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His lips are insistent against hers and she can’t think, can’t breathe, can only feel -

A second ago she’d been ready to dismiss him, but then this, and it’s as if there was no time in between him in front of her and his arm around her waist, and once again it’s like her world’s been tilted on its axis, like she’s suspended upside down on one of those ridiculous rollercoasters, only all the blood is rushing southwards as opposed to her head. But, impossibly, it feels like the first time in days where she’s been able to finally let go, too.

She is in a daze of feelings and can only give give give the more he takes - and boy, is he taking. He’s not holding back at all, and she fleetingly thinks that if you could meld two bodies together, he’d be trying. There is heat and passion, and maybe there’s something to be said for you couldn’t handle it when it comes to them, because she is struggling to wrap her head around this; struggling to remember a time when she felt even an inkling of what’s coursing through her right now with someone else. 

(It’s frightening how often she’s begun to view her life in two distinct epochs - before him, since him.)

He pulls back, she blinks, chases his lips for a second, striving for continued closeness, and his hand smooths against her cheek. “We’ve been overdue for that,” he breathes, his lips still hovering over hers, “since that bloody dwarf interrupted us the other day.”

She’s supposed to be angry at him - wants to be - but instead she finds herself smiling because, well, yeah - he’s right. She doesn’t have to say anything either, before he’s swallowing and saying with a nod of his head (and without any prompting), “I’m sorry, love. I should’ve done what you asked.” 

They’re still close - so close she wouldn’t need to hear the sincerity in his tone to know it’s there just by one look in his eyes. 

(This man - who kisses like it’s his last day on earth with her, and then the next second, like he has the rest of his life to spend in her company and all he wants to do is cherish her - is going to be the one who breaks her walls, who she will always always choose.)

“I know you are” she sighs. She looks at where her hands are almost unconsciously tightening around the lapels of his coat and then glances up at him. “I know,” is all she says again before she’s on her tippy toes, pulling him back to her and they’re kissing slowly, taking their time even though they’re in the middle of the street and anyone could see them. 

(She doesn’t care.)