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Blood of Passage: Part Seventeen


Adrien studied the view of Veralis from his window. The Sidrah sparkled from the sun beaming down on it. His wings ached, his heart hurt. Everything was painful. From the inhale of breath to the blink of his eye. His shadows picked up the conversation between Maze, his mother and the healer.


“It will be months before he can just move them without pain. Longer to even fly. If he can. Nerve damage, scar tissue. Each pair are different.” The healer’s voice wasn’t unkind. It was skilled into professional kindness. His shadows betrayed her sadness.

His mother had a hand over her mouth, tears shone in her eyes. “What can I do? What can we do?”

“Time. He needs time and support from his family. And from those he loves. Keep his wings bound but let them breath for a few hours every day. He needs to have exercises to help circulation and healing. And perhaps for him to see someone? His mental state is very important. Does he have a mate? Or perhaps a significant other of some kind?”

“Me,” Maze said. “I’m his girlfriend.”

“He will need you the most. He will need all of you.”


He didn’t want their help. He wanted to find a hole and never crawl out of it. He didn’t want Maze there out of pity or his parents and brothers to fawn over him with looks of sympathy. He wanted to break the world apart before he broke himself apart.

At least in the mountain, there was Cyrian and his desire to kill the bastard for touching Maze and baiting him. He had his anger and rage and desire to get Maze out alive and his promise to her in that mountain. Now he none of it and he was filled with a sense of bottomless empty that was going to swallow him whole.

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