it's a good day to be italian

how to pronounce JoJo italian names
how to pronounce JoJo italian names

hi this is something i really care about but in the end it’s just me stuttering and fucking up for 10 minutes, please listen to it

[transcrip of what i’m saying or trying to say under the cut]

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will i ever shut up about italy winning the world cup in 2006?

spoiler: no, never

Hi! I don’t know if you’re still taking KHR prompts, but I have this idea. One of the things Tsuna is known for is his high pitch Heii screech that gets on everyone’s nerves. But… You know, hitting that high note so consistently with that much volume and force is kinda impressive. Boy got lungs and a mean diaphragm. So, what if he convinces Hayato to play a piano piece with him and he’ll sing along, and everybody isn’t expecting much. And Tsuna opens his mouth and sings opera. Really damn good soprano opera. Basically, AU where Tsuna crossed paths with a Opera teacher and life was never quite the same.      


Not quite as detailed as you asked for, but have some opera!Tsuna.


“Tsuna, why didn’t you tell me you were the Prima Donna in Maestro D’uvo’s performances when you were nine up until you were twelve?” Reborn demands cheerfully.

“Because its none of your business?” Tsuna retorts, not even pausing in his lifting of chopsticks to mouth. “I’m retired.”

“You were apprenticed under Maestro Edward D’uvo, one of the finest opera singers in a generation,” Reborn says, still maintaining the false cheer. “You’ve won more than ten awards with your appearances.”

“I’ve tried to get him to go back,” Nana interjects. She sighs, and lays a hand on her cheek. “He was wonderful up on stage. You should have seen it Reborn, the costumes they put him in…”

“I’m aware,” Reborn says. “There’s video of it on the internet.” The audiences had been massive, and enraptured. The amount of roses that had been thrown on stage after the performance was over and done and everyone was taking their final bow had nearly drowned the camera in red. Tsuna, for that brief time he’d been in the spotlight, had been beloved.

Reborn intends to make it so again. “Vongola wouldn’t turn you aside if you wanted to pursue a side career in the arts.” Actually, watching Timoteo’s face when he learned his heir was Maestro D’uvo’s pupil might be kind of funny. Iemitsu’s would be hilarious, and if Reborn showed them the video, it would be discreetly spread around among the Vongola in days. 

If there is one thing Italian men - especially mafia men - love more than a good fight, it’s a good opera. Tsuna won’t have any peace, or any escape. Especially once its confirmed that it is Tsuna beneath the dresses and the masks, standing so elegantly poised on stage, singing with a hauntingly beautiful cry that make tears come easily enough. 

“No,” Tsuna says, standing. “And that’s final.” He heads towards the door, leaving Reborn to follow.

That’s what you think, Reborn thinks as he follows his pupil out the door. If he can make a mafia boss out of Tsuna, he can find a way to wrangle his pupil back up onto the stage. Contacting Maestro D’uvo himself would probably speed things up nicely, he decides.

half awake and almost there

Wherein Harry never could help himself from trying to save the day, and Ginny was just trying to survive her shift without killing any of her customers.

Have a gander at a bit of the ridiculous non-magical coffee house AU. Because I need another AU to play in like Hagrid needs another dragon egg. Many thanks to @bethanyactually for her general awesomeness and help.

Read it at AO3.


“Bugger, bugger, bloody, buggering hell!” Ginny exclaimed as her finger was pinched between two levers. On its shiny surface the espresso machine seemed a marvel of Italian engineering. But under the surface, the bloody thing was clearly out to kill her. As if her day wasn’t terrible enough to begin with.

“Um. Excuse me?” said a voice from behind her.

“Bugger,” she said again for good measure, slowly turning about to face the customer that was apparently standing there during her entire tirade.

It was a young man, not much older than herself. Thankfully, he looked more concerned than irate.

“Please don’t tell my boss about the swearing. He was very clear on not swearing in front of customers if I want to keep this job, and I really bloody need this sodding job.” She was talking too much, dammit, but she really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning, and he was the first customer all day who didn’t seem inclined to yell at her.

He lifted his hands, probably to protect himself from her verbal barrage. “He won’t hear it from me, I swear. Besides, I’m a little unclear if any of that actually was swearing.”

She rolled her eyes. Americans.

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if Piper spoke Italian

- head canon that Piper can also speak “Lovey languages” like Italian and Portuguese

- Nico mutters in Italian

- So Nico mutters things like “Oh he’s so cute.” “Be mine already.’ When he starts to like will

- Piper doesn’t tell anyone becasue she knows he’ll come out when he’s ready

- She still thinks its cute and listens though


-One day the seven plus nico are hanging out

- Piper is trying a blue cookie becasue she couldn’t say no to Percy’s face

- Jason and Annabeth are talking about some New Rome

-Hazel is going on about life in New Orleans to Frank and Sammy Leo

-Nico is staring off at a certain medic in the infirmery

-”Just get in my pants already solace!” is muttered in Italian by Nico

-Cue Piper choking on her cookie

-Percy looks down at his cookie in confusion

-Jason the good boyfriend is making sure she is okay

-Everyone else looks concerend

-Except Nico

-Nico confused at the timing mutters “Did you get that?” in italian

-Piper nods while trying not to die

-Nico just being like “I got to gO NOW!” and runs away


-The next day at breakfast everyone is sitting at there assigned tables

-Nico is thinking about how he can no longer use italian any more encase Piper hears

-Nico bangs his fists on the Hades table and loudly says “fuCk!” In his language

- Piper standing up and being “Nico Di Angelo! I don’t give a flying fiddodle about who you want to like, but for gods sake you watch your language young man!” and sits down

-The Whole camp just looking confused

- “I’m like seventy years older than you.” Is said through the awkward silence by a certain son of Hades

anime that isnt appreciated enough:


Mob Psycho 100

Joker Game

91 Days

Sakamoto Desu Ga

Nabari No Ou

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


Yeah, (Yeah) Yeah, we're (Haha) gonna bring it down like this y'all. (Yep yep.) I'm gonna let my man PaRappa know (Word.) that noodles rule the world. Yeah, yeah, that lil' slippery thing tasts so good all the time. Yeah, yeah, that's right. (Aight) It goes a little something like this. Stay with me now, (Yea) here we go. (Like dis, like dis) In parenthesis, let me stress the fact clearly. No matter what the deal, I crave for this dearly. The so-called noodles you find in spaghetti, are sweeter than idols, do damage like machetes. Without a doubt, I got da flow, comin at ya live, bring the place alive, every single day I jive. With the thought, comes my direct actions. Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction. Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it. (Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.) Smell it, taste it, pasta in a market. (Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.) Chinese, Italian, Thai or Jamaican. (Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean.) Anything goes, even Hawaiian. (Anything goes, even Alaskan.) Long, and chewy (uh-huh uh-huh), occasionally gooey. The best things in life taste good with chop (chop) suey! (suey!) 8 minutes to boil, and 2 minutes to eat. (uh-huh) Admit it kid, you know noodles can't be beat. (oooooo) *PJ's DJ crashs through the wall, room darkens for a moment, everyone is asking what's going on* *As soon as light turns on, they start rapping again* Roll it on your spoon, create your own boom. (Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.) I betcha didn't know; Noodles' the rules. (I betcha didn't know; There are no rules.) Sushi, burgers, they all taste good. (Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.) As long as they got noodles, the king of all foods. (As long as they love food, then any thing's cool.) Hip hop music (Hip hop,) with an old school (hip hop.) twist. I keep the place intact and do a rap like this. (Like this.) You can use a spoon, fork, knife or even chopsticks. Come on kid, get down with the mix. (uh.) N. double O. D. L. E. S. (C. double O. K. I. E. S.) Great tasting pasta, blow to your chest. (Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.) Ramen, udon, soba, you name it. (Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.) Any type of noodles you like, yes I got it. (Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.) Whatever your thoughts may be, I'm bound to be The king of all foods, with noodles as the key. (as the key.) Full of pride, and glory way up above, Cuz here I come y'all, full of noodles and love! Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask me why. (Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask you why.) But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries. (But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries.) Then why do I, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. I must've sounded real eerie. (Then why do you, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. You must've sounded real eerie.) Thanks brother, for lettin' me understand that a man must understand to keep his options open. (You're welcome brother, for lettin' you understand that a man must understand to keep his options open.)

History Meme - Italian Version

[2/10] Assassinations - Strage di Via D'Amelio (Via D'amelio’s massacre), 19 July 1992.

57 days after the Strage di Capaci, a stolen Fiat 126 parked in Via D'Amelio, in Palermo, and loaded with 100 kgs of TNT, caused and explosion that killed the anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino and five of his body guards, Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina.

Borsellino used to always carry a red notebook, the agenda rossa, in which he wrote details of his investigations. After the Strage this notebook disappeared and has never been found.

Paolo Borsellino was a close friend of the magistrate Giovanni Falcone and, like his friend, is considered a hero of the fight against the mafia.

“È bello morire per ciò in cui si crede; chi ha paura muore ogni giorno, chi non ha paura muore una volta sola.”/“It is good to die for something you believe in; those who are afraid die everyday, while those who aren’t afraid only die once.”

consider: misala, or mila and sala, the real yuri on ice

 -they meet a figure skating competition in florence, mila, the favoured skater by all, sala, the underdog with a bright future. its rivalry at first sight, both of their competitive streaks not fading for a second as they move onto the ice. mila is sure in her abilities, in her sheer strength in power in her jumps, but she isnt cocky. the moment shes left the kiss and cry, shes watching sala as she skates onto the ice, confident despite not a spectator outside her country knowing her name. and she watches in earnest as sala pulls off a performance with grace she can only dream of, watches as the crowd is silenced into adoration as her program ends after what feels like a millennium that had passed in seconds. in seconds, all rivalry is thrown out the door. she comes in second that day, but spends the entire night drinking in her hotel room and asking if italian cuisine is as good as its said to be. 

 -they hit it off from there, phone numbers exchanged, skype calls and text messages sent during times not on the ice. sala is one part cheer and two parts cheek, teasing even mila, whose known for her antagonistic mannerisms, to a flush in seconds. it doesnt stop mila from retaliating, from sending the girl who exists in bright smiles and beautiful into looks of shock and surprise when she spends a competitions earnings to visit her and sweep her off her feet for real. sala doesnt admit it, ever, but she loves how strong mila is, how she can pick her up in seconds and lift her with ease. you shouldve done pairs, sala teases, poking her cheek. only if you join me, mila responds, sing-song with a wink.

 -friendship turns to romance before either girl has an inkling of whats happened. touches become frequent at competitions, either girl leaning over the boards during programs and watching with glee as the other performs, mila, hollering with excitement, sala, silently beaming with pride. the first time sala notices her eyes lingering on mila’s thighs as she jumps is the same day mila kisses her in the halls. she’s just gotten off the ice, hairline slicked with sweat, smile wide and cheery across her face. when she spots sala, she bolts, tackles her into a hug and brushes their lips together before the other has any idea of whats happened. they’re practically the only ones there, and sala cant even bring herself to worry about cameras when mila is lifting her by the waist and smiling against her lips. ive wanted to do that for ages, sala tells her. mila laughs, says, at least one of us had the balls. 

 -michele, as much as sala loves him, is an idiot. she receives daily compliments of such good friends! and im glad youve connected with another girl instead of fooling around with those boys! sala snickers onto the phone with mila, laughs as her girlfriend (she bubbles and prides at the word, cant imagine being in love with someone this perfect) as she impersonates her brother. it must be so late for her, sala knows, but still stays up until the dawn breaks to hear her voice.

-in the end, nothing really changes besides shared rooms and yuri plisetsky frustrated glares when he realizes hes dealing with two couples instead of one. mila doesnt think theyre that big on pda, but she wont lie: they hang off each other and flirt at any given moment, laughing and catching eyes from across the ice.

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i got multiple requests for this, so now i bless u all w/ suffering <3

- Leo has enough energy to make up for both of his sleepy bfs. they all hang out in  Bunker 9 and Nico and Clovis mostly just nap on the work table while Leo builds something ridiculous

- Leo is super obnoxious about flirty, but Clovis is secretly a huge flirt and both of them make Nico blush in public and then high-five about it like assholes

- 3 smol boys who cannot reach the top of the fridge!!!!!!!!

- they all are about the same size so they literally just wear each other’s clothes constantly because who can even keep track??

- Sleepover in Hades cabin where Leo does not let either of them sleep because he wants to play video games

- The three of them in general are really shit at taking care of themselves. Clovis sleeps so much he sometimes forgets to eat or bathe, Leo will literally work himself to death on a project if you let him, and Nico is NICO so thats just a mess. But they do a REALLY GOOD JOB of taking care of each other. Clovis makes sure they both SLEEP at some point ffs, Nico makes sure his two lame bfs eat food and bathe, Leo makes sure all three of them go outside and get some sunshine once in a while. Together they are kind of functional and its good because Hazel can stop worrying a little bit

- Hades tolerates Leo but he LOVES Clovis, because Hypnos is an underworld god, which makes Clovis just as much of a child of the underworld. As long as Leo doesnt set anything else in the underworld on fire though, Hades is fine with him dating his son.

- If Leo hasnt slept in a few days, Clovis and Nico will use sleep magic to make him take a fucking nap before he dies.

- When Nico and Leo fight they argue in italian and spanish and Clovis is just sitting there like “haha what” and usually knocks both of them out, thus ending the argument.

- Nico is always super cold and Leo is way to fuckin hot so Clovis sleeps in the middle of the bed to get some kind of reasonable temperature

- Clovis is very soft, and a little self conscious about it. Like, hes not big, hes just like, squishy?? because he never really bothers with training or exercise and all he does is sleep. so he’s just a soft guy and hes usually pretty embarrassed about it but Leo and Nico LOVE IT because he is like a sleepy marshmallow so whats not to like???

in general i just think they would be so cute together i am a mess why do i ship this why have i done this to myself someone ship it with me ffs

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what is ur fave book or movie? AND what languages besides eng obv can u speak or if u only know eng what language(s) do u wanna learn?

my favorite book is: Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe !!! its really good yall shud read it if u want smt to read ♥️🤧

i speak: eng, uzbek n russian fluently !! i can understand n read turkish !! i kno very little portuguese bc i studied for a lil while n ooo i wanna learn arabic n italian or korean :/// i luv languages so much i can have a convo about them all day. this us was the best ask thank u 💘💞💗💖🌺🌷💘💖💖🌸🌹💓💞💗🌹🌺

anonymously (or not) ask me any questions you’d like to lnow about me 

reasons to take latin in high school: a comprehensive list
  • First off, before I lose this group: if you don’t like your regular foreign language study. Most high schoolers take four years of a language course whether they like it or not, because colleges want to see foreign language on a transcript, and i’ve seen plenty of STEM-oriented students end up miserable in Spanish or French because they never even considered Latin. Latin is a completely different experience, far more orderly and oriented completely around reading (in four years, I’ve never been asked to speak, write, or listen to Latin; even your essays will always be in English). It makes sense in ways that modern languages don’t. I can’t claim it’ll be easy for math and science lovers, but it’ll be easier and less arduous.
  • English language skills. Latin boosts the hell out of your SAT scores because so much of English has its roots in Latin words, so you’ll be able to understand words like vagary and supercilious even if you’ve never heard them in your life. But furthermore, you’ll learn far more about English grammar in Latin class than you’ll ever learn in English class - what’s a direct object? who vs whom? he/she/I/they vs him/her/me/them? and many more.
  • Other language skills. Clocking in at four years of Latin class, I can understand pretty good French and Italian, which I’ve never studied a day in my life. Also applies to Spanish and Romanian. And you’ll just plain know how to study languages better, even if they’re not derived from Latin itself.
  • College apps again. Amongst common foreign language choices for high schoolers, Latin looks best on a transcript. (shameless plug: ancient greek looks even better aye)
  • It’s fucking interesting. The Cambridge Latin Course books are a series used by most Latin programs that teaching grammar through a continuous storyline about lovable and hatable characters like Cerberus, Quintus, Clemens, and the infamous Grumio. Once you’re experienced enough to read original Latin, there’s wars, gods, heroes, love, lust, loss, empires, incest, family feuds, betrayals, poisonings, murders, political maneuverings, court cases, dick jokes - these are the stories people have fallen in love with, over and over again, for millennia, and trust me when I say that they’re that much more interesting in the original language. Latin is many things, but it is never, never boring.
  • The history. Romans were bonkers. The best way to describe Roman politics is “a high school drama show starring adult men and everyone has an army”, and it just gets better from there.
  • If you’re going into medicine, politicslaw, theology, chemistry, or biology, all your vocabulary is going to be derived from Latin. (I’m dead awful at science and I still pulled an A average in AP Bio because of Latin and Greek.) Additionally, I can’t speak from personal experience, but purportedly it’s also easier for computer science students to learn languages like Python and C and such once they’ve learned Latin.
  • Latin class is full of geeks. I don’t know why. It just happens this way. You’ll be in good company.

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Mocha, pumpkin spice and italian soda?

Mocha : Dream Job?
omg definitely opening and running a cat cafe! I could have a million cats and save strays and offer them for adoption like omg i want it so bad.

Pumpkin Spice : Dream car?
Hmmm, idk, i dont rly care for cars? Something with Bluetooth connectivity and a good stereo system and like, drives nice? Light blue colour would be cool. Idk something like that lol

Italian Soda : Describe your dream date
Hmmm, anything w/ Bambam? lol i kid, i kid.
I this like a new relationship or established? idek… Ima take it as established.
So, uh, like its a cold, maybe rainy day outside and I’m curled and tangled w/ my s/o and we’re just watching movies or a tv show or dramas or something and its just warm and pretty and precious and yea (im a big softie)

So there’s a heist, and this heist goes as the FAKE’s heists always do, with lots of blood and explosions, chaos captured and chained and let loose on the unsuspecting populace, and when they drag themselves back its Gavin who has the worst injuries. It’s not so bad this time, all things considered, Gavin’s been in worse spots, but this head wound isn’t good at all, not when he’s out for nearly a day. But he wakes up. The crew expects a bit of confusion, a bit or a lot they can deal with it all, but what they don’t expect is flawless French.

Gavin wakes up and within minutes, “Où suis-je, ce qui se passe, qui êtes-vous les gens. pourquoi mon mal à la tête, pourquoi, pourquoi, pourquoi…” A steady stream of Gavin-babble in French, that quickly changes to Italian, and then Spanish, and then German, and then Russian, and then Ryan can’t translate anymore and the crew is baffled because, yes, they know that despite popular opinion and even some evidence claiming otherwise Gavin’s not dumb. But there’s never been any evidence that Gavin was a polyglot, and that brings to light how little they really know about Gavin and his life before the crew because Gavin is quite tight-lipped about his past and no amount of booze can loosen them. So why, they wonder, or rather, how, can he speak such an obscure dialect of Italian (that Ryan can barely understand) without a trace of an accent if he was born in England.

And Gavin’s voice gradually fades back to his English-ness, accent and language and all, and when the concussion goes away, Gavin can’t remember anything and Ryan tries to talk to him in Russian only to have a (carefully, or maybe purposefully is a better word) blank look leveled back at him. He might ‘forget’ but the crew doesn’t.

And they wonder about what happened to their Vav before they got him.

I always have troubles remembering how to tell time in a foreign language I mean, German? 5 minutes before half a hour to next hour? Rly??. This is how it works in Italian.

  • What time is it? = Che ore sono? 
  • It’s … = Sono le…. (all hours are feminine plural, except for 1pm, which is feminine singular)
  • Hours between 1am and 4am can be referred to both as “del mattino” (in the morning) or “di notte” (in the night) - ex: È l’una del mattino/di notte = it’s 1am. Sono le 2 del mattino/di notte = it’s 2am
  • Hours between 5am and 11am are referred to as “del mattino/di mattina*” (in the morning) - ex. Sono le 6 del mattino = it’s 6 am
  • 12am is called Mezzogiorno (lit. half-day)
  • Hours between 1pm and 5pm are referred to as “del pomeriggio” - ex. Sono le 4 del pomeriggio = it’s 4pm
  • Hours between 6pm and 11pm are referred to as “di sera/della sera” - ex. Sono le 10 di sera = it’s 10pm
  • 12pm is called Mezzanotte (lit. half-night)

You don’t have to say “del mattino/della sera” every time. If you’re out with a  friend in the evening, it’s obvious it’s 8pm and not 8am. We also count hours over 24h, which is why you might hear/read “Sono le 14″ (Sono le quattordici) = it’s 2pm, though it’s slightly more formal.


  • 5.05= sono le cinque e cinque (minuti) / sono le diciassette e cinque 
  • 5:10= sono le cinque e dieci (minuti)
  • 5:15= sono le cinque e un quarto (a quarter) 
  • 5:20= sono le cinque e venti (minuti)
  • 5:25= sono le cinque e venticinque (minuti)
  • 5:30= sono le cinque e mezza (and a half)
  • 5:35= sono le cinque e trentacinque (minuti)
  • 5:40= sono le cinque e quaranta (minuti) / sono le sei meno venti (minuti)
  • 5:45 = sono le sei meno un quarto
  • 5:50 = sono le sei meno dieci (minuti)
  • 5:55 = sono le sei meno cinque (minuti)
  • 6:00 = sono le sei (in punto = o’clock) / sono le diciotto

After the 5:40, we stop counting the minutes of the hours and we start counting the minutes to the next hour. You can say “Cinque e quarantacinque minuti” for 5:45, but it’s more common to say “Cinque meno un quarto” (lit. 5 minus a quarter)

* Mattino vs. Mattina. They both mean morning and they’re generally interchangeable, but there are some fixed expressions where you have to use one or the other:

  • Mattino: sul far del mattino (at daybreak), di buon mattino (early in the morning), durare lo spazio di un mattino (over a morning), il buon giorno si vede dal mattino ( lit. you can see a good day from the morning - you can see how things will end by the way they begin), il mattino ha l’oro in bocca (lit. the morning has gold in its mouth - the early bird catches the worm)
  • Mattina:  di prima mattina (early in the morning/first thing in the morning), tutte le mattine (every morning), ieri mattina (yesterday morning), sabato mattina (saturday morning, and generally every “day”+morning), dalla sera alla mattina (lit. from evening to morning - overnight)

ladypeppino  asked:

"Buon giorno signore, posso sapere qual è questo posto?" A lost italian ended up in this world she never knew and hoped not to interfere on his duties...(translation: good day sir, may i know what is this place?)

 【↠𝔻𝕦𝕟↞】 Hm? You’ll have to excuse me, my lady. I can’t understand you… “ This might of been his first encounter with a foreigner. It was fascinating…but also confusing. He wanted to help her but first, he needed to comprehend what she was saying.

I don’t know if it made it on tumblr yet, but this is the new initiative of the Italian Minister of Health: “Fertility Day”.
I’ll just translate the posters and let you think about it.
top left: “Beauty has no age, fertility does” [picture of a woman holding an hourglass]
top right: “Fertility is a communal good” [picture of some water]
bottom left: “Young parents. The best way to be creative” [picture of some feet coming out of a duvet and a smiley face]
bottom right: “The constitution protects conscious and responsible procreation” [picture of knitted baby shoes and a ribbon with the italian colours]

honestly i don’t even know what to say someone else comment this because i am speechless.