it's a forbidden romance

making sliders by moonlight

fixing subs by daylight

curling fries until they’re just right

it is the Arby’s restaurant

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what don't you like about jemma? or julian? absolutely no hate, your opinion is your opinion and i totally respect that. I just really like your perspective and opinions on the books, and as someone who is so so about the ship and julian in general, i'm curious. btw i'm sorry if you've already answered this and i missed it

thank you for being so respectful about this and polite I love you????

I don’t think I had any initial attraction to the ship (CoHF emma and Julian were cute tho don’t @ me) because for me the forbidden romance story has just run its course, lady midnight was also really really slow in developing them and I just felt bored most of the time because I saw them more as bff’s than bf and gf, but generally I don’t like julian all that much because his actions and train of thought just rubs me the wrong way most of the time. 

he’s set to become an anti hero and they can be quite controversial, but in this instance i’m not for it :// the whole sacrificing the parabatai bonds so he can be with emma (we don’t even know that the seelie queen hasn’t manipulated them into some horrible deal, julian hadn’t read the terms and conditions of the seelie queen’s promise yet he still jumped on board right away) and it would be ruining all of their friend’s lives, friends who have risked their lives to help them out of situations out of the goodness of their heart, and he was willing to break one of the bonds most sacred to them just like that. I was completely taken aback and honestly horrified tbh, and I think that’s when started to dislike him ://

There were other little things too - calling tessa unfaithful on Blackfriars bridge (before you attack me, julian and emma knew how sacred the bridge was to jem and tessa, they discuss it in the bonus scene, they (the blackthorns) also know the majority of their story (how else would livvy know about will burning his hands for jem’s yin fen?)), when he kicked a mug across the room and it shattered because he was so angry with emma he couldn’t contain it, and the line that keeps coming back ‘julian, you scared me.’ to me, not very romantic at all. there’s some other stuff but I don’t want to bore you with negativity lol.

he’s a very complex character who is developed and has had struggles and hardships in his youth, but as a person and a person to ship emma with, I don’t like him. he’s an antihero which makes him a very interesting and i’m intrigued as to what he’ll do in the next book, but it’s pretty plain and simple - I don’t like him as a person.

I can feel my follower count dropping um please don’t attack me bc I don’t like a popular character thanks #rosastairsftw

playlists for wckin!

the clan is much more than ourselves: a mix for the ones who dream of hunting patrols, border scrabbles, and to sleep in a bed of moss under silverpelt; the ones look for starclan in the sky
indie, electronic, alternative, synthpop

memories: wish i could turn back time to when you were still around
folk, indie, swedish

i don’t feel so alone: fanmix for the fallen ancestors who hunt with starclan and the tribe of endless hunting alike, ones who passed in the forest, the mountains, around the lake, and all journeys in between
indie, rock, alternative, electronic

light your path: for the cats of starclan
experimental, folk, indie, electronic, ambient

fire and iceAn instrumental mix for the second Warriors series, with all its fights and forbidden romance.
soundtrack, instrumental, trailer music, epic

i know you’re out there: for the wild cats deep within our forests among the rivers and mosses and grasses and fields.
indie, folk, experimental, alternative

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It's a popular paining but I'm all for the forbidden romance. A cool and mysterious slytherin boy falling for a dorky and bubbly hufflepuff girl? How do you think that would play out? I think it'd be cute- like everyone's like "oh my goodness how do we approach him he's sooo hot" and she just bounds over to him and talks to him to make sure he feels included.

That does sound cute!

orientalism: need I say more?

you can totally tell this movie was written/directed by a white man because of its portrayal of hijabis. i am not too fond of its “forbidden romance” theme either…pair a hijabi up with a white army man! what a novel idea!

i’ll just sit here and wait for the day i finally get to watch a movie with characters i can actually relate to.

ps check out its sex scene to get a better idea of what I mean when i say that

pps why does a movie about muslims only have white people in it

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❤️ Teacher x Student ((for the forbidden romance thing. if it's okay with you can ernst be the student?))

“Ernst! I didn’t think I’d see you here today. Don’t you have other things to do?” Miles looked up from his grading and smiled widely at the young man who’d entered his office.