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ARMY, please be supportive of each other, each other’s opinions and work. Please, be respectful towards one another and each other’s personal choices. Please, don’t call another ARMY ‘fake’ if their opinions are different than yours. Please, don’t make other fans regret joining the fandom. Please, don’t make ARMY ashamed of being an ARMY. Please, don’t try to divide the fandom to ‘true’ and ‘fake’ stans. Please, remember that everyone is different and people’s decisions and choices are made only by themselves and often can’t be changed, because they made it themselves basing on what makes them happy. Remember, that no one is obligated to please anyone, but themselves if it comes to something as simple and pure as being a fan. Please, let’s support each other and respect each other the same way we support and respect BTS. No matter how much our opinions and choices may differ, we are all one Family. Please, don’t forget that. 

Voltron Fandom Rant( long)

The Voltron Fandom. A fandom that in just a little more than a year, has become a heaping cesspool of hate, one of the shittiest and most vile fandoms, leaving other past problematic fandoms like Homestuck, Steven Universe, and Undertale in the dust (at this rate). Full of people yelling and screaming the words “pedophiles!”, telling others to harm or kill themselves, just constant back and forth bickering. And all over one thing, something that isnt even an important factor of the show, barely 5%. Shipping.

Every fandom has their ship wars, but nothing like this. In all the years I’ve been in fandoms, I’ve never seen anything as terrible as this. When you meet other Voltron fans outside the internet, you honestly dont know if they are gonna like you or judge you completely, cause you might ship something they hate. So far, being in the cosplay fandom, I’ve met mostly really chill and nice fans, luckily not running into one anti.

Just the other day, we got confirmed ages of the characters, something I thought from the creators we weren’t going to ever get. And tbh, I wish we didnt.

As much as I’m happy for the Keith x Shiro fans with Keith being confirmed 18 (tho some antis are finding ways around that to still claim its illegal or some shit), what about the others? Especially the Shidge fans. The Shidge fans now, from what I’ve been confronted with, are distraught, terrified, nervous, and we barely are getting consolation or support from the Sheith (Shance and Shunk too) fans that we supported against the antis. And I think thats a shame. Our ship is as valid, as according to the creators, even if Pidge is 15. As I’ve claimed several times before, look at ErenxLevi, and how much that ship is popular with twice an age gap. And even if the age gap makes you uncomfortable, you can always ship it in timeskip, AU, or aging up terms. Thats completely fine and okay, because they are fictional and not real.

I don’t care for Sheith, but I will stick up for any Sheith fan against the antis anyday. Because thats what we do, we stick up for each other even if we don’t like the ship..

I wish they never released the ages. Imo the only good thing that came out of those leaked pages was Pidge being Italian.

Anyway, moving away from that, you antis. I…don’t know even where to start with you bastards, You ARE the ones who have made this fandom such a vile and disgusting place, you ARE the ones who make people scared and bully those who don’t agree with you, you ARE the GALRA. You THINK you are protecting minors, throwing “FICTION AFFECTS REALITY” in every argument, think you trying to make everything your “SAFE SPACE”, but you are just bullies. That’s literally all you all are, bullies. Not just other fans, but you harass the cast and crew too. And if they don’t agree with you or had enough of your bullshit (@bext-k, you are amazing, I’m so sorry about the shit you get), they are your enemy too. The actually people that bring the thing to life that you CARE ABOUT SO MUCH OVER ANYTHING ELSE.

Voltron is a cartoon. That’s literally all it is. A FUCKING CARTOON. A cartoon by Dreamworks, based on the 80s dubbed Japanese anime, that was dubbed from 80s Golion. The fact you guys are wasting so much stress and energy, on this baffles me. It really and truly, does. There is just, so much more in life right now we should be wasting our energy on. There are countries out there, that which if they could right now, would bomb and destroy us all in war. Then…would all this stressing out over discourse still be on your mind? Or would you rather be focusing on saving your own life and your family?

Fandoms are supposed to be enjoyable, supposed to be a haven where you can happily share and talk to others that share the same love of something you do…but not like this. This isn’t fun. You shouldn’t be scared or be sad in a fandom over other fans treating you horribly and making you feel bad over something in the fandom that brings you joy. Shaladin shippers, ARENT PEDOPHILES. Sheith, Shidge, Shance, ALL OF THEM. ALL SHIPS ARE VALID, AS CLAIMED BY DIRECTORS LAUREN MONTGOMERY AND JAOQUIM DOS SANTOS.

Let this discourse end. Its going nowhere. But what am I, just one person in this crazy fandom. Maybe things will calm down as the show progresses, maybe another thing will come along that the antis will jump onto. But I just had to get this off my chest.

I won’t be leaving the fandom, since theres so many amazing people outnumbering the shitty ones, but just know, dont be scared. Dont feel you are a bad person for what you ship. You aren’t. And if you need anyone to talk to, come to me. This blog is a Shaladin safe place.

Sorry for the long post, but if you read this to the end, thank you for your time. And any antis that want to comment on this…go ahead. Just know your hate will get you no where.

What the Lightning Sees

Biker!John Winchester x Reader 

Rolling into town on his motorcycle, John invites a pretty girl for a ride.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Smut, semi public sex, swearing, creative use of engine vibrations, dirty talk. WC: 2911 On AO3 

A/N: I don’t know shit about motorcycles, so I did my best. This was for 2 challenges and I love how they meshed together. For @chelsea072498’s Let’s Go Crazy Challenge. My prompts were the song Raspberry Beret by Prince (story directly inspired by lyrics in italics) and the prompt: “A cold breeze drifted through the splintered door hanging loosely from its frame.“ This is also for @atc74 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Tre Bellissimi Eventi Challenge. My prompts were: Lip Smackers. Leather jacket. Barn. and “getting caught is half the fun.” 

The first time I met John was at the diner. I was on hour six of a ten hour shift, and the last thing I wanted was to be hit on by a scruffy stranger who rode in on a loud motorcycle in a cloud of dust. But as I walked through the restaurant towards his booth and those chocolate brown eyes met mine, I knew I was screwed.

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DONT GET ME WRONG undertale is great tbh (and i love ur mob AU even tho its been "stolen" by other creators) i just find it funny that u get this sudden wave of popularity over hyped fandoms WHICH ISNT BAD but iwant ur wonderful ocs to get some love too anyway giv baron a smooch for me i love him and also the old fishman

Oh man frickin… I don’t know what happened to UT Mob but, I’m glad people are having fun with it! (I still get messages and pings from people crediting me with the original AU it’s crazy UT fans are so powerful??)

AND DON’T YOU WORRY!!! I always return to my children eventually…. They get so much love 24/7 until I stumble into a new fan-thing, anyway. Just think of it as some kind of… vacation? They get a bit of time-off while my brain is occupied by other people’s IP, haha! (I kinda needed a break from my original stuff anyway, I’ve been pretty burnt-out from just working on BACKLASH and commissions since last August T^T)

léo’s 1.5k fandom family. insert poetic speech: 

“friends are like flowers; you can never have too many of them. even if they leave for short periods of time, they will return to you when the season is right. friends are like family: you can do stupid shit with family and they have to love you, even if it ends with pylons stuck on both of your heads while you have sword-pylon-head fights at 2am on a deserted bridge while your other friend videotapes it as evidence and blackmail for a later date. family has to love you, and…. there’s a good chance that they are the ones doing the stupid shit with you. 

ohana means family. family means that nobody gets left behind or forgotten. so climb aboard the crazy train, fam, because we’re in for one hell of a ride. i love you, my partners-in-crime. live on and prosper.”

considering that i am (slowly) working my way through the lovely but heartbreaking death eater aus, its about time to create a fandom family !! get to know my lovely followers better, introduce you guys to each other, spread the love, chat, have fun, all that jazz. 

we will be known as… the cone head family. just kidding. we are just little léo’s fandom family. no embarrassing name (yet).

being a part of the fandom family has benefits:

  • a community to share your edits with !!
  • a discord chat (if you want to)
  • new friends and new followers to share in the love of harry potter !!
  • a lot of bad hp puns and memes courtesy of yours truly
  • a place on the family page (linked below)
  • if you join, please track the tag: #littleleofamfam because that is a ridiculous and embarrassing tag.

to join:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • send me an ask with your name, top 3 harry potter characters that you’d like to bea quote, and whether you would like to join the discord chat or not.
  • check who is taken here

blacklist “#ohana means a 1.5k family” if you don’t want to see posts !!

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I feel like many blogs are closing cause so many people are demanding things from them. I want more content as much as the next person and would even love it if cheritz were to make a V route for Valentine's Day but I feel it's unfair to demand for things. It often stops becoming fun and feels like work. I feel more people should be grateful and take time to thank/appreciate content creators cause without them, there'd hardly be a fandom.

you’re 100% right!!!!!!!!!!! my pals and i talk all the time about how crazy it is that people ask so much from us and dont realize that we have a lot of shit to do? lol/ respect your local content creators ppl

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HI! I'm a middle school science teacher and just came across your tumblr. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in this crazy space. Although my tumblr blog is mostly fandom related, I'm curious if there are other fun or useful teaching tumblr blogs you've come across? Would you mind sharing a few? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your comments!

I follow a few:

@deathbyteaching @iwasyourteacher @teachingfeelslike @teaching-everydayisdifferent @theperilsofteaching @thegirlthatteaches @thesecretdiaryofateacher @snowcanteach

- there may be some others that I’m missing - the rest of you can comment below so we can get connected!

you know, its funny how fandoms are same and yet subtly different. all of them do some art, write fics, cosplay and go to cons, and yet for all fandoms ive been in i can say they are always somehow special. i thought it would be fun to make some examples (just my opinions) so here you go!

Steven Universe fandom: ah, my true love. Su fans are paranoid, in a good sense. Its crazy how many theories flow in this fandom. We get 30 seconds of trailer and theres 20 minute long youtube video discussing what the hell just happened. For good what, maybe three years ive been in SU fandom, ive seen many things. And it still keeps coming; who is White Diamond? Who really shattered Pink Diamond? What are Lions abilities? And so on and so on.

Voltron fandom: ive honestly never been in fandom that focuses so much on single ship. Seriously, you cannot escape klance (not that i complain, these two are fun, through i prefer Pidge).

Homestuck fandom: most people know homestucks are major cosplayers just about everywhere, but what might surprise you is how many AUs this fandom has. Plenty of HS blogs here on Tumblr, and dont get me started on 150+K word fanfictions with amazing AUs (seriously, im not even kidding with the word count. ive once read an AU fic with 264K words. Completed. with artwork. and world map. it was great.)

My Little Pony fandom: What amazes me is how much content Brony fandom produces. Equestria Daily is a website with all pony news and fancontent and i swear, theres something going on every hour, animations left and right, comics, bunch of awesome (and i mean awesome,many-hours-of-work) fanart a day..Theres even a web specifically for pony fanfics (Fimfiction) which i adore, i really wish every fandom had their own ficsite and not dump it in FFnet and AO3.

Does anyone else have experience like this? Feel free to add your fandom :)

I am blocking every single person who I see calling me delusional, crazy, idiotic, and desperate. I have given this corner of the fandom so much over the past year, I’ve written metas and fix-its all because I love this community and I’ve never asked for anything in return, I’ve never fought with anyone, and I’ve never gone out of my way to engage those who viciously disagree because my followers do not deserve to see such negativity on their dashboards. I try to put my best self out here every time I come online because it is the right thing to do and I want to have fun. And now TJLCers are dragging me? Excuse me? How does anyone have the nerve to do such things, after all we’ve done for each other? I don’t care if we’re mutuals, if I see you adding negativity directed to me personally on my own posts, I will make sure you never encounter my fix-it fics or metas ever again. You can’t take a writer’s work for years for free only to criticize what you don’t like about them personally in the end. 

Elite Eight: Closed

And that’s a wrap, Olicity fans!  Voting in E!Online’s Elite Eight Round is done and after a fierce freaking battle, Olicity came up short. I’d quote the exact percent but the site’s not showing me the closed polls.  Ah well. Doesn’t really matter.  What matters is, this might be second place but this fandom’s fight, its never-say-die, and its competitive spirit (not to mention class), was 100% first rate.

If you’re feeling anything right now, Oliciters, it better be pride.  Pride in a war well fought, in passion, and spirit, and encouragement, and in your entire fandom because I’ve never seen a group work so hard for something in my life.  Outstanding and inspiring and, I might add, a terrific reminder of what Olicity fans can do when they come together, to work together, and stick together.  We moved mountains this week, and we did it together.

So take a bow, Olicity fans.  You deserve it.

It was just this morning we rallied for a 0.4% lead before being slammed by votes for the other side (Kudos to the Captain Swan fandom!  You put up a hell of a fight!).  When you, Oliciters, realize the odds stacked against us, I hope you’ll walk away from this tournament not defeated but exceptionally proud.  I know I am.

This wasn’t about conspiracies, cheating, votes not counted, methods working or not working (they did btw, my inbox is full of questions about it, but just know it does work. Cache. Hard refresh. I’m not going to get into explaining it).  The simple fact is, Olicity fandom, we got beat.  More votes cast on one side than the other.  That’s how polls and voting works.  But what you should remember the most about this tournement was that every single time we got knocked down, we got back up, we dusted ourselves off, and we got back in there and we fought.

What you may not have realized were our odds.  This wasn’t just ship vs ship.  No, you have to factor in that our opponent’s official show social media accounts and actors tweeted vote link to its over viewers (as they totally should, again, a battle well fought!) and we still managed to hang in there and battle back day after day… that’s something to be proud of.

What no one could have anticipated was “Go vote” shares from other celebrities not on the show and who are, themselves, fans of our opponent’s ship.  When you have that, when just one of them has almost a million followers alone, you’re in for a battle of the ages.  That’s the way of the fandom world when it’s shipper wars, especially now in the age of social media.  It was a fair, head to head fight.

Olicity fans, do all of you realize what you all did?

You worked hard to even get Olicity nominated.

You were one of sixty-four ships going into the competition and beat Chicago Fire.

You made it into the Sweet Sixteen and beat Lost Girl (who, by the way were the winners of this same tournament in 2013)

You survived to be one of the Elite Eight.  Eight! 56 other couples didn’t make it as far as we did.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Together we fended off ALL of that – including members of at least five other fandoms who decided to pile on us for various reasons (again, no blaming an entire fandom for their whackadoodles. We all have them) – and we fought our way back each and every time until the very bitter end.  All because we love Stephen and Emily, Oliver & Felicity, and because we really, really wanted a possible joint interview with them, dang it! *stomps foot*  LOL!  One day, Olicity fans. One day.  It’ll happen.

But if that’s not dedication, if that’s not the true spirit of the fun and awesome things that the Olicity fandom can do?  I don’t know what is.

So as the poll settles into the rear-view mirror and we get back to doing what we do best  – having fun with our fandom, sharing the Oliver & Felicity love, enjoying Stephen and Emily – do it with great pride, Oliciters.  I don’t think anyone could have fought harder or done more or given our all with any more passion than we did.

A hearty thank you for everybody who came out and voted.  Whether you cast one or a kabilliongillion, you mattered. 

So be proud of yourselves, Oliciters, the way I’m so very proud of you tonight.  You are the epitome of what a “fandom” and a ship is all about.

Now go take care of those sore hands, those stiff shoulders.  Go watch some tv.  Have some ice cream.  Get some rest.  And then let’s get back to the business of having some damned fun around here!  I bet there’s oodles of new vids on youtube to discover, fanart in the tag, and fan fic updates to devour.

Oh, and one final note.  A HUGE “Thank you!” to marcguggenheimthecwarrow​ (and all its departments, writers, etc), cwfantalk​ and people like Orlando Jones and Charlotte Ross for trying their best to share that link and motivate people to vote in support of the Olicity/Arrow fandom.  That was generous and class all the way, and we can’t thank you enough.

P.S. A very heartfelt thank you to all my followers for putting up with my craziness and my insane posts and rally calls. I know it was tiresome on days, so I really thank you for hanging in there with me and putting up with it.  I promise things will go back to normal now.  :)

Get to Know You

3 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I love to bake - anything
2. Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies - Kurt Russell.. :)
3. I love to sing

Favourite CS moment:

So many - its crazy - Most Recently I love “Don’t you  Know Emma, It’s You.” You traded your ship for me. “If it can be broken it means it still works.” 

Other OUAT Ships:

Snowing, OQ, SB

Other fandoms:

I don’t really participate too much in other fandoms but I’d say Veronica Mars, IZombie, Agent Carter, Outlander, Pretty much any of the Austen stuff that crosses my dash

Mhmm yes yes just love waking up to see that my characters are being treated like shit and being tossed aside. It’s weird bc I never post shit like this. This is the first time I’ve ever been involved in something like this but like,,,

I try. I try very, VERY hard. It’s taken me a really long time to get where I am now. I have a few, super adorable shitlord Darks and this is what I get for all my work? I get yelled at and slandered because porn exists? THE ABSOLUTE INEVITABLE PORN THAT IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE BECAUSE THIS IS THE INTERNET????

You come into one of my fandoms, you start going all out on your crazy bullshit accusations, you make MY FRIENDS feel like absolute shit for doing what they enjoy, what makes them feel better, what makes them safe.

Get out.

The funny thing is, this feels like it’s not the first time this has happened. I feel like this is the second or third time now that people have lumped us all together to make us feel shitty????

Cease and desist, cause its fucking shitty. Lots of people, including me, use this fandom as a means of escape because we have problems, those that we solve through having fun with our friends, by being a community, by interacting with each other.

Through your actions, putting down of Darks/ipliers, you are therefore discouraging new people from joining the fandom by already lumping them in with those who make porn/smut (whatever you wanna call it), and discouraging those who already have Darks/ipliers, causing some people to want to get rid of their characters that they’ve worked on so hard for a very long time.

So please, please stop with the accusations, those who have been affected already have enough to deal with, and they don’t need you making them feel worse.

Thank you for reading this if you did.