it's a freaking fantastic book


F R O S T B L O O D B Y E L L Y B L A K E 

I am obsess with Frostblood ! I was just pick it up for a quick read not expecting much bc I keep seeing reviews that this book was “dull” the same of every YA Fantasy. I decided to take a break from studying and read. Just a hour - NOPE ! BYE !  IT TOOK ME OVER FOUR HOURS TO READ AND I AM IN LOVE AND OBSESS WITH RUBY AND ARCUS. I understand everyone has a opinion, but the characters were witty, clever and feriece and amazing. I never laugh and enjoy every moment with ALL characters. I enjoy everything about this book. It really made my day more fun and enjoyable. This book is not dull, or boring, its freaking fantastic and needs to be shared and love.  I cannot stop talking about it with my classmates. All I want to do is snuggle with Arcus.I. DIE. He just one of those character you want to hate but once you realize and get to get pass their wall, you fall for them. Just amazing book if anyone needs something to read.