it's a friend's camera i used to take these pics

anonymous asked:

the look on your face in the proposal photo is just!! so precious n pure!!!

dude my roommate (who was taking the picture) was literally SO SNEAKY okay. so like. that fucking statue is called Beneficence and it’s on my college campus and like? we were driving past it and my roommate goes “Wow Benny looks so gorgeous tonight!” and i was like “O SHIT U RITE” and Alan THE SHITHEAD was like “what’s benny?” and i was like “omg dude its that statue” and my roommate was like “LETS GO SEE BENNY” so we piled outta the car and my roommate shoved some roses in my hands and i was like?? um ok that’s fine its my birthday w/e. and she told us she wanted to take our picture by benny. so i got all ready and started smiling at the camera except alan wasnt there? so then this happened: 

where i literally was like “lol whatchu doin?” and then i realized (in that pic i linked before) and then i started crying and it was a mess and now that im thinking about it all of my friends were being so fucking obvious about it and i hate all of them