it's a beautiful damn ship

Okay so sadly Ive seen this panel in the hidekane tag with the commantary along the lines “lol rip shippers” which is fyi damn rude.

So I wanted to give my two cents to it bc i really really love this panel and whats happening around it. And I gonna get into why i love it so much.

At the first thought its just Hide being ridiculous to lighten the mood bc lets be real - they’ve been friends for over a decade, were in the same classes (including gym class) for who knows how many years (you know locker rooms) and probably were at least once on an onsen trip somewhen (idk seems like a popular thing to do in japan?) - in short i bet you 5 bucks they’ve seen each other naked or particially naked often enough to not be weird abt nudity around each other.

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