it's a funny thing when your world falls down

Cuddle Mood Of BTS!

x while watching a movie

Rap Monster: 

He’ll take you in his arms so tightly but you’ll never understand the true aim. You’ll watch the film quietly but whenever you want to drink your cola he drinks it before you and he’ll say ‘’We kissed’’ with a little bit sarcasm. When the film finishes he’ll try to sleep with you and for every film final scene he’ll say ‘’Im sleepy and If you don’t sleep with me you can’t sleep too’’ so he’ll keep fighting for sleep with you and finally you’ll accept it.

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You two will keep fighting during the film because of snacks. He’ll try to take your chocolate but you’ll never give it to him. He tries to bite it everytime but you always eat all by yourself and he gives you a hug. A REALLY HUGE HUG. Till the film finishes, he’ll never leave your side and make sure you have a pretty purple face. In final scene, he always kisses your forehead.

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Pretty romantic one. When he is watching something, mostly films, he always cuddles you. When the film is going really so slow, he is talking with you about film. Smelling your hair is his habit while you two are talking. Whenever he is watching a horror film he takes you to his side and hides his face with using your lap. He always sleeps in your arms when the film finishes.

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When “Iron Man” starts he’ll forget about you and probably he’ll eat all candies by himself. In this situations you always drink all Schweppes. When he realize that you drank all of his drinks he’ll be so mad! But you know something! He’ll cuddle you in seconds and it happens too. He can’t get mad about this argue for a long time and actually it lasts 2 minutes. Like alwyas, he finishes all series about Marvel.

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Pervert n cute one! I know its funny but your relationship is the hottest and the funniest thing in this ‘cruel’ world! He usually fools you about 'romantic’ films. +18 scenes makes you mad when he enjoys all of this 'sudden’ things! When you hit him, he cuddles you and kisses your neck so slightly n you forget about everything. Actually, not everything but everything. 

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He is so cute! He always eats like a cat when he watches film! Marshmallow fluff is the best snack for him! When you try to eat his fluff he cuddles you and fight for the fluff! Fluff always falls down and finally… Fight scene starts!

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He never watches film when he cuddles you. He always praises and kisses your forehead. He says how beatiful you are all the time and he enjoys watching your red face. Its making you mad and he knows it but its fun to cuddle you for him! He loves your reactions and your red face.

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