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Got inspired to do a Matt the radar technician cosplay from all your Star Wars cosplays. But my problem is that I have no idea where to buy the vest or get a personalized name tag. Cries in a corner. My eyes will bleed if I HAVE to sew ALL that ORANGE!!!!

Matt the Technician COSPLAY Buy Guide

Wig (Ver 2) I don’t recommend spending a ton on a wig, its supposed to look cheap and unconvincing

Name Tag (you can order hthem here and email your desired name)

Glasses (Clear Aviatars)  (These have no perscription)

Coveralls  (Ver 2

Patches (You need 2. Theres rubber versions and embroidered versions)

After the Rain I’m Sorry Card.

Optional Saber. (This is the cheap light up extendable. The 30$ disney and bladebuilders are great too.) 

VEST. This is the hard one. Its a ‘South African Style Rhodesian Tactical Orange Vest.’  Right now the main seller is out of stock and most Tactical vests don’t come in orange.  If you don’t care about accuracy you can grab a hunting vest or a construction vest and it should be passable. You could buy a load carrier vest and fabric paint the whole thing neon orange. It would be annoying, but it would work. Otherwise you can try creating a tactical vest pattern to make it but HWUAHAHHSHHHSH HAVE FUN. I tried finding one to link everyone but it did not exist. 

I hope thats helpful!