it's a forbidden romance

Guys I’m like 20k deep in this Mass Effect fic and I really like it so if you want to read it when I’m done I’ll post it here and we’ll see how adventurous you are because it’s like THE FURTHEST THING FROM 1D EVER. But also not? Idk. 1D can be everything, can’t it? I should probs just do a find and replace on the names of my spaceship crew and VOILA. A 1D fic! Everybody happy!

  • straight people: wow i love forbidden romance novels its so inspiring and romantic how they love each other in spite of the government and society telling them that they are wrong and they fight to be together even when they are persecuted for it!
  • gay people: hi
  • straight people: uhm excuse me wow stop shoving your gay agenda down my throat wtf
  • straight people: anyway could you imagine if stuff like this happened in REAL LIFE?

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It's a popular paining but I'm all for the forbidden romance. A cool and mysterious slytherin boy falling for a dorky and bubbly hufflepuff girl? How do you think that would play out? I think it'd be cute- like everyone's like "oh my goodness how do we approach him he's sooo hot" and she just bounds over to him and talks to him to make sure he feels included.

That does sound cute!

playlists for wckin!

the clan is much more than ourselves: a mix for the ones who dream of hunting patrols, border scrabbles, and to sleep in a bed of moss under silverpelt; the ones look for starclan in the sky
indie, electronic, alternative, synthpop

memories: wish i could turn back time to when you were still around
folk, indie, swedish

i don’t feel so alone: fanmix for the fallen ancestors who hunt with starclan and the tribe of endless hunting alike, ones who passed in the forest, the mountains, around the lake, and all journeys in between
indie, rock, alternative, electronic

light your path: for the cats of starclan
experimental, folk, indie, electronic, ambient

fire and iceAn instrumental mix for the second Warriors series, with all its fights and forbidden romance.
soundtrack, instrumental, trailer music, epic

i know you’re out there: for the wild cats deep within our forests among the rivers and mosses and grasses and fields.
indie, folk, experimental, alternative


A Spinoff Show of Cas and Dean’s romance. Come on, you know we need it. 

prompt: Post-canon. They hide their relationship while Sasuke is on trial.

note: god i love forbidden romance its so HOT! also hope this cheers u mofos up bcuz 680 sucked. never forget 632 

In all honesty, Sakura did not know what she and Sasuke were. She supposed they were dating, or lovers. They had a relationship. She never gave it much thought, because when it came to Sasuke, it was always better to not think about it at all. He was indecipherable.

Sakura rapped her fist against his door once and then turned the doorknob and walked in. He laid on the bed, arms tucked under his head. She shot him a small smile as she closed the door behind her. He sidled over to the other side of the bed because he knew she liked the right side. Slowly, she climbed into the bed and rested her head on his arm.

“The Rookies had an intervention with me today,” she mentioned quietly, closing her eyes and inhaling. “They think I’m spending too much time with you.”

“Aa…” his hand came up to rest on her shoulder, pressing his face into her hair.

“They think you’ll upset me.” Sakura turned over, facing Sasuke’s stare.

Sometimes he looked like he was in a difficult struggle. It scared Sakura. He’d always been selfish, only taking things for himself, but sometimes he looked at her as if he might give up his happiness for the sake of hers. She thought, this was the time to be selfish, Sasuke. She wished he would be.

“Do I?” Sasuke intoned, gazing at her.

“I can’t say you don’t,” she smiled at him again, laughing softly to herself, “but they think you’ll hurt me.”


She could tell he was going to give it up for her at this moment. Her heart palpitated in her chest and her throat constricted. Her fingertips were cold, almost freezing, as she dragged them over the back of Sasuke’s neck. She pressed his forehead to hers.

“Don’t do that,” Sakura whispered lightly, “I’ve never been happier and scared. Don’t leave me… again.”

His eyes darkened. “I might not make it, Sakura… I may be sentenced to death today. You know that.”

“I’m not expecting to lose you to anything less,” she furrowed her eyebrows and pursed her lips. “Do you hear me? Till death do us apart, Sasuke-kun.”

Sasuke fell silent, keeping his eyes on her. She returned his stare, eyes not wavering in the slightest. He finally exhaled, brushing his nose against hers. He pressed his lips to hers and nodded in agreement.

orientalism: need I say more?

you can totally tell this movie was written/directed by a white man because of its portrayal of hijabis. i am not too fond of its “forbidden romance” theme either…pair a hijabi up with a white army man! what a novel idea!

i’ll just sit here and wait for the day i finally get to watch a movie with characters i can actually relate to.

ps check out its sex scene to get a better idea of what I mean when i say that

pps why does a movie about muslims only have white people in it

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You meet a beautiful woman. You fall in love instantly. You are both inseparable, but one day, she says "honey, I have a secret." She peels back her face to reveal a coconut. She is one of them. A coconut and a woman in a forbidden romance.

its over. im already on okcupid before the mask is halfway off. im swiping everybody right on tinder. im on plentyoffish. i dont even care if i get an actual fish at this point. i dont need a coconut in disguise in my life. hope she finds a nice pineapple or something. hope she can be happy in life. me? no. im no coconerd

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❤️ Teacher x Student ((for the forbidden romance thing. if it's okay with you can ernst be the student?))

“Ernst! I didn’t think I’d see you here today. Don’t you have other things to do?” Miles looked up from his grading and smiled widely at the young man who’d entered his office.