it's a good day to be italian

how to pronounce JoJo italian names
how to pronounce JoJo italian names

hi this is something i really care about but in the end it’s just me stuttering and fucking up for 10 minutes, please listen to it

[transcrip of what i’m saying or trying to say under the cut]

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Common expressions in Italian

This post was requested by @miloilgiov. For further clarification, don’t hesitate to ask!

Greetings: meeting people

  • Ciao – Hello / Hi

The most flexible of them all. Informal, used both when you meet someone and when you leave them. Equivalents include exclamations like ehi or oi, salve (its degree of formality and aptness is still unclear, the expression comes from Latin and it’s been regaining popularity in the last decades)…

  • Buongiorno / buon giorno – Good morning

Also employed when leaving. Formal (albeit not necessarily). Employed during the first half of the day/before it turns dark, depending on the area and the person or you can just be like me and say “buongiorno” at 7 pm before realizing that it’s basically night already, thus feeling like you made a fool of yourself for the half-hour that follows

  • .Buonasera / buona sera – Good evening

Also employed when leaving. Generally formal. Used from the afternoon on.

Greetings: leaving people

  • Buona giornata – Good day

Time and formality-wise, used like “buongiorno” (even though it actually covers a broader timespan: unlike its counterpart, “giornata” is always perceieved as a whole day).

  • Buona notte – Good night

Formal, used when it’s dark. Usually implies the day has ended either for you or for the people you’re talking to.

  • Buona serata – Good evening

Formal, used in the evening/at night. Usually implies the night goes on, and the people you’re greeting will do something else it’s hard to explain and I’m not sure if this is just my perception

  • Arrivederci – See you

Generally perceived as more formal as opposed to ci vediamo [domani/più tardi/a casa…]. Arrivederla would be the actual formal expression, but I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer people seem to use it.

“How are you?”

  • Come va? – How’s it going?

Classic. Informal.

  • Come stai? / Come sta? – How are you?

Informal and formal.

  • Tutto ok? – Is everything alright?

Informal. Can also be used if the person you’re talking too seems a little down in the dumps to make sure they’re alright.

  • Che mi racconti? – What are you up to?

Informal. Literally, “what do you tell me?”. Meant to show an interest in your interlocutor’s life, you don’t need to go in-depth if you don’t want to.

  • Che si dice? – What’s up?

Informal. Literally, “what’s being said?”. As with “che mi racconti?”, you can easily elude the question if you feel like you have nothing relevant to say with a “niente di speciale, tu?”. After all, these expressions are meant to break the ice.

  • Come vanno le cose? – How are things?


  • Come va la vita? – How’s life?



  • Bene – Good / Fine

A precious adverb if there ever was one. Inflect it and combine it with other words, and you’ll have a whole set of new expressions: tutto bene (everything’s alright), abbastanza bene (pretty good), benissimo (great)…

  • Tutto ok – All right / All good


  • Insomma – Well…

Informal. An elliptical way of saying you’re not feeling all that great.

  • Non c'è male – Not (too) bad


  • Così così – So so


Thanking people

  • Grazie – Thanks / Thank you

This is the basic form, but you’ll find many variations (mainly intensifiers). Grazie mille (thanks a lot / thank you so much) is probably the most common and versatile, grazie infinite is more formal and might be perceived as a bit trite (as could be grazie di cuore, “thanks from the bottom of my heart”, if used in everyday conversation). Don’t forget grazie di tutto (“thanks for everything”)!

  • Ti ringrazio – (I) thank you

Informal. Its formal counterpart would be la ringrazio.

“You’re welcome”

  • Figurati

Used to tone down the emphasis of the thanks you received, it means what you did wasn’t a burden at all for you. The formal equivalent is si figuri.

  • Non c'è di che

In short words, “there’s nothing [you should thank me] for”, “don’t mention it”. Both formal and informal. Another way of saying this could be di nulla.

  • Prego

“You’re welcome”, plain and simple. Can also be used when you make way for somebody (as in “prego, prima lei”: “please, you go first”).

  • Non c'è problema – No worries
  • È stato un piacere – It was my pleasure
  • Tranquillo/a/i/e – Don’t worry
  • E di che – For what
  • Ti pare! – No way!

As in, “don’t you even try to thank me, that was nothing”. Formal equivalent: le pare.


005/100 Days of productivity                     15.07.2017

Reading “The Prince” by Macchiavelli because I have to write an essay about it for school. I’d say it’s quite interesting how this text was manipulated  through all human history, in order to justify dictatorships. I’m also reading a lot of Mussolini’s works, to better understand how a really simple book, can become such an instrument for propaganda.

thelegendofjuice  asked:

For the Once Bitten AU! I actually have a few questions if that’s alright :D How did Tony and Steve meet in the first place, had they seen each other before that night together? And what kind of vampire is Tony? Like the lore behind him. Can he go out in sunlight? Does garlic or silver affect him?

(Keep in mind these are just ideas for my personal AU, I realize some of this may not line up with what is considered “right” about vampires, but honestly, who is to say what is “right” about supernatural creatures, you know?” 

Steve and Tony meet for the first time HERE.

Tony doesnt understand where most of the lore about vampires comes from, since hardly any of it applies to him, but it is something of a joke within the vampire community because they all knew that the early vampires spread certain lies about themselves just to avoid the humans knowing too much. 

Like a stake through the heart? Why would that work? Tonys heart beats only a few times a year, and wood has no magical properties, even the pieces that are supposedly “blessed.” No, you have to take a vamps head off, but good luck keeping one still enough to try. 

Sunlight doesnt bother him, rather its the heat that can hurt. Vampires dont sweat, they have no way to regulate their body temperatures, which is probably where the “vampires only come out at night” idea came from. Its cooler at night, and they are safer. But the vampires who lived north were out all hours of the day because the temperature never gets too high. The sunlight doesnt hurt Tony, but he does avoid going out too much in the summer. 

Garlic? Tony is Italian. Even if garlic would hurt him, he would have willingly eaten it anyway, and probably expired centuries ago. Italians do not use as much garlic as people assume, but it is there anyway, and Tony enjoys it. 

Silver bothers Tony, burns his skin, but thankfully very few things are truly iron anymore, and those that are tend to be advertised, as if having an item made of only one thing instead of a mix of lesser ingredients, is something to be proud of. 

Tony is shockingly powerful, for only being a few centuries old, which tells him that the vamp that turned him must have been very old itself. Tony searched for his sire for decades out of curiosity, but as his own power manifested, and with it, the ability to call fire, he began to care less about who sired him, and more about who fears him. 

And many many vampires fear Tony. 

Hi! I don’t know if you’re still taking KHR prompts, but I have this idea. One of the things Tsuna is known for is his high pitch Heii screech that gets on everyone’s nerves. But… You know, hitting that high note so consistently with that much volume and force is kinda impressive. Boy got lungs and a mean diaphragm. So, what if he convinces Hayato to play a piano piece with him and he’ll sing along, and everybody isn’t expecting much. And Tsuna opens his mouth and sings opera. Really damn good soprano opera. Basically, AU where Tsuna crossed paths with a Opera teacher and life was never quite the same.      


Not quite as detailed as you asked for, but have some opera!Tsuna.


“Tsuna, why didn’t you tell me you were the Prima Donna in Maestro D’uvo’s performances when you were nine up until you were twelve?” Reborn demands cheerfully.

“Because its none of your business?” Tsuna retorts, not even pausing in his lifting of chopsticks to mouth. “I’m retired.”

“You were apprenticed under Maestro Edward D’uvo, one of the finest opera singers in a generation,” Reborn says, still maintaining the false cheer. “You’ve won more than ten awards with your appearances.”

“I’ve tried to get him to go back,” Nana interjects. She sighs, and lays a hand on her cheek. “He was wonderful up on stage. You should have seen it Reborn, the costumes they put him in…”

“I’m aware,” Reborn says. “There’s video of it on the internet.” The audiences had been massive, and enraptured. The amount of roses that had been thrown on stage after the performance was over and done and everyone was taking their final bow had nearly drowned the camera in red. Tsuna, for that brief time he’d been in the spotlight, had been beloved.

Reborn intends to make it so again. “Vongola wouldn’t turn you aside if you wanted to pursue a side career in the arts.” Actually, watching Timoteo’s face when he learned his heir was Maestro D’uvo’s pupil might be kind of funny. Iemitsu’s would be hilarious, and if Reborn showed them the video, it would be discreetly spread around among the Vongola in days. 

If there is one thing Italian men - especially mafia men - love more than a good fight, it’s a good opera. Tsuna won’t have any peace, or any escape. Especially once its confirmed that it is Tsuna beneath the dresses and the masks, standing so elegantly poised on stage, singing with a hauntingly beautiful cry that make tears come easily enough. 

“No,” Tsuna says, standing. “And that’s final.” He heads towards the door, leaving Reborn to follow.

That’s what you think, Reborn thinks as he follows his pupil out the door. If he can make a mafia boss out of Tsuna, he can find a way to wrangle his pupil back up onto the stage. Contacting Maestro D’uvo himself would probably speed things up nicely, he decides.

New kid on the block

Hi, guys! After admiring the langblr community for months from a distance I decided to finally make my own blog. To the adventure!

-a bit about me-

  • Blue
  • 19
  • they/them
  • native: polish
  • fluent: english
  • learning: italian, german, japanese, russian
  • STEM student
  • ambitious but lazy. lazy but ambitious
  • burning passion for writing hidden underneath layers of procrastination
  • open to new friendships, language exchanges, sending each other memes, you name it! feel free to contact me anytime!
  • please don’t tempt me with other languages, though. I WILL give in sooner or later (and it’s not good for my other target languages)

-people who inspired me to make my own langblr-

@blackteaandlanguages @languagemadness @lovelybluepanda

Looking forward to learning with you all!

ID #54260

Name: Ana
Age: 18
Country: Mexico

Hi! I’m Ana, I like to consider myself as a very passionate person, I’m an introvert, but I enjoy a good talk.
Books are everything to me, I can’t live a life without a good book, and um I’m pretty fangirl.
I play drums and I work hard every day to be good at my craft, so yeah I love music in general, I think every genre has its own magic, but my favorite is rock-metal.
And creativity, I must be creative in everything I create because it’s the most important thing in my life, I need to put a little or a lot of effort into the my world.
I’m looking for a penpal because I want to make friends all around the world, meet new cultures and new things.
Also I’m learning English and Italian, If you speak English fluently and you want to learn Spanish or improve it I can help you with that, I really love my language.

Preferences: Just be kind.


I spent the whole morning cleaning the apartment. Funny how I always feel so much better after everything is in its place and the whole place is clean.

I have switched to eating only 3 meals a day and no snacking in between (it is good for the intestines and the whole digestive system) so I add a bowl of soup to my lunch in order to survive until the dinner.

Today´s lunch: bean and pasta soup (also known as the italian wedding soup minus sausage) and taco mixture (tofu, beans, jalapeno peppers, sun-dried tomatoes) with brown rice and pico de gallo on the side. As I always remind everyone - beans plus brown rice = complex protein ☝


History Meme - Italian Version

[2/10] Assassinations - Strage di Via D'Amelio (Via D'amelio’s massacre), 19 July 1992.

57 days after the Strage di Capaci, a stolen Fiat 126 parked in Via D'Amelio, in Palermo, and loaded with 100 kgs of TNT, caused and explosion that killed the anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino and five of his body guards, Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina.

Borsellino used to always carry a red notebook, the agenda rossa, in which he wrote details of his investigations. After the Strage this notebook disappeared and has never been found.

Paolo Borsellino was a close friend of the magistrate Giovanni Falcone and, like his friend, is considered a hero of the fight against the mafia.

“È bello morire per ciò in cui si crede; chi ha paura muore ogni giorno, chi non ha paura muore una volta sola.”/“It is good to die for something you believe in; those who are afraid die everyday, while those who aren’t afraid only die once.”

anime that isnt appreciated enough:


Mob Psycho 100

Joker Game

91 Days

Sakamoto Desu Ga

Nabari No Ou

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu


half awake and almost there

Wherein Harry never could help himself from trying to save the day, and Ginny was just trying to survive her shift without killing any of her customers.

Have a gander at a bit of the ridiculous non-magical coffee house AU. Because I need another AU to play in like Hagrid needs another dragon egg. Many thanks to @bethanyactually for her general awesomeness and help.

Read it at AO3.


“Bugger, bugger, bloody, buggering hell!” Ginny exclaimed as her finger was pinched between two levers. On its shiny surface the espresso machine seemed a marvel of Italian engineering. But under the surface, the bloody thing was clearly out to kill her. As if her day wasn’t terrible enough to begin with.

“Um. Excuse me?” said a voice from behind her.

“Bugger,” she said again for good measure, slowly turning about to face the customer that was apparently standing there during her entire tirade.

It was a young man, not much older than herself. Thankfully, he looked more concerned than irate.

“Please don’t tell my boss about the swearing. He was very clear on not swearing in front of customers if I want to keep this job, and I really bloody need this sodding job.” She was talking too much, dammit, but she really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning, and he was the first customer all day who didn’t seem inclined to yell at her.

He lifted his hands, probably to protect himself from her verbal barrage. “He won’t hear it from me, I swear. Besides, I’m a little unclear if any of that actually was swearing.”

She rolled her eyes. Americans.

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amordolce  asked:

what's the difference between mattina and mattino?

They both mean “morning” and, even though they have different endings and thus different grammatical genders, they derive from the same Latin adjective.

They’re usually interchangeable, except in some expressions/phrases where only one is acceptable. We only use the masculine form in these expressions:

  • sul far del mattino - when the sun is rising
  • il mattino ha l’oro in bocca - early to bed, early to rise (lit. the morning has gold in its mouth)
  • di buon mattino - early in the morning
  • il buon giorno si vede dal mattino - a good beginning bodes well (lit. a good day can be seen from the morning)

Whereas we use the feminine form in these expressions:

  • di prima mattina - early in the morning, bright and early
  • tutte le mattine - every morning
  • ieri mattina - yesterday morning
  • lunedì mattina - Monday morning

@hear1ache tagged me to list 10 facts about myself so here we are. disclaimer: i am terrible at talking abt myself

1. i am roughly 176cm tall (5′9.5) . im long

2. i study study french and spanish at uni. im also taking beginners classes in catalan and korean (of which i already know a bit, since i actually got into kpop/bts through learning the language….its a slippery slope). it’s one of my life goals to be fluent or at least competent in 5 languages. one day i want to learn italian but i think this is enough for now lmao

3. i believe in ghosts and spirits and clairvoyance and all that spooky spiritual shit. im certain my mum is slightly clairvoyant but i havent inherited it sadly. however, i do have one memory that i can’t explain and im certain its from a past life.

4. im a really good cook. or so i think

5. the first song i remember hearing as a child is the snowman. it used to make me cry. there’s a picture of me aged 2 with a huge pair of headphones over my head in tears listening to it

6. i have one younger brother (he’s my half brother but it doesnt really feel like that). we’re 12 years apart

7. my nickname is bep because i couldn’t pronounce the ‘th’ at the end of my name when i was little so this is what i called myself. my mum just kept it up and my friends thought it was funny so they use it too now

8. i want to work in the film industry. idk what role specifically but cinema is my only enduring interest 

9. i have a tattoo of a crescent moon on my left shoulder. i like the moon a lot. i want more tattoos and i think a lil snake is next on the list

10. i traced my family tree back to the 1670s and my family has only moved 40 miles in 300 years (hopefully i will be the one to break tradition). they were mainly farmers, miners and railway workers. although, my aunt traced further back and we’re also (allegedly) descended from danish royalty . so thats cool i guess. otherwise im just v v british

ok ty for reading this essay lol i tag @1iebling @suckmyaesthedick @1ibrajin @etudehaus @moonperi @nochyoo @ssuugar @dw @leetaemln @jhsbts @jhopi @jikooksgf

anonymous asked:

Can I have somthing with Gyro being saved some how by his s/o and living a happy domestic life after all the sbr was done with. Please?

[ Oh no this is so pure! I’m glad you gave me a chance to write domestic headcanons ahhhh best headcanons!]

- It was his S/O who found him washed up on the beach. Que your concern, possibly even screaming, before patching him up, dragging him to the hospital and you doing your best to revive this half dead man.
- In a few months of intense care, you realised you loved this man and he was grateful. With the time he spent with you he fell for you too. Soon enough the two of you got married and then came the start of the perfect domestic life.
- Gyro loved it. He brought you back with him to Naples and introduced you to his family, and soon enough went back to working and he loved coming home to you more than anything else.
- Before he leaves and whenever he came back he would always great you with a hug and kiss. Regardless how tired he seems he made sure to tell you that he loved you before smooching you hard.
- On good days, he might come home happy, picking you up and giving you a spin before putting you down for a quick kiss. Even on the bad days, he’d come home to give you a sorrow filled kiss, but seeing you never fails to cheer him up.
- If you enjoy cooking he sure as hell didn’t mind letting you cook, regardless if its good or not, he loves the love and effort put into it. However, if you didn’t, his Italian genes never failed him, he’s great at cooking up a meal for you. 
- On weekends if you wake up late, be sure he’ll cook up a nice breakfast in bed for you, pancakes, waffles, toast, anything you like he’d make. Gyro loves watching your pure excited smile when you wake up to the smell of good food.
- Chores however are still split evenly amongst the two of you. You cook, he’ll clean. He buys the groceries, you’ll cook. Taking turns to take out the trash and all. You often ask him to let you do the work since he’s tired when he comes home but he always refuses telling you you need the rest too.
- Even watching him do chores is adorable, he’d sing his own songs and do a little dance while sweeping the floor or washing the dishes and its the cutest sight. 
- If you offer to help him out, he’d either reject or let you help only if you promised to do a little jig with him. Even after that you’re now the target for his horrible jokes and pranks. Slapping your ass with his wet hand after washing the plates ect.
- Of course the first thing the two of you did when you bought the house was buy a king sized bed to lounge in. So sleeping with Gyro was always the best. Warm hugs on cold nights, the safe embrace of your partner every night just made him so happy. 
- Sometimes, you wake up to him happily humming one of his own songs as you lay on his chest, with him telling you things like how grateful he is while saying a melodious Good Morning, somehow singing it into the song.

Yeah, (Yeah) Yeah, we're (Haha) gonna bring it down like this y'all. (Yep yep.) I'm gonna let my man PaRappa know (Word.) that noodles rule the world. Yeah, yeah, that lil' slippery thing tasts so good all the time. Yeah, yeah, that's right. (Aight) It goes a little something like this. Stay with me now, (Yea) here we go. (Like dis, like dis) In parenthesis, let me stress the fact clearly. No matter what the deal, I crave for this dearly. The so-called noodles you find in spaghetti, are sweeter than idols, do damage like machetes. Without a doubt, I got da flow, comin at ya live, bring the place alive, every single day I jive. With the thought, comes my direct actions. Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction. Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it. (Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.) Smell it, taste it, pasta in a market. (Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.) Chinese, Italian, Thai or Jamaican. (Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean.) Anything goes, even Hawaiian. (Anything goes, even Alaskan.) Long, and chewy (uh-huh uh-huh), occasionally gooey. The best things in life taste good with chop (chop) suey! (suey!) 8 minutes to boil, and 2 minutes to eat. (uh-huh) Admit it kid, you know noodles can't be beat. (oooooo) *PJ's DJ crashs through the wall, room darkens for a moment, everyone is asking what's going on* *As soon as light turns on, they start rapping again* Roll it on your spoon, create your own boom. (Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.) I betcha didn't know; Noodles' the rules. (I betcha didn't know; There are no rules.) Sushi, burgers, they all taste good. (Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.) As long as they got noodles, the king of all foods. (As long as they love food, then any thing's cool.) Hip hop music (Hip hop,) with an old school (hip hop.) twist. I keep the place intact and do a rap like this. (Like this.) You can use a spoon, fork, knife or even chopsticks. Come on kid, get down with the mix. (uh.) N. double O. D. L. E. S. (C. double O. K. I. E. S.) Great tasting pasta, blow to your chest. (Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.) Ramen, udon, soba, you name it. (Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.) Any type of noodles you like, yes I got it. (Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.) Whatever your thoughts may be, I'm bound to be The king of all foods, with noodles as the key. (as the key.) Full of pride, and glory way up above, Cuz here I come y'all, full of noodles and love! Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask me why. (Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask you why.) But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries. (But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries.) Then why do I, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. I must've sounded real eerie. (Then why do you, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. You must've sounded real eerie.) Thanks brother, for lettin' me understand that a man must understand to keep his options open. (You're welcome brother, for lettin' you understand that a man must understand to keep his options open.)
reasons to take latin in high school: a comprehensive list
  • First off, before I lose this group: if you don’t like your regular foreign language study. Most high schoolers take four years of a language course whether they like it or not, because colleges want to see foreign language on a transcript, and i’ve seen plenty of STEM-oriented students end up miserable in Spanish or French because they never even considered Latin. Latin is a completely different experience, far more orderly and oriented completely around reading (in four years, I’ve never been asked to speak, write, or listen to Latin; even your essays will always be in English). It makes sense in ways that modern languages don’t. I can’t claim it’ll be easy for math and science lovers, but it’ll be easier and less arduous.
  • English language skills. Latin boosts the hell out of your SAT scores because so much of English has its roots in Latin words, so you’ll be able to understand words like vagary and supercilious even if you’ve never heard them in your life. But furthermore, you’ll learn far more about English grammar in Latin class than you’ll ever learn in English class - what’s a direct object? who vs whom? he/she/I/they vs him/her/me/them? and many more.
  • Other language skills. Clocking in at four years of Latin class, I can understand pretty good French and Italian, which I’ve never studied a day in my life. Also applies to Spanish and Romanian. And you’ll just plain know how to study languages better, even if they’re not derived from Latin itself.
  • College apps again. Amongst common foreign language choices for high schoolers, Latin looks best on a transcript. (shameless plug: ancient greek looks even better aye)
  • It’s fucking interesting. The Cambridge Latin Course books are a series used by most Latin programs that teaching grammar through a continuous storyline about lovable and hatable characters like Cerberus, Quintus, Clemens, and the infamous Grumio. Once you’re experienced enough to read original Latin, there’s wars, gods, heroes, love, lust, loss, empires, incest, family feuds, betrayals, poisonings, murders, political maneuverings, court cases, dick jokes - these are the stories people have fallen in love with, over and over again, for millennia, and trust me when I say that they’re that much more interesting in the original language. Latin is many things, but it is never, never boring.
  • The history. Romans were bonkers. The best way to describe Roman politics is “a high school drama show starring adult men and everyone has an army”, and it just gets better from there.
  • If you’re going into medicine, politicslaw, theology, chemistry, or biology, all your vocabulary is going to be derived from Latin. (I’m dead awful at science and I still pulled an A average in AP Bio because of Latin and Greek.) Additionally, I can’t speak from personal experience, but purportedly it’s also easier for computer science students to learn languages like Python and C and such once they’ve learned Latin.
  • Latin class is full of geeks. I don’t know why. It just happens this way. You’ll be in good company.
if Piper spoke Italian


- head canon that Piper can also speak “Lovey languages” like Italian and Portuguese

- Nico mutters in Italian

- So Nico mutters things like “Oh he’s so cute.” “Be mine already.’ When he starts to like will

- Piper doesn’t tell anyone becasue she knows he’ll come out when he’s ready

- She still thinks its cute and listens though


-One day the seven plus nico are hanging out

- Piper is trying a blue cookie becasue she couldn’t say no to Percy’s face

- Jason and Annabeth are talking about some New Rome

-Hazel is going on about life in New Orleans to Frank and Sammy Leo

-Nico is staring off at a certain medic in the infirmery

-”Just get in my pants already solace!” is muttered in Italian by Nico

-Cue Piper choking on her cookie

-Percy looks down at his cookie in confusion

-Jason the good boyfriend is making sure she is okay

-Everyone else looks concerend

-Except Nico

-Nico confused at the timing mutters “Did you get that?” in italian

-Piper nods while trying not to die

-Nico just being like “I got to gO NOW!” and runs away


-The next day at breakfast everyone is sitting at there assigned tables

-Nico is thinking about how he can no longer use italian any more encase Piper hears

-Nico bangs his fists on the Hades table and loudly says “fuCk!” In his language

- Piper standing up and being “Nico Di Angelo! I don’t give a flying fiddodle about who you want to like, but for gods sake you watch your language young man!” and sits down

-The Whole camp just looking confused

- “I’m like seventy years older than you.” Is said through the awkward silence by a certain son of Hades

I always have troubles remembering how to tell time in a foreign language I mean, German? 5 minutes before half a hour to next hour? Rly??. This is how it works in Italian.

  • What time is it? = Che ore sono? 
  • It’s … = Sono le…. (all hours are feminine plural, except for 1pm, which is feminine singular)
  • Hours between 1am and 4am can be referred to both as “del mattino” (in the morning) or “di notte” (in the night) - ex: È l’una del mattino/di notte = it’s 1am. Sono le 2 del mattino/di notte = it’s 2am
  • Hours between 5am and 11am are referred to as “del mattino/di mattina*” (in the morning) - ex. Sono le 6 del mattino = it’s 6 am
  • 12am is called Mezzogiorno (lit. half-day)
  • Hours between 1pm and 5pm are referred to as “del pomeriggio” - ex. Sono le 4 del pomeriggio = it’s 4pm
  • Hours between 6pm and 11pm are referred to as “di sera/della sera” - ex. Sono le 10 di sera = it’s 10pm
  • 12pm is called Mezzanotte (lit. half-night)

You don’t have to say “del mattino/della sera” every time. If you’re out with a  friend in the evening, it’s obvious it’s 8pm and not 8am. We also count hours over 24h, which is why you might hear/read “Sono le 14″ (Sono le quattordici) = it’s 2pm, though it’s slightly more formal.


  • 5.05= sono le cinque e cinque (minuti) / sono le diciassette e cinque 
  • 5:10= sono le cinque e dieci (minuti)
  • 5:15= sono le cinque e un quarto (a quarter) 
  • 5:20= sono le cinque e venti (minuti)
  • 5:25= sono le cinque e venticinque (minuti)
  • 5:30= sono le cinque e mezza (and a half)
  • 5:35= sono le cinque e trentacinque (minuti)
  • 5:40= sono le cinque e quaranta (minuti) / sono le sei meno venti (minuti)
  • 5:45 = sono le sei meno un quarto
  • 5:50 = sono le sei meno dieci (minuti)
  • 5:55 = sono le sei meno cinque (minuti)
  • 6:00 = sono le sei (in punto = o’clock) / sono le diciotto

After the 5:40, we stop counting the minutes of the hours and we start counting the minutes to the next hour. You can say “Cinque e quarantacinque minuti” for 5:45, but it’s more common to say “Cinque meno un quarto” (lit. 5 minus a quarter)

* Mattino vs. Mattina. They both mean morning and they’re generally interchangeable, but there are some fixed expressions where you have to use one or the other:

  • Mattino: sul far del mattino (at daybreak), di buon mattino (early in the morning), durare lo spazio di un mattino (over a morning), il buon giorno si vede dal mattino ( lit. you can see a good day from the morning - you can see how things will end by the way they begin), il mattino ha l’oro in bocca (lit. the morning has gold in its mouth - the early bird catches the worm)
  • Mattina:  di prima mattina (early in the morning/first thing in the morning), tutte le mattine (every morning), ieri mattina (yesterday morning), sabato mattina (saturday morning, and generally every “day”+morning), dalla sera alla mattina (lit. from evening to morning - overnight)