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Note: so I found half of this already written on my phone from like 2 months ago, so I decided to finish it. I know it’s not the jeep smut, but that should be out tomorrow. Also, I’m posting this from my phone, so sorry if the layout or anything is strange 😄

“God, how did you manage to do this every night?” Shawn huffs as he flops onto the sofa beside me. Groaning, he stretches out his long ass body so he’s all up in my personal space; his legs draped over mine as his arm snakes around my shoulder, allowing him to play with the wisps of hair that didn’t make it into my makeshift ponytail.

“They’re not normally this bad.” I said in defence of Andy and Alice, who admittedly did seem very hyper tonight. But who could blame them, this was the first time they’ve seen their Dad in three months. That’s a long time for a seven and three year old.

I was so, so close to finishing my book I had been reading for the past couple of weeks when there was a slight tug on my hair. I let out a accidentally loud huff which make Shawn chuckle. I knew Shawn wasn’t going to stop until I payed him the attention he wanted. And, although I complain about it, I really did miss his annoying presence these past few months he’d be gone.

Rolling my eyes, I marked my page before dropping it in my lap before turning to the man-child in question. Suddenly it became really hard to stay annoyed at him; he just looked so soft in his red check flannel, and already messy hair, and with his head resting in the crook of his arm, a small grin playing on his lips as he stared up at me with sleepy, dreamy eyes.

“What?” I asked, confused as to why he was staring at me like a lost puppy.

He didn’t say anything, instead just patted his knee in a silent command. Placing the book on the coffee table, I crawled onto Shawn lap. A rush of warmth ran through me as he grabbed my waist, instinctively pulling me as close as our slightly awkward poison would allow. It felt great to finally be with just my husband after so long apart. No tour team dragging him away, no children running around and taking up our time.

“I missed you.” Shawn all but whispered, his nose buried into my hair.

And I could tell those words had more than one meaning. His hands slowly trailed down my body before slipping under the hem of my shirt. I let lose a small gasp as the cold metal of his wedding ring came into contact with my already burning skin, a small reminder he was mine forever. And for some reason that made me smile even more.

Meanwhile, his lips began their torturous job, leaving a litter of hot little kisses all the way down to the soft spot behind my ear before stopping. I squirmed at his warm breath on my skin, and I knew tell he was wearing that stupid smirk he always wore while teasing me.

“I missed you too.” I managed under my breath, just as his hungry mouth captured mine, our coming together lazily. After skipping out on shaving for a few days, there was a layer of scruff rubbing against my soft cheek, almost like I was kissing a carpet, but he was the best damn carpet ever.

Teasingly, I ran my hands up his chest and leisurely began undoing his shirt, popping each button one at a time. Shawn groaned in frustration, mumbling about picking up the pace, but that just made made me move even slower.

Soon enough I reached the last button, sliding the shirt of only to be met with the bare skin of his toned chest. His smirk broke out kiss as he caught my hands feeling their way around his newly tightened muscles.

“You’ve been working out again?” I asked breathlessly and lifted my arms, making it easier for him to take off my thin jumper. He rolled his eyes at the black tank top I wore underneath.

“Mhm. Got to keep looking good for you.” Shawn replied with a wink. Not bothering with the tank top, he dove straight to my chest, planting more heated kisses along my already burning skin. A particularly loud gasp escaped me as he began sucking the sensation skin above my breast, the mixture of his rough stubble and soft lips sending pleasure shooting through my body.

My fingers laced in his hair as he began venturing lower, tugging the neckline of my shirt down to expose more skin.

“Daddy? Why are you hurting Mommy?” We both froze.

Over Shawn shoulder, I saw the shadow of a small figure. It stepped out of the dimly lit hallway into the living room, reviling a very sleepy Alice. Her eyes were half closed, her pink and purple poka dotted ‘blinkie’ in one hand with its tiny thumb shoved in her mouth while she dragged her stuffed baby elephant by its ear in the other.

“What are you doing up Baby?” My voice automatically became softer as I scrambled to untangle myself from Shawn. Readjusting my top, I quickly pulled my jumper back on before walking over to the little girl and scooping her up in my arms.

“We didn’t read together.” She tell me sadly, her bottom lip sticking out in a small pout as her head rested on my shoulder, messy brown curls similar to Shawn’s tickled my cheek.

“I thought Daddy read with you tonight?”

She nodded her head, “But I can’t sleep unless you read to me.”

Sighing, I knew there was no point in trying to argue with her, “Okay, but only a short one. It’s already really late and you need to sleep.”

Alice nodded again, this time a small smile playing on her lips. She mumbled a muffled goodnight to Shawn, who stood up to give her a kiss on on the forehead.

“And you should be off the bed too.”’ I teased him, although we both knew we would be sleeping anytime soon.

Shooting him a shocked look, he chuckled under his breath as his hand came down on my backside, giving it a light smack. He didn’t say anything, just winked and pressed a quick peck to my lips before disappearing into the kitchen.

That man had some nerves, I swear to God.

“Why does Daddy keep hurting you?” Alice asked once we entered her room.

“He isn’t hurting me Baby.” I tried to explain as I laid her down on the Star Wars covered bed. Waking over to the bookcase across the room, I picked up the shortest book I could find.

“But he was biting you and hitting you.”

“That’s just how Mommy’s and Daddy'a play sometimes.” Alice looked at me like a confused puppy, probably wondering why Mommy’s and Daddy’s were allowed to ‘play’ like that when I tell her and Andy for hitting each other, “But you shouldn’t play like that.”

“Oh, okay. Mommys and Daddys are weird.” Is all she said as she snuggles down into the warmth of her bed, leaving just enough space for me to join her.

“Yeah, well, you’re weird too.” Poking my tongue out, her high-pitched giggles filled the room as I flicked to the first page.


natgeotravel Video by @bertiegregory. This Sri Lankan elephant calf was having a great time splashing around in the shallows. That was until this moment when a little bump from its mother meant it lost its footing. I imagine a more experience elephant would have just poked its trunk up above the surface to breathe. Instead, it struggled to its feet before exploding out of the water to get some air! Clearly shaken by the whole experience, it ran out of the pool and wouldn’t come back in to join its mother!

​Eva Green In Talks For Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ At Disney.

EXCLUSIVE: Eva Green is in talks to reteam with Tim Burton for Disney’s live-action remake of Dumbo.The studio, which is set to unveil its latest live-action remake, Beauty and the Beast, is tackling its 1941 animated classic about a baby circus elephant who is made fun of for his large ears and is separated from his mother.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but sources say that one thing the new version does is expand and deepen the circus aspect of the story.

The project has four human leads (plus the elephant, who will be digitally animated). Green will play a trapeze artist who works for the head of the circus. The circus owner is the villain of the piece.


Jungle Habitat
West Milford, New Jersey

In 1972, Jungle Habitat was opened in West Milford, New Jersey as a zoo for the adventurers of the world.  Half of the park was similar to an average zoo.  It had a petting zoo, snack bars, reptile house, etc.  The second half of the park was quite the opposite.  It allowed guests to drive their own vehicles into the woods and go on a self guided safari ride.  The tour allowed guests to see free roaming monkeys, elephants, llamas, giraffes,  lions, and tigers.  Animals would often walk right up to cars and sometimes climb on top of them.  As one could imagine, Jungle Habitat was faced with a series of “accidents” during its operating years.

Within the park’s first year of operation, the park experienced its first “accident” when a guest was attacked by two lions.  Shortly after, a woman was bitten by a baby elephant who had grabbed her arm with its trunk.  In addition to these incidents, the animals were constantly escaping into the town of West Milford.  A wild case of tuberculosis also spread among the park’s animals, resulting in many of them having to be put down.

After closing in 1976, the park was quickly abandoned. Carcasses of animals, including elephants and giraffes, were left behind.  The remains of Jungle Habitat is a popular hiking spot to this day.

The signs at the zoo on spring break

Aries: “I thought we were going to have some real fun, like going to a concert but instead you brought me to the depths of hell”


Gemini: “Taurus, we are in public please stop screaming about the monkeys fricking”

Cancer: “all I smell is poop and body odor, but I’m here to have a great time, let’s go guys”


Virgo: “this fucking parrot just bit me”


Sagittarius: “maybe you shouldn’t mock the parrot Virgo, and libra calm down you’re being dramatic,again”

Scorpio: “look guys the elephant is pooping on its baby!”

Capricorn: “Scorpio, that not even funn-*giggles* it’s not f-*laughing* okay it’s funny”

Aquarius: “uhm…people are starting to stare at us, I know how to take care of it *begins to flip people off*”


Everyone: “great here comes security, RUN”


what you could get

the haunted trumpet in my house that plays baby elephant walk of its own accord constantly


1. just take it
2. please

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve and Sam going on a date to the National Zoo

Steve barely hears Sam when he says he’s going to go get something to eat. He’s too busy standing at the elephant enclosure, watching one there bathe its baby.

When Sam comes back and nudges him until he takes the hot dog, Steve points at the young elephant. “It’s sucking on its trunk,” he tells Sam, who leans in, half against the railing, half against him. “You think that’s like when babies suck their thumbs?”

“Might be,” says Sam. “You want to go see the sea lions?”

Steve hesitates, but when Sam nudges him again, he looks away from the elephant and lets Sam pull him away.

The enclosure before the sea lions, however, is the bald eagles. They get stuck their for almost an hour while the tourists insist on taking pictures with them. Now that the news has gotten about that Sam will be Captain America next, everyone wants pictures with both of them, and by the time they leave, Sam is grinning wider than maybe Steve’s ever seen.

“Looking forward to being famous?” Steve asks.

But Sam shakes his head, perching on the back of a bench nearby. “One of those teenagers said she was so glad I’m the next Cap,” he says, shoving his hands into his pockets while Steve crumples up his hot dog wrapper and tosses it. “She said, if a black person could be Captain America, they could be anything in this country. I don’t know, it just–that’s what I want. Out of my life. You know?”

in case you're having a bad day, have some elephants

look at this bb making friends with the birdies

and this one’s so happy to get to where he’s going

and this dork oh gosh

aww look at this one following its mama

the fuzzy baby!!!!

lookit this one so little with its mama

elephant cuddles <3

and an elephant heart okay because they love you and so do i

and playful babies!

and looooook! inter-species friends!

and hopefully this one gave you a chuckle <3