it's a cheerleading thing


date someone who wants you to succeed. date someone you want to succeed. date someone who is your biggest cheerleader and you are theirs. life is too short to be with someone who isn’t reciprocating support. find someone you want to be successful and supportive with and just cheer each other on.

also just fyi, the student athlete au isnt something i came up with entirely by myself!! @stellaisgay brought it up to me and then we started talking abt it which then shaped it into our au so like im not the only person to approach/reference concerning it :0c

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Can we talk about the fact that Cheerleading used to be a male only sport and now my high school won't let guys join the cheerleading team because it's a 'girly thing' and it's also not considered a sport??? Like they've got fucking CHESS listed as a sport in the school manual but Cheerleading is a club. This shit fucked.


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I love how your account name is god bless the fandom because you legit bless the Brittana fan so you’re like one of the s Brittana gods 🙌

My therapist will tell you that I am really bad at taking compliments, but I wanted to respond to this in an open honest way that isn’t just me plugging my fingers in my ears and shouting, “La La La.” 

When I tell you that the Brittana fandom saved my life, I am not exaggerating, I am not blowing things out of proportion, I am not making a grand statement. I am stating a fact. The fandom brought me to a place where even at my lowest points, I still felt like there was some forward momentum. I continue to fight the battle every day, but I exist in this moment, right now, because of this fandom. 

I don’t think of myself as an important part of this fandom just because there really are giants who came before me, and touched a lot of people (myself included). People who have written some of the best writing I’ve ever read, people who have created art, spoken up and just generally been there. I didn’t come in until late in the fandom, but I know these folks are still around. Some have moved to other fandoms (which is ok!), some have gotten out of fandom life altogether, but I sit on their shoulders. 

I don’t mean to make this a whole thing, but I do want to thank you, Nonny for your kind words, and (not for the last time, I’m sure), stress how much you and all of the Brittana fandom mean to me. Thank you so much for reading my stupid Tumblr and just generally being an awesome person! 


…oops. Don’t try to match the kids character-for-character because I’ve scrambled some stuff for the sake of characterization and ships. The order of the seating in the first pic is how I imagine the endgame ships (so yes, Team Akuroku, I concede this AU to you ;P), but there’s plenty of room for mix'n'matching along the way. I mean I for one totally dig Akuriku, Soroku, Kainami, and Kaixi.

Other notes: Kairi and Sora are bffs who were bearding for each other until they got busted, and are now at camp to learn how to do their relationship “properly.” Riku definitely had his hobo hair when he first arrived, but they cut if off because “long hair is for girls.” Roxas is the one who quits in a huff near the end. Also I have no idea who the counselor for the girls should be. Larxene? What other female villains are there in KH? (Unless we bring in the Disney characters, in which case I’m thinkin’ Lady Tremaine. She likes making girls clean stuff and be submissive…)

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here, i have some teacher/cheerleader headcanons!! • jasper began bringing david in when the school put in a cheerleader unit (to show the school board its not just a girly thing) •the kids didn't really like him at first bc guys can't do cheerleading, right? its a girls thing. •but they soon warmed up to him when he started doing backflips and stuff and being super cool •max hates the class bc he has to deal with BOTH of his dads at SCHOOL (i have more but i dont want to make this too long)

plea se make this as long as you want now that i can’t draw i have all the time in the world




it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish! you wont be able to finish at all if you don’t try! whatever you do will be amazing though, so you def should if you have the time for it!


doodles to remind myself how to draw digitally cuz its been a day or two

cheerleader!izuru because….. i can…. 

Zay head canons cause I love him.
  • - Just wants to be tall enough to play on the basketball team, but ends up being the team manager.
  • - Is great at math and takes calculus AB (what a nerd)
  • - Convinces Farkle to skateboard with him after school one day and farkle ends up breaking a finger.
  • - Never forget that he takes ballet and is sinewy.
  • - Probably is in the schools show choir and convinces maya to join.
  • - Him and Maya get almost all of the solos and everyone worships them tbh
  • - Has 10,000 followers on Twitter. Tweets about feminism and is pro black as hell.
  • - Listens to 90s Rnb and can rap every Tupac song if you asked him to.
  • - Him and Smackle have a secret hand shake, but smackle doesn't have time for all that.
  • - Convinces Lucas to go play football and is the biggest cheerleader.
  • - Puts ketchup all over his fries; it's the only problematic thing about him.
  • - Allergic to bees 👀
  • - He wants a job at the local ice cream shop, but they don't hire under 16 so he's broke at the moment.
  • - Obviously, he's gonna be the class clown. But he's the class clown that even the teacher likes.
  • - He's bad at science, but him, Farkle and Smackle all study together and trade answers. He's the reason they're passing Calc.

So many people excuse what other characters do to Riley simply because she has a Two parent household.

Rileys issues should not be ignored and she should not be forced to deal with them alone simply because her other friend have issues. The one thing we know about Riley is that even if she is face to face with her issue she will lie and others will believe it.

And even worse when she pushes everything to the side for her friends she has been treated wrong in return.

In the episode Creativity Maya wanted help and Riley wanted her to admit that she loved Art first because if she wanted to show her it was okay to love something. Riley gets her worked up and makes her go in the right direction then Maya calls Rileys Art stupid. Rileys Purple cat was something that we see made Riley really happy.

In Rah Rah we see Maya straight up tell Riley she can’t do it right before she’s about to try out. Riley was really proud of herself and believed she could do it and the only person who had nothing negative to say to her was Zay which sucks because Riley is always there for everyone else.

In Rileytown Riley begs Maya to stop saying Rileytown and Maya continues doing it even though it was making Riley upset. It was hurting her.

In Pluto everyone brushes her off kinda calling her stupid in process, because she believes in Pluto.

Now in Texas we see Riley give up Lucas a boy she has liked since day one and she gave it up without hesitating because she is the ‘anything for her friends’ type of person. And still people make her look bad. Riley has like Lucas for more than a season and while I do love Lu/////caya Maya has not liked him for 2 years. She hasn’t even liked him for one and the Writers have said so.

Riley and Lucas may not have had a official relationship but they were slowly working towards it, it is their first relationship so I didn’t expect them to get it right the first time. 

So many people talk about Riley getting everything she wants and it is the opposite. Riley has so much loss and so many ignore it. Riley is very smart and her naiveté causes others to dismiss it. It can be argued she does this purposely to make others feel better. In Demolition, she admits to this.

Her Art was something else she was amazing at and now she no longer is its Maya’s thing. 

Cheerleading may not be something she is amazing at but she works hard to make the team and has been doing so since third grade but she never had a chance because the coach didn’t want to give her one. Maya went from supporting Riley and literally standing by her to telling her she is not good enough to make it. And what makes it worse is that Creativity aired before Rah Rah so when all was thought to be lost for Art Riley didnt let Maya give up because even if they wouldn’t be able to save it the fight was worth it. Riley supported her and got this in return.

Now we have Lucas, Riley was so confident she and Lucas would be together and even the thought made her happy and now she had to go through losing him as well. Honestly if people haven’t seen the drastic change in Riley they are either ignoring it or refusing to acknowledge it.


[hook + emma]  when i’m in my darkest hour
a short vid of killian not letting emma be alone in her darkest moments

(here’s to more of this in season 4!)

Protective Luke

Punk Luke

                You and Luke where polar opposites, but the two of you couldn’t care more about each other, Luke scared most people. His tattoo sleeves and lip piercing were quite intimidating, you on the other hand were a cheerleader and everyone seemed to love you.

                Being a cheerleader definitely had its disadvantages. Probably the worst thing about it was the fact that all the football players thought it was okay to hit on you, which it most certainly wasn’t.  One day after practice one of the particularly ‘affectionate’ players comes up and grabs you butt.  He starts kissing you neck and you try to push him away.

                “Don’t be that way babe.” He mumbles against your neck.

                “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING TO MY GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!?”  Luke yells as he sees what is going on.

                “Dude, chill she was coming onto me anyway, such a little slut.” He tells Luke.

                “DON’T YOU EVER CALL MY GIRLFRIEND THAT AGAIN! I DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU TOUCH HER AGAIN!” Luke screams as he pulls the guy away from you and punches him.

                Before you can react, Luke has him down on the ground and all you can see is blood, and you aren’t sure who’s it is. Sure, the guy deserved it but it scares you seeing Luke like this.

                “Babe, please stop. I think he got the message.” You plead as he continues punching him.

                He only stops when you yell “STOP LUKE! YOU ARE SCARING ME!”

                Luke turns around and all you can see is a look of horror on his face.

                “(y/n), baby, I’m so sorry I never meant to scare you. I just hate when other guys touch you, you are mine not his.”

                Instead of answering him, you just wrap your arms around him. He hugs you tightly and kisses your forehead.

                “Come on (y/n), let’s go.”

                You walk away from the groaning football player. You feel Luke’s arm snake around your waist showing everyone you are his, and only his.

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ever since damon came back i've been shipping bamon less , fearing what actually happened last episode : bonnie being a delena cheerleader , it's one thing bamon wont be canon but this? oh boy , im putting all my hopes in bonkai , at first i was like " fuck this ship sunk he stabbed her" and then i remembered klAUS STABBED CAROLINE FOR LESS and i think if bonnie showed she liked kai , he would have taken her with her without a doubt , it's like he tried to convince her during the dinner



but srsly, this was no fucking around, they had a moment here i dont care what the haters say

and tbh yeah, kai and bonnie have way more reasons to hurt each other than klaus ever did with caroline, like it may have seemed cruel what kai did back there, but let’s remember bonnie “killed” him like 3 times already

this is their way of fighting for dominance and it makes sense due to the environment and stakes involved. at least they’re not bullshitting us, at least kai isn’t pretending to “protect” her, like klaus claimed about caroline.

and about kai wanting bonnie to go with him: ABSOLUTELY, he wants her on his side, but he doesn’t know how to go about it, because she will only try to stop him from getting out, so he can’t really take her along for the ride.

but i swear, if she were on board with the both of them getting out, psycho boy would move heaven and earth to get her home and he’d make her a new teddybear with his bare fucking hands just to make her happy like dude is begging for a bone did u see the thanksgiving scene??? (i mean you’re right, he totally tried to convince her)

so yeah, i am putting my eggs in this fucked-up basket cuz at least this ship is delena-free. at least bonkai doesn’t have to include elena

i havent given up on bamon obviously, but i am starting to see a terrible outcome for our baes and i’d rather bonnie and kai wreaked havoc together and had complicated antihero storylines (that would honestly blow klaroline out of the water) than have her blow delena’s limp dick