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Out Until Dawn
Out Until Dawn


Out clubbing with the gang, Josh takes the opportunity to make his move on you. His apprehension turns into something more passionate as you move into a nearby room…


Inside out (2015)

All Of The Stars

I wrote a songfic and its my first fic and well…it might be a bit rubbish idk tell me what you think about it tnx <3

(i dont think there are any triggers? let me know)


“It’s just another night…and I’m staring at the moon

I saw a shooting star and thought of you.”

Dan twisted in his bed, letting out an irritated huff. He lay still with his eyes shut tight for another moment before he gave up and with an impatient movement, shoved off his blanket and swung his feet onto the floor. He sighed softly, and ran a hand down his face, exhausted. He sat there with his head in his hands for a while, trying to keep in the tears that were threatening to spill over. All he could think of was PhilPhilPhilPhilPhil. They’d gone so, so wrong. It wasn’t how they were supposed to go. Dan tried to remember when it all changed and he thought back to 2012.

They had been shouting at each other on and off for days, both frustrated and tired. Dan had said some things he hadn’t meant to, Phil had retorted just as bitterly. They were scared, more than anything. The video hadn’t meant to leak in the first place. It was supposed to be something private…intimate. They weren’t ready for the fans to know. They had talked about telling them, of course- during the early hours when the sun was just coming up, huddled up in each other’s arms. They did plan on telling them eventually, maybe in a few years but not now. They weren’t ready yet but of course, they had little choice when YouTube had some sort of a glitch and the video went public. It had still been manageable in 2011 though, but the fandom had grown since then and it had been almost impossible to brush it off when the video resurfaced again. They tried to deny it of course, pass it off as a joke…it was quite moot, really, when it was so obvious but they still tried.

They had even tried to distance themselves to prove it to the fans, no longer appearing in each other’s liveshows or tweeting about anything even remotely concerning each other. It was supposed to be a show, a farce. Dan couldn’t remember when it turned into reality. Avoiding eye-contact, curt conversations and sleeping in separate beds replaced the warm cuddles, soft kisses and shared cups of tea. They hadn’t spoken about it, really. They both had just reached a mutual point somewhere along the line. Dan had stormed out after shouting out, “It’s over Phil. I’m done!” And that was it. Phil hadn’t asked why, Dan hadn’t explained. Dan didn’t raise the topic again, scared that he would have to move out and lose his best friend completely and Phil was too busy trying to hide his pain to ever ask. And so life went on in the Dan and Phil house.

Slowly, the curt conversations turned into talking about anime and YouTube and the house was once again full of loud laughter and animal impressions. They still didn’t raise the taboo topics though, never talking about DanAndPhil, only about Dan or Phil.

Dan wondered how long it would be before he’d stop thinking about it every night- stopped trying to change what had occurred.

“I sang a lullaby by the waterside and knew..

If you were here, I’d sing to you.”

Dan stood up and made his way to the balcony, trying to make minimal noise. Sometimes, he hated how thin the walls of their apartment were. He remembers talking about it when they had just moved in, when they were repairing themselves once again and Dan or Phil was slowly again become Dan and Phil.

“Dan! Stop typing so loudly, I can’t sleep!”

“What the fuck, Phil?”

The next moment, Phil had come into his room, only wearing his pyjama bottoms and a disgruntled frown. Dan looked away from his torso, staring at a cowlick in Phil’s hair instead.

“The walls are so thin! I can hear everything you do. Why can’t you go to sleep like a normal person anyway, it’s like 3 am.”

“It’s not 3, it’s…2:46 okay.”


“Sorry, I’ll try to type more quietly.”

“Try saying that with a bit more sarcasm, Dan.”

“Go to sleep, Phil.”

“…Okay. You too. G’night.”

He had left then, and Dan had shifted his eyes to the floor, whispering a soft ‘Good Night’ back. The walls were thin. Phil smiled and shook his head, climbing back into the bed. This time, there were no sounds of typing.

Looking up at the sky from their balcony, Dan saw a shooting star. He wished for another chance.

“You’re on the other side as the skyline splits in two,

I’m miles away from seeing you.

I can see the stars from America..

I wonder, do you see them, too?”

Dan shivered slightly in the dark, cold night. He remembered that night in January, 2013. They had just finished their first radio show.

They both were Happy with a capital H. They had drunk too much wine and both were a little too loose on the tongues. Dan had grinned wide and pulled Phil into a hug and Phil had tensed up for a second but then relaxed into the hug, squeezing Dan even tighter. They stayed like that for a long time, afraid to break the delicate thread when it had just started to reform.

Eventually, Phil had pulled back and fixed Dan’s fringe, softly whispering his regrets to him. Dan had burrowed his face in Phil’s neck and sobbed and for the first time, they had both talked about the night where DanAndPhil became Dan and Phil. They’d fallen asleep on the couch, all limbs and warmth. The next morning, they’d woken up with a massive hangover and blurred memories. But Dan remembered and he knew from the glances Phil sent him that Phil did too. They didn’t talk about it but from then on, silences turned into words and words into long conversations and maybe they had gone off-track but maybe they could still fix them, maybe they would find their way back to each other.

Dan finally let the tears fall as he clutched at the balcony railing. There was nothing he wanted more in that moment that to have a certain black-haired boy next to him. Except he wasn’t a boy anymore. Neither of them were. They’d grown up, somewhere along the way. Maybe was still just a vague probability. Or was it? Sometimes, it was more likely. Like when Phil would smile at Dan after a successful radio show and they would have Chinese takeaway straight from the containers, legs tangled up as they squished together on the sofa. Or when Dan would catch Phil looking at him like he used to back in 2009 when Dan would say something particularly dorky or cheesy. But then the moment would be over and Maybe was once again just another probability in the millions of outcomes.

“So open your eyes and see, the way our horizons meet.

And all of the lights will lead into the night with me.

And I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe

All of these stars will guide us home.”

They hadn’t dated others. They hadn’t even brought back strangers for just one night. They knew that while they hadn’t been each other’s, they were also not anyone else’s. New Year’s came around and it found them closer than they were last year but still not as close as two years before.

2014 found them sloshed off their arses and once again, tangled up in each other, staring into each other’s eyes like a pair of love drunk teenagers. That night, they had kissed, for the first time in almost two years and Phil had been the one who broke down this time. He said he didn’t blame Dan but Dan knew that he must. After all, he too blamed himself. Phil had seen the doubt and hatred in Dan’s eyes for he leaned in and waited just long enough for Dan to nod in affirmation before bringing his lips onto Dan’s. They had smiled wide and held hands as they talked about the stars. Dan had thought that this was it. They were DanAndPhil again.

The next morning, Phil didn’t remember any of it. Dan knew of this for sure, because Phil wasn’t a good enough actor to pretend that he didn’t remember and nor was he a bad enough person to do so. Phil could never hurt Dan and even heart broken, hurt Dan Howell was not blind enough to acknowledge that. Dan never reminded him. Phil was confused and hurt. He’d thought they were getting back to normal so why was Dan ignoring him again? Dan didn’t mean to hurt Phil. He just wanted him to have better. He stopped trying to ignore Phil’s hurt glances and longing stares in mid-2014. After all, he never claimed he wasn’t selfish.

Somehow, Dan had stopped crying and had made himself a cup of tea in almost a trance. He was halfway done with his 4 am tea when a sleepy, warm Phil stumbled through the door and smiled at Dan in a confused manner.

“What are you doing awake so late? Wait, never mind. Stupid question.” Phil grinned softly at Dan but stopped when he noticed his red-rimmed eyes and the dried tear tracks on his cheek.

Dan? What’s wrong?”

“I can hear your heart on the radio beat,

They’re playing ‘Chasing Cars’ and I thought of us.

Back to the time, you were lying next to me,

I looked across and fell in love.”

Phil gently took the cup from Dan’s hands and put it on the table before pulling him into a hug. He rubbed circles into Dan’s back and whispered words of comfort, trying to resist from pressing kisses into Dan’s hair. He hated seeing Dan cry.

Dan did not resist Phil and melted into him, too numb to do anything other than let a few tears slip down his face. He inhaled Phil’s scent and pushed closer. Fuck it if he was going to deny himself now. He needed Phil. Always had. It had taken him too long to realise it but now that he knew, he wouldn’t let himself make the same mistake again. Softly, gently, he pulled back from Phil and cupped Phil’s face with his hand.

“Phil, I-I’m sorry. I was a fucking idiot for ever letting you go…I know I’m late but I swear to god I can’t…I need you, Phil. I let you go when we need each other the most but I can’t make the same mistake again and I swear to god, I won’t, I’m not going to ever-“ Dan broke off, gasping for breathe through his tears and hid his face in his hands, sobs racking through his curled up body. He felt Phil slowly remove his hands as he put his hand on the younger boy’s chin, forcing him to look up at him.

“I’m so, so, sorry, Dan. It was me as much as it was you and I was a fucking twat for waiting to do this for so long.” Phil had tears in his eyes but he was smiling as he leaned in and softly pressed his lips to Dan’s. They fit together just as well as they had years ago, moving in perfect synchronisation. Phil moved his hand to the small of Dan’s back, pulling Dan even closer to him. After a while, they broke apart for air and Dan rested his forehead on Phil’s.



Phil broke into a grin and he saw Dan do the same and he pulled Dan back into him, muttering ‘I love you.’ Dan’s eyes sparkled as he returned the sentiment and kissed Phil again, thought contentedly, “DanandPhil.”

“So I took your hand back through lamp lit streets I knew,

Everything led back to you.

So can you see the stars over Amsterdam?

You’re the song my heart is beating to.”

That night, they stumbled into Phil’s bed with soft kisses and warm touches. This time, they both remembered.


They start to talk about coming out again. Both to their friends and their fans. They show more affection in videos, casually mentioning children and anecdotes of love. They send Tumblr into overdrive, grinning every time Tumblr melts due to them doing something particularly ‘domestic’ or ‘married.’ There were no more silences or avoided eye-contacts. Instead, there were Heart-eyes Howell and Love-eyes Lester and other sappy moments and shared liveshows and one bed and Japan and Dan was one hundred percent sure that he had never been so happy.

Sometimes, unlikely probabilities become realities.

“So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet.

And all of the lights will lead into the night with me.

And I know these scars will bleed but both of our hearts believe,

All of these stars will guide us home.”

This Could Be A Problem @dracopurebood

 He’d given his Aunt a hurried explanation before apparating to The Daily Prophet. He hadn’t been sure what to do and his editor had had to make slow down and explain at least three times. Williams had assured him he’d take a look at the picture and try to compare it to previous photos of her and figure the whole thing out. They’d decide what to do, then. “Go home, Jordan.” So he had, but he couldn’t take his usual nap. He wrote McGonagall an apology owl, then one warning Draco Malfoy. If he was serious about protecting Hermione, then he needed to know if his psychotic aunt was back from the dead. Malfoy’s replied saying he knew and if he wanted to talk to meet him at the Three Broomsticks. 

Lee landed with a thump on his rump in front of the Three Broomsticks. He stood up and sighed. He hadn’t concentrated enough when he’d disapparated to stick the landing. He pushed the door opened and searched for Malfoy.

*she grins back* Oh, why can’t you do that either, I mean it’s hardly some big secret, it’s a simple enough question. Well, the things I see in you are the reasons I love you, so therefore it’s technically the same thing darling…*she grins again* Of course I do,k if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t find the time to listen to you or anything and that wouldn’t be good for either of us…*she smiles* Thanks darling, and I’m sorry to have to make you do that, really I am, and i’m sure it’ll go away, eventually, I mean I guess it’ll go when my memories of what happened go…*she smiles back* Well, to be fair, who would want him touching them, besides this was me after I’d met you, while I was still scared there’s no way I would’ve let him touch me the way He did. Yes, it definitely was, ignoring meant i could go and hide and at the end of the day I would be fine. *she grins* Well if they ever try to intervene in this, then it’ll definitely happen to them…*she smiles back* Well i would, it’s definitely over protectiveness, even if it’s completely justified, but when you lose one of us then it’s not your fault, it’s just an unfortunate circumstance that’s beyond your control…Well i might tell you about it later, though I’m not sure you’ll like hearing about me getting tortured a lot…*she kisses him back, the feeling of pleasure reaching its peak as she groans out the Doctor’s name* [[Hi :D…Alright then, you can do that because it does deserve a good kicking, tho don’t hurt yerself, well, why does she blame herself? It’s just a thing that happens, it’s no one’s fault. *I think it’s just one of those phrases that always kinda looks wrong*…Well I did say I was a very open minded person, I don’t tend to react like a normal person would, and well now yer know that yer don’t have to be afraid of saying things like that to is, ever. *Oh, this is me we’re talking about, there will be a next time, it might no be straight away, but there’ll be a next time. Aye exactly*…Aye, that dream would be bloody brilliant if it were real…Well yer know I can always understand yer, even when it is confusing, well i suppose it’s that, I mean I’m no exactly normal anyway, so it could defo be that…She might’ve done, tho i hope she doesn’t coz me swearing was getting rather bad towards the end! *nah, it’s just me, apparently to the teachers I’m extremely unlikable*…Yay, well at least we’re stuck together now. Well I suppose in a way it wasn’t really too hard to admit it to meself coz i’ve always known I was different, but accepting it is harder, well I can defo understand why it’d be hard for yer to admit it to yerself, i mean if I’d gone through all of that, i probs wouldn’t have admitted to it either. Aye, i know…Well everyone should just shut it for once and actually let you talk and listen to yer when yer do coz what you’ve got to say is important,  yer defo needing it hun, no seeking attention, an yer do need someone to be there for yer. Well aye, I just canna bring meself to tell yer to shut it coz it sounds so mean, even tho it isn’t meant in a serious way…Well maybe no, but I partially contributed to it, and yer welcome, and well stopping yerself is good, even if yer have to do it several times. :D It will, i have ways of making it listen to is :D]]

An uneasy return.

“Have a good day sweetie. Remember, smile!”

How could one possibly smile while feeling this nervous? Regardless, she gave a very forced smile to her father, nodding as if to reassure him and herself that it was going to be a good first day back. Rolling up to the gates of Spica High, there was already a small flock of students getting ready for their day, smiling and laughing with their friends. Her tummy went topsy-turvy, and she gulped before outstretching a shaky hand towards the door handle. Yue stepped out of the vehicle, gave one last tiny smile to the person inside the car, then closed the door behind her and began the short journey towards her first lesson.

Although she knew where she was going, the girl with the snow white hair was just a bit uncertain. How long had she been away anyway, a month? No, much longer than that. This was not the right time for her to have become unwell again. She must have missed out on so much work already, it was actually a surprise to her that she’d even been allowed to carry on with the school year! The block of the school she needed to be at was just a little way around the back and was just a few minutes walking distance, so it gave Yue the time to gather her thoughts, calming the nerves of being back at Spica.

She patted down her dark uniform before entering her math classroom, taking a couple of seconds to peek through the window in hopes of recognizing someone. Well, unfortunately for Yue, there was not a single familiar face in that class. It hadn’t started it seemed, but there were already quite a lot of people sitting down in their seats. In fact, there were only two empty. One was right at the front and the other by a window. Even though Yue was eager to learn, she didn’t want to be directly at the front. Slipping inside, she swiftly made her way over to the seat by the window.


She placed her math book, a small pencil case and a bottle of water on the small desk and sat herself down. A couple of minutes passed and her teacher was still yet to arrive, this obvious by the loudness of the class. It threw her off a bit, after being so used to the silence of her own room it was a big step up to be surrounded by her noisy peers. Eventually she noticed someone sitting next to her, keeping quiet like her, and she soon came to the decision to talk to them. After all, it would be a good idea to try make a new friend quickly now that she was back.

“Hello… I’m Yue. Is it usually this noisy?” she asked the boy with the dark hair, a great contrast to her striking white hair, and smiled at him gently. A few erasers and rulers flew about the room before she was tempted to speak again. Hopefully the teacher would be able to control the class when they came, otherwise Yue would probably not learn a thing with all the distractions! “I’ve just come back from a break, so it all feels a bit new to me.” she eventually added, still keeping the trace of a smile across her lips while ignoring the increase in volume from the rest of the class.

o-k-b-c  asked:

It's not really a theory but a really good plot twist was that they find and kill the last -A. Before they die they tell the girls of someone who has been watching them since the very first text. This is the worst -A because there are no threats but you always know they are watching you. The girls eventually find them. They shoot them and the screen goes blank. We, the audience, are -A. We have always been watching them even though we didn't know ourselves. Sorry if it's a bit rubbish xx

Omg that’s not rubbish at all, we actually love this idea! X