it's a birth

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link ??? fucking adores his child??? there isnt anything in the world as precious to him as that baby except maybe sidon but like (thissoundsweird)…….. he didnt fuckin make sidon he didnt carry him for 9 months he didnt have him its just not the same he loves him he loves him SO much but the way he loves his baby is. a different kind of intensity n a while after its born he still cant like. actually conceptualize that he had a kid n that its his n that he made it and its ????? HIS child HE gave birth to its made up of his and sidons dna its ????? its one of those things you can say to yourself over and over and over but it wont actually sink in until it Does outta the blue n when it does its not ?? bad necessarily for link its just Really Startling n it stirs up a whole bunch of emotion in him all at once n he starts crying but theyre not. theyre not bad tears

just a few things dan howell has said

• who’s to say that sucking balls isn’t a good thing?
• mr. steal your man
• we like the cock everyone
• time and place, you’ve got abs, can i keep my shirt on
• longer is always better in the literary world (wink)
• it hurt but then i liked it
• all the edgy straight guys that watch me for the memes are like no nope i’m out no
• fuck my butt
• fuck my ass
• hello there hunky guy
• it kind of looks like he’s giving me a bj right now
• look at the girth on that one
• you’ve gone for some girthy flowers as well
• do i get to embrace cole sprouse?
• there’s nothing wrong with anal sex
• we’re freaking out inside each other
• get those hard peaks into my mouth
• ‘cause he’s a sexy swim guy
• wanna give me the d?
• your ass is where you feel all the most important emotions

please feel free to add to this list as time goes on

Another pregnant zhanna doodles


hc that lance is That Denim Guy feat. his bf keith



(spotify & 8tracks playmoss)

a collection of love songs for the month of february!

the way i am / ingrid michaelson ; can’t help falling in love / haley reinhart ; budapest / george ezra ; something i need / onerepublic ; young and beautiful / lana del rey ; 1, 2, 3, 4 / plain white t’s ; you and i / ingrid michaelson ; bright / echosmith ; kiss me / ed sheeran ; for him. / troye sivan ; 400 lux / lorde ; ilysb (stripped) / LANY

When a person says “you are not trans therefore you are cis” it isn’t an insult. Cis isn’t a gender identiy, cis is simply identifying with the gender you were asigned at birth. It’s not an ~oppressive box~ that the Mean Trans People are putting you in, it’s litterally a fact.


Ven… He was here…