it's a genesect

So N didn’t stop the Genesect project because of:

-The horrible experimentation and torture Genesect would have to go through

-The possible disruption of the Pokemon food chain by reintroducing an extinct predator to it

-The fact that it would be turned into a weapon for human use

It was because he thought it’d turn out uggo

Genesect - This ancient bug Pokémon was altered by Team Plasma. They upgraded the cannon on its back. Depending on the drive it holds, its signature attack, techno blast changes type. Douse makes it water type, Burn makes it fire, Shock makes it electric, Chill makes it ice while not holding one makes it normal.

anonymous asked:

Only four type+ability combinations have 0 weaknesses, and pure electric+levitate already exists. Any ideas for Ground/Water+Sap Sipper, Poison/Dark+Levitate, or Bug/Steel+Flash Fire?

Ground/Water+Sap Sipper…except for the Goomy line, every pokemon with the ability is based on an herbivorous mammal. Girafarig, Stantler, Sawsbuck, Miltank, Zebstrika, so on and so on. So you’re likely to be looking at a mammal that hangs around water or mud such as a beaver, capybara, hippo, or water buffalo. You could also go with a more unexpected animal like a Plecostomus.

Poison/Dark is a typing I’m very much for, but what could have that typing plus Levitate? A sea creature that floats through the air is always a possibility, like a cuttlefish, Portuguese man o’ war, pelagic sea slug, polychaete worm, or the sea cucumber Enypniastes. But that’s just one line of thinking. You might also go with something disease-related, like a huge bacterium or protist. A lot of Pokemon with levitate are animate inanimate objects (Bronzong, Claydol, Cryogonal), so I’m sure something else could come from there like a living potion flask or a really dirty thing. Or as a fourth route, evil fart cloud.

I love the Bug/Steel typing because the defensive capabilities mesh so nicely. And since arthropods already look like little organic machines, it’s a very natural typing. Almost as natural as grass/poison or rock/ground. Making a bug/steel is as simple as taking a bug and making its exoskeleton metallic: Scizor, Durant, Genesect, Forretress…and Escavalier is simply a twist on the concept. And of course you can get creative too like Trash Cloak Wormadam and my fakemon Capaciton who is a colony of Tubifex living in a toilet. But onto the point, Bug/Steel+Flash Fire has two big possibilities imo. Something that runs on a steam engine, like a locomotive that’s also a millipede. Or a bombardier beetle with a flamethrower for an abdomen. The only trick is that the ability would be best applied to something that could use Fire-type attacks, despite the fakemon obviously not being a Fire type.