it's a bonanza


So Boris and I have decided we are going to draw twelve batim people every night until we have drawn them all :D

The twelve coolio people on this one are the following: @askbendytheangel @askbendodedemon @bigloheveryday (it won’t tag ahhh) @bendythe-demon @ask-flowerbendy @ask-the-lil-demon @askthenerdyinkdemon @bendythemememachine @ask-the-unfinished-bendy @askbuttonbendy @bindy-bum and last but never the least @ask-bendy-theansiouxdork

(Some of you are dealing with some anon hate and I want you to know that I love you all :D)

Tuesday, July 26th - popsicles, sea, refreshing
All Digital

I started with a piggyback ride, thought I’d end with a shoulder ride. Cause Fidds probably likes to be up high (even if I draw him taller than everyone when he’s younger) and Stan likes to be strong!

And I did! All 8 days. Wooooo! And most of at least some color thrown on them.


Boris really wanted to make some more pictures of blogs so we made 12 more people :D
(I’m still scared to upload this ahhhh)

The 12 very lovely people in this picture are the following: @bendy-the-dancing-demon-darlin @dancing-demon-toon @ask-fabulousbendy @ask-depressedbendyandco @bendy-and-the-askblog @bendyboymebob @inked-demon @askpinkyinky @positive-bendy-bab @asksmolbendy @bendy-irl ( ;)))) ) and last but never ever least @ask-inky-feathers

(It won’t let me tag depressedbendyandco ahhhhhhhhhhh)


This doesn’t every get less scary I swear but here’s the 4th dose of batim peeps

They are the following: @ask-the-classy-demon @bendyontheset @mickeyofficialtwitteraccount (I was not kidding why are you so hard to draw whyyyyy) @ask-ladybendy @ask-littlebendy @thesmoking-devil @ask-bendyboi @ask-the-problematic-demon (AHHHH WHY NO TAG) @prince-bendy @derpflufflywolf @ask-showstopper-bendy and last (and if looks could kill) but not least @bendy-in-boots