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“The cast really is incredible. I’m really lucky to have them as friends and costars. My face hurts from smiling everyday.” - Gillian Jacobs 

Since some folks cannot seem to shake the asinine assumption that queerness & blackness are mutually exclusive, lemme shout it out for ya.

Killian Jones and Love Declarations

I find it really strange that every time Killian says or does something that is essentially a declaration of love…people call him a jackass, selfish, etc. Obviously, there’s ship preference at play. I know we joke about the fact that if he said “I love you” straight up, people who interpret Hook that way would still say he was a jackass…but that would be pretty hard to do, especially if Emma said it back.

I realized, though, that one reason why this happens is because Killian Jones doesn’t declare his love (when he speaks about it) in an ordinary way that people are used to. And…there’s a really good reason why he doesn’t.

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Show me joy, flower through disarray,
Let’s destroy each mistake that we made,
Then restore the color back to the grey,
There’s no pride in sharing scars to prove it.

my art, please don’t steal or delete caption 


If someone wants to apply to State Schools, that’s cool.

If someone wants to apply to Ivies, that’s cool.

If someone wants to apply to Community College, that’s cool.

If someone is taking a gap year, that’s cool

If someone isn’t going to college, that’s cool.

No matter what you do in relation to college, you’re cool! 

it really wounds me to realize that xehanort and sora came from the same place like literally the same island
the same culture the same people the same families produced the both of them that’s really wild to me
like what happened to make one of them feel like a world too small wasn’t worth his greatness, and the other feel like no world was too small to deserve his love

man i wish high school teachers would be more:

  • hey, community college is great choice, just because you can’t afford/don’t have the grades/can’t leave your family/etc to go out to university does not make you worth any more or less. 
  • if you mess up this year it isnt smart but it isnt the end of the world, either. 
  • i can’t support the fact you’re not doing good in class but i’m not going to degrade you in public or private, especially when you come asking for help for your grade later on (due to the fact I am a teacher, and not someone who automatically knows what you go through in your life, what might ail you, and what the specific reason behind your lacking academically is, etc etc). 
  • you can still do good in life if you don’t get straight a’s, or even if you barely pass high school. 
  • there is no shame in attending college in your late twenties, or however old you are when you decide to get an certified education. 
  • there are more paths in life than one that includes a masters degree from a name university that you entered the day after you graduated from high school

and less:

  • this is what colleges want
  • do this because it’s good for college
  • if you really cared about your grade you would have asked for help on day one
  • if you screw up this class it’s gonna mess up your high school, and as a result, greater educational career
  • college is the only appropriate thing to do after high school
  • passive aggressive “of course i know some of you dont plan on going to college” and then purposely diverting attention from kids who ‘fit that stereotype’

listen,, ngozi chose to put this particular quote DIRECTLY next to kent talking about jack zimmermann. and then we see jack, THREE MONTHS into a relationship with bitty, and he’s still incredibly anxious about making it official.

so i’m gonna say it. kent and jack never defined the relationship. they did not communicate. if you go back to parse iii, you can see that jack’s expression in that last picture (a response to kent saying “i miss you”) is followed by him saying, “you always say that”

uhh more meta about how jack and kent are fantastic, complex characters and their relationship under the cut

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“And thank you guys so much for being there for each other and the community that’s being built. And I know some people have grievances with it, but to be honest, I’m so proud of your guys. You guys are the greatest community that I’ve ever known, and you’re the greatest group of people that I’ve ever known. So thank you everybody so much for watching, thank you for being there.” (x)

Shout out to all the vultures out there:

Shoutout to the vultures who make a living out of selling their items, such as bone jewelry or skull paintings
Shoutout to vultures who eat the roadkill animals they find, and use the preservation as a way to use 100% of the animal
Shoutout to vultures who want to expand their collection but can’t, whether location or not understanding parents/roommates
Shoutout to vultures who do it for the aesthetic or for fun
Shoutout to vultures who use taxidermy as a form of expression
Shoutout to vulture witches who make shrines to honour the passed
Shoutout to vultures who use it as a way to signify the art of death and give life to animals who are with us no more
Shoutout to vultures who use taxidermy/preserving to cope with mental illnesses/trauma
Shoutout to vultures who have jobs surrounding taxidermy
Shoutout to vultures who go take taxidermy classes
Shoutout to vultures who just… do it for fun!
Just… shoutout to all vultures
We’re such a diverse community and I want everyone to feel welcome.
No matter what reason you’re here, I’m glad you are.