it's a beautiful movie with a beautiful message

  • Beauty and the Beast: *story about young woman imprisoned by beast creature looking closer to an animal than a human for most of the movie*
  • People: Oh it's only a movie, doesn't matter.
  • Disney: So LeFou is gay-

the message of wonder woman makes me so emo. it’s so important and it’s a movie that is so obviously by women and for women and it just makes me so happy. there are certain scenes and jokes in the movie that are for women and it’s so beautiful. it’s so beautiful to see a movie with a female protagonist that isn’t shot through the male gaze and it makes such a difference. it does such a good job of portraying the idea that emotions and love and human connection are what makes things worth fighting for. wonder woman is as strong as she is because of her emotions and that is so specific to her being a woman. women are strong because of their ability to have empathy and their emotional vulnerability and wonder woman is that. no male superhero (or just males in general) could possibly stand for the same thing and that message comes across so clearly in the film. anyway rant over i’m just trying to put into words why wonder woman is so great


Its still October 17th and so I can still post this. Happy 1 Year Anniversary to The Book Of Life! This movie did so much for me this year its almost unreal. It showed me the beauty of the Mexican Culture and gave me a chance to step outside my box and do something new and difficult. 

But most of all it helped me come to terms and fight against my crippling anxiety. Because of the message of this movie, I was able to find joy in something that I thought I never would again. 

So…thank you Book of Life and Jorge Gutierrez. You gave me and the world one beautiful and amazing film. And I will never forget what it did for me. <3


Actually this scene is very similar to what happens . Disney may have many reasons to have a perfect animation ; perfect characters , perfect special effects, perfect colors , perfect soundtrack … Dreamworks makes an attempt to look like, but it really strikes a perfect animation with a own style , not a pink style as Disney, but completely different , tend to have strange characters complexion ; short, tall , fat, skinny … but that’s the good thing , is more realistic with the characters, not all have the same size or the same characteristics , some are ugly , some beautiful , all stand out as being different from other . The frames are not all tender, nor moral, nor love , sometimes just for fun , laugh, hang out; but has very deep and beautiful messagesBoth animations are great I think, behind every movie animation there are millions of people who strove to show something, to convey a feeling, and while doing that will keep doing its job well. Compare animations would be like comparing two people, two ways of thinking, we can not do, because that’s necessarily degrade one and praise the other, when in fact both have value for what they are, and what they have done.

We love the perfect and corny disney movies, and also love the uniqueness and grace of dreamworks.