it's a beautiful new day!

I never look at a picture of a celebrity or someone I don’t know and immediately think ‘THEY ARE HANDSOME/PRETTY/HOT’. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, It’s just not me for some reason. Someone could be absolutely gushing about a celebrity’s figure and show me a picture of the most amazing body in the world and I’ll go ‘meh, they’re alright’. 


You’re beautiful.
And I’m not just saying that because I think you need to hear it. You are. You’re magnificent. You don’t need people shoving the definition of “beauty” down your throat because you ARE that definition of beauty.
I hope one day you’ll believe me.
—  Society doesn’t define the word “beauty.” You do.
Strain Review :: White Fire OG

The first 30 minutes of my day tend to determine the path of the rest of it… If it starts in negativity, it stays there. So I make a ritual of greeting each day, fresh and new. Each day deserves its own reverence; its own beauty. Take a deep breath; and if you’re wise, you’re taking a deep breath of White Fire OG.

This hard-hitting flower will knock your wake-and-bake into next week. One bowl seemed to burn forever, and the potency was consistent from start to finish.

Speaking of start to finish, White Fire OG helped me finally get the mind to finish multiple unfinished tasks… The sign of a strain I won’t be parting with anytime soon. Love weed as I may, productivity is the standard I hold the best strains to. Sativas can overwork my overly active mind… Strains like White Fire keep your head up while keeping you kicked back.

What more could a girl ask for?

Fire acquired from Underground Meds


I Worry About Him In My Body Sometimes…