it's a fart joke

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

Honestly Keith is the kind of person to say something like “Sorry I was taking a shit” and Lance is the kind of person to rightfully be offended that they’d ever even had breathed air in the same room with a person that had the audacity to speak those words out loud

i love how within a year the dynamic of lapidot fanart has totally changed. like, a year ago, peridot was typically the grumpy no-nonsense one and lapis was the goofy one who always made jokes in fanart. then peridot got redeemed and the roles completely switched. im not saying either is better than the other or that this change was bad, but its certainly interesting to think about how a ship could change so much, and how its bizarre to look back on old fanart where lapis makes fart jokes and peridot is like “i dont have time for this”

What Am I Wanting?

What is it that I’m looking for in the seventh season? Well, I’m glad that you asked…

Focus on Fan-Favorites – Season six was great. Don’t get me wrong, but a whole plethora of fan favorites were relegated to the sidelines, including: Ice King, Flame Princess, and Marceline. All of these wonderfully diverse characters got one or two episodes a piece. I realize that using these characters every once and awhile means that their episodes are all the sweeter. But c’mon, throw the fans a bone!

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Humor-Darkness Balance – The past few seasons have been very dark. I usually find darkness appealing, and I often think it’s a great way for a show to strengthen its writing chops (farts jokes are easy… writing about death isn’t), but I’d love for an infusion of season two-esque humor. I want to laugh all the while contemplating my place in the universe.

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“Bad Jubies” – The guest animated episodes are (for the most part) dope. As of right now, “A Glitch is a Glitch” is my absolute favorite, but the small snippet of “Bad Jubies” that we’ve been privy to suggests that I might have a new favorite. I love stop motion (”Wallace and Gromit” holds a special place in my heart), so needless to say, I’m thoroughly pumped.

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Greater Emphasis on Background Mysteries – Back in the ol’ days, the backgrounds used to be littered with debris and little miscellaneous hints at the Mushroom War. A good smattering of these little clues were planted by Ghostshrimp. Imagine my surprise when it was revealed that he returned to create around 70 background pieces for the “Stakes” miniseries! The series itself also brought in several new background artists (like Andy Ristaino, Patrick McEown, Shane Hillman, and Clark Synder), so maybe we’ll be seeing more little clues in the future.

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“Stakes” – Do I really need to say anything about this? 8 straight episodes dealing with a) my favorite character and b) her backstory and history. It’s a fan’s dream come true! From the hints and rumors that have been floating around, it seems that the miniseries will revolve around Marceline dealing with the older Vampire King. I’m very excited to see who the show cast as the vampiric baddy.

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What do you want to see?

kill la kill is such a weird show to think about because its a wacky slapstick comedy with limited-animation gags & fart jokes but its also set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic hellscape where one of the world’s largest remaining cities is ruled through an extremely classist violent fascist self-contained meritocracy by five teenage generals who have amassed an army of semi-willing child soldiers in a last desperate hope to save the human race from complete extinction, because they are the only ones capable of fighting the threat and are willing to do literally anything, including martyring themselves and becoming literal violent merciless dictators, to stop the impending apocalypse, And Then Ryuko Shows Up