it's a friendship thing ok

GOT7 reaction to you being shipped with them ( your male best friend)

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When your just his best friend of the opposite sex but all the fans ship you two together

thanks for the request sweetie ^_^
i hope you like it !
i did it assuming that its just a friendship thing no crush situation. hope thats ok.
~ahgase Omma 

he couldn’t be more indifferent if he tried. he’s really not phased by this at all. your guys are just good friends.

refuses to even try and understand how this could have happened! its like the biggest BS he’s heard in a long time, friends are friends.

fines it hilarious, he knows that he gets shipped with a lot of people, but this is just hilarious. he kind of expected it too, but it still the most random thing ever.

he doesn’t react much to it, he nows fans will be fans and ship you with everyone and ship him with everyone, its like an occupational hazard to him now

he finds it so funny that people have manage to ship him with you, even though they know noting about you, he doesn’t do anything about it, its just a little fun the fans are having.

he certainly sees the funnier to it, he’d even play it up a bit, like a new form of fan service! and we all know he is the king of that!

he’s not sad about it, but he’s not over elated by it either. he can see both sides to it, it’ll be strange for you two to hang out in public now because of it. but still its nice to be shipped with a close friend.

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141221 Junsu twitter update:
Jaejoong-nim has kept his birthday promise to me! It was noisy since the morning and when I came out, this massive 4 Metre tree was set up! Thank you Jaejoong-sama Heu heu I will have a warm year end thanks to youㅎ (c)

Jaejoong response:
@1215thexiahtic You got it^^ Hyung caught a cold so I’m sobbingㅠㅠ (c)

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I found this in a second hand copy of the collected works of poe and my first thought was to an otp


ENFP comes into the room to find that the lights are off, and INTP has fallen asleep in the middle of the day. He tries to gather his things and prepare to leave again as quietly as possible when INTP starts to stir.

INTP: *Stretches, and looks out the window*

ENFP: *Freezes*

INTP: *Looks over at ENFP and dazedly waves*

ENFP: Awww, duuuuuuuude, did I wake you up?

INTP: Huh?

INTP: Oh… I don’t know…

INTP: It’s fine, though…

INTP: *Looks around, distractedly*

ENFP: I’m really sorry man, I saw you were sleeping, and I tried to be quiet, I didn’t mean to, I’ll be out in a second, you can go back to it if you want.

INTP: *Getting out of bed* Huh?

INTP: Oh, nah, it’s fine, really, don’t worry about it.

ENFP: :/


ENFP: Well, now I feel really shitty…

ENFP: I promise I was being as quiet as I could be, I really didn’t want to mess with you, or anything.

INTP: *Waving away the comments* Haha, ENFP, it’s okay, trust me. I have some things I have to work on anyway.

ENFP: *Sigh* Okay… I mean, as long as you know…

ENFP: You sure it’s okay?

INTP: Yes, I’m absolutely sure.

ENFP: Okay.

genericartistperson  asked:

When marnie was there is not queer baiting. it's based off an old book. Girls can be close friends without being in love with each other y'know. In media, young girls are usually shown as having really close and innocent relationships. It's not a queer baiting thing it's a close friendship thing.


- blushes whenever they interact and Marnie gets too close (u know the whole moonlit rowing lesson thing)

- says i love you multiple times

- promises to keep their relationship a secret

- draws detailed portraits of her in her sketch book

- gets jealous when she sees marnie dancing with a boy

- forgives her for abandoning her bc she loves her even though she feels as if she’s been abandoned her whole life and has major issues around that

wow… so heterosexual and friendly. like tbh you dont even follow me i dont see why you would take the time out of your day to come on my blog and tell me my experiences and feelings as a queer person aren’t valid because you don’t think they are. how dare you. 

edit: i looked at your blog and ur not even worth arguing with… bye :-) 


It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and Lardo is outside in the reading room. She’s wearing one of Shitty’s hoodies and her mitten flaps are folded down so she can light the joint she’s holding. The air feels crisp, like it might snow tomorrow. Normally she’d just smoke in her room, but she’s just here visiting Bitty and it’s not her room anymore, it’s Tango’s, even if she is sleeping in it for the weekend.

Bitty crawls out onto the roof beside her. “Sharesies?” he asks. “Bro. Of course,” Lardo says as she inhales and passes him the joint. Bitty’s got a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket; Lardo tucks herself into Bitty’s side and gets cozy beside him. After a few more passes, Lardo turns to him and says, “You really love Jack, yeah?” Bitty sighs. “Yeah. I really, really do.” 

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