her mother spends her surprise visit before the task telling Fleur in low tones that something is rising, something dark and she needs to be careful, especially here so far from home. “These people, this school, this government,” her mother says, soft and afraid, “They involve themselves in wars we want no part of. You must be careful or you’ll be caught up in it.” Fleur brushes this off because its just a game, mama, don’t worry about it. What harm could come from a silly competition except that of her own pride?
  • (It’s not until she’s in the gloomy hedges being hexed at by Krum with his blank expression does she realize that it was more than a game, and perhaps she should have listened to her mother and been a little more careful)
  • (Its not until she sees Cedric’s body does she realize her mother was right, she’s caught up in this war, whatever it may be)


- A day in the life -

Melbourne is city that is as diverse as it is beautiful. This city is caught between holding on its rich heritage and embracing its vibrant art culture.

1. Good morning Melbourne (Carlton Gardens)

2. State Library of Victoria (Melbourne)

3. 45 down (55 Collins street)

4. At dusk (55 Collins street)

5. White Night (South Bank)