it's a forbidden romance

zc-fangirl13  asked:

Why do I love your blog so much????

Ahhh thank you! Probably because its about the all time greatest cartoon ever? And the forbidden romance of 2 complex characters who deserved to be with each other 😄 honestly its so fun for me to find new posts about atla/zutara and share them with people who enjoy it just as much as me. This show was my childhood and nostalgia just keeps me going strong 💪

playlists for wckin!

the clan is much more than ourselves: a mix for the ones who dream of hunting patrols, border scrabbles, and to sleep in a bed of moss under silverpelt; the ones look for starclan in the sky
indie, electronic, alternative, synthpop

memories: wish i could turn back time to when you were still around
folk, indie, swedish

i don’t feel so alone: fanmix for the fallen ancestors who hunt with starclan and the tribe of endless hunting alike, ones who passed in the forest, the mountains, around the lake, and all journeys in between
indie, rock, alternative, electronic

light your path: for the cats of starclan
experimental, folk, indie, electronic, ambient

fire and iceAn instrumental mix for the second Warriors series, with all its fights and forbidden romance.
soundtrack, instrumental, trailer music, epic

i know you’re out there: for the wild cats deep within our forests among the rivers and mosses and grasses and fields.
indie, folk, experimental, alternative