it's a drug. oh my

Got started on a long awaited campaign for World of Darkness today. The Child character I built for fun/tropes is turning out to be extremely useful. Basically the only thing he started out with before the campaign was talking to his Grimoire and Occult knowledge – now he’s full on the kid from The Sixth Sense and I love it.

Also we unanimously decided his grimoire was basically like Book from Hocus Pocus and he carries it like a backpack because of how big it is.

It actually really fucking sucks that my family have given me a bad taste for everything like I can’t even laugh about something because it hits home for me


“I can’t keep doing this…but neither can you!”

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The signs as things my band members said on Band Tour
  • Aries: "There's more muscle in me than meat."
  • Taurus: "What in the name of corn on the cob!?"
  • Gemini: "Under my dead body."
  • Leo: "Don't you want Nick's Nicoles nickel?"
  • Virgo: "It's probably the fucking po-boy."
  • Libra: "Boom chicka OOH YEAH"
  • Scorpio: "Google maps knows where I am!"
  • Sagittarius: "I bought a giant snake"
  • Capricorn: "DRUGS! DRUGS! DRUGS!"
  • Aquarius: "Oh my god it's a hill!"

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I am attracted to each one of the Overwatch characters to the extent of which I cannot discuss them without involuntarily screaming very audibly. I speak of them constantly when drunk. I cannot separate myself from them with the barrier of a sense of fiction. The very prospect of playing Overwatch exhilarates me because of this; I think of it as almost I think of sex. It's like a drug. It's made me unable to exit my apartment comfortably

oh my fucking god