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My nickname at work is “the ice cream fairy” because I always buy ice cream for everyone 😆

[ORIGINAL POST FROM BTS OFFICIAL FANCAFE] “I saw a cat and actually wanted to buy food for it to eat. But I found out it already has its own bowl of food. So, I asked the convenience store (manager) if they were the ones who own/raised the cat and they said no. That it was actually just a stray-cat and the bowl was given by the idol(s) next door named Bangtan.”

chinese trans. by BTS_ChicChicy
english trans. by maeli (@sugaxing)

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No I can't break your hundred for a soda that's less than $1, if it's really all you have than go somewhere else, we're a convenience store not a bank

Totally Unexpected (bh6 Hiro x Reader)

Late nights are usually Hiro’s best times to go out and just go on a stroll. Or, for this time at least, go find some gummy bears. His older brother practically ‘molested’ that last bag of those delectable sweets just a few moments ago. So, Hiro thought he’d get some by himself. He looked left and right, past those neon lights and through the convenience stores, but its as if a gummy bear shortage happened when he was off saving the world. Just one bag, he said desperately to himself, or a piece.

“Aghhhhh!” the agitated boy muttered, shoving his hands in his jacket pockets.

For a few more minutes, he strolled down the streets, almost unaware for the fact that it was getting a wee late for him. But, being a teen with raging hormones, almost the same intensity as a girl would, he kept looking. He was craving for it. Willing to do a backflip if he could. And just when he thought he lost hope, one store caught his eyes. He turned his head to look at it. It wasn’t really that of big for a convenience store.

But the sweets aisle was visible even from a few feet away. And sure enough, he had seen what he was looking for. Gummy Bears. Just one more pack.

And like lightning, he dashed for the door, and almost broke his shoulder just pushing it open. He neglected the clerk’s uncomfortable stare at him, his feet carrying him faster than he could comprehend. Now, the sweets were just an arm’s length away, and so he reached out his hand to take it. It was more than a miracle to him just to see him getting closer to it.

“JUST A FEW MORE INCHES!” a huge smile was forming on his face.

But he stopped. He was finally near the pack of sweets. But what he saw wasn’t his hand grabbing the pack. Another hand was grabbing it, which in fact got there first than Hiro did. He was baffled, he couldn’t believe he was outrun by whoever that person was. He then turned his attention angrily to that person, but he paused just at the sight of the face of the person.

A she. A girl. Looking flushed, as if she had ran for the pack herself. Her eyes were looking directly into his, only with a hint of possession over the gummy bears, her soft lips letting out hitches of breath rapidly. Strands of her hair were dangling loosely from her face, although messy, looked perfect on her. She looked, just his age. For Hiro, she was captivating, but that didn’t hinder him from taking those gummy bears off her hands.

“Hey, I saw that first.” he said flatly.

“No.” But even with just the sound of her voice saying one word captivated him even more, making him widen his eyes and blush a bit, “I got it first. Go get another one.”

He gave her a look, pretending to look around the area and back at her with a haughty smile on his face,. “Hmmm…oh my! I cannot see any more packs around here, even anywhere else!”

The girl was in fact displeased by his response, and shoved the pack in her pockets. A smug smile was on her face, almost taunting the 14 year old with her stare.

“Well. Get it from me then.”

Hiro paused, and scoffed at her attempt. “O-oh, I’m sorry…'lady’. I don’t hurt girls.”

Steroetyping. This only ticked off the girl even more, and did not whatsover make her give the pack. Hiro was surprised to see her bend forward a bit, and taunt him. Challenging him to chase after her. If only Hiro wasn’t desperate, he wouldn’t get into trouble with this. But alas, he was. So he swiftly lunged at her, but as if she had ninja reflexes, she dodged him in a blink of an eye. Again, he attempted, but she swiftly slid to her right.

Then it hit him. It was on.

“Alright. You asked for it.” he warned her.

He lunged forward to pin her down, but she had turned to her heel and dashed off around the aisles. Hiro was fast enough to get on his feet and run after her. He saw her turn to a dead end, and thought she was trapped. But when he thought he had finally won, she adruptly landed her feet right on the walls and jumped over one aisle. Hiro stopped dead in his tracks, utmost shock running up on his face. The girl landed successfully on her feet, and through the other aisle, looked at Hiro with a confident smile on her face.

“Come on! Can’t you give a boy a chance?!” he tried to convince the girl.

“Give the boy a chance…” she gesticulated sarcastically. “Nope. Supposed to be the other way around, nitwit.”

It came to the boy that she wasn’t was she looked like. She’s skilled. A fighter, likewise to him. He liked this, though, a challenge he thought he had won but turned up with an unlikely twist. So he turned to see if the girl was still there, only to see no one at the other aisle, followed by a simultaneous pattern of beeps. The boy ran to the counter, his eyes landing on the silhoutte running away into the dark alleys.

“I won’t chase after her, if I were you…” the clerk trailed off, looking at Hiro warily.

But only to receive a smug expression from the boy’s face.

“I’m desperate.”


“Well well, look who’s bac-HIRO?!”

There Hiro stood, at the top of the stairs and in the room, with scratches all over his arms and legs, dirt clinging on his cheeks, his hair messier than it was before. The elder brother looked at him, eyes widened both in shock and anger of what stupidity his brother had done yet again. Seeing your younger brother, at 12 midnight, looking like a huge mess wasn’t okay for Tadashi. So yes, it had hit him that Hiro did something stupid, again. He gave him a look, and grabbed Hiro by his arm.

“Where.Have.You.Been.” he sternly asked Hiro, who only gave him a shrug.

“I was only looking for gummy bears. After you ate mine.” Hiro intonated the last sentence clearly to his brother.

“Looking like that?” An exhasperated sigh was heard from Tadashi, his hands rubbing his face. “Aunt Cass is going to EAT UP this whole place if she saw you like that!”

“Nope. I avoided her by climbing up a window. It’s your fault, anyways!”

“I didn’t KNOW, okay Hiro? But you didn’t have to go out and do something idiotic…AGAIN.”

Tadashi only shook his head and turned around. How stupid his brother was for getting into…whatever he got into for a pack of sweets. He always knew he’d do something like this over something he desperately wanted to have. It was in his nature, a part of Hiro; he knew he couldn’t stop him from doing that. Accepting the fact, he sagged down on his seat and turned his attention back to Hiro.

“Is there something that I need to know here, Hiro?” Tadashi threw a piece of cloth for Hiro to wipe the dirt off.

The younger brother had caught the cloth and only looked down on it. “Well…” Hiro’s voice sounded unsure, and this Tadashi knew. “…n-nothing really.”

“Then how will you explain…” Tadashi paused, and spread out his arms at Hiro, “..this?!”

“You just gestured to all of me.”

“Exactly the point. Explanation, now.”

Hiro sighed, knowing that his brother will continue on to pry him even if he didn’t want to. So he had no choice but to explain.

“Okay…okay…so I was out, you know, a-and I couldn’t find a single store with any gummy bears, but I found one store, with one pack of it and…”

Hiro paused, embarassed by the fact that a girl almost outwitted him, and not wanting to tell his brother. And another thing that he was frustrated about. Something he never wanted to happen, well because he was annoyed of that girl, but it happened. He liked the girl. Had developed a liking for the feisty one.

“And?” Tadashi said, raising an eyebrow at Hiro.

“…a girl got it first. And I-”

But instead of Hiro hearing Tadashi scold him, Tadashi had bursted out laughing. Hiro stopped, and looked weirdly at his brother. He felt himself blushing in embarassment as he continued on laughing. But luckily, his older brother had stopped, tears brimming on the edges of his eyes, as he caught his breath to face Hiro again.

“That’s sucks man…” Tadashi looks at the younger boy still blushing and looking down at the floorboard. “Hiro?”

Hiro looked up at Tadashi, and only shook his head. “I-it was nothing. But…who is she though?”

Tadashi’s eyes perked up at the sight of Hiro wondering about, well, a girl. It seems that Hiro had developed a liking for this girl. At a very young age, on the record.

“S-she was, fiesty and all. And she, she was not just a pretty face, Tadashi!” Hiro had pointed out with a tone, as Tadashi approached his brother and leaned in. “She was like…a-a ninja. I didn’t get the pack…”

His elder brother knew for sure that Hiro liked the girl. His brother, only 14 years of age, has now developed his first crush, only to a girl who beat him in the chase. A grin spread on his face, as he layed his hand on his brother’s shoulder, and with a chuckle, he said:

External image

“Hiro, you just experienced something totally unexpected.”

blehhh, I tried so hard! /( > - <)/ anyways, here ya go go! Hope you guys enjoy it! And ye, you a ninja skilled girl here lmao.


Friend to Boyfriend!Kim Donghyun

Author’s Note: aaaa im really sorry for not uploading for so long!! im trying to finish even more summer work that i have for my honors classes this year and i need to finish them before band camp starts ( very grueling practices for a week eugg ) im gonna try to finish a couple requests in bulletpoint form because it takes a long time for me to do my usual writings!! 

later on in the day: my fucking thigh somehow unlocked the thing that kept my laptop battery in and it turned my laptop off so i lost a lot of the things that i wrote down hhhhhh im actually so angry bcuz i lost so much but whatever 

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kim donghyun as your boyfriend (mainly the things that led up to it lol)

  • you met through a project in middle school that you had to do which required pairs
  • the teacher didn’t let the class choose their partners and had randomly assigned people together
  • wow how convenient you got kim donghyun as your partner 
  • you knew he existed because he was generally outgoing towards people so he was friends with alot of people but you never really talked to him before
  • it was easy to feel comfy around him because of his personality and you saw why so many people were friends with him (cuz hes a sweetheart duh)
  • you guys started researching things at the library which ended quickly because you were too loud
  • donghyun would somehow make a bunch of bad jokes while you were researching for the project (which was funny because yaknow middle school humor) and you two would burst out laughing
  • the librarian kicked you out lol
  • you decided to go to your house to continue the research and youe parents were surprised to see you bring a boy home with you
  • donghyun was very polite to your parents and greeted them with his bright smile
  • obv your parents questioned if he was your boyfriend but you had to explain that he was your partner for a project (plus you just met so you didn’t really think about that)
  • doing the project was actually a lot of fun with donghyun because of his bad jokes and not sounding boring whenever he was reading out the information
  • throughout the week, he would come over to your house to finish the project since it was a bad idea to go back to the library
  • your parents grew to like him and treated him as if he was their own son (but they were highkey shipping you two bcuz awww)
  • fast forward to the day where you need to present your project to the class 
  • you felt a little nervous because you didn’t like speaking in front of the class much but donghyun lifted your mood and joked around with you
  • the presentation was fun for the class too, donghyun making some bad puns and jokes throughout it making some of the classmates laugh or groan at
  • regardless, you received full points on the project which made the two of you really happy since you basically worked all week on it
  • even after the project, you guys started hanging out with each other 
  • whenever you would be in the same classes the following years, you were relieved to have your best friend there (aka donghyun)
  • people would often mistake you as a couple since you were so close 
  • the both of you denied it because at the time you only saw each other like family (yall are still young dating doesnt come to mind)
  • you often see donghyun being confessed to during school and tbh you didnt know how to feel about it?
  • mainly “its none of my business whatever” but you would still tease him about it later
  • like when valentines day came around, you would see donghyun coming up to you holding a shit ton of chocolates and you would have to help him carry them home
  • “you’re gonna get fat because all of the chocolates you get every year”
  • “that’s why i’ll give some of them to you so you can get fat with me”
  • “wowwww way to throw away those girl’s feelings onto me donghyun”
  • the ugly face competition at each other begins and ends quickly because donghyun would always win at making the ugliest faces
  • this scene highkey sounds cliche but whatever lol
  • since he was popular as mentioned with the hundreds of chocolates he would get for valentines day, the girls in your school obv knew how close you were to him and would get jealous
  • some of them would be petty jealous to the point where they would mess with you (just cuz u were friends with him) 
  • it would start with not being able to find your books that you needed for class
  • they would either be in some trash can or thrown out of the window and into some bushes
  • donghyun would see you stress out trying to find your books and even spots you fishing one out of the trash
  • “y/n what happened?? why is your english book in the trash?”
  • cue the upset but annoyed face “its probably one of your fangirls again” 
  • youre dusting off the book and looking at the pages that were messed up with a clearly irritated face
  • donghyun feels bad bcuz what you said was probably right and he scratches the back of his head since the situation felt tense
  • you knew it really wasnt his fault but you felt super bothered that they had to interfere with your life 
  • this happened occasionally and you felt like you had to distance yourself from donghyun a little during school because of it
  • he noticed you were distancing yourself and he was getting sad (who wouldnt be sad if ur best friend was slowly drifting away from you smh)
  • over text message
    • dh: y/n??? have you been ignoring my messages?
    • y/n: oh sorry i was doing homework (obv a lie)
    • dh: i know that’s a lie since when do you not do hw last minute 
    • y/n: idk i just felt like doing it? what’s it to you
    • dh: y/n i’ve known you since middle school this isn’t like you 
    • dh: i know you’ve been lying the past couple weeks just talk to me already :(
  • was i that obvious?” you thought looking at his text and felt guilty 
    • y/n: well i dont want to get in the way of your life
    • dh: get in the way??? what do you mean
    • y/n: i mean all of those girls that like you
    • y/n: plus some of them have taken a step up to even bully me because im around you so much and i feel bad about it
    • dh: y/n you shouldn’t have to feel bad about that… i acknowledge that they like me but that shouldn’t stop you from being my best friend
  • you felt sort of a pang in your chest because your actions made him upset
    • dh: if you ever feel like this again you need to come talk to me okay? i dont like seeing you upset.
    • y/n: dkjkjjdhaas what did i do to deserve a friend like you >;((((
    • dh: cuz you earned my heart over the years ,’;))))))
    • y/n: lmao ew dont say it like that thats gross
    • dh: im just saying the truth y/n 
    • y/n: yeah yeah whatever. since you knew i lied about doing hw come over with snacks cuz i was actually watching netflix lol
    • dh: alright lol
  • it takes like 10 min for him to get snacks at the convenient store and to your house 
  • btw its the weekend so no worries about school lol
  • he gets to your room places the snacks on the table you set up in front of your bed
  • an idea pops up in your head and you turned to donghyun with an excited expression
  • “lets make a fort”
  • he has that wide smile and quickly runs to the hallway closet where you guys kept your extra blankets and pillows (your house was basically his second home so he knew where everything was lol)
  • using the thin blankets to make the cover of the fort and stacking the pillows to prop the blankets up
  • it takes like 20 min but its totally worth it
  • you’re both under the fort with the snacks on the table that you pushed up against the bed and turning on netflix on your laptop
  • you’re on your 3rd movie and you start to feel drowsy
  • all the snacks you ate made you full and the warmth of the blankets and pillows you were snuggled up with made you sleepy
  • donghyun was paying attention to the movie still while you were slowly drifting off to sleep, your head resting on the folded pillow that you were using to prop your head up when you were watching the movie
  • he turned to you to make a witty comment about the movie like he usually does but he stopped his sentence when he saw you passed out next to him
  • he smiles seeing your cheek squished up against the pillow which made your lips pout a little
  • he grabs his phone next to him and snaps a couple pics for himself and stares at your peaceful sleeping face before turning to put the laptop away tbh this happens a lot so he has a lot of secret pics of you how sweet
  • lets just say you’re a heavy sleeper lol
  • he lifts you up a little to adjust the pillow under you so you dont wake up feeling sore and makes sure you’re all comfy before he falls asleep
  • remember he’s been basically coming over since middle school so this was a normal situation but with different feels 
  • ofc donghyun would wake up before you do 
  • he would wake you up if you were sleeping for too long
  • him waking you up would be really nice because he would be really gentle about it
  • he would call your name softly and shake you a little bit until you opened your eyes
  • and when you did open your eyes, the first thing you would see was his bright smile
  • you groan and shove your face back into the pillow cuz you don’t want to get up (not even donghyun’s sunshine smile was enough to wake you up)
  • this would result in him pestering you until you actually get up 
  • this would result in him pestering you until you actually get up 
  • as to how donghyun would confess to you, he waited until your senior year in highschool
  • he realized he had feelings for you in his second year of hs and was like “oh my god what are these feelings”
  • we know that donghyun can play the acoustic guitar from that one vlive where he sang “I Just Do” and it was amazing go find the clip on youtube 
  • to make this real cheesy, he basically wrote the song thinking about you with the help of his other close friend youngmin
  • he called you to come over to his house because he wanted to show you the song he wrote w/ youngmin
  • you sat on the couch while youngmin and donghyun sat on these stools that they set up in front of you, donghyun holding his guitar 
  • you knew how much he liked music so it was really exciting to see that he decided to write songs of his own
  • “wait wait wait can i record you guys?? i want to cherish your first live performance” you said excitedly, pointing at your phone
  • youngmin and donghyun stared at each other and laughed a little“y-yeah you can.” donghyun said looking a little shy
  • you smile and steady your phone with your hands and press record, giving them a thumbs up that you’re recording
  • donghyun strums his guitar a bit before actually playing the song and looks at youngmin nervously
  • donghyun starts singing the first lines and it made you feel all tingly inside
  • Please open your
    Pretty door today
    Since I brought a bouquet of flowers
    That look like your smile
    Will I be able to see your
    Truthful heart tomorrow
    I’m so nervous that I’m unable to sleep today as well
  •  you have this huge grin on your face because of the cute lyrics
  • and youngmin’s rap and you start unconsciously tapping your thigh with your hand along with the rhythm 
  • while donghyun was singing the chorus, he looks up from his guitar and looks directly at you with a huge smile on his face
  • for some reason your heart skipped a beat and you got really confused
  • “wtf was that did my heart really just skip a beat for kim donghyun”
  • your face turned a little red after the direct eye contact especially with the lyrics that you were hearing
  • your oblivious ass self finally wondered “did he write this song about me”
  • you sat there just blushing at the thought as they finished the song
  • get ready for some cheesy ass scene im sorry
  • they finished off the song and looked at each other again, youngmin widening his eyes at him and nodding
  • donghyun placed his guitar down and got up and walked towards the tv grabbing something behind it
  • you were really confused at what he was doing and you looked at youngmin who just gave you a suspicious smile
  • donghyun walked towards you with the item hidden behind his back, his face red and obviously looked really nervous
  • he kneeled down and looked up at you with that sweet smile of his and revealed the item he was item
  • oh wow it was a bouquet 
  • the bouquet included different types of flowers: gardenias, lilacs, pink carnations, asters, red chrysanthemums, and ofc red roses (all of these flowers relate to love ;) )
  • “Y/N you’re really oblivious so I had to go these extra steps just to tell you I like you. Alot.” he said shyly looking down for a second before looking back at you
  • you were completely baffled and your mouth was open from the confession
  • you covered your face in embarrassment and felt as your face started to heat up
  • “oh my god you dork” you said and pulled him in for a hug
  • youngmin watched from the stool and smiled like a parent, proud that his friend finally confessed his feelings (even if it was in the most cheesy way)
  • you’re both incredibly happy after officially becoming a couple
  • alot of your friends were like “wow finally” when you told them the news and you felt a little flustered telling them how he confessed to you
  • both of your parents were also like “finally” when you revealed the news to them
  • tbh your parents went overboard and were like “do we need to start planning for your wedding already????”
  • not much actually changes when it comes to living life
  • you were already really close and you guys basically went on alot of dates even before becoming a couple (though you guys considered it hanging out) 
  • the things that was added on was some affection aka holding hands, tighter hugs, tiny smooches on the cheek and forehead, even more pictures with each other, increased cuddling when you would go to each other’s houses
  • donghyun eventually exposed himself and showed you all of the secret pictures he took of you and he was really embarrassed 
  • you were like “wow really donghyun” in a surprised but pleased way and you started to tease him
  • “since we’re a couple now, you don’t have to be secret about it ;)” 
  • cue donghyun blushing and laughing at your dumb comment
  • whenever you would go on dates, you would search for couple items (cuz damn both of you want to show off each other’s love for each other in every way possible)
  • donghyun would continue writing more songs and most of them would be inspired after you
  • and everytime he would sing a snippet of it, your heart would be beating so fast and you would be basically fawning over your talented boyfriend
  • this whole thing is just sweet and cheesy but its cute jadhdakdhs

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Kennedy Lacey is the ‘night-time’ security guard of an inter-dimensional convenience store named Slot-Spot. Unfortunately for him, this means he has to deal with things ranging from 4-armed aliens, time travelers with guns, and random strangers that just happened to stumble inside.

Death at a Low Price is a podcast about a inter-dimensional convenience store and its employees. It follows, mainly, the security guards Elliot Harris and Kennedy Lacey.

This episode was written by Ollie, creator of the series, and voiced by many wonderful voice actors, who you can find on our cast page.

Music was created by our music crew, specifically ER.

The icon used in the video was made by our friends over at Space Log, specially it’s creator. Go check them out!

Thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy.


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How would any onepiece character of your choice handle their significant other being mistreated because they are black or any other poc?

got you on this fam. Im going to do this in different situations too for some. 

One Piece characters with their s/o and discrimination  


  • He furrows his eyebrows when him and s/o are being followed in a convenient store. First he thinks its cause there pirates. But once he heard that man mutter about watching out for these black folks as if there bound to steal theres a problem
  • That glare he delivers sends shivers down the clerks spine. he backtracks and turns around arms folded, looking down at the man. But its best for you to grab him and make your way out the store 
  • He doesn’t know how to comfort you and looks at you but you shrug it off. He release his frustrating training extra. How you go about telling him how you feel is up to you

X Drake 

  • That chin of ex justice got some high tolerance. 
  • He move himself infront of the perpatrator in order to set distance between you and whoever so they don’t bother you any more and refrain from making any more dumb comments. 
  • But he’s wants to make sure your okay. He’s an amazing listener. Wants you to know he’s always there for you

Boa Hancock

  • Someone calls her s/o ghetto with a negative connotation of course. Probably in there wrong minded thinking of how someone so ghetto can get a woman so great
  • She’s turning there ass to stone 
  • But not before she royally shuts them down and emphasis what a great person her s/o is. And how in comparison with them they are just low scum. 
  • Comforts her s/o, almost babies them in sense. Not for sure if thats the best thing but its her approach. 


  • gives that scary smile with a serious threat behind it 
  • Someone maybe have passed you, and clutched there purse or personal belonging in fear you steal it and run off with it. 
  • trips the person. 
  • goes to you with a cup tea, book down and sits with you. The smile she gives you is beyond reassuring 


  • The whitebeard pirates are made up from all walks of life
  • on a side note I totally see the crew having deep discussions like these every now and then. They all have each others backs and yours
  • So he’s prepared for situation. He’s like that calm deadly
  • Wraps a protective arm around you. Or over your shoulder. The look he gives dares that person to say it again 


  • You two at eating at some local diner
  • he notices you shifting uncomfortably and asks you why. Then he hears the murmurs and disapproval of a couple sitting a few tables gossiping about how interracial couples shouldn’t even happen. The doves with the doves, the crows with the crows.
  • the concerned look he gives you kind of breaks your heart. He forgets all about them his focus is on you, and he will reassure you in every possible way.  


  • The hurt look on his face 
  • turning into a passionate explanation to the person whoever let out racial derogatory comments. There going to listen soever last word he has to say too 
  • Hell remind you of yourself worth wether your doubting it or not 


  • You two sit down in fancy restaurant he took you too. But they refuse color folks. The piercing look Mihawk gives hem for having the audacity
  • like that person is rethinking there life and decisions at that moment  
  • Takes you home and just makes dinner instead. 
  • He careful with his words, but he ask you how much you go through this. 
  • very caring and soothing Mihawk. Even if you disregard the situation easily 


  • You must be asking to the get the shit knocked out of you if you mistreat his s/o in front of him in any way shape or form 
  • is truly confused on how you can hate some one simply based on there appearance. Just. No. 


  • While he was after losing his marine position, and looking like a hobo the side way glances he gets oh boy. Some don’t recognize him, some do. 
  • He brushes them all off. Too chill for that. 
  • He has all the patience in the world, and I see him taking his s/o out of that situation and maybe sharing there experiences with discrimination   


  • Is there some discrimination law he can arrest them with 
  • I imagine this going as him and his s/o strolling down the street and someone under there breathe whispers something like damn black person, and Smoker stopping in his tracks. Now you need to be his sense of logic in this. 
  • The glare never leaves his face. It stays on his mind the entire night and he wonders damn my s/o goes through this what every day? and just feels so angry


  • Does Kidd even know of a peaceful approach
  • or calming his anger. Doubt it. Therefore if you disrespect his s/o you disrepsecting him. 
  • Probably at some bar you two walked in with his crew. Then they said they don’t serve colored people. The bar no longer is in establishment 


  • He gets them secretly taken care of and disposed. 
  • Doesn’t do that comfort shit. 
  • I felt like he prejudice ideals on some races too. With his kingly mindset and all 


  • Im going to use the scene with the negative comments on him and s/o being a interracial couple as well 
  • stops what he’s doing and just looks at the person. Staring into their soul and judging the shit out of them. Debates turning to his s/o immediately or dismembering the racist. 
  • Bepo knows. Take it for what Wanda said 
  • If his s/o doesn’t want to talk about it sure, but its not going to stop him from thinking about.


  • I really wanted to do Nami for this one 
  • She knows full well you shouldn’t judge someone by there appearance. 
  • and won’t get violent but she will tell the racist off. Apologizes profoundly to her s/o even though it wasn’t her doing she just, feels bad. mainly angry 
Jungkook and Taehyung x Reader - Case #428

Summary: You’re a crime novelist working with Jungkook and your childhood friend Tae at the local police station. One night, you get kidnapped.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Love and angst

Author: Pilot

Case #428. You had been following the case for a while with the boys. As a crime novelist, you had requested special access to a detective squad for the purpose of gaining information on real cases to inspire your novels. Tae, your childhood friend, had actually helped you to land this gig at his station.

You put your pen and notepad down. Your mind went back to Case #428. It was a homicide. The girl had been found buried under black plastic on a small sea-side island. The island was only accessible when the tide was low and when the tide was high, it was nowhere to be seen. The victim had been buried alive. 

What’s more, the victim was one of three serial murders over the past five years. The women all had the same profile and same hair colour. The culprit certainly had a type. You laughed to yourself, heck - you could even say you fit the victim profile. 

Jungkook pokes your nose. You look up. His big eyes were framed by his dark brown hair. 

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Yoongi Scenario: Into You.

Request: Can you make an imagine based on Into You by Ariana Grande with Suga? please, you are my favorite scenario blog <3 I need a bad boy suga if you know what I mean. Thank you in advance.

Genre: Romance / Bodyguard AU.

The flashes of the dozens of cameras could be heard as a couple posed for the paparazzi, it was a daytime semi formal event being that this was just the party for the launch of a fragrance of one of your boyfriend’s celebrity friends, or fake boyfriend if Yoongi had to be specific. The guy pulled you closer to his body when you were starting to walk away from the carpet, the almost forceful move made Yoongi’s hand’s twitch in annoyance, but in this public event he couldn’t do much, just observe as you went back to his side and smiled for the cameras one more time.

You two went in, followed by Yoongi and the other two bodyguards. The place was crowded already, fancy people all over flaunting their attire and money. You had to go with your boyfriend, that twat named Park Jimin, the bodyguards couldn’t be that close or else they disturbed the atmosphere of the party.

Yoongi stood near a wall where he could have a good view of the space, the party was like any other and like usual you got separated from Jimin just a couple of minutes after he greeted his friends and he started to shamelessly flirt with other girls not minding your presence; your clique didn’t seem to be there so you were now sitting at a table alone, a glass of champagne on your hand while your eyes wandered around.

You were looking smoking hot, with tight lilac dress that let everyone know you had a sexy body, it didn’t escape Yoongi’s eyes how men and women turned to see you either with envy or lust, that was the reaction your provoked without having to do much. But Yoongi didn’t worry too much about them, as he knew well you wouldn’t go with any other guy, he knew that despite Jimin being just a few meters away your gaze was seeking for his.

Yoongi smirked when your eyes met, making you give him a coy smile as you sipped from your glass. Drifting away your gaze you couldn’t wipe the smile out of your face, on the other hand he could easily shift his amused expression to a nonchalant one, even if he wanted to go there and tease you for a bit.

Yoongi’s job was to observe you, to keep you safe from a distance, as your bodyguard that should be his only and prime interest, but he knew as well as you did that he had trespassed those obligations since some time now.

Yoongi hadn’t done exactly a move on you yet, as you two were engaged in a secret game of flirting and teasing; smirks and sultry looks were exchanged every time you were together and the casual touches and slight insinuations were now borderline dangerous as anyone could detect it if they were to see you while you were completely alone or in a big crowd like today.

He wanted to see if he could make you get flustered even from this distance, but when he tried to do so Yoongi realized you weren’t sitting on that table anymore. Muttering a low curse his eyes scanned the room searching for you, who were almost out of his sight, almost, as he caught a glimpse of your back as you disappeared through one of the doors.

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Things you didn’t know that you needed (MGCA)

a.k.a head cannons

🌸Movie night is a HUGE thing for Floor Nineteen

🌸Magnus and TJ usually provide the snacks

🌸Alex thinks that “The Blair Witch Project” is the best comedy of all time

🌸Magnus, Alex, TJ, Mallory, and Halfborn sometimes forget that they can either kill or be killed and that property damage doesn’t fix itself in Valhalla

🌸Example: They went on a group shopping trip once and Mallory got so mad at a rude lady at Walmart that she nearly impaled her

🌸The passing of time in Valhalla throws all its inhabitants off sometimes (ex. Magnus goes to a convenience store for chips or something then realizes that it’s 4am in Midgard)

🌸Halfborn once challenged TJ to drink five litres of Coke and he threw up and passed out in the process

🌸Magnus went to see the Hamilton musical with TJ and now he listens to nothing else

🌸TJ has yelled “CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIME” at Halfborn at least once

🌸Mallory cannot cook. No one lets her near a microwave since “The Incident”

🌸Magnus sometimes sneaks stray cats and dogs into Valhalla

🌸Magnus has just crashes at Blitz and Hearth’s place whenever Valhalla has gotten too loud (probably because of Oktoberfest)

Magnus: *promptly passes out on the couch*

Hearth: *signing* Why is our son like this? It’s 2am!

🌸Alex tags along when she/he isn’t feeling too happy (she/he aggressively bakes pastries for catharsis; during this time the kitchen no longer belongs to the owners of the house)

🌸Alex has so many queer friends who she/he really wants to introduce to Magnus (but they think that she/he is dead)

🌸Literally everyone but Magnus (because he’s oblivious) just assumes that Hearth and Blitz are married

🌸Sam sometimes studies at Blitz and Hearth’s house whenever she feels like studying with Floor Nineteen (or not, it’s quieter that way)

🌸Magnus sometimes forgets that Blitz and Hearth are adults (he nearly had a crisis when Hearth mentioned that he needed to do taxes)

🌸Blitz carries hijab pins (for Sam), a sewing kit (for everyone) and expando ducks (for ass kicking) 24/7

🌸Hearth and Alex become good friends during Christmas and within 24 hours they try to light a dumpster on fire with Magnus

🌸Blitz once threw a rubber duck at Magnus and he screamed like a six year old girl

🌸Alex once “accidentally” garroted a tree during a Midgard picnic

🌸Secret Santa: Hearth got a slingshot as a joke and accidentally shot it through a store window setting off a burglar alarm

🌸Secret Santa: Sam got a sketchbook (she’s actually really good at drawing) which made up for the small “Christmas Oven Fire” that nearly caught her hijab on fire

🌸Secret Santa: Magnus got a can of beans. Everyone laughed at the gift but he then ate all of the beans while staring having a staring contest with Mallory (who bought the beans)

🌸Secret Santa: Halfborn got a Viking Costume. He wore it until Halloween

🌸Christmas pizza is a tradition

[I]t is actually more expensive to be poor than not poor. If you can’t afford the first month’s rent and security deposit you need in order to rent an apartment, you may get stuck in an overpriced residential motel. If you don’t have a kitchen or even a refrigerator and microwave, you will find yourself falling back on convenience store food, which—in addition to its nutritional deficits—is also alarmingly overpriced. If you need a loan, as most poor people eventually do, you will end up paying an interest rate many times more than what a more affluent borrower would be charged. To be poor—especially with children to support and care for—is a perpetual high-wire act.
Safe Haven- Part 2: Hearth and Home

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Prologue Here
Part One: Welcome to Southport  

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: The reader, Sam Winchester, Sam’s kids, a few other minor characters
Warnings: This is based off of a movie where the main character is running away from her abusive husband, if that’s a trigger don’t read this series please.
Summary: The reader settles into her new town and her new life. But getting a job and renting a house turned out to be the easy parts, and letting in new people and relationships the more difficult ones. 
Tag List: @amanda-teaches @myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione@mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@evyiione@mogaruke@aliensdeservebetter@27bmm@craving-cas @spnfanficpond@amanda-teaches  @myplaceofthingsilove  @spectaculicious@bambinovak@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@padackles2010@mamaredd123@milkymilky-cocopuff @iwantthedean@zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat@spntrista @d-s-winchester@just-another-busy-fangirl@winchesterprincessbride@waywardjoy@supernaturalyobsessed@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sandlee44@fangirl1802@kittenofdoomage@evyiione@winchestersmut@purgatoan@mogaruke@therewillbeblood@megansescape@taste-of-dean@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala@deathtonormalcy56@wildfirewinchester@notnaturalanahi@jensen-jarpad@impalaimagining@fangirlextraordinaire@itseverythingilike@jesspfly@lovekittykat21@mysteriouslyme81@mrswhozeewhatsis@aiaranradnay@supernatural-jackles@girl-next-door-writes@spnsasha@27bmm@spnfanficpond @amanda-teaches@myplaceofthingsilove@spectaculicious@bambinovak@writingthingsisdifficult@spn-imagines-to-feel@spn-ficfanatic@cleverdame@saxxxology@jensen-jarpad @keepcalmandcarryondean dancingpanda137 @evyiione @naviwhite@itsthemotherfuckingsealion @snanlawala1 @dare-to-dream

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Your first night in Southport- as you learned the town was called- was spent sleeping under a dock. In the starry low tide you were able to curl up with your bag as a pillow and fall asleep quickly, but it didn’t last. 

You woke up well before the sun had risen, and even though you hadn’t had much sleep in the past 48 hours, you weren’t tired. The tide had risen dangerously close to where you were lying, so instead of trying to go back to sleep, you decided to walk. 

All of the stars had faded, but the moon was still out- barely visible in the early morning light. You walked for what seemed liked hours, taking the beachy views in and wondering what your new life would bring. Would you find a house? A job? Any of the basic things a person needed to live? 

After circling back to the convenience store, which was just opening its doors, you found a restaurant labeled Ivan’s Fish Shack in bright, nautical colors. Being as the line was out the door, and you only spotted a few waitresses, you figured maybe you could land a job there. 

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Dex Number: 017

Name: Moquitective

Derivation: Mosquito, detective

Pronunciation: moss-ki-TECK-tiv

Species: Investigator pokemon

Type: Bug/Psychic

Abilities: Justified

Hidden Ability: Bulletproof

Base stats:

    HP: 55

    Attack: 60

    Defense: 70

    Special Attack: 125

    Special Defense: 100

    Speed: 80

    Base Total: 490


    Entry 1: “Mosquitective arrives at the crime scene and slurps up the evidence with its long mouth, which it stores in a convenient pouch on the side of its body. It is said that Mosquitective can fully comprehend and understand human speech.”  

    Entry 2:  “Mosquitective it very good at reading other’s emotions, which comes in handy when interrogating suspects of crime. It is a popular partner for police and detectives in the Alker region.”

Evolution: From Moscreet at level 15

Basis: mosquito, detective

Notes:  Mosquitective would work in partnership with Gumshoos. Partners fighting crime. When Gumshoos drops for the night, Mosquitective takes over their shift. Genius. Jokes aside, I REALLY LOVE mosquitective!! It started out as an ambiguous bug detective, then I decided to make it into a mosquito because there aren’t any in the pokemon world. Plus, mosquitos are a widely hated insect(myself not included), so I thought I’d have it doing something good for once. Mosquitective is just a cool pokemon in general. It’s got the bulletproof ability because, well, it’s out fighting crime and stuff! The moquitective line is to be taken 100% seriously.