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So Boris and I have decided we are going to draw twelve batim people every night until we have drawn them all :D

The twelve coolio people on this one are the following: @askbendytheangel @askbendodedemon @bigloheveryday (it won’t tag ahhh) @bendythe-demon @ask-flowerbendy @ask-the-lil-demon @askthenerdyinkdemon @bendythemememachine @ask-the-unfinished-bendy @askbuttonbendy @bindy-bum and last but never the least @ask-bendy-theansiouxdork

(Some of you are dealing with some anon hate and I want you to know that I love you all :D)

anonymous asked:

Re: simpler question. Morty accidentally ingests Rick's stash. His experience, fragmentary, somewhat hellish, somewhat sexy. As descriptive as you can get it! <3

I’m assuming by “Rick’s stash” you mean the K-Lax that you mentioned in a previous unpublished ask? Here it is! Drabble under the cut for possibly triggering content and mildly sexual themes:

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Boris really wanted to make some more pictures of blogs so we made 12 more people :D
(I’m still scared to upload this ahhhh)

The 12 very lovely people in this picture are the following: @bendy-the-dancing-demon-darlin @dancing-demon-toon @ask-fabulousbendy @ask-depressedbendyandco @bendy-and-the-askblog @bendyboymebob @inked-demon @askpinkyinky @positive-bendy-bab @asksmolbendy @bendy-irl ( ;)))) ) and last but never ever least @ask-inky-feathers

(It won’t let me tag depressedbendyandco ahhhhhhhhhhh)

Tuesday, July 26th - popsicles, sea, refreshing
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I started with a piggyback ride, thought I’d end with a shoulder ride. Cause Fidds probably likes to be up high (even if I draw him taller than everyone when he’s younger) and Stan likes to be strong!

And I did! All 8 days. Wooooo! And most of at least some color thrown on them.

jhrampage17  asked:

So no Katie in 3x03 bummer. Is she in the "next on Supergirl..." sneak peak promo thing at the end at least? I'll take that. I'm desperate.

she’s not in the promo they just released, but theres still a whole week for tvline to release more interviews of her answering the same question 500 more times and perhaps maybe in the extended sneak peak we’ll see a glimpse. i hope we get her next week, just a taste, cuz i need it to mentally prepare for 3x5 where its a lena luthor bonanza and shes in peril  


This doesn’t every get less scary I swear but here’s the 4th dose of batim peeps

They are the following: @ask-the-classy-demon @bendyontheset @mickeyofficialtwitteraccount (I was not kidding why are you so hard to draw whyyyyy) @ask-ladybendy @ask-littlebendy @thesmoking-devil @ask-bendyboi @ask-the-problematic-demon (AHHHH WHY NO TAG) @prince-bendy @derpflufflywolf @ask-showstopper-bendy and last (and if looks could kill) but not least @bendy-in-boots