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☆゚. * ・ 。゚ happy 2nd anniversary to gfriend!

during this two years, we were able to give you your first music show win and you rewarded us with so much attention… thank you for working hard, girls! remember to stay ture to yourselves, buddies are always by your side!

gfriend, let’s only walk on a flower path!  ☆゚. * ・ 。゚

Part 2 Meeting The Gillum's

You look back at your parents to see that they have already engaged in conversation with the Gillum’s again, paying absolutely no mind to you making it easier for you and Gerald to walk out the front door. As soon as you were out the door you grab his wrist and whisper “Not yet wait till we get to your house, my parents have security cameras.” He nods and continues leading you to his house as if his intentions were nothing less than what you wanted. Once the front door of his house is open he picks you up and slams the door shut placing you against it while attaching his lips to yours. “I want you to go upstairs and by the time I get up there you better be naked.” He says while sucking on your collarbones making sure to leave marks. “And what i-if I don’t Gerald?” You say moaning from the way his hands are gripping your ass. “Then Daddy will punish you Kitten, got it or do I need to demonstrate?” Gerald says firmly pressing you against the door while looking into your eyes. “Yes, Daddy.” You reply not wanting to make him even more mad, G sets you down and smacks your ass as you walk away up to his room which you can tell is the 3rd door on the right due to the black wooden door and the dark red furniture with large stereos and multiple CD’s laying around. You quickly slip your shoes off and unzip your dress letting it fall to the floor as you are now only in your bra since while you were running up the stairs you had slipped your panties off and left them on the top stair for Gerald to keep. You keep your bra on knowing it will piss him off, you put a random CD in which happened to be one of his raps and you laid on the bed as soon as you heard him come up the stairs you started to panic wondering what your punishment will be. He entered the room closing the door as soon as he turned around he glared at you and walked closer to where you were on the bed… (To be continued ahaha I’m evil)

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… gay for cas

((((i wonder how many times dean has said the same thing lmao))))

The hotel room blinds open, the bright sunshine hitting your face. You groan out loud, feeling a hangover begin to creep up on you.

“Rise and shine baby girl,” Gerald says in a cheery mood. Since when has he been a morning person? You figured he was just happy because the rolls were now reversed. To your surprise, G didn’t get drunk last night. You on the other hand went a little heavy on the liquor, definitely regretting it right now.

“Babe get up,” he lays his body on top of yours, squishing you.

“Gerald, it’s only 8 in the morning, and you are already annoying me.” Your voice was monotone, no emotion behind it. You kept your eyes closed, knowing that if you opened them the bright sun rays shining through the hotel window would be the deal breaker for the major headache that you’re about to get.

You feel G’s chest rumble on your back, he was laughing at you. He’s been so used to hangovers, it’s like they were part of his everyday morning routine. It felt odd for him not wake up with a headache.

“We need to be on the road in half an hour babe,” G kisses your temple a few times.

 "5 more minutes.“

"You wanna date a superstar baby girl, you gotta get used to the superstar life, now up,” G kisses you once more, running his thumb over your temple a few times and inhaling your scent. 

You roll around, facing him, finally opening your eyes, meeting G’s. 

“I love you, superstar.” 

G smiles, mumbling an ‘I love you’ before connecting your lips together. Even with a hangover, starting morning with Gerald were always your favorite. 

the worst trope is the one where a character writes a memoir or something based off the lives of the other characters in the show and then it’s a huge success within that world……i couldn’t think of anything more conceited or annoying tbh