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Gunshot (a sneak peek)

So… This was written way back in January (yikes), when I first started to write the mafia au fic 8 Days a Week and only @kawaiilo-ren and a couple other people have seen it. You might think you’ve seen it before, because Kait is a babe and she’s been drawing the amazing comic of this scene (and murdering me along the way). 

My plan was to keep this private until it was time to publish it on Ao3 but life is short and I actually like this. People will probably forget by the time it’s published there anyway, oops. 

Under the cut because it’s long. 

Hospital hall is looking cold and bleak under the fluorescent lights, like it did many hours ago. Yuri doesn’t remember how long it’s been since he left the building but coming back feels like returning from war, maybe. He doesn’t know what war feels like. It must be exhausting, if it resembles this even slightly. 

Ignoring his shaking hands is easy, as is turning a blind eye to his pulsating head ache. His body is crashing after riding through the adrenaline waves and he would kill for a nap; but that would make the list of things worth killing for longer and he isn’t sure if he is ready to deal with the paperwork. He isn’t ready to deal with anything yet, he just wants to return the weapon to its true owner and fall into a lifelong slumber.

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Please, give that hanahaki disease AU a happy ending? Pretty please?

“…What do you mean you can give me more time?” Obi-Wan stared at Helix, Cody at his shoulder and Anakin at the medbay door.

“I mean if you allow it, I can remove the build up of flowers in you. Its straining, it will be uncomfortable and you have to be awake for the procedure, but it will give you a few more months.” Helix offered before pulling something up on his pad. “This is a suction device.” He turned the pad and showed them the machine. “You insert the tube down the esophagus and into the lungs. Once down, you turn on the machine and it sucks out as much of the petals and flowers as it can without removing it. The feelings remain…as does the disease.” Helix swallowed.

Obi-Wan stared at the machine, taking in the long tube that would be going down his throat and into his lungs. ‘While aware…’

But it would give him a few more months. It would give him time.

He caught Anakin moving from the corner of his eyes, the knight looking hopeful.

“…Alright. I’ll do it.”


Breathing gets easier for a few months, the treatment for hanahaki is rough though, it leaves Obi-Wan feeling weak and dizzy the two days after its happened and a bit needy.

Clinging to whoever was closest.


Who wouldn’t leave him alone, who held him tight and rubbed his back as Obi-Wan wheezed for air.

Anakin holding him carefully while rubbing his back, whispering quiet comfort into his ear. And for every bittersweet moment Obi-Wan can feel himself love this arrogant, wonderful, uncertain, angry, kind and generous young skilled man a little more.

A little more love for a man who doesn’t love him.

A little more love that’s going to kill him.

Quinlan drags him away for a drinking night the day he’s back in the temple, Obi-Wan doesn’t really get to leave much anymore, coughing up flowers everyday as he is.

He may be two glasses down in a nice bottle of whiskey, Quinlan pressed against his side when the cough hits and he spews up bloodied petals and flowers on the kiffar’s floor, the man hitting him on the back and rubbing. “Sweet Force Obi-Wan.” The man cursed.

Obi-Wan gave a choked laugh, tears streaming into his beard as he continued hacking up the flowers until he was done. “…Sorry.” He rasped out and took the glass, swirling his mouth with whiskey to clear out the taste of blood and perfume in his mouth. “Sorry ‘bout the mess.” He got out, feeling bad about washing his mouth out with whiskey of all things.

“Kark forget the mess, Obi-Wan…” Quinlan stared at him before looking at the flowers, staring at them.

And then the yellow stripe over his nose wrinkled along with his forehead. “…Obi-Wan, these are Tatooine flowers, I recognize these, they’re flowers from the pika fruit tree” He settled on, voice oddly quiet.

“So?” Obi-Wan wiped the back of his mouth with his sleeve. The Quartermaster no longer minded it when Obi-Wan asked for spares, if anything she looked at him with pity as she eyed whatever blood stain on his clothes that was visible at the time.

“So the only being in this Temple I can think of that’s from Tatooine that you spent time with is Skywalker.”

Obi-Wan froze then raised weary eyes to Quinlan. “…What do you want me to say Quin? That I love Anakin with all my heart? That I’m creepy old man for loving him? That I shouldn’t…” Obi-Wan looked away. “…Yes I love Anakin. Yes its his flowers. And no I am not going to tell him. I’m not going to force him to love me.”

“Obi-Wan…” The other reached out and rested his hand on the redhead’s shoulder. “Your not a creepy old man.”

“He was my padawan Quinlan. He’s so young still.”

“And now he’s an adult. Obi-Wan, he’s only fifteen years your junior. I’ve seen age gaps that close in on forty to fifty years between pairs, yours wouldn’t even make people blink.” Quinlan firmly. And then his face softened. “Obi-Wan… if there’s even a chance he loves you…”

“If he doesn’t love me, I won’t leave him with the guilt I know he’ll feel.” Obi-Wan took another sip of the whiskey. “…Quinlan. I’m not going to tell him. And you are not going to do it either, promise me.”

“…You’re going to die Obi-Wan.”

“I know.” The two stared down at the mess of bloodied flower petals.

Outside Quinlan’s door, Anakin’s fist dropped from its frozen position where he had been about to knock as he stared at the door he had been standing outside the last ten minutes.

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i'm not sure if you're taking requests yet but if you are can we get some odasaku, atsushi, and dazai nsfw dry humping hc's please :)


• When Dazai wants your attention early in the mornings while you’re trying to get ready for work he pulls you beneath him on the bed and starts a very passionate and heated make-out session that makes your knees weak. Protesting against his lips only makes it all the more challenging and he’ll start rubbing his growing bulge between your legs because even through clothes he knows how to grind his hips to make you moan.

• There is never a time when you’re seated on Dazai’s lap that he’s not actively grinding your hips into his. When boredom strikes at work and you happen to be walking by Dazai yanks you on to his lap and pulls your legs around his waist, hand snaking down to cup your ass. If there’s people to witness Dazai is subtle and arches just enough to get you panting, but if you’re alone he all but makes you cum with his over-the-clothes grinding.

• If you’ve been a little naughty during the day Dazai practically ignores all of your subtle attempts to gain his affection until you both get home. Dazai lives to tease, and even if he’s been wanting to take you in to the closet for a quick fuck all day he pretends like there’s nothing amiss. Once you’re home, however, your wrists are tied straight to the bed post and Dazai grinds on your spread legs. He keeps your underwear on until you’re begging for some real friction—but that rarely works.

• When Dazai drinks he gets more about physical touch over teasing you with his words and when you’re both in public at a bar he throws subtlety out the window regardless of your stance on public sex. Dazai won’t force you, but if he will pin you against the wall outside in between alleyways and knock your legs open with his knee so he can get that perfect friction until you’re begging him to take you.


• Morning sex with Odasaku starts with him groggily wrapping his arms around your waist and tugging your back flush with his chest. His hips move slowly against your ass, little nibbles of kisses scattered up your neck until he’s awake enough to flip you over on your back and really start rolling his hips into you. He’s handsy and nippy, usually your panties end up getting yanked to the side because he’s too damn impatient.

• When after work couch cuddling turns into something hotter and heavier Odasaku grips your hipbones like you’re going to slip away if he doesn’t latch on to you. Kissing is important in Odasaku’s book of affection, but that doesn’t mean his mind doesn’t immediately dive to the naughty end of the pool immediately. His grinding starts off slow with his hands cinched over your hips but as the kisses get heavier his grinding will escalate just as fast.

• Rolling your hips back and forth on top of Odasaku while he still has boxers on is a sure fire way to get his laid back façade to crack in half. Odasaku doesn’t care much for being tied up but if you happen to slide a pair of handcuffs over his wrists and tease him with a little panties on boxers grinding he’ll quickly loose his calm demeanor. Odasaku is not one to beg, but he will arch in a way that sends an electric shock down your spine until you’re the one ripping your panties off.

• Though rare there are times in the middle of the day Odasaku can’t shake the urge to toss you into his car for an afternoon quickie. But, if you’re swamped with paperwork or something that keeps you chained to your desk he’s not above suggesting you use him as a chair or move somewhere more comfortable like the couch. Once you’re accessible to him Odasaku starts slowly winding his hands down your thighs to yank them around his waist. The more fight you put up—like holding paperwork in front of your face or ignoring his actions—the harder he starts to move into you with his half-hard cock.


• Most of the time Atsushi is responding to your movements rather than starting his own. If you slide onto his lap for a passionate few kisses he immediately arches up into you as a reflex. In his mind he’s craving the friction but he’s too embarrassed to start anything on his own most of the time and so he follows your lead. His hands grip your waist to keep you steady as he experiments with little movements to see if he can make you gasp at least once.

• One of Atsushi’s weak points is right after you both lay down at the end of a long day and you’re relaxed in comfy clothes and messy hair. Atsushi usually finds himself wanting you more around this time, and he’ll timidly (at first) tug you on top of him while he peppers you with kisses. Once things get heavier he gets a bit more aggressive and flips you over, actively spreading your legs and grinds into you without even realizing he’s doing it at first.

• Atsushi isn’t comfortable enough to do anything other than kiss you behind a locked door on the third floor of the ADA building, but being alone-but-not unleashes a more aggressive side of him. He’ll push you against the wall and grind into you with his hands threaded in your hair. This doesn’t last long because he’s nervous Dazai will ‘accidentally’ walk in (its happened before), but he leaves you dizzy and thinking about him all day.

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Baby you need to sleep. It's been 3 days

Tony feels already dizzy. He knows he is awake for far too long again, but he needs to do it. And he wants to do it perfect, because it’s for Peter.

“J?” Tony asks and he rubs his eyes. God he doesn’t even know how long he is down here.

“Sir?” Jarvis asks back and Tony yawns loudly, before he can answer.

“How long am i here now?” Tony sits down on his chair and looks at his invention again. It looks good, but he needs a few more tests, to be really sure. Jarvis closes a few blue screens.

“60 hours, Sir.” Jarvis answers immediately and Tony sighs. He knows that he took a nap yesterday…or was it today? And Dum-E made enough smoothies for a year.

“Whoops.” Tony says and he takes the invention in his hand. Carefully he turns it around and watches it closely. It looks really good. Tony feels proud at that and his cheeks feel warm.

He can’t remember the last time, he was proud of something he invented. Maybe as a kid, but then Howard always ruined it. He never was proud of the weapons, nor of the arc reactor.

It still feels like it burns into his skin sometimes. Not because it hurts him, but because he still feels ashamed of it.

“May i suggest shutting the workshop down for now?” Jarvis says and Tony shrugs. If he leaves the workshop, then he has to see Peter.

“W-where is Captain Quill?” Tony asks and is a bit afraid of the answer. Normally Peter visits him everyday in the workshop, but he didn’t the last days. Maybe thats a bad sign.

Maybe is just as tired as Steve was from Tony. Because he still works a lot. Tinkers everyday. But he needs this!

“On his way down.” Jarvis replies and Tony hastily opens a drawer and throws the invention in there.

Not a second too late, because the door opens and Peter walks in. He looks comfy with his dark sweatpants and an iron man shirt. Tonys heart flutters a bit. He knows exactly why he loves him.

“Hey starlight.” Peter says, when he sees Tony and he comes over to hug him. Tony closes his eyes and cuddles closer. Peter is always so warm and loves to hug him.

Tony uses that shamelessly.

“Baby you need to sleep. It’s been 3 days. You didn’t even realize i was on a mission.” Peter mutters in his hair and Tony shakes his head. So that’s why Peter wasn’t here with him. But he can’t stop now. He is so close to finish it.

“Nooo! I still need…” Tony stops at that, because right now the only thing he wants his Peter. So he cuddles him even more.

“A bath and some sleep.” Peter finishes his sentence and he chuckles. Tony can feel it against his cheek. He smiles.


Tony breaks the hug and turns around. Why waiting, when he can do it right now? Tony opens the drawer again and grins, when he sees the invention. It’s really perfect.

“Tony?” Peter frowns a bit, Tony can practical hear it. But he takes a deep breath and then turns around. Peter frowns for real, but he is also still looking so beautiful, that Tony closes his fist around the invention.

“I uhm… i need just a minute.” Tony stutters and then he goes down to one knee. He already practiced that so much, but not like this. He wanted to take Peter out and then ask the question after a dinner.

But he can’t resist Peter right now. He wants to see his reaction. So Tony kneels in his workshop, after three days of work, completely dirty with oil and grime and smiles shyly.

“Peter Jason Quill. I….i’m actually really tired right now but….i can’t wait. I love you and i try tell you that everyday. You are the best thing that happened to me in my whole life and…would you marry me?” Tony is so nervous, that he nearly falls right in front of Peters feet.

“Tony…” Peter whispers and he looks so shocked. Tony doesn’t know if that’s a good or a bad sign. He opens his fist and holds the ring up. It’s the invention he made the last three days.

The ring is a simple silver band, but it has two stones in the middle of it. One looks like Tonys arc reactor and the other one like the galaxy in Peters eyes.
Inside is a simple engraving, that says Starlord & Starlight with the date of their first kiss.

“Uhm is that a yes?” Tony asks and he tries to be strong, if Peter says no. Who would want to marry him with all of his vices.

“Yes! I mean yes of course. Yes please. Yes!” Peter answers finally and Tony stands up. He isn’t properly standing, when Peter kisses him already. He always manages to kiss Tony stupid.

Tony kisses him back and can’t help his smile. When they finally get a bit control back, he slips the ring on Peters finger.

It fits perfectly.

“I love you.” Peter mutters and he hugs Tony again.

And Tony? Tony falls directly asleep in Peters arms still standing in the workshop. Right where he belongs.

hey gamers, my first day back to uni is tomorrow and i feel like SHIT

Cryptic ABCs: Capelobo

The Capelobo is a Brazilian cryptid. It is essentially a vampiric tapir creature with a very foul stench.

The Capelobo takes two main forms. The human form is a large human with an anteater head. In its animal form, he resembles a large tapir. Both forms are covered in thick, matted red fur. Both forms also carry large claws and large fangs. It has an unearthly scream that can be heard for miles.

The creature is known to be very aggressive, but not usually towards humans. Their main choice of prey seems to be goats and cats. However, humans unlucky enough to encounter the beast can be stunned by its horrid stench, which can cause dizziness and nausea for days. Temporary impotence has also been reported. If a human is unfortunate enough to be attacked by a Capelobo, they can expect to have their brains sucked out and their neck artery completely ripped out. Sometimes they will rip their prey apart using their massive claws and fangs.

The Capelobo has a few strange qualities unique to its kind. The first is an imperviousness to most forms of attack. It’s fur can act as an armor, repelling everything from spears to bullets. The other is the fact that the transformation can be willing. If an elderly or sick person chooses to spend the end of their life in the woods, they will turn into a Capelobo. The only way to kill the beast is to stab it in the eye.

One of the more notable sightings took place in March of 1937 after over 100 heads of cattle were slaughtered. The men of the village were going to hunt the creature down, but upon hearing it’s terrible scream from the forest, they decided it was best to back down.

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The two had been going at it, like any typical Wednesday night ("Riiiin it's called hump day for a reason!") When Rin suddenly started feeling dizzy. He pushed it aside to keep pleasuring his lover before he passed out, his body falling onto Nagisa.

Nagisa didn’t even notice. When Tin suddenly fell on him and stopped moving Nagisa started to panic “Rin-chan?” He pushed Rin off him to look at his lover “Rin?!” He didn’t know what to do, should he just wait, should he call someone? Well they are naked so maybe not. Nagisa got some water and food bringing it to the bedroom unsure of what to do

I guess all I really want is the day to come when it pulls you by the collar so tightly the great fervor of its breath makes you dizzy. So dizzy that all these days, all these years, are crushed like stardust.
Smashed between your fingertips and never mentioned again.
The day the aching stops. Suddenly. It leaves silently.
And all that remains are your curious feet ready to kiss every inch of this Earth.
And the gentle wave of your hand as you say goodbye to everything before this moment.
One day the passion will burn your throat.
It will send shivers up your spine.
Make your palms sweat with excitement.
Don’t worry. It will come someday.
—  Promises I Want to Keep by Mindy Paul