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It kinda bugs me that so many people go "Coco is a Book of Life rip-off" so quickly. They are both movies inspired by Mexican culture and Day of the Dead so they are going to have a lot of similarities.

I’m more bugged that people aren’t willing to give Coco a chance because of its similarities, and because Disney was one of the studios to initially turn it down. This has even led some people to call for a boycott of the movie (really guys?).I do get where people are coming from when they point out the similarities, though. Alot of what we heard about Coco so far(and what a lot of people are still talking about) is that it’s a movie taking place around Dia de los Muertos, and its about a boy who lives with a family of shoemakers, but rather than carrying on the family tradition, he wants to be a musician. More specifically, a guitarist. And goes on an adventure through the land of the dead. 

However, I’ve been doing a bit more digging, and that’s probably where the similarities stop. At least from some of the sources I’ve been looking at, I’m seeing mentions that Miguel (the main character of Coco) had a family that’s actually banned music under the idea that their family is cursed by it. Not only that, I’ve also seen mention that there’s a character that’s Miguel’s idol, and some kind of mystery surrounding Miguel’s ancestry. Oh and I guess he also teams up with a character who’s a trickster, but I haven’t seen any mention about whether or not this character is on the same level of trickery as Xiabalba, or if it’s just a character that likes to pull pranks and can’t be fully trusted.

A lot of what I said is kinda of recent info, as in a lot of this looks to be from a few months ago. Still, I’m a little surprised no one is talking about the new info. Yes, I too have a lot of misgivings with how all the press and behind the scenes stuff around Coco has been kinda poorly handled. As I’ve mentioned in another post, there’s really only one stunt that Disney tried to pull that made me particularly disappointed, that being the whole fiasco around them trying to trademark the phrase  “Dia de los Muertos” (a claim they’ve long-since retracted, according to news sources). That whole thing isn’t enough for me to boycott the movie, but something like that probably would’ve soured the movie-going experience a little. But, it didn’t happen (thank god for that).

In spite of all the discussion I’ve been hearing about the movie, I still want to go see it, and I hope other people are willing to give it a chance, too. Sharing some similarities with Book of Life doesn’t mean it’s going to be an exact clone of Book of Life. I might still compare the two after watching Coco, but not after I judge the movie on its own merits, not just dismiss it because of bad publicity. I would recommend others to do the same. 

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You know, with all these reboots this year. Whether they’re good or bad. I kinda expected a “super robot monkey team hyper force go ” reboot. I mean, voltron has a reboot. And its very good! the animation, story, characters. Let me remind you, this is a very old show. Aside from that I hope that cartoon network doesnt get their hands on “ SRMTHFG ” I doubt it, but I just dont trust them. I feel as though they’ll ruined it. Maybe one day disney will pick it up, and start something fresh. And this also goes to other old shows that need one too. haha, sorry for rambling…