it's a genius idea


“Don’t worry! It’s all part of my master plan.”

“Yes, because crashing into a bunch of asteroids and then nose diving into some random, barren planet was a brilliant idea. Way to go genius.”

Okay everyone’s makin stuff about how lotor will be some flirtatious elf prince that hits on lance and keith gets jealous BUT why are we not taking about that random galra soldier keith rescued from the weblum?? As far as we can tell Mysterious Masked Galra is tall, well-built, and not a murderous asshole, and is more than capable of sweeping keith right off his feet. So I propose that instead of questionable lance/lotor work involving a dude we know nothing about, why don’t we switch to keith/masked galra man?? lance gets jealous and surprises eVERYONE by competing for keith’s attention and trying to one-up this galra that keith highkey has a crush on, like what an amazing way for the klance relationship to slow-build 

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Oh my it's much better than i thought. Precious sans, nice dresses, i like it! And haha san's morning singing... i laugh so hard, it's genius idea. Thank you! I'm so happy that you drawing my requests ^^ If you want i can offer one more idea. Dress party for sanses (ut, us, uf, sf (want see him more)). And papyruses in suits (like a bonus if you don't mind). Also i love sanses in dresses too <3

(i went a little overboard..)

haha, so i attempted (keyword: attempted) to draw them in real dresses _(:3」∠)_ i don’t really know men’s fashion so i kinda opted out of drawing the papyri..

see below cut for the dresses i used:

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Honestly I’m in awe of Julie’s ability to hide little things in everything she creates. It’s so subtle. It looks like it’s not even there. But it’s there and once you realize it, man it gets so real. She’s a sublimely talented director and writer. So incredibly inspiring.

Like in Er Jeg Sen, Sana is looking out the window, checking out the two cute guys out and she’s smiling. But soon enough, she’s startled by a loud reminder for duhr - a symbol of her religion (namaz or salah is one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith).
That’s a conflict right there. It’s two incredibly important parts of her identity that are suddenly at battle with each other at that moment. It’s that essential conflict every religious person faces.
But that isn’t the best part.
Even with these struggles, Sana refuses to give up. She chooses to remain trying to reconcile these two sides of the battle. She knows she may be ‘the biggest loser of them all’ being ‘a Muslim girl in a faithless country’. But she’s not embarrassed or tired by the shit thrown at her for it. When the woman sitting opposite Sana gives her a seemingly disgusted look on hearing the adhan (prayer call), Sana doesn’t back off or say sorry. The expression she returns says it all. She’s an unapologetic muslimah who holds her head up high.
Oh and let’s be real, we know she’s not going to stop checking out guys outside the window because it doesn’t fit what’s expected of her.
You see, Sana might always be in a state of mental struggle. But she doesn’t give up so quick. She refuses to take the easy way out by just abandoning any one of those identities. It might make things easier but she knows where her dignity lies.
Sure, the identities may be the reason she’s being torn down and made felt like she’s ‘different’ ('Muslim is another culture’ 'It might be difficult when you can’t have sex’). Sure, the identities may even be at war with each other. But she chooses to sit through the journey because she just knows she’ll finally reach the place where her dignity lies. A place where both these identities are reconciled and are at peace with each others’ existence. She knows it’s not going to be easy but she knows she will find it. Until then, she has decided to endure it with strength, dignity and above all, unending faith in who she is.
And that’s why I love Sana so much. She’s just a proud, strong, unapologetic, resolute fucking queen.
Maybe this season is going to be about Sana’s struggles. Of whether she should stay rooted or try and assimilate. Of how she’ll achieve it after she makes the choice. How she wades through the turbulent struggles of her identity and finally finds that place of peace. Whatever it is, I’m ready. Julie’s going to make things magical and Sana will remain the queen she is.

Walkin’ On Sunshine

Request: Hello there hope you are doing well. I was hoping you could write a one shot about Dr Spencer Reid where the reader is dancing around in her office organizing and Spencer walks in and then he joins her and Morgan then teases them @writing-of-all-fandoms

Pairing: Reid x Reader (could be taken as platonic or romantic), Morgan cameo at the end.

Fandom: Criminal Minds (around 685 words)

Warnings: like one swear word and mentions of an unsub lmao that’s it this is like straight fluff my man

A/N: this is my first ever imagine so please be gentle with me! Sorry if it’s short, and please continue to request. Check the ‘fandom list’ tab on my page for what I write for, thank you! -mel

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To say the day was lingering would be an understatement; the case you had just wrapped up was pretty lengthy, similar to a bunch of others the team had faced before. A classic story of an unsub murdering innocent women who reminded him of somebody from his past - somebody who had ‘wronged him.’

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shadowhunters fluff/sitcom/everyone is happy universe episode 1: pet shop

jace wants to get a pet to therapeutically heal from the falcon story and the gang goes along for moral support

once confronted with all the pups and kits and adorable faces the gang is suddenly much more invested and investigate ‘for jace’

luke is kind of bummed at first bc he used to love animals but now that hes a werewolf animals are always scared of him. but he doesnt want to ruin everyone elses fun so he tries to stay out of trouble and drifts to the back where he finds a wall of reptiles. one thin green one seems to be looking right at him. ‘just like harry potter’ luke thinks, smiling to himself. it is just like harry potter, luke. he tentatively reaches into its cage and picks it up. it wriggles around in his hands contentedly and wraps itself around his wrist. its smooth cold skin is refreshing since luke usually runs pretty hot since the change. he turns around to show someone his new friend (hopefully simon since hes always been terrified of snakes) and sees magnus holding a 30 pound yellow python around his shoulders. ‘just like britney’ whispers luke. ‘JUST LIKE BRITNEY!’ cheers magnus.

izzy and alec, meanwhile, gravitate towards the kitties and puppies respectively. they playfully banter over the differences between cat and dog people, quickly becoming less casual and more competitive. they give each other a look. cut to 10 minutes later theyre giving their troops battle speeches before they send them down the racetracks and obstacle courses they made out of treat boxes, jimmy jabs style

clary and simon go with jace to look at the hamsters and mice and bunnies. jace, with at least 2 tiny soft little furballs in each hand and a tear in his eye: ‘theyre okay i guess.’ simon and clary politely ignore his sniffling, even when he uses a guinea pig’s fur to dry his tears. clary and simon are good friends. theyre all amusing themselves picking out animals that remind them of the rest of the gang when simon says ‘guys. uh.’ by some wacky twist of circumstance simon has managed to release every single rodent in the store. ‘we should tell someone’ simon says intelligently, eyes wide with worry. ‘NO WE SHOULDNT WE CAN HANDLE IT’ jace and clary whisper frantically, eyes wild with determination. as it turns out, they can not handle it. they can not handle it at all.

Lex Luthors throughout History
  • Gene Hackman: I'M A GENIUS! (Bumbles like it's the goddamn three stooges, has no idea how real estate works)
  • Clancy Brown (Superman Cartoon): I'm a pragmatic, sinister businessman who is all too real for my 90s audience
  • Clancy Brown (Justice League): SCIENCE! ROBOTS! FUCKING BRAINIAC MAN Also I was almost President.
  • Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville): Clark I love you and you're like a brother to me but my first love is my RAGING GOD COMPLEX
  • Jesse Eisenberg: Who the fuck wrote this crap? Screw it, I'm doing the Joker.

My cat is living proof that I am 100% Pentatonix trash, because ladies and gentlemen I named him after them. His name is Makks, why’s it spelled with two k’s and an s instead of an x I hear you ask, well because…                            

 M - Mitch                                                                                                               A - Avi                                                                                                                  K - Kevin                                                                                                              K - Kirstie                                                                                                          S - Scott                 

I literally took the the first letter of each of their names and arranged them until I got a name. It’s now been 6 months since I got him and I regret absolutely nothing.  

I saw a post by @saltykei asking for Tsukki as the Morton Salt Girl and I

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Where do you get these amazing ideas from?

The secret is being arrogant enough to assume that every random-ass thought that passes through your brain is worthy of public scrutiny. If you post literally everything you think of, by sheer chance some of it will turn out to be pretty neat, and those will be the only bits that folks remember, thus fostering the impression that you’re some sort of creative genius.

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In order: nozoeli, rinmakk and then kotoumi~~

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I was thinking about something and you seem like a chill person so I want your opinion: why do you think BTS is so popular. I love BTS so much but I was just thinking about this, sorry if you don't answer it's okay!

OOOH !! That’s  a great question !!! I actually already talked about this with a friend. So I’ll tell my opinion :^DD

 I won’t say « it’s because they do good music/ write great lyrics » because it’s obvious. I mean if their music wasn’t good they wouldn’t be popular. And I also think that the HYYH era is for something but yknow i won’t talk about this. But I think why anon asked this is because a lot of groups also work hard and do good music but still struggle to have a good fanbase.

 Ok so I think it’s thanks to * tadadadaddada * the bangtan bombs.

 When you listened to their music for the first time, what did  you do just after that ? You watched a bangtan bomb. Everyone did that like its one of the first thing people do. Bangtan bombs are great because its short and you can easily know them, that’s why I think the bangtan bombs are for something, tbh  it’s just genius. Like I said it’s really easy to know the members after watching some BB, you learn their names in maybe 1 day or something and you can know more about them in a few days. With other groups it’s more complicated. You need to search on google, there’s not a lot of interviews or just videos about them soi t takes some time to actually know them. So for some groups you just listen to the album and then you stop searching about them and that’s it. But with the BB it’s really easy, and we all want to know them better and we can do that in 1,2 days. Since we know them quickly, we want to learn more and more and bam welcome in bangtan hell.  They become our friends or our brothers, we become attached to them, we enjoy to see their daily life, like we are a part of it. And more and more groups understood that, I can think about seventeen or ikon who did shows even before they debuted, I was a 17 and ikon fan even before their debut and I’m not the only one. So with their talent, the HYYh era and the bb they did a great combo.

 Plus I think this is why there’s more and more rude « armys ». Because some of us like bts not really for their talent but for them. When someone talks shit about BTS it’s like they insulted a family member. I think that’s also why a lot of « armys » hate some members. Because they dislike their personalities that’s all. And like I said some of them like BTS only for their looks/personalities. So they really don’t care if Jin has an amazing vocal or if Namjoon is just a genius at writing lyrics, they just dislike them. That’s pretty sad but well we can’t do shit about this.

please consider signing this?

this is Paris-terrorism and islamophobia related - I wish this didn’t have to exist, but sadly it does.

Okay so, there’s this Italian right wing newspaper named Libero which was never famous for its political correctness (or its unbiased opinions, anyway) which, the day after the attacks, had the genius idea of going out with this huge headline reading just Islamic bastards, obviously sprinkled with all the anti-Islam/Muslim rhetoric you might ask for. Someone opened a petition on to get the newspaper’s director expelled from the bar of journalists (he also deserves it for other reasons if you ask me but this specific instance was really unprofessional and not called for). I’m going to translate the introduction to the petition that you’ll find on the link at the bottom of the post, it would be great if people also from outside Italy might want to sign it and share this post - it needs 150k signatures overall and we’re at just over 100k.

The daily newspaper Libero, on the day after the Paris massacre, led by anti-western terrorists, has dedicated its first page and its headline to an anti-Islamic article titled ‘Islamic bastards’, going against every rule of professional ethics on the subject of incitement towards racial hate and providing the readers with fair information.

This article is signed by the paper’s director, Maurizio Belpietro, who is therefore unfit to remain even another day in the bar of journalists.

Actual petition text:

LETTER TO: the President of the national bar of journalists, Enzo Iacopino: after the despicable headline published on Libero’s first page on the day after the Paris massacre, we ask for Belpietro’s immediate expulsion from your bar.

This is the link to the petition.

I realize it might not sound like the biggest deal but there’s been a lot of fearmongering from the right wing going on in here and the last thing everyone needs is more assholes like this guy getting away with it. Thank you all very much if you decide to sign it.

ETA: as I already received wank over this, I’d like to state that in my country aka Italy, racism means discriminating against someone because all of the following: skin color, religion, nationality and ethnicity. So if I say this guy is being racist, according to my country’s definition of racism he’s in fact doing it. Thank you for the attention again.