it's a comfort just having this book in my

does magnus still remember his birthday?

as prompted by the wonderful @krockszz!! thank you so much and SORRY FOR THE DELAY LMAO

(also this is much longer than i expected lol soz) let me know what you think!

Magnus had woken up to a cold and empty bed that day. It was a Monday. And although it didn’t mean anything to anyone else, Magnus had instantly realised what day – or week – it was. He glanced at the window of his loft and noted the steady snowfall as well as the stark white cityscape. The entire place was covered in a blanket of snow and Magnus sat up lazily. It had come late this year. It was almost mid-December and Magnus had been anticipating the snow for a while. He wasn’t usually one to pay attention to the weather, but he found himself increasingly seeking the cold each year that passed.

Alec had slept at the Institute last night and Magnus didn’t want to make a fuss. It wasn’t a big deal anyway. Magnus shifted and sat cross-legged in his warm sheets. He looked down at his hands, bare from any rings and the tips painted a deep blue. He sighed. He hadn’t even told Alec that it was the week of his birthday. But what was age to an immortal?

Just as Magnus thought he might be in a good mood for the day, his phone made an alarming sound. Magnus flinched, much too early to start thinking about his arrangements. He knew he had a bunch of clients for the day and Magnus couldn’t remember if he had done that on purpose. He didn’t bother to even pretend to care about his jobs. Alec had promised to spend the night for the next two days, so it was all Magnus really had going for him at the moment.

By the end of the day, Magnus was in such an annoyed state that he wasn’t sure even his boyfriend could fix. His clients hadn’t been the nicest. Magnus felt like snapping at them numerous times but settled for offering them crappy tea. How could he expect them to know? Or even care?

It was six in the evening when Magnus was called into the New York Institute by Maryse to secure some wards and he had agreed without discussion of payments. If he got to see Alec quicker than anticipated, that would be enough for him. Unfortunately, Alec was cooped up in his office completing mountains of boring paperwork for the Clave. He didn’t recognise any of the other Shadowhunters scurrying around but did stop to smile when Isabelle gave him an excited wave before heading off on a mission. He had no clue where Clary or the other Lightwoods were but wasn’t in the mood to seek them out either. He just wanted to get the job done, maybe catch a glimpse of Alec and then head home.

Once he was done, Magnus made his way to Alec’s office, eager to see the person he missed. Magnus softly knocked on the door and pushed it open when he heard Alec say “come in”. The boy looked stressed, Magnus noted. Alec’s hair, despite its already unruly nature, was sticking up in every direction and his desk was overflowing with papers. “Hey,” Magnus said with a smile as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“Hey,” Alec sighed, leaning back in his chair.

“Mind if I bother you for a bit?” asked Magnus, leaning against the wall.

“Yes, please,” said Alec, throwing a folder on to the desk and watching it bury itself amongst the papers. “How’s your day been?” he asked, eyes not leaving Magnus’.

“Busy,” replied Magnus. He got up off the wall and walked to the other side of the office. “This is my first break all day.”

Alec’s eyebrows shot up. “Seriously?” he said, glancing at the clock. “Magnus, it’s almost eight.”

Magnus pursed his lips and nodded. “Yeah well, like I said, I’ve been busy.” He walked over to the bookshelf that sat tall against the wall and lazily picked out a book. He noticed that the title had something to do with the Subway but didn’t bother to check before flipping to a random page. Magnus was too tired to engage in more interesting conversation. So he simply walked over to a large chair and sat down with a thump. Even then, with his mellow demeanour, Alec thought Magnus moved much more gracefully and elegantly than he himself ever could.

He frowned, leaning forward against his desk. “You okay?” Alec asked, thumbs fidgeting. Magnus took in a deep breath but didn’t look up from the book.

“Yeah,” he said curtly and Alec felt his hands become sweaty.

“Okay…” he dragged, but quickly disguised it in a chipper tone. “I actually had something to ask you. Izzy recommended this really great Italian restaurant the other day and I thought it would be great to go for your birthday?”

Magnus snapped his head up immediately. He couldn’t tell if his surprise was showing but he recognised the smirk on Alec’s face. “What?” he asked. How had Alec found out?

Alec smiled. “Your birthday; it’s this month right?”

“How did you know?” he asked in a small voice. He had absent-mindedly closed the book he was reading.

“I was looking for a file today and stumbled upon yours but it didn’t seem to have an exact date.” Alec got up and walked over to Magnus who stayed seated. Alec strolled over to the chair next to Magnus and sat down. Magnus continued to stare, not saying a word. He knew why the Institute didn’t have a date. “Why didn’t you tell me your birthday was this month?” asked Alec. There was no authority in his voice. Nothing to suggest that he should have known before hand or that demanded Magnus tell him.

Magnus licked his lips and stared downwards. “I try not to think about it,” he replied and Alec’s frown only deepened. Alec stayed quiet, worried he may have just crossed a border he was unaware even existed. “Besides,” Magnus spoke up, disrupting the silence. “When you’re as old as I am, birthdays don’t really seem to matter.”

Alec thought that was wrong. That someone like Magnus should be happy to celebrate every single year he was alive. “How do you usually celebrate it then?” he asked.

“I don’t…”

“Okay,” Alec replied quickly. “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. But at least tell me what date it is so I can get you something?” A comforting smile made its way on to Alec’s features and Magnus looked up.

“Alexander, I appreciate the thought but I don’t need anything. I have you, that’s enough of a gift for me.”

Alec smiled slightly but it faded away quicker that it had appeared. “Nobody needs anything. I just want to,” he said.

Magnus took in another deep breath and placed the book on the table in front of him. “I don’t know,” he said, avoiding Alec’s gaze.

Alec’s eyebrows furrowed curiously. “You don’t know… what?” he asked.

“My birthday.”

“What do you mean you don’t know your birthday?”

“I mean, I don’t quite remember the exact date.” Alec’s mouth fell open and all he could do was stare at his boyfriend’s ludicrous words. Magnus got up to put the book back on the shelf. “The last birthday I celebrated was more than 400 years ago, Alexander,” he said, walking back to the chair but not sitting down. He felt weirdly ashamed of the fact that he didn’t know his own birthday. “I was nine when I left home and…” He shrugged. “I was able to narrow it down to a week, but not a date,” he said with a sense of finality that made Alec uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry,” Alec replied after a few seconds of silence.

“What for?” asked Magnus. He inched closer to Alec, his hand finding the boy’s on the armrest almost instantly. Alec looked down at their hands and tangled his fingers with Magnus’ before looking back up.

“For not knowing.”

“You didn’t kno-”

“For not asking, then.” Magnus looked at Alec, a smile on his face and his hand moving up to bury themselves in Alec’s hair.

“You don’t have anything to apologise for, Alexander,” he said softly. Alec pulled on Magnus’ arm to bring himself up so that he was standing opposite his boyfriend. He leaned in to kiss Magnus. It was sweet and it was true and Alec wanted to melt when he felt Magnus’ hands on his chest. The man brought his hands down to the small bit of exposed skin under Alec’s shirt, and he could almost feel Alec’s skin tingle at his touch. Magnus felt Alec’s breath hitch in his throat and smiled.

Alec pulled away. “Then I’ll take the week off.”

“What?” breathed Magnus, hands pausing on the waistband of Alec’s jeans. Nobody before Alec had even question Magnus about his birthday before, simply getting him a book or artefact when they ended up finding out accidentally. He had never intended on keeping something like this from Alec but he just never got around to addressing it until it was too late.

Alec pressed a short kiss to Magnus’ lips. “You, Magnus Bane, are going to have the best birthd- birthweek of your eternal life,” he explained, pecking Magnus’ lips between each word. “When do we start?”

Magnus looked down at his watch. “About 20 hours ago?” he said, sheepishly. Alec took a step back suddenly and he looked excited. Magnus saw a look of ‘you are never going to live this down’ on his boyfriend’s face.

“Izzy’s restaurant can wait. How about… we go straight to Italy?” he asked, a spark in his eyes. Magnus couldn’t help but beam at his Alec’s enthusiasm.

“How about… we start tomorrow?” he said in a low voice and Alec felt his stomach twist. Magnus clicked his fingers, firmly locking the door to the office before pressing himself tightly against Alec. He kissed him so hard that he was convinced his birthday would be every day from now on, solely because he was lucky enough to have some like Alec in his life.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, how i think the conversation raphael and magnus have about isabelle went.

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I'm 14 and almost finished writing a book, (and I'm going to write a sequel after I'm done with the first book.) I want to publish it, but I have no idea how to do so. I also have no idea on how to tell if my book's any good. I haven't shown anyone yet because 1. I'm a super paranoid about people stealing my ideas. 2. I don't really want to show my family since my story's not super "church good". 3. I don't have any friends as a homeschooler, except for a few whom I have no idea how to contact.

Firstly, congratulations on finishing! At your age, I had only ever written maybe one or two chapters in an original work. As for your concerns,

Telling if your book is any good: You can’t, really. What’s good and bad is entirely subjective to the reader. The way I tell if my writing is good or bad is by how it sounds when read aloud, although that’s not always something you can do easily (especially for a while book). Another way is to compare its flow and format to published novels. Does it look like it could sit on a shelf? Does it follow too many cliches?

People stealing your work: This is a completely valid concern, in my opinion. I’ve never personally published any of my original works online in fear of someone taking it. However, there are plenty of communities out there for it (FictionPress, Wattpad, AO3, just your tumblr audience). I wouldn’t press you to post if you aren’t comfortable, though.

Not having friends: I would do whatever you can to get involved in a writing community online, or any sort of (positive, well-regarded) community. While there are some awful, toxic people out there, there are also some real gems. Especially with artistic groups, there are plenty of places for each other to bounce ideas off of and simply relate to one another. I would say take your time getting involved in one of these, until you find one or more people who you really connect with. Build up enough trust that you’re willing to at least share a snippet of work and see how it goes. (I suggest email as the best way around it, as large blocks of texts in messaging systems are very unattractive to read) Fellow artists can be a very valuable resource, but don’t take their word as gospel. We all have our own preferences.

As for publishing…There are a few different ways to go. The most traditional route is to first find an agent. This can be a difficult process and takes quite a bit of research. You’ll usually have to write them a query letter, and based on that they may consider reading your work. Once you have an agent, things can get a bit easier. Can. Publishing houses are always flooded with content, and there are more often than not going to be many rejections. Nowadays, self-publishing is fairly easy. Anyone can publish their own work on Amazon, selling as an e-book, but actually selling is the hard part. You’ll need a decent social media network to sell, or just get really lucky. There are also other services that will print your book for you, and then it’s your job to sell these copies. Whatever the case, publishing is full of headaches and turmoil and work. Not to scare you away from it! I just want you to know what you’re in for. I personally finished writing a novel and decided on a few more drafts before getting in on any of that business, simply because publishing intimidates me, and I want to approach it with the best work I possibly can.

In short, the internet is your friend for all of these things. Everything I learned about publishing is from reading about it in books or online. (Mostly online) There are plenty of resources on how to edit, how to find agents, and communities to lend you an ear if you let them. I wish you the best in your endeavor!

nothing irks me more than people pointing their nose up at what other people are reading

“Aren’t you too old for that?”

it’s none of your bloody business

“Shouldn’t you be reading something more challenging?”

why do you hate fun

i remember a time when a guy tipped his head to the side, squint his eyes and say, “is your reading level really that low to be reading something like that?” It was a standard YA novel. I was probably 17/18 at the time. jesus fucking christ.

I think there’s definitely merit in challenging yourself and reading outside your comfort zone, but there’s also??? having fun??? and enjoying yourself???

i love hartwin so much,, like these two unique characters just complement each other so well like

you have this guy who’s like Porno Mr Darcy who probably has had sex with his own manners but at the same time he’ll beat up a bar of people just bc he’s a bit emotional and he stuffs his fucking dog named mr fucking pickle - harry hart is a fuckin treasure and i’ll love this loser til the end of time

and then you have eggsy. sweet, little egg who’s gone through some shit but he’s loyal as fuck and sees everyone as equals and as fucking aces he looks in a suit he’ll wear the chav-iest clothes in his free time and protect his little sister and his mum and rox bc i swear he knows women have it harder

then you meet them both. when they’re both in the same room and sparks just fucking f l y bc they’re so comfortable to be themselves around each other. eggsy ain’t afraid to call out harry’s shit and harry would teach eggsy anything he wanted and asdfhhferwjferbjckkjbedcwwedlknc

their house probably smells of tea and warmth whilst you hear jb snoring in the corner, both of them lying on opposite ends of the couch, reading their own books as their legs are tangled together.

i just,, really love hartwin

I was tagged by @ilgattopatata​ thanks! this is exactly what i needed rn as a distraction not to feel down

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they are working on. This can be anything!

- my job is getting easier as im learning stuff, so i feel more comfortable there, although its still exhausting, i would rather stay away from people but at least during summer i heard theres never much customers.

- i will have some vacation soon, so im hoping to read some books, and even tho i have now evenings free im just always tired even if i want to read..

- i want to really start again learning some language, probably spanish, and start working out again..

- because its pride month, (and we dont celebrate it here, and only one irl friend know about me, but its still really great to see more positive posts on dash etc,) so i created like a list of what books ive read, or movies/tv shows ive seen, that are lgbt, or if i just learn more about some of the things concerning lgbt community. so that is going pretty great!

- i finally fixed the problem why my posts didnt show up in tags, its been so frustrating for the past few months, it discouraged me from making edits, besides being tired, but i found it in settings and i feel stupid not looking there sooner, but im glad i did it anyway now, so i will probably go back to make again more gifs/edits

- im so excited about the new voltron season, but the fandom is really annoying…

- ive been rereading jughead new comics today, and just having in general lot of feels about aroace jughead!

- im sad yesterday was the snk s2 finale.. i want to hope the next season could be next year but i have my doubts. also i should catch up again with the manga, where the few like 10 chapters still confuses me…

im tagging: (if you want to ofc) @twomillionfreckles, @eradne, @ughkirschtein, @skychasingdreamer, @cryopods, @roah, and @ravenboyparrish

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do you have any tips on highschool studyblr since i don't study in college and many studyblrs are 😊

hello!! this is very late but i’ll link you to some masterposts and give u some of my advice! some mps are not necessarily for hs students but i find them v useful!! 米^-^米

some of my own tips

  • CREATE A STUDY SCHEDULE!! oh my i dont know if i know any masterposts about this but i’ll surely add it but what i know!! one day on a normal school day okay, you jot down everything u need to do and through this u can see your open time slots like u can replace the time you “spent on watching tv” with studying!! its way better lIKE That i created one but i have to work on it! i saw this elsewhere so if it sounds similar and u know the masterpost pls message me so i can credit them huhu sorry ╰(°ㅂ°)╯
  • if u can, bring ur own food and BRING water!! so u can still work while you’re eating and not starve (i did this a lot last yr ugh ;_;)
  • also drink vitamins!! (i am rn hihi) and also take a shower once u come home fr school so ur energized since yEAH they force us to stay in school for 10 hrs in school nice!!╰(・∇・╰)
  • a study buddy/group is really helpful but make sure who you’re studying with is super nice, patient & friendly!!
  • KEEP A PLANNER/ JOURNAL AND PUT ALL DEADLINES!! Oh my even though im still working with my bullet journal ;_; i still have some late hw i have to pass (waH im rly bad with time management super) put deadlines on one page or highlight them!! i made a page with all my project infos!! the right part of this page! so its easier to keep track of ur projects and stuff! 
  • DO UR HOMEWORK AS SOON AS U GET IT!!! JUST DO IT…(NIKE) tbh….i need to do this huhu….since we’re on the topic of deadlines… HUHU (⌒▽⌒ゞ
  • always..bring your books i have not used my locker for 2 yrs now (hence the bringing of two bags) sometimes if u find yourself bored or if u just wanna be productive and…uh oh i left my books ;_; but do make sure you’re comfortable with bringing it around!! if u know u dont need it u can leave it in ur locker :-)
  • one last thing: abt group projects please please initiate action like even if you’re not the leader try to work on it asap!!

here are some masterposts!! i’ll add to this when i have time hihi

i wish you all the luck!! and i hope you found this useful!! please take care! (・∀・)

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Dating would include with Dybala, Griezmann and Torres please!! X

Dating Fernando Torres would include… 

Originally posted by ikecarus

  • supporting him - you would always go to his games and support him after tell him how he played and root for him. You would also go to his press conferences when he for example promoted his new book. It gave him comfort knowing that you were there for him and wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

„What do you mean you can’t come to the game tomorrow?“ he asked.

„Its Y/F/N’s Birthday“ you told him.

„And who’s gonna be my lucky charm then?“

„I still am I’m gonna have my phone right by my side to check how y’all are doing, you better score a goal for me“ you would reply.

  • him being clingy - you dated for so long already and you two just got so comfortable around each other, you would spend all your time together and whenever you two happened to be separated he would always call you or text you, and miss you.

„Babe“ his text said which eventually would make you roll your eyes.

„I’m already on my way home“ you would text back.

„don’t text and drive“ his reply was which made you giggle but leave your phone aside before arriving at home.

  • going out for dinner - you would go out for dinner dates every week sometimes several times a wee, how his schedule would allow him. You loved spending time with him and he loved inviting you for stuff.

„Are you taking the pasta?“ he asked and you nodded what else?

„What else?“ he chuckled to himself.

  • having a really private relationship - fernando was in this business long enough and he knew how the media had his positive and negative sides. He posted photos then and there of games and stuff but there weren’t many pictures of his private life. He only spied pictured of you whenever it was your birthday christmas or he really liked a picture of you two. You didn’t mind, you two liked having your relationship to yourselves.

„Hey can I post that picture?“ he would ask showing you a picture of you two he made the other day.

„Yeah“ you said nodding.

„If you want to of course, I don’t mind you posting pictures of us“ you said

„I just don’t want dump comments“


I already posted Dybala and Griezmann recently so just look on my blog it needs to be somewhere on there (i haven’t added it to the masterlist through) x


BOOK SELFIE!!!!!! Just finished Throne of Glass and loved it! I started working on the review, but had to stop because Mamas tired yall! But I look forward to sharing my thoughts of the book with you guys soon!!! ALSO a sneak peak at what I am reading next! 


Its not your right! But it was recommended by one of my very best friends and I have made it into a personal challenge “Read a book outside your comfort zone” Challenge  So next up is Looking For Alaska by John Green!

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I don't remember for sure, but I think it was you who spoke once about a woman who was so unsure of herself that she couldn't even tell you what she saw in a tarot card without worrying she was wrong. Well that's me, and as an aspiring diviner, (1/2)

(2/2) that is hella inconvenient. Do you have any tips on this? Frankly, I feel worthless as a tarot reader because I can’t draw any insight without using the book. And I think its why even when I lay the cards and feel its right it makes no sense.

No, it sounds familiar but that wasn’t my story.

So, tell me, do you have trouble stepping outside of your comfort zone in other areas of your life as well?  Because I doubt it’s that you *can’t* draw insight without the book, more like you’re just afraid to.  You have to allow yourself to make mistakes in order to grow.  The training wheels need to come off eventually.  And if you fall, you just get back up.  Luckily for you, tarot won’t give you scraped elbows and knees.

Do you have a tarot journal?  If you don’t, I highly suggest one.  Do some small readings for yourself.  DON’T USE THE BOOK.  Write them down.  No one is going to see these readings but you, there’s no one looking over your shoulder waiting for you to fuck up.  You’ve got the information you need inside your head already.  

Spend some time with each card individually and journal about them.  Just look at the card and start by describing what you see physically.  This is most helpful if you have a deck that has some decent imagery.  So if your deck has pips, or it’s really minimalist, this may not work.  Let’s start with an easy one, and I’m going to use the Rider tarot in this example

So what do you see?  It looks like a beautiful day, no clouds.  There’s a couple who seem to be happy and joyful.  Probably their children are nearby playing happily.  They have a house in the distance, surrounded by green grass and trees with a river leading to it.  There’s a HUGE rainbow in the sky, the cups seem to be shining brightly.  Next, write down what it makes you think of or how you feel.  So when I look at this card, I see the perfect happy family.  It makes me smile.  They seem not to be worried about anything, they have a home they love, healthy children, what more could you want out of life?  Their home doesn’t look too big or too small, so I assume they’re not made of money, but they are comfortable and stable and content.  If this happens to remind you of a family you know, or if it’s what you would consider an ideal family life, write that down too.  Make personal associations with the cards!   

What does this card mean?  The keywords are “happy home, shared love, blessings, peace, family” (from the Galaxy Tarot app, since my phone is always handy).  The image should give you the basic foundation, and then when it comes up in a reading, you can fill in the blanks yourself. 

Do this for every single card!  And don’t rush yourself, do 1-3 a day and take your time with it.  And don’t worry about right or wrong because your feelings *can’t* be wrong.  Do small readings for yourself with this method.  Try not to go back and compare yourself to the book.  Usually I do suggest comparison, but in your case it’s probably not helpful.  Realize that every tarot book is going to be slightly different anyway, so the narrative you tell yourself *shouldn’t* match up to anything perfectly.  Finding your own associations, describing them in your own voice is incredibly important to strengthening your intuition.

I hope this helps Anon, good luck!

Dive in the depths of my sea and pretend that stars are not found in heaven, and pearls shine bright just the same; that my blood breathes life to countless things while I bathe in cruelty and pain. Feel how my wave caresses your ego, and how it turned me salty and dry. Think of all my fail attempts to raise my voice for you to hear me bleeding, and see how I fell to an even deeper hole each time I try.

Darling, love is not painted with the brightest of colors. It is a gradient plain of smiles and tears, of hopes and fears.

Can you even hear my heartbeat? The blood that trickles down my wrist, how can you not see it? How can you choose to see what’s only beautiful to your eyes and not embrace the things you despise?

You told me you love me as bright as the sun, and as constant as the stars that paints our evening sky. Yet every time I try to cry for your help, I feel like a ghost, a lost soul that you suddenly cannot be bothered to see, and all my tears and pleas fall to deaf ears. How many times will you pretend that my tears are raindrops from the sky and my sobs echoes of thunder? How many pieces should my heart be shattered just for you to know that I’m in pain? Or should I cut you with its shard for you to have at least a little glimpse of my torment?

Darling, love is not only the upbeat music you listen to when you are happy. Love is also the melancholic ballads that seduce your tears to fall at every note.

Oh my sweet clueless sprout, hear me.

When you love something, it is either you will accept nothing or you will embrace everything.

—  a hopeless comfort, @hishiddenletters x @cynthiatingo

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Do you think Rick did okay in TOA? Like over all? I've heard a lot of complaints and such, but I'm really happy for the representation...

The main complaints that I’ve seen with the book is with Solangelo. And I agree that I would have liked it to be more slowburn, and that it would also be nice to see Nico develop to the point that we see him at in TOA. And i do wish we saw him interact with more characters - not just Hazel and Reyna, but also Kayla and Austin (because I HC him and Kayla as being very close friends.) 

So I see where a lot of people are coming from, and I do agree that the way it was presented had its issues. 

But man, if I had this book when I was in 8th grade, my teenage years would have been a lot less confusing. Every time I see TOA in the children’s and YA sections of book stores I get excited for the children and teens who will pick it up, and finally understand or find comfort in who they are. 

Even as a 20 year old, content and understanding of my sexuality, it still helped me. To have my favorite author unapologetically (un apollo getically?) have a bisexual character who is open and comfortable with it? To have one of my favorite fictional characters of all time in an open and happy same sex relationship? Dude, I cried when I first read “I had a crush on Percy” What do you think this book did to me? 

And yeah, the fact that it has LGBT representation shouldn’t shield it from criticism, but man, we have open, not dead characters in a cool adventure story that isn’t about how hard it is to be gay. And that’s pretty freaking awesome. 

Other than that, I did really love the book. RR does first person really well, and I thought it was very well done. Sure, fan service here and there, but it was really enjoyable. It felt like a Percy Jackson book again. HOO always felt a little bit off, a little bit wrong, and I think TOA is really going to redeem them, and I very excited for the rest of the series. 

TL;DR: Sure, it had problems but it was so much fun to read. 

Read Between The Lines

This is based off the prompt “AU in which every time a person falls in love, a red line appears on their wrist”. They’re still in Fifth Harmony and everything so I didn’t get completely AU. I’m not sure if anyone else already did this, I haven’t seen one but I could have missed it! Anyways let me know what you think.

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Thoughts going through my head during A Court of Mist and Fury

I think you can see an interesting transformation in me as I go on:

1. Omg they’re getting married
2. I’m so worried about them
3. This bottling up is not good for them
4. Where’s Rhys
5. No High Lady? Why do I feel like Feyre is going to change that?
6. Okay wow they like bang everyday
7. Omg no she’s hesitating at the wedding
10. Rhys and his mandatory sentences LOL
11. FINALLY she admits that she’s suffocating
14. Omg she’s using books to escape her world like me…
17. Omg Rhys saved her. Thank god.

19. Omg there are people here
20. Rhys is smiling and … Cute
23. Sarah j maas what are you doing to me?!??! She might not be in love with tamlin anymore?!?
24. Omg Rhys calls then his family how CUTE
26.Mor is awesome. I see an amazing friendship coming from this.
28. The sexual tension is killing me
29. OH MY GOD “just how badly id broken in that moment with Amarantha”
30. “You are my salvation, Feyre” AWWWWWWW
32. She’s back home. Oh my gosh they are being cute with their bickering.
33. “Velaris isn’t my home” NO RHYS BABY SHE DOESNT MEAN IT
34. WHAT. THE. FUCK. “I’m not coming back”????? ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SEND THAT FEYRE?
35. LOL Feyre and Rhysand are basically sexting.
36. Omg training session…..OH NO FEYRES ANGRY. Its okay Rhys comforted her.

*jumps from one ship to the other Captain Jack Sparrow style*

37. SUMMER COURT: these two should just kiss they are so fricking jealous of everyone
40. Awwww, Feyre comforting him after his nightmares.
42. Lol Elain true man they should burn in hell. And LOL at Cassian and Nesta…I ship it.
43. Feyre and Rhys are getting cuter by the second
45. Oh Damn she just told Lucien off. Good for you, Feyre.
46. Oh my gosh they finally kissed….sort of

49. Yay shes painting again
52. (there still about a hundred pages left….I’m scared….someone hold me please)
53. Oh no Velaris was attacked. Feyre coming in like a boss.
54. Hybern…here we go….Feyre don’t do that. Amren said not to do that
56. TAMLIN???!!! FUCK YOU! (Guys I’m too scared to continue. I need a breather)

I can’t wait until the next one….

IMPORTANT: I would like your input on the WRITERS UNITE compilation!

Hello, writerly friends!

As I mentioned earlier, WRITERS UNITE has been an incredible success so far. I can now say (without doubt) that I have gotten over a hundred awesome pieces of advice, from writers of all ages and skill levels. I don’t mean to sound sappy, but there plenty of pieces that made me go “I wish I had known that when I first got started.” The way some of them were phrased were so perfect I was speechless.

This is… actually part the reason I am posting this.

When I originally made the WRITERS UNITE post, I thought I would get a few dozen messages– thirty at most (because Past-Max tends to be shortsighted). I thought I would just make the advice into a slideshow and release it on Friday.

Now though, there is so much (and all of it is so good), I feel awful just picking a few (out of so many submissions). So, I want to open up the conversation to all of you (even if you didn’t submit). I try to be transparent with everything I do, and in this situation I would never consider acting without asking you all first (after all, you are the ones who sent me this amazing advice).

So, how do you think I should go about compiling this advice? There are a few ways I think I could go about compiling– but they both come with their ups and downs.

Option #1: “Slideshow”

This is the original plan. I would pick a selection from all of the advice and create a slideshow. Additionally, I would create a thank-you post containing the URLs of everyone who submitted (least I can do). This would mean, of course, that I would have to choose a few from the hundreds of awesome submissions.

Option #2: “Compilation Book”

Someone actually suggested, on an message separate from their advice, if I would consider putting all the advice into one book. Now I like this idea (because it doesn’t ask me to pick from all of your awesome advice ;3;), but the person who asked had a bunch of questions to go along with their suggestion, so allow me to relay my thoughts:

  • Would this be a physical book? No. It would be a FREE eBook. I code eBooks for a living (and I can do it in my sleep) so I would probably have this compilation in all the major digital formats (EPUB, MOBI, PDF).
  • Why not a physical book? There is a lot of money that goes into the production of a paperback. I am in no situation to be giving away ‘free’ physical books (that cost money to make), and if I considered charging for the book I would walk into a metaphorical mine-field, because paperback production costs are steep, and I would have to get release papers from every writer who submitted. Unfortunately, physical books are out of the question :c
  • Would this book cost money? No. I would release for FREE as a download. Gumroad (where my books are) allows free downloads, so I would put it up there along with a few mirrors (like and such). The books would, of course, come free of any DRM.
  • How long would this take to make? A week or so. As I said, I code eBooks. I can take a whole manuscript and turn it into an eBook in a few hours. Of course, I also kind of have a day-job along with the blog, so a week is a comfortable and conservative time-window.
  • This would contain all of the advice? Yup. I would probably sort them by subject and number them. Imagine like those proverb books. Each piece of advice would get its own page. Everything would be sourced, and I would also add an index at the end, listing everyone who submitted (and have a link to their blog).
  • What if I don’t want my advice on this book? No problem. If you sent advice and you disagree with it being in the eBook just send me a message and I will omitt it. No questions asked c:

I apologize if this has gone a bit long, but I wanted to write all the information I had at hand so that you could all make an educated decision~ ((If you have any more questions, please send them my way and I will update this ASAP!))

Now, I pass the mic to you. What do you think? What are your thoughts? What option do you think it’s the best? Do you think there’s a better way to go about things?

PS: Thank you for taking the time to read this, and share your thoughts! i really appreciate it~ ♥︎ And now for a complementary question mark: ?

New episode review

Well that was a wild ride. It was a great episode.

~More Donnie who wasn’t blown up in today’s episode….wait….gotdammit nick. At least he wasn’t the only one.

~Leo, Raph and Mikey feeling out about comics…you all are dorks.

~Casey and Mikey team up!

~The start of April loosing herself to the crystal, shit maybe in the end she will be the one turtles will face, and shredder will just be there…just a theory

~Donnie being that concerned guy friend who sees his friend becoming crazy.

~Big brothers saves the day and comforts Mikey in the end!

~The end of the episode is where it got me. Good god you can just feel that plot surfacing….dark April is real everyone. And here I thought it was just her PMSing.

Overall it was a pleasure to watch. Worth the wait. I wouldn’t put it as filler since its adding onto a plot of the arc we are in. I never call these episodes fillers since we have so many plots all going on at once. But that’s just me guys!

I liked the comic book characters to an extent. And my heart went out to poor Mikey. I know I would of cried if I had somehow brought you all four to life and then you guys had to go! Lol. Anyways its an enjoyable episode and hopefully there isn’t a to long of a hiatus? Though I’m not hoping to much since the holidays are coming up :P oh wells!

anonymous asked:

Thank you for your blog. So disappointed in season 2 and the distance between Jamie and Claire. The way he spoke to her was endearing and at times so funny last season. Where is he?? I don't think he would have shut her out like this. It's not the way the book is which is ok but not true to character. PTSD or not. My question is how long do you think this will go on.

Unfortunately, the Jamie from season 1 is just not present & has been put through a lot of trauma. That is not something you just get over and go back to being who you were before. Put that together with all the stress he’s under in France, a place he is not comfortable, it stands to reason he would be distant and have a hard time expressing what he’s feeling, especially when he has no idea how to deal with those feelings. PTSD was not an acceptable or recognized condition in the 1700s. 

You also have to remember that in the books he spent months at the abbey recovering & finding his way back to himself and to Claire and that’s all he had to focus on.  In the show, due to the number of episodes available, he has to do that emotional healing in France while trying to stop the uprising and there’s not a lot of time to be dealing with what he went through. If you remember in the books, he was very distant from Claire while recovering at the abbey, often not wanting to speak to her or be around her & even wanting her to leave and go back through the stones. The only difference on the show is he’s actually holding himself together by distracting himself with their plan & trying to ignore the trauma he suffered, which is not helping the wedge that has formed between him & Claire. I don’t think they could have realistically done it any other way & still honor what Jamie went through. 

The good news is we know that Jamie is very resilient and will eventually find his way back to Claire & the love they share will be stronger for it. I’m guessing that he will find a way to reconnect with Claire this week. 🙏🙏🙏 (If not, definitely ep 5)

anonymous asked:

I think, with Nick's weird and abrupt taking Korra off air and making it all online, and the fact that book 4 is airing SO SOON after book 3, that there IS a possibility for Korrasami being canon. Hear me out, we all know it's a popular ship. Even Brkye do. And with Nick New's Coming Out special, which features gay/lesbian/bi youth, I think it's a possibility. The special comes out on the 7th. And Korra only just started airing the 4th season. Maybe to get people more comfortable with the idea?

that would be amazing, it really would, and i try to hold onto all these types of things as possible signs of something. i really want to believe, i really do… but then i also don’t want to get my hopes too high just to have them get crushed. so i try to stay balanced (haha…book 4: balance) between hope for getting as much as we possibly can, even if it’s just an ambiguous ending, and the reality that it could very well not happen…

i think they’re really making great strides to indicate that asami has genuine feelings for korra, and like…as long as they keep doing that, and maybe have korra show some similar ones…that would mean everything. hell, even if they ended with a certain other ship…who says they’ll stay together? they can keep things open-ended in more ways than one, and you know we all will…nothing will stop us from shipping this. bryke knows that and respects that. that’s a big deal. (considering issues they’ve had with another fanon ship in the past but uh…that’s another story…)

as for nick having a coming out special, i believe that’s because october 11th is national coming out day. however, perhaps that is why they decided to air book 4 now…anything is possible. it could all go hand in hand…

keep hoping, but don’t hope hard enough to break your heart, is all i’m saying. remember, no matter what happens, we will continue on just the way we have been, giving this show a queer reading and shipping these two amazing girls - nothing has to change. nothing will change. no matter what.

On Friday I texted Ben: “can you come meet me after work? Let’s walk somewhere. I just can’t get on the subway.”

He met me and we started walking north. We stopped in an over-priced clothing store that mostly doesn’t sell clothes in my size and I pretended to look around and they offered us champagne. I told Ben I needed a dress for my birthday party. I didn’t tell him that finding clothes that make me feel happy and pretty seems like a hopeless endeavor these days. We clinked our plastic cups, downed them, and walked out. It was already growing dark.

We walked up to Union Square, to The Strand where I hunted through the $1 shelves on the street for hidden treasures. Ben went across the street for a steaming cup of tea and then bought something in Spanish with a typewriter on the cover. I bought a very old copy of Crime and Punishment with a falling-apart binding because I liked the way it looked, and a stack of other things. 

We walked to the movie theater but there was nothing good playing. We walked through Greenwich Village and the East Village, where everyone is young, even younger than we are, and the bars are loud and crowded. Everywhere music, everywhere girls dressed up and nervous on their way to a party. I felt old. I felt tired and frumpy and relieved not to be them. I held Ben’s hand and we wandered into another used bookstore. 

I bought some beat up paperbacks. No, I didn’t have cash so Ben bought them for me. We poked our noses in a restaurant here or there, but ruled them out for various reasons. Too crowded, too expensive, too charmless. We ended up in the window seat of the tiniest taqueria. Not a lovely view – just a dirty sidewalk, and the steel cellar doors spread open. But it was our unlovely view and I felt quite lucky to have it. I took my books out of their bags and laid them on the table one by one for our inspection. How perfect, how content I felt to buy books and eat guacamole and tell Ben about everyone who had wronged me that day. 

It’s strange, to love the city like this, without buzz or excitement. To love it like an old lover, comfortably, calmly. To move about the city, not flit, not skip, not feel drunk on it. Just to see it, eye to eye, to meet its gaze with a steady appreciation, maybe almost imperceptibly swinging a bag of books in each hand.