it's a fire tornado

the signs emotions as natural disasters
  • aries: sandstorm // strong and fatal, but can be forgiving and short term
  • taurus: hail // hits fast and hard, over just as soon as it began
  • gemini: volcano // great one second, ad the next, its exploding and destroying everything
  • cancer: earthquake // sometimes its nothing, sometimes it'll make everything crumble down
  • leo: drought // dry, empty, yet vital
  • virgo: epidemic // silent, deadly, gets into people and destroys them from the inside out, all at the cost of itself
  • libra: thunderstorm // leads to other disasters happening, quick and forgiving
  • scorpio: tsunami // dark, beautifully destructive, unpredictable, powerful, intense, mercilessly destroys everything in its wake
  • sagittarius: fire // alluring, untamable, destroys everything in its path
  • capricorn: tornado // starts as nothing, unpredictable, but undetectably turns into a force strong enough to fuck up everything you know.
  • aquarius: windstorm // runs on a mind of its own, effects everything low-key, can cause a beautiful breeze or a hurricane
  • pisces: flood // can be too much of a good thing, yet easily tamed