it's a faaaaaaake

So my brother is getting a PS4, which is why he gave me his PS3 and all of his games for Christmas. And now it looks like I’m a total gamer girl when in reality I have never owned any type of gaming console in my entire life, much less learned to play. I’m a bit overwhelmed. What am I supposed to do with it? I guess I just involuntarily joined the “fake gamer girl” club. Guess I have to try it out and best/worst case (I don’t have any time as it is!!) I’ll actually become a gamer? Which is why he gave it to me in the first place, he wants me to get into gaming because he thinks I’d be awesome at it and enjoy it. Well. Here goes nothing.

What does it say about Tumblr that we’re willing to wholesale believe any extreme story so long as it aligns with our opposition to an ideology? We’re not even willing to see if its true.

This is in regards to that post about the african child telling Madonna to fuck off, but it is symptomatic of Tumblr in general. We are so caught up in our desire to fight oppression that we’re willing to believe any story, no matter how sensational, of extreme resistance.

Check your sources.