it's a creepy costume


“The show must go on!”

I spend way to long on this xD But still worth it!! 

I dressed up as Wilford Warfstache for Halloween and I had to take the opportunity to take pictures! I tried some editing stuff with one of them and this is the result + two more pictures of my whole outfit!

Btw I had a blast as Wilford! Wouldn’t it be so difficult to eat and drink with the mustache I would wear this like every day xD I even met some new people from the community and we invented some sick dance moves! (I promise they were totally cool and not awkward at all xD ) 

@markiplier thank you so much for creating this stylish madman <3


Dean heard footsteps coming up the hallway and he quickly hit the record button on his cellphone camera and rushed to make himself less obvious.

But it wasn’t Sammy who rounded the corner.

You were humming softly to yourself and coming to grab your second cup of coffee when you rounded the corner and jumped at what was sitting in the middle of the kitchen table.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” you clutched at your thundering heart and startled, now staring hard at the 3 foot tall clown doll sitting propped up on the table. Dean emerged from where he had been standing laughing gruffly and grinning at you. “Dean! What the hell?!” you demanded, your voice a little high and strained.

“Sorry,” he said, still laughing. “I thought you were Sam.”

“How does that make this better?!” you demanded.

Dean hit the stop button on his phone and continued chuckling to himself. “You should have seen your face. Oh, wait. We can watch it,” he said, queueing up the video.

You walked over and poked him hard in the ribs, making him jump. “Ow!” he said, looking at you. You were glaring at him. Your heart was still racing.

“You ass!” You glanced uneasily at the clown doll. “Where in the hell did THAT come from?”

Dean laughed and set his phone up again. “Found it in storage,” he said.

You finished pouring a fresh mug of coffee and snapped around to look at him. “Storage? Here?” you repeated. “You know you shouldn’t be fucking around with stuff you find in storage! It’s probably going to come alive later and kill me in my sleep or something,” you said, edging away from the clown to the far end of the kitchen.

Dean watched the action. “Wait, wait, wait… You’re scared of clowns too?”

You gave him a questioning look. “Yeah. What do you mean ‘too’?”

“Sammy is–oh, shit. He’s coming!” Dean hit the record button and rushed to grab you by the arm, dragging  you over to stand with him inconspicuously next to the fridge.

Sam rounded the corner into the kitchen casually but froze just over at the threshold, his eyes widening, fixated on the unexpected object propped up on the table.

His fists and jaw clenched and he seemed like he didn’t want to look away in case it moved. “Nope. No, no, no… nope,” he muttered, backing out of the room. “DEAN!” he roared.

At that moment Dean busted out laughing and Sam heard him, charging back into the kitchen. “NOT COOL!” Sam said, pointing at him angrily. Then he caught sight of you. “Were you in on this?” he asked.

You shook your head. “No. He did it to me too! I HATE clowns!”

“…R–really?” Sam asked. You nodded.

“Yeah. I mean, look at that thing. What the fuck?” you said, eyeing it warily.

Sam glared at Dean. “You’re going to regret this,” he said.

Dean only laughed and replayed the video of you startling when you walked into the kitchen. “I don’t think so,” he said, grinning, immensely proud of himself. 

You set your coffee down and marched over to the clown doll, picking it up by it’s shirt and carrying it out away from you, a look of disgust on your face.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked. 

“Salting and burning it. Just in case,” you said.

“Good idea. I’ll help.”

“So, you hate clowns too?” you said to Sam as you walked out.

Sam nodded, giving the creepy doll in your hand an anxious sideways glance. “Yeah.”

“Me too,” you said, giving him a smile. “I’m surprised.” Sam gave you a questioning look. “I thought you weren’t scared of anything,” you said, giving him a small smile.

Sam let out a small dry laugh and shook his head. He gave you a fond and earnest look, his hazel eyes warm. “There are plenty of things that scare me.”

You gave him another questioning look, but he didn’t say anything more, and you couldn’t shake the feeling that he had meant much more than what he said.

Halloween Costume Doodles:
A Mummified Ray Toro for  @iseemtohavefangirledandcantgetup
(the fro cannot be contained)

  • Normal people (last minute costume makers): *nothing really changes* it's the day of Halloween!
  • Slightly more creepy people: *decorates a little early* it's the month of Halloween!
  • Me: *wears all black non-stop* *only watches scary movies* *thinks dead things are interesting* *dresses weird* *always has decorations out* *plans out costumes for the next 3 years* it's the year of Halloween!

timbeon  asked:

Hi! First I want to say I love this blog. I was at the Halloween shop near me today and noticed that with the baby costumes, all of the babies modeling the "girl" costumes had really obvious eyelashes (hopefully from Photoshop and not actually sticking false eyelashes on infants). None of costumes marketed for baby boys or even babies of either gender (like animal costumes), just the costumes marketed for baby girls. It's really creepy how young this crap starts.

It is. I noticed that as well, some of the young girls are wearing a lot of makeup, and have clearly been heavily photoshopped as well. It’s disturbing. 

*slides 95 cents over to roosterteeth* so, about that xray villain arc,

Why the Zodiac Signs Love Halloween!

Aries- Because it is an amazing excuse to get their party on! Also to dress up more sultry ;)

Taurus- Can you say candy, pumpkin spice everything, and all the fall themed aesthetics and smells! Actually Taurus probably just loves fall the whole package including Halloween.

Gemini- Because they can be anyone they want to be that day or even multiple people and creatures.

Cancer- They get excited to hand out candy, make DIY costumes, and maybe take their children or little siblings out to Halloween events and trick or treating.

Leo- So they can show off their acting skills and/or their creativity.

Virgo- They take Halloween as a chance to impress by being a party host, by handing out the best candy, or maybe by coming up with a really clever costume.

Libra- They love all the socializing events like pumpkin patches, parties, haunted houses, and trick or treating.

Scorpio- They live for all of the scary movies and Halloween themed shows in October!

Sagittarius- They get excited for the parties and pranks! This sign is likely to dish out the pranks if they don’t get treats!

Capricorn- Just all of the darkness and fascination that surrounds Halloween.

Aquarius- They are down for all the mischief on Halloween. A little partying, some pranks, and maybe attempt a spell in a graveyard :o

Pisces- This sign gets excited to show of their creativity and uniqueness with a costume but secretly loves Halloween for all its creepiness.

Crying, bawling, convulsing, throwing up profusely.

Just finished going through my Spirit Halloween store which opened up yesterday. There were little to no customers, maybe about 3-4 other groups and I outlasted them all. All the associates were like okay, weirdo, you’ve made 5 rounds throughout the store, you’ve seen everything!

I just can’t help it, I’m so in love with Halloween!