it's a bad omen

I just realized that Qrow is totally a Karasu-tengu (Crow Tengu) in Japanese mythology. (One of the folklore that actually paint crows in a positive light.) They’re winged bird creatures that can shape-shift and take human form, are skilled sword fighting warriors, have great knowledge, and protect the law of the land. They are the deities called upon in prayer by desperate people (Tai) to help their children (Yang and Ruby) get back home. They also play tricks on the arrogant and vain (Winter) while rewarding and helping to train those who are modest and aim to help others (Ruby). 

i think we need to talk about this more?

for those of you who haven’t seen The Golden Girls:

(the one on the right is Rose btw)

like wow Crowley is such a nerd i cannot actually cope with this could he be any less suave?

also, much as i adore fics about Crowley watching James Bond i reckon fic writers also need to remember Crowley’s taste for old lady sitcoms.

(btw if when they move in together Crowley is totally embarrassed and keeps trying to watch it in secret or manufacture ways that they end up being forced to watch it and when Aziraphale finds out he brings it up whenever Crowley calls him frumpy but they totally fall asleep watching it together)


“I found one. It’s perfect. Brookline. Center Hall. Two stories. I just figured, after everything that we’ve been through in the last couple of days… hell, the last couple of years… I thought we deserved a little bit of normal.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day thirteen - happiest moment


The four bred variations of Absol that I’ve done! The bottom one is much older, all I did recently was type and name it~

Lunar Eclipse (Absol x Umbreon, Dark type) - A rather common variant amongst contest trainers because of its elegant and edgy look, this cross appears more often in small family packs than as loners. This breed is named for its increased activity on and around lunar eclipses. Uncommon variant.

Fuu (Absol x Donphan, Dark/Ground type) - Named by western trainers for the fullgrown’s resemblance to guardian lions or ‘Foo Dogs’, known as ‘Shi’ in China, this variant is popular with battlers for its high defense. Seen as a good luck charm rather than a bad omen, compared to the common breed. Very rare variant.

Unseelie (Absol x Sylveon, Dark/Fairy type) - Named after Scottish dark fey, this variant is infamous as the hardest to tame, train, and befriend, and seeing one in the wild is often considered an even worse omen than the common breed. If a strong bond is formed and respect is earned, however, Unseelie Absol are one of the most aggressively loyal pokemon you’ll find. Extremely rare variant.

Cacklefiend (Absol x Mightyena, Dark type) - Named for the sound they make when anxious, often heard before a disaster, this variant is seen in relatively large groups (often known as ‘cackles’ or ‘clans’). This breed is stouter and most commonly trained for their attack power, often with Bite, Crunch, or various Fang moves to take advantage of their strong jaws. Common variant.

((Also Cacklefiend is a reference to DnD bc I’m a HUGE NERD))