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❤ Dating Jeno Headcannons ❤

This is kinda short since its 2 am but I wanted to post something :))

⭐ So one day he shows up with a cat in his arms
⭐ “So, uh, can we keep it?? I already named it Marshmallow!!”
⭐ You end up keeping it because he really wanted to
⭐ Loves buying you things
⭐ “Jeno, this is 300 dollars, I’m returning it.”
⭐ “Nononooooo you don’t have a choice but to keep it!!”
⭐ Wastes 99% of his money on you
⭐ Really likes watching Disney movies
⭐ Will have Marshmallow the cat on one side of him and you on the other
⭐ Highkey sings along to all of them too
⭐ “Jeno, what are you doing”
⭐ “I’m singing”
⭐ “Thank you, I didn’t know that.”
⭐ You throw popcorn at each other
⭐Like you try to throw it into each others mouths
⭐Then accidentally wack the other in the cheek with it or smthn
⭐Cue popcorn fight
⭐"uh Jeno can you clean that up please I don’t want our cat dying because she ate too much popcorn.”
⭐ “I hope you realize your love in cheesy and disgusts me”
⭐ –Donghyuck™
⭐Everyone loves you two
⭐Total sunshine couple
⭐"I’d love that, but did you forget YOU CAME HOME WITH A KITTEN A COUPLE MONTHS AGO"
⭐You get the puppy too
⭐Probably name him something really stupid??
⭐ “Hey let’s name him Chocolate. That way together they can be Smores!!”
⭐ You name him that :)
⭐Occasional picnic dates
⭐They get spied on may I mention
⭐"Johnny why are we here"
⭐"Because my son is growing up too fast" ⭐You two just sit on the top of a hill eating glazed doughnuts
⭐"Have you ever thought about getting another cat"

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Rich or Jake or Richjake my guy!!

I know they are all super cliche and dumb, but sure. 


This is before and how they get together

- Jake was the first one out of the two to realize his feelings for the other

- Almost everything he does is to impress Rich, like I don’t know throw parties.

- After the Squip Rich is super insecure and all of his anxiety and depression starts coming back, Jake notices and he’s always trying to cheer him up. Jake’s feelings just increase from there because wow this is the real Rich. Also he thinks Rich’s lisp is the cutest thing he has ever heard. 

- Rich starts developing feelings for Jake after the first hospital visit. Jake came in with flowers and some things to keep him at ease. Jake would also skip school just to see him and make sure he’s doing okay. He’s always been super grateful for this too.

- A couple days after Rich was allowed to go home and live his little life, Jake is like “dude wanna hang? Or like go on a date or something aha?? We could like watch Disney movies and get some pizza” Because ya know,, Rich is obsessed with Disney. 

- Rich is like wow okay 

- This is their first date, yeah its kinda simple and quiet but Rich is happy. They order a regular cheese and a pineapple (I feel like Rich is a pineapple pizza kinda guy) and sit on the couch the whole time watching Oliver and Company followed by Tangled. 

I guess this is some other random RichJake hcs?

- So I know that Rich is 5′4 but aha no hes not, he’s like 5′2. Jake is 6′0. Imagine the cute height difference, or the tip toe kisses, or the fact that Jake could literally use Rich’s head as an arm rest?? Sign me up

- Jake’s parents love their son and his cute boyfriend. They are always asking if Rich is coming over for dinner or if he’s staying the night. They also always joke around saying that they’ll pay for the wedding, also they jokingly call Rich their Son-in-law. 

- Rich’s nickname for Jake is Jakey. who knew?

- Jake saves enough money to take Rich to Florida to go to Disney World for their 1 year anniversary.

- They take their anniversary seriously 

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I'm gonna copy+paste this whole idea I had in a groupchat about Phil watching BatB: Phil watches some 90s Disney movies on a whim because he was "too cool" for them when they came out and he decides to give them another chance and he puts on Beauty and the Beast. Belle sings "little town, it's a quiet village, every day like the one before" and he's like, "yup been there". And at first he's snarking about everything cause it's a cheesy 90s Disney musical but he thinks Belle is pretty cool (1/?)

and smart and she doesn’t take anyone’s shit and she kinda reminds him of Rita. And then we get to the Beast who’s this angry entitled immature jerk at first but then it turns out he’s all isolated and self-hating and afraid of losing his humanity for good and Phil is like “oh shit that’s me”. And by the time he gets to the ballroom scene he’s totally emotionally invested and he tears up at the line “bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong”.

oh m….y god….phil getting emotionally invested in batb please. Please this is so important

Regarding Zootopia spoilers and the international community

I was kinda pleased with how the tumblr community approached The Force Awakens in its first couple of weeks, at least giving committed fans a chance to watch the movie before the major spoilers and memes inevitably started to roll out en masse from the third or fourth week onward.

However, whereas Star Wars had a globally unified release date (give or take a couple of days), Disney animated features have a staggered international release.

Thankfully my 3 or 4 week wait for Zootopia isn’t nearly as bad as the delay for films like Big Hero Six / Wreck-It-Ralph (3 months) or Finding Nemo (4.5 months), but if I could ask people to bear in mind that you should add about a month onto when you think it’s appropriate to start sharing major Zootopia plot points or jokes without a “[read more]”, or at the very least tagging your spoilers.

I’ve been hype about this movie since the day it was announced and I’d really like to go into it as blind as possible for the best viewing experience, thank you!