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“Lar’s Head” Preview WARNING SPOILERS


You guys… the leak was right. Lars actually died… wow. Steven revived him with his healing powers:

And he turned pink.

Lars now also has powers like Lion’s- his hair is a room that can be entered:

This gives more insight to the origins of Lion. Lion must have just been a dead lion, Rose revived it and it turned pink and its mane became a room that could be entered and have stuff stored in it.

EDIT: By the way, Steven revived Lars with his tears, not his spit. And apparently this is different, hence why they brought an organic life form back from the dead and why his tears had no effect on Amethyst’s cracked gem because they are not for healing, they are for reviving organic life.


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i don’t even know what to say, thankyou so much for your support. pardon my absence for this little while, school work can sometimes just take over and i can’t figure a way of getting back. this took quite a while, but its totally worth it for you pals. I love hearing from you and being in this community, so once again- thankyou  ★~(◡‿◡✿) *new merged download link at the bottom*

Veggie Jumpas’

a selection of comfy winter tops, featuring a few shoutouts to the veggies.they say:

1. “grass fed” 2. “veggie-saurus” 3.”vegan” 4.”eating veggies for christmas” 5.”vegetarian” 6.”#veganpower” -this is the one in the preview.

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Imagine being in a secret relationship with Jensen, who is older than you, and your father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, walking in on the two of you doing it.

“Jens” you planned to say in a warning way but it only came out as a moan when the older man sucked on your neck “Jensen please.” you whined a little and you felt him grin as he bit down on your neck, making you throw your head back to actually give him more access.

“I’m right onto it, sweetheart.” he said with a small growl when you shifted, the fact that your legs were wrapped around his waist and your hips pressed flush to his already, didn’t help at all.

“N-no” it certainly was as weak as it could be with his arms and lips all over you “I don’t mean that Winchester.” you said with a small groan and he sighed heavily.

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What went down in Dislocoeur
  • Ms. Bustier: in many fairy tales the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess, can anyone tell me why?
  • Ms. Bustier: that's not really an answer
  • Max: technically this only applies to 87% of fairy tales
  • Ms. Bustier: there's no way that number is correct
  • Ms. Bustier: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Ms. Bustier: yes Rose we got that
  • Ms. Bustier: who are you even talking to
  • Ms. Bustier: are you saying that in the imperative
  • Rose: pls do the smoochy thing :( #ladynoir
  • Adrien: well I just wrote this poem time to toss it in the garbage with the rest of the fandom
  • Marinette: hmm I wonder what that hot guy threw in the trash
  • Marinette: ooh it's a poem!
  • Marinette: "roses are red, violets are violet, poetry is f**king hard, do the smoochy thing pls"
  • Chloé: hmm why is Marinette looking through the garbage
  • Sabrina: did you know there's an entire fandom in there?
  • Chloé: wow she must be really desperate
  • Max: kk Kim it's time for you to run along this route and meet your crush on a bridge
  • Kim: why is her route so convoluted
  • Max: idk but if you meet her on that particular bridge and give her this particular jewel you've got a 87% chance of success
  • Kim: there's no way that number is correct
  • Kim: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Marinette: I say go for it!
  • Kim: kk, running now
  • Marinette: now imma write a poem to Adrien
  • Chloé: and imma break the hearts of a buncha tweens
  • Chloé: hey tweens! you see how fabulous I am? well I'm never gonna date you
  • Chloé: do you see what you're missing out on
  • Chloé: well that was fun anyway I hope one of you gets akumatized now
  • Chloé: b**ch I'm out
  • Kim: *goes to bridge*
  • Kim: this is the Pont des Arts, right?
  • Kim: so where did all the locks go
  • Kim: it's just panes of plexiglass
  • Kim: this is way less romantic now
  • Chloé: hey Kim
  • Kim: hey Chloé lemme smash
  • Chloé: are you for real
  • Kim: I got you blue AND yellow
  • Chloé: you're as pathetic as that meme
  • Kim: she doesn't want blue and yellow
  • Chloé: look I've got a buncha tweens clamoring after me now
  • Chloé: so you're like fourth in line at best
  • Chloé: BYE
  • Kim: what has my life come to
  • Hawkmoth: wow this is even more sad than usual
  • Hawkmoth: like, I actually feel really sorry for you
  • Hawkmoth: so here have an incredibly cool transformation
  • Dislocoeur: now we're talkin
  • Dislocoeur: I've got a bow and arrows!
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Marinette: and now it's POETRY TIME
  • Alya: whaddaya got
  • Marinette: "roses are nerds, poems are easy, lemme smash pls bc I think you're hot"
  • Alya: wot
  • Marinette: wow romance really isn't all that great when you're honest about it
  • Alya: wow and here I didn't think you'd ever have enough experience with romance to figure that out
  • Marinette: ooh sweet burn
  • Marinette: btw that flying guy just shot you with an arrow
  • Alya: yeah that's where the sweet burn came from
  • Alya: and now I'm suddenly tempted to go confront Nino in a rap battle
  • Marinette: YES DO IT
  • Marinette: ok Tikki let's kick that flying guy's butt
  • Dislocoeur: hey it's Ladybug!
  • Marinette: no not yet
  • Dislocoeur: oops sorry
  • Marinette: Tikki, spots on!
  • Dislocoeur: there we go!
  • Ladybug: welp running away now
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Chat Noir: hey Ladybug I've got a confession to make
  • Ladybug: look I already know you love me ok?
  • Ladybug: please don't endanger us by confessing what's already incredibly obvious when there's a supervillain trying to shoot us
  • Dislocoeur: *shoots Chat Noir*
  • Ladybug: that one's on him
  • Dislocoeur: yeah kinda
  • Chat Noir: now imma kill you
  • Ladybug: why
  • Chat Noir: because hate always wins
  • Ladybug: citation needed
  • Chat Noir: citation: the US election
  • Ladybug: ok fair point
  • Chat Noir: you just accepted anecdotal evidence as proof of a general claim
  • Ladybug: oops you're right
  • Chat Noir: now prepare to die
  • Dislocoeur: *tracks down Chloé*
  • Chloé: wow and here I thought you couldn't get any more ridiculous
  • Dislocoeur: imma shoot you now
  • Chloé: and give me the ability to make even sweeter burns than usual?
  • Dislocoeur: wait nvm that's a terrible idea
  • Chloé: wow even as a villain you can't succeed in anything
  • Dislocoeur: hey Hawkmoth can you Tier 2 akumatize me?
  • Hawkmoth: sorry buddy you're on your own
  • Ladybug: I gotta figure out how to dehateify Chat Noir!
  • Brain ghost Ms. Bustier: the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess
  • Brain ghost Rose: DO THE SMOOCHY THING
  • Ladybug: disclaimer—the following kiss is intended solely as a means of counteracting Dislocoeur's akuma-granted ability, and should not be interpreted in any romantic or otherwise non-platonic context
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *do the smoochy thing*
  • Chat Noir: I don't remember any of that
  • Ladybug: good now end that f**ker
  • Chat Noir: *ends that f**ker*
  • Ladybug: well I guess we're done here
It’s Been Too Long

request: Hey! I wanted to request an imagine with sirius x reader when Harry witnesses Sirius and reader’s reunion *maybe not straight after he escapes azkaban but like sometime between that and the order of the phoenix?* thanks! X

sorry it took so long!! i hope you enjoy (also little note that I’m just gonna do it at grimmauld place in the beginning of the order of the phoenix!!)

(3rd Person)

All of the Order members and kids sat around the long wooden table in the kitchen at 12 Grimmauld Place. Speaking about nonsense, talking about Dumbledore, or being fascinated by Tonks animal faces were the highlights of the dinner. 

“So Harry, honestly, how have you been?” Sirius asked Harry. Instinctively, Harry bit the inside of his cheek and raised his eyebrows.

“Better than being at the Dursley’s, but than again the Ministry is out for me so…” He answered, looking Sirius straight in the eyes. Sirius laughed, folding his hands out in front of himself.

“Defeating You-Know-Who and having the sassiest person for a father that Hogwarts has ever seen does bring this kind of attention.” Sirius joked, hoping to lighten the mood. Harry seemed to crack a smile. 

“I don’t think it was James Potter who was the sassiest person at Hogwarts if you ask me.” A voice was heard from the doorway. Harry looked past Sirius as Sirius himself turned around. 

In front of them stood (Y/N) (Y/L/N). A famous and almost untraceable Auror in the past decade. (Y/N) stood there and took off her jacket before running a hand through her hair to shake out water droplets from the rain outside. 

“(Y/N).” Sirius stated, a smile growing on his face as he stood up and enveloped (Y/N) an enormous bear hug. “Its been too long.”

“Way too long. 16 years to be exact.” (Y/N) responded and pulled away, giving Sirius a huge and grateful smile. (Y/N) looked past Sirius at the seat that was occupied across from him at the table.

“Wow.” (Y/N) said. Tears began to brim her eyes and she became choked up. “You look so much like your father. Creepily alike.” 

Harry gave an awkward but kind smile. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I was best friends with your parents.” They shook hands and Sirius impulsively pulled (Y/N) in for another hug. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” He murmured into her wet hair. He felt her body vibrate against him as she chuckled. 

“Wait! Where’s Moons?” (Y/N) exclaimed, her hands cupping Sirius’ face.

“Sirius, did you-?” Lupin had started but was greeted with a whole lot of hair and weight in his arms. 

“I missed you as well Moons.” (Y/N) stated as she pulled away. Lupin finally took a chance and looked into her eyes.

“(Y/N/N)!” He practically shouted. “It’s great to see you.” They pulled away from their second hug and joined Sirius and Harry at the end of the table. Lupin took a seat next to Harry as (Y/N) occupied the empty seat next to Sirius.

“So what are you doing here?” Lupin asked (Y/N). 

“Molly and Dumbledore thought it would be a great idea to get me to come to the Order like good ole times. I was supposed to come in a week but I couldn’t resist.” (Y/N) answered. Sirius gathered (Y/N)’s hand in his and kissed the top of her hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Things have not changed.” Lupin commented, chuckling. 

Later that night, the rest of the Order came and some were happy to see (Y/N) after years since the last war and others gratefully met her for the first time. 

i really hope you enjoyed this!! PSA i always try to make my writings gender neutral but because i made this one 3rd person it was very hard not to specify, if anyone would like me to use different pronouns and such you can request it along with your plot request!! xxxx

anonymous asked:

Frisk spent two months with Toriel and two weeks with the skelecrew? Wow. The game sorta gives the impression that it's about a day in each case. Why so much longer? Also, second question, there's no way the innkeeper kept waiving the room charge for two whole weeks because of light naps. How did Frisk get by that long?

Papyrus started paying for them to stay in the Inn. He offered for them to sleep on his couch but they said no thanks.



Fake married ironpanther, including the absolute reach to justify this (im guessing aliens mistake them for being married somehow and they need good trade w/ the aliens so tchalla and Tony go along with it) well as the inevitable MUTUAL PINING

Tony directing potential suitors away f rom tchalla which he justifies to himself by saying that tchalla is still super green when it comes to international relations (sure Tony)

The inevitable sex pollen fic (Wakanda’s science division has been fucking around again)

Angst fic where Tony discovers tchalla hiding the ex-vengers away (admittedly I’ve mentioned this before but you get it twice aren’t you all lucky)

tchalla and Tony trying to matchmake shuri and rhodey and in the process become closer themselves

A fic set in either a D/s or an A/B/O universe where everyone warns tchalla about how wild and how shitty a sub/omega tony is, definitely bad news 0/10 would not recommend dating/mating and tchalla is like lol ok sure

We’re doing p well on the soulmate trope actually good job everyone

T'challa as the dude no one knows is royalty, trying to get w/ teacher tony but having difficulties because Tony’s students are too possessive of him and keep interrupting his flirting

Ironpanther basically being the mum and dad of the new-vengers

Possibly related to that, T'challa being a petty dick to the ex-vengers, making super passive aggressive comments to them like “tony is just so affectionate with the team, he’s always hugging us and kissing us and touching us. what’s that? he never did that with you guys? huh, weird. it’s almost as if he likes us more than he ever liked any of you.”

or maybe he tries being petty but ends up just being angry like “oh look what Tony made me the other day, a one of a kind weapon that does something amazing. …Tony made you something like this as well? …and you still treated him the way you did? jfc you’re all MORONS”

Tony getting hurt somehow and accidentally reveals his feelings (your choice on whether he says it because he thinks he’s gonna die or because he’s so out of it he’s not filtering his words)

T'challa thinking Harley is Tony’s son so he hangs out with him in order to better know his future son (Harley is very amused by this)

Oblivious Tony completely misunderstanding t'challas flirting

Thor and Bruce coming back to chill with Tony and tchalla getting a bit jealous of their interactions with Tony, especially bruce

Related, hulk challenging T'challa to a fight so tchalla can prove to hulk he’s worthy of his tin man.

Thor also challenging tchalla because he feels guilty about how things went down between him and Tony (I mean the choking scene), and also feels like things might not have gotten to the stage they did during civil war if he had been around to help, so he wants to make it up to Tony (Tony: SO YOU DECIDED TO FIGHT HIM??? Thor: I had to make sure he deserved you!)

Tony getting annoyed at them fighting tchalla for his honour but instead of making them stop he decides to fight the Dora milaje. Why? Because its 2 in the morning and Tony challenging every single Dora milaje to a fight at once is making me laugh (Tony: I need to prove myself! Tchalla: THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO PROVE YOURSELF THEN DYING YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS HERE)

honestly tho i just can’t wait for ironpanther to become so popular that we get all the cliche fics im so ready for them give them to me!!!

anonymous asked:

Hiiiiii!! So... could you please, please give me some tips on writing smut? I'm stuck on a fic because whenever I read back on what I already wrote, it feels sooooo stupid and very unsexy lol

hiii! smut-writing, i feel is one of the hardest things to do–a lot of people i know struggle with writing it, to the point that they end up forgoing it altogether. i definitely also have trouble writing smut; i cannot even begin to count the number of times i read my own shit and was like ‘what….what the fuck is this shit’ so you’re definitely not alone there! (sometimes i write it and don’t ever proof-read it because i’m just so done™️ you know? i am a bad example, kids) just attempting to write smut is a good enough start!

i don’t know how good my tips for writing smut would be because i only ever started really writing smut when i entered the 1d fandom (the first time i wrote a full smut scene, i published the story as my first 1d fic) but i will definitely try to give you a list of things i personally like to keep in mind when writing smut.

first, figure out what you like/dislike first. read a bunch of fics, or smut scenes, and find out what you like/dislike. you found something hot in this one scene? great, now try to pinpoint what exactly it was. was it the dynamic? the position? the emotion behind it? writing smut will only be fun and sexy to you if you write what you like and what you think is sexy!

second, i find that focusing on feelings rather than actions is hotter. like, for example, i find the sentence “the heat in louis’ stomach flared when harry backed him up against the wall” rather than “harry backed him up against the wall”. i think a description of feelings adds a layer of sexiness, you know? 

on that note, i think sensory descriptions are incredibly important as well. like take note of everything the character can feel, see, touch, taste, hear…and then describe the ones that are relevant. like in a scenario where they’re having morning sex, you’d maybe focus on the lazy way they’re moving, how their skin is still sleep warm and soft, the quiet gasps so as not to disturb the early morning…you wouldn’t really describe the birds chirping outside the window would you?

another thing i like to remember is to be vague. it’s tempting, i know, to detail everything out, but then it starts sounding methodological. ‘harry kissed louis, then slicked his fingers up, then blaaaah’. sounds like a lab sheet or something. i found, however, that a lot of things are sexier when left up to the reader’s imagination. of course, this doesn’t mean you just go around skipping a bunch of steps in the prep or whatever, because those are important, but. you don’t have to detail where one hand is all the time, you know? readers won’t magically think your character lost a hand. you just have to pick and choose.

also, remember that if you’re writing from one character’s pov, you don’t have to describe everything. humans’ brains can usually only occupy one thought at a time. for example, if harry is eating louis out, louis would be focused on the sensation of that, rather than, you know, maybe harry is jerking himself off while doing that. so you would describe how louis feels getting eaten out, without focusing/giving much attention to what harry is doing. 

this is more of a personal preference than anything, but i also like to make sure there’s a bit of tension when it comes to the foreplay leading to the event, you know? not like, actual fighting and stuff, just a bit of a push and pull between the characters. to establish a charged energy, or like. a description of how one character looks so turned on and is trying to reign it in, until of course he can’t. i personally enjoy that. it makes the actual fucking seem like something well-deserved.

and, there you go! at the risk of sounding like a tutorial, those are my smut-writing tips! if they weren’t helpful………sorry. feel free to like, ask if you’ve got more questions, or if you just wanna chat about writing in general, my ask is always open for that. <3 good luck on your smut nonny!

love-dreams-unless-delusional  asked:

How would the paladins handle a very clumsy s/o who always somehow ends up ok after their cluminess? (Example: Falling down a steep hill or stairs and then standing up and going "i'm ok" and then skipping off).

-you know whenever i get a request that i really relate to, i take a step back and wonder what the actual fck do i do with my life. the answer? fall down. for real, today i tripped on nothing. i was just walking down the hallway, it has no carpet and i was not wearing socks and i just fell down in the middle of the bare, hardwood floor


  • Is constantly worried about you
  • ‘Are u really ok???’ 
  • Questions your sanity 
  • He really wants you to go to the doctor
  • ‘that was a hUGE FALL’
  • ‘how- how do you miss that? do you need glasses, we can make glasses, pIDGE YOU CAN MAKE GLASSES RIGHT?’


  • seriously really freaked out at first
  • constantly questions if you are ok,
  • every time, without fail
  • he will never get used to it
  • “are you sure you want to fight y/n? you just fell down a flight of stairs.”
  • worries about and for you, but in a ‘its for your safety’ way and not in a ‘its for my sanity’ kind of way like hunk


  • incorporates it into your guys’ conversations. in example, you give a stupid solution
    • ‘“maybe you were hit too many times on the head there y/n”
    • “say that one more time, and people will be saying that at your funeral”
  • he’s like jkdhjhkjfhj whenever you fall because he doesn’t believe that you’re okay, sOMETHING HAPPENED
  • he spends forever trying to figure out what
  • ‘aHA old you used to boop my nose when i smiled”
  • “boop!” blushy lance follows because wow you sound so cute when u say boop and boop his nose i’m djkhjkdfhjk


  • whenever you fall she gets a mini heart attack
  • “y/N LOOK OUT” she always tries to warn you okay she will literally start walking ahead of you sometimes
  • even if you’re supposed to be her gaurd
  • you fall down the hills and stuff anyway
  • how??? she has no idea, she warned you 5 paces ago
  • she really can’t have someone that she loves getting hurt so much
  • she probably tries to ‘cure’ it 
  • nothing works ok, not even a device that was to walk in front for you and fall down hlls/etc so you know that they are there
    • you just forget it exists


  • he rushes to your aide the first time, right away okay
  • ‘are you okay, Y/N TALK TO ME’
  • he wants to fix this clumsiness
  • it’s not good for his focus when he’s worried about you actually hurting yourself
    • he’s such a caring boyfriend okay but like lowkey caring
      • like caring as in he’d do everything for you
        • but disguises it because he’s embarrassed
  • so he tries to train with you instead
  • this doesn’t work out well because well you’re really clumsy
  • ‘Y/N LOOK OUT’
    • “i’m…i’m okay don’t worry!”
      • ‘Y/N i swear to god
reading Seventeen's minds
  • Seungcheol: JEONGHAN omg he touched me he's so warm and I love his hair and I just
  • Jeonghan: omfg Coups needa chill I ain't about that life.. imma flip my hair so he'll get more frustrated
  • Joshua: o lord Jesus please let Seventeen do well at our next show.. and maybe give me some more time to speak in English because I kill that shit fam
  • Jun: mUST. AVOID. LOGOS.
  • Hoshi: imma squish squish, make them bitches swoon, then gaze seductively and indirectly impregnate millions
  • Wonwoo: I have no inspiration for these lyrics... well Mingyu is pretty cool, in a heterosexual, platonic way wOW IS IT HOT IN HERE?
  • Woozi: I fucking hate all of these people why am I here
  • DK: *birds chirping and beautiful music playing*
  • Mingyu: wow who is that? he's so handsome.. oh it's a mirror lmao hEY mirror-gyu ur lookin good 2day
  • The8: I don't understand any of what they're saying... just smile and nod, that shit always works
  • Seungkwan: is now an appropriate time to burst out into song? no? okay 1 2 3 gO
  • Vernon: *crickets*... did I load my macs before we left the dorm?
  • Dino: IN A FEW YEARS I WILL BE THE VISUAL FUCK ALL OF Y- oh hyung is coming gtg attack him with hugs

Tessa & Scott || off ice

  • Scott comforting Tessa after losing gold at Worlds 2011 [x]

anonymous asked:

Okay but Louis scrolled all the way down to June 1st to Bebe's tweet, i get that its that now they're collabing and its expected that they give shout outs to their singles BUT! The timing!!! Also because Bebe said that The Way I Are is a big fuck you to her ex record label, so with the warning selfie and previous events (with James Arthur and Elk)

I’LL TAKE IT it’s a double whammy of “i support you” and “i can relate to this on a deep level”

Oracle [Chapter 8]

Originally posted by jypnior

 Final Chapter of Oracle {epilogue to follow}

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Fluff/Smut

His words packed a strong bite as he skulked solemnly out the door, taking a piece of your heart with you.

You wished you could chase after him and tell him everything that was happening. It would all make sense if only it didn’t sound so ridiculous. All you knew was that you loved him, and you didn’t want to let him go.

But he was right. You betrayed him, and without trust how could you sustain a marriage? You had hurt him so deeply this time and maybe, for his own sake, it was time to let him go.

It was time to make a choice. Let Youngjae go and risk the possibility of losing him forever or go after him and throw all reservations to the side and love him the way he deserved. It had to be one or the other. This limbo between the two was doing nothing to benefit either of you.

You knew you would surely be miserable without him. The thought of not only living without your best friend but also the person you found a love you never knew existed in was entirely too much to handle. But would it mean his happiness in the long run?

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duhni07  asked:

Wow the way you wrote about that whole story involving Louis and Simon, it's just wow. Gives me a reason to hate Simon even more, for doing Louis like that. And I'm glad Louis always spoke up for the band even if he had to be one who got in trouble. It's one of the reason I look up to Louis because he just keeps on going even when they to put him down he continues to strive. I'm sorry you had to go through that yourself. No one should be treated like that

I mean, most of what I’m saying is purely speculation…but I wouldn’t be saying any of it if I didn’t believe it to be true. I know someone who was very close to me who, like I said, told me in no uncertain terms how Simon Cowell treated people and it disgusts me that he is in a position where he is manipulating children like that. Louis may have legally been an adult but just barely. People used to call Liam uptight, but people like Simon can read and assess how best to control others and I would imagine that he struck the fear of God into each of those boys to try and keep them in line and for Liam I’m sure threatening any chance at stardom if the others messed up was enough to make him anal about following the rules. 

My ex-boss was essentially training me to be the next him (like I said the similarities between the Louis/Simon situation and mine are quite stark) and he basically trained me to be a sociopath. Most people who are really great businessmen (businesspeople) can read a person or find out what motivates them most in order to get what they want. These are basic examples, but my boss told me that everyone falls into one category in terms of what motivates them most and it’s called “The Four Fs”: Family, Fame, Freedom, Fortune. Once you know what motivates someone it is very easy to manipulate them. People motivated by Freedom, like myself, are probably the most difficult to tame, which is why my boss eventually resorted to hitting me in the face, but at that point I decided freedom from him was what was most important. 

If you’re motivated by family, as someone who comes from a very large family and has just adopted four younger boys as his family probably is, threatening to hurt the people you love is a huge motivator and there have been very minor instances along the way which would suggest to me that Simon never punished Louis directly for his actions and that when Louis was in trouble the only way to get him in line would be to punish someone he loves. 

Again, these are just things that I’ve been casually thinking about for like four years now.  

husband | yixing

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

  • im already crying
  • you thought boyfriend yixing treated you right?
  • well honey youve got a big storm coming
  • when u go shopping he tells ppl ur his wife n theyre like wow cute! COS ITS CUTE BICH
  • loves lying in bed with u
  • watches u sleep in the least creepy way possible
  • like he’ll give u a soft kiss on the forehead and play with ur hair while u still sleep but when ur ass FINALLY wakes up BOY
  • his smile never leaves so his dimple becomes ur son
  • he’s called xing pond cos its small and on a star
  • honestly the happiest relationship???? everyone thinks its fake but its as real as ot9 fuc u if ur ot8
  • loves giving u things for just being alive like those teddy bears he gives u as a bf
  • super into dinner dates at expensive restaurants that have amazing nut busting views
  • would take pictures of u with the view
  • and pics of both of u im crying zhang yixing is real
  • always lets u know where he is
  • never lies unless its about how much he slept cos he doesnt want u upset at his overworking ass >:(
  • listen ye he’d love making u shy like he’d grab you and kiss u all over and cuddle u n ur like hehehhe yixing stop and he laughs against ur cheek
  • calls u princess all the time, or petal, his little lamb i hate u all for making me do this
  • writes u love letters and gives u a flower with each letter
  • pats ur butt a lot
  • makes u shower with him all the time
  • cant sleep unless ur asleep but u cant sleep unless he is so he fakes sleeping so u will
  • im love him

minseok | junmyeon | baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol | kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

anonymous asked:

i see that you like bokuakakurotsuki, have any fic recs for me? i like the ship but not sure where to start on the ao3 tag! thank you!!

Oh, wow, I didn’t actually expect to be asked for fic recs lol, since I’m fairly new to Haukyuu!! and all. BUT! In the last month I’ve been in the fandom, I’ve read quite a few bokuakakurotsuki fics, and here are some of them:

1. Mannequin Men (M) - Model AU, and I am a sucker for model AUs because I love the fashion industry.

2. Impudicity (M) - Dance AU. The writing is the way I like it, a tad postmodern (oops, my lit brain has turned its gears), but it’s lovely, and gives a lot of depth to the relationship.


4. Smutty 3rd Gym One-shots (E) - Filth. Absolute filth. Some feelings in the first installment, but other than that, complete filth.

5. Absurdly Happy (E) - Future fic. Well I am not absurdly happy when I read this, I damn near cried. But it’s very well-written, and I’m desperately waiting for the next (last) chapter (if the OP will finish it huhu).

6. Metanoia (E) - Omegaverse AU. Only establishing chapters so far, but the writing got me hooked, and I vowed to be patient.

7. Times Four (M) - Future fic. Kind of like Absurdly Happy. But, being me, I didn’t mind. As long as I get my well-written ship, I am a-okay.

8. @zanimez - Look through her tag list for the OT4 fics and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Most of these fics are written by the same person, mostly because I love their writing so much like omfgit’ssofrickinggood. 

I hope this is enough for you to start exploring, Anon! There are a lot more around, plus some doujinshi that I love to hell and back. If you want me to rattle off the couple I really like, feel free to hmu.

Happy shipping!

a-very-angry-harmonica  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you had any tips for getting neater/smoother line art? It's the biggest thing I don't like about my attempts to do digital art. Also, and sorry, but do you guys ever do nsfw art? Because wow, those thumbnails are something else xD you both are amazing, and keep being great <3

First of all thank you! :) 
secondly! First piece of advice is practice,  practice,  practice! A good exercise to do is just go back to the basics, draw hundreds of circles, and straight lines. just doodle them. Doing a dozen or so is a great way to warm up! Its especially good when you have art block and just wanna practice. 

Also there are tools that can help you. If you use paint tool sai, you can turn on the stabilizer. It gives a slight delay to your brush, and creates smoother curves to your lines. 

If you don’t use sai. Try out Lazy Nezumi. It has a TON more options than the stabilizer in sai. The program is independant, so it’s extremely compatible with art programs. As far as i know, literally every art program can use it.

hope this helps!