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Hey! So! Bc u seem to be the fandom expert on glowy alteans: do u think alteans have glowy stretch marks???

yo✨👀✨👌👌heck yeah😎
Help me eat while i go to school pls

Sooo if any of yall want to send me gift cards so i can eat while at school here my amazon wishlist tho a couple of things are just things i want or for my art if yall want to help me there too¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ETA: Ill do small art pieces for you if you want you can check it ouy on my ig (nahnopedenada) or my art blog @doddlesart which has a lot if my older sthff and slowly adding newwer things

do any other bi or lesbian girls purposefully look for “boyfriend style” clothes in stores because you know its just code for straight girls to be like “i know this fashion style looks kind of gay but i want to wear it anyway i’ll say it belongs to my boyfriend lol” but you want to look as gay as possible, even tho you’re kind of paradoxically buying clothes that are essentially named “no homo”

gosh diddly darn I love that shirt that phil wore in the youtuber’s react vid today, but it just reminds me of this guy who works at a coffee shop I go to bc he has that shirt and he wears it a lot, and every time he wears it, i want to ask him if he knows who phil lester is but I just get too nervous lol 

I work part time (full time at another place) at a certain plus sized women’s clothing store known especially for its bras. If you apply for and are approved for our store charge, you get $20 off your purchase, which can be added to any coupon, sale, etc.

I had a woman notice that we had the $20 off as it was posted on the registers. She put a pile of underwear on the counter and said she wanted to apply for the charge. Awesome. So I took her ID, did the thing, and I got a notification to call our credit center. I told her I would have to call, as sometimes there’s a slight issue which usually ends up being related to a typo, the system glitching during the application (I have literally had registers decide to go offline right as the customer types in their social.), and generally minor things like that- it’s rarely a big or financially based issue.

So I call the call center, and fortunately, the woman is super polite about it. A lot of the time, people get irritated because this is one of those instant result store cards and the extra time to call is actually a pain in the butt for both of us. We pass the phone back and forth because we both need to confirm things. Then, the rep on the phone goes “Oh, well, Mrs. [surname] appears to already have a [store] account with us. Does she need a new card sent?”

Now, at first I’m forgiving about it. I have had people who have paid their cards off and haven’t gotten to the point where the account just closes from inactivity pretty often, and forgot about the card. I ask if she wants the replacement charge sent to her, and she pulls our Platinum (highest level) card from her wallet. I thank the rep, decline the replacement card and the application, and then when I hang up, the woman goes “So do I get the $20 off?”

When I tell her that it’s only for approved applications for new accounts, she gets angry. “Okay so I went through all of that for NOTHING?” Before I can even apologize, she puts a $45 credit reward on her $70 pile of underwear (We have our basics at 5/$35) and demands I give her the $20 off anyway because “I thought I would be approved because I already have good credit with [company] and only planned on paying $5 for these.”

Manager came out. She didn’t get her way. She ended up spending $9.95 on 5 pairs of underwear and a cotton tank.

TFW you fall asleep at some BS time like 9:30pm and wake up at 5am the next day wondering wtf happened to you

So I was having a particularly good day at work, music is pumping in our clothing store and its busy - A guy comes to the counter to purchase flip flops.. “Hey! Just those ones today?” I ask, to which he literally looks up at me then looks back down at his wallet.. “How’s your day going today? Everything going alright?!” I ask him joyfully, “Well, it seems you’re having a good day” he grunted in response…
“Well yeah!.. Not a bad day to be working..” I replied.. Confused as hell as to why he had attitude with me when I was just trying to be friendly
I processed the sale, when I was handing over his bag I tell him “Have a good day! Make sure you don’t let things get you down!” to which he replied “Aye Aye”
Pretty weird interaction but I didn’t think much of it..
Next we get a phone call in store, and its my customer calling to complain about me! Tells my manager that I had no right in asking how his day was and that I had in fact ruined his perfectly happy day.
I am still dumbfounded on how I actually ruined his day but luckily the manager couldn’t tell me off for being too friendly

I want to chalk it up to working at a place for almost ten years and working with the same 3-4 (and 50-80% male) people daily in each setting, and encouraged to be professional and hr appropriate in all convos that I’m honestly surprised that in this and my last 90-100% female job…do women really talk this much about babies and bodily function?? Or is this a big city/small town contrast?? Idek but I really don’t want to hear about the time your kid pulled the crap out of his pants and handing it to someone.

Prêt à porter
Emilie Mover
Prêt à porter

Lyrics of the song featured during Delphine’s scene : 

Comment se déguiser (How to dress up)

Je sais, je sais (I know, I know)

Ensuite je me promène en prêt à porter (Then, I walk around wearing “ready to wear”)

J’espère que tu me vois ( I hope you’re seeing me)

Tu sais, tu sais (you know, you know)

Nos vies tout en amour et prêt à porter ( Our lives full of love and “ready to wear”)

Peut être, peut être (Maybe, maybe)

Un de ces jours (One of these days)

J’espère, j’espère (I hope, I hope)

Depêche mon amour (Hurry my love)

How to make you see

You were meant for me

How to make you say

To promise you will stay

Je sais tu passes ce soir (I know you’re coming by tonight)

Et tu vas me voir (And you’ll be seeing me)

Today, baby, today

En prêt à porter (in “ready to wear”)

Baby, today

Peut être, peut être (Maybe, maybe)

Un de ces jours (One of these days)

J’espère, j’espère (I hope, I hope)

Depêche mon amour (Hurry my love)

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I work in a ladies clothing store mostly frequented by old ladies and it's kind of hilarious the number of old ladies who, when I pass gas and nonchalantly excuse myself, say "Oh thank god" and just let rip with these chainsaw-sounding farts. You're welcome?

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When you shop for for clothes, do you go to the men's department or women's? When you use a restroom, do you use the men's or women's? Strange how there's only 2 choices. Maybe, just maybe, it's because there's only 2 genders.

Strange how clothing stores are influenced by culture and not biology 🤔

I really hate it when people tell me “oh, I wish I was tiny like you” because no, no you don’t. You may think you do, but the price of being as tiny as me is having everyone comment on it all the time, beign the butt of people’s jokes, and being denied jobs. Not to mention having people assume you are a child, and subsequently you end up doubting and questioning the motives and reasons behind anyone who hits on you. Shopping in adult clothing stores is its own personal hell of feeling invalidated due to the smallest thing in the store being too big, so you flit from store to store searching for something, anything that fits and that looks good. Finding it in clearance is a miracle in and of itself. Not to mention, you end up having to ask people to reach things for you all the time. You also have to work so much harder than your peers because people simply assume that you aren’t capible or that you’re young and inexperienced even if you know your shit. Hell, I’d even love to donate my blood, but I can’t because I don’t weigh enough. So please, don’t tell me that you’d rather be tiny like me. I’d prefer to not be tiny like me given my own experiences. 

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Hi! I came here to say that I like your Mob Psycho 100 and Journey crossover. (^_^)

ahhh thank you!! I’m glad you like it ;;;;


Retail employee here, work for a store with a “?” In its name.
So, we sell clothes, cool, awesome.
Sometimes we get people who wanna change in our dressing rooms and put on the shirt, jeans or dress they bought.
No problem.

But today was the opposite of NO PROBLEM.
Rewind to the morning, it’s 8:45 and I’m working on cleaning the store and getting cleaning duties done. I hear the sound of someone trying to open the doors and see this tall guy staring at me.
I mouth that we aren’t open, he nods and leaves.
Forward to twenty minutes when we leave to take the deposit and he’s at the door again, trying to pry it open. He sees that it’s closed and begins to leave, only to try and enter when my manager opens the door to let us back in.
She informs his that the mall doesn’t open until 10am, he nods and walks away.

We thought that was it, but he comes back at around noonish, in hand I can see that he bought stuff from some of the other stores at the mall.
No big deal, I’m thinking he’s just doing some shopping on after holiday sales or something.
He wanders the store a bit then comes forward with a sweater and jeans.
He’s polite throughout the transaction and pays in cash, then asks if he can change in the fitting room.
My manager allows him in. Thinking it’s no big deal, we have people do it all the time.

He takes a good twenty minutes in the room, at this point I’m helping someone on the sales floor and only watching the front.
I peek over just in time to see him leave the store with nothing in his hands.
Then it hits me, I leave the customer and run to the fitting rooms to see a giant pile of clothes he left.
The smell that escaped that fitting room was horrendous, I had to clean up everything.
He left boxes and bags from his previous purchases, along with: three huge coats he was wearing, a pair of dirty pants and shorts, old sneakers, UNDERWEAR, old socks and this is the kicker.

We found police records that he was arrested several weeks ago and that he failed to meet with his probation officer.

So, not only did this guy’s leave his dirty underwear in our fitting room, but he’s practically on the run.

I work at a pretty high end clothing store called TFOL and its general clientele is made up of older upper class women, so granted we definitely have some pretentious people come in but I greet everyone and make sure they have good service to make their overall experience happy and they generally aren’t too bad by the end of it. a few days ago, a woman calls the store and asks me to hold a dress for her, which is fine, no problem. she comes in later that evening and gets in line to buy that and another dress. I ring her up and she asks me to hang her items in a bag and I was confused because I thought she meant the store bags which we fold items in, and I tried to hang them in the bag and she kept on getting more and more pissed off at me and looking at me like I was stupid and saying “no!!! hang them in the bag!!!!!!” and at this point I’m pretty annoyed by her and just completely confused so my supervisor tells me to get some hangers from the back and that she’ll show me how to do it once I get back, and I do this and I get shown how to hang clothing in garment bags. after she leaves and we’re done ringing up the last customer, my supervisor tells me that she was just being really rude to me and I feel a sigh of relief.

tldr: snobby woman comes into high end clothing store and looks at me like I’m stupid because she isn’t clarifying garment bag