it's 90 out and i have a cold

Rebuilding Stabby Pt.2

I stripped Stabby down to the barest of the motor frame… I didn’t think I’d have to go this far down, but, the difference between the two track types is significant!

The new tracks are at the top, the old tracks are at the bottom. The new ones are 5 studs wide, 2 studs wider than the original ones… sooo… yeah, total redesign of the chassis to accommodate them.

Lookit all of the pieces I had to tear off poor stabby! :(

Wait a minute… is that a functional powertrain? … … … Why YES IT IS! A total redesign, but, it gave me opportunities to make improvements to the original design!

For example, I was able to better fit the rear access cover, it sits solidly now and doesn’t feel like it’s just bodged on.

Under the access panel, the battery box… looking at this picture, makes me think I need to flip it around… hmmmmmm. (It is about midnight here right now… sooo…)

And finally, a front view, the new servo motor is visible with a long axle coming out of it. I’m waiting for the third IR sensor to arrive so I can hook it up to its own channel for the speed controller on the remote. Stabby’s head stalk will have full 90° movement left and right, and, will also be able to incline his head. I haven’t worked out that feature yet, but, it will happen!

Yeah… I know! he looks so cold all naked down to his bare chassis! But, I left the design similar enough, the side panels I already have made SHOULD snap right back on.

Alright, those are the updates for today, I’ll post a video tomorrow of his movement! Whatcha all think?

Visual modification training guys! These are vehicles or weapons of one faction/side, designed to look like the hostile’s weapons, for training purposes.

Above, we have a Bradley or perhaps a M113 vis modded into being a BMP-2.

Here, we have a Humvee vis modded into being a BRDM-2.

Here, we have something soviet, probably a big T-72 or T-55 vis modded into pretending to be a Leopard-2. Well done, Commies! (srsly, this is pretty close!).

And here, we have something soviet vis modded into being a Leopard-1. This is really well done!

Here, we have a M109 Paladin Artillery piece, visually modified to look like a Shilka, Self Propelled Anti-Air piece.

Here, we have a pretty convincing looking M1A2 Abrams, disguising itself as a Soviet T-80 or T-90. Spooky!

Ahh, a Soviet T-64 in it’s natural habitat…Wait. That’s a poorly disguised Sheridan light tank! Good try yanks!

Finally, we have an M1A1 Abrams….Except those are Soviet Crew men? Oh how clever, its yet another visual modification. The Soviets appear to have taken a T-72, and modified the shit out of it. I like the attention to detail, with the little English “US ARMY” on the side. Except I’m fairly sure that the stars were turned from white to black, for camouflage purposes, in the late 1950′s. Well done though, all contestants!

Kath “Jesus Christ Jack, it’s -20 degrees out here!!! Why are we on the roof? I’m freezing. You’re crazy, and have no respect for my sensitive skin.” Pulitzer and Jack “the cold never bothered me anyway” Kelly.

anonymous asked:

ikon during winter? like, what they usually do, for example who does snowball fights, who is just avoiding to go out, etc!

this would be super cute omgOD yessss! I actually love snow so much but here its all raining and ugh when will snow come T_T thanks for requesting have great day/night!

- admin em


  • gets the sniffles and has to stay in bed
  • but instead plays out with friends
  • likes to build snow families with donghyuk
  • skid against the icy roads like an ice skater he is
  • sneezes 90% all the time
  • sometimes they dig him all under the snow and they forget about him
  • but then he comes out and has his revenge
  • “BITCH YOU THOUGHT????” :))))))))))


  • gets cold super easily so he stays indoors
  • he invites the rest of his friends in to shelter them from the cold
  • makes them all hot drinks and they just sit and talk
  • when he does go out, he helps hanbin make his fort
  • doesn’t participate in the actual snowball fights but pre makes them for hanbin to throw
  • is putting lipbalm on his lips as the cold can make them chapped
  • gets a cold after spending the day playing with his friends


  • that guy who put his tongue on the lamp post and it got stuck
  • “helpf meh guyths pleaths..”
  • sometimes they just leave him there or take selfies with him 
  • when he isn’t stuck he is throwing snowballs at everyone
  • main competitor is hanbin
  • he is a good thrower and has perfect aim
  • if he isn’t throwing snowballs, he’s wrecking peoples snowmen and pushing people on icy surfaces
  • doesn’t get cold at all and can where a vest and still be all right
  • everyone hates him when it snows


  • self proclaimed king of his snowfort
  • build a huge castle which he is king and has people defened and protect it
  • “i’m the king of the castle, you’re a dirty rascal”
  • attacks anyone he see’s is a threat bobby
  • tries to get people to join him and his fort
  • just imagine his little flushed cheeks in the cold oH
  • he’s a grown ass man but still acts like a little kid when it come with snow
  • cries when he gets hit by a snowball
  • also gets a cold after a day of playing


  • builds a snowman but then felt bad and built a whole family
  • “this is mr and mrs snow and their daughter snowey”
  • he takes so much care into making them look good (even though they look like disfigured potato people)
  • cries when bobby wrecks them with his snowballs
  • organises going sleighing with people
  • he has the best sleigh import form germany (mine was stolen :( )
  • knows how to make snowballs hurt extra and throws them at bobby when he see’s him
  • “this is revenge from the snow family you monster!”


  • his snow jacket is the brightest thing ever
  • seriously it’s so bright it hurts
  • hates when people throw snowballs at him
  • “stop it! this coat cost more than your life you ass!”
  • even though he hates snow, he feels bad at times and helps little old ladies cross the road and chanwoo shovel snow
  • eventually joins hanbins side in the epic snowball fight
  • “this is what you get form throwing snow at me” :))))
  • if you haven’t guessed it bobby is that annoying kid everyone hates because he’s throwing snowballs at everyone 


  • wrapped up in 376 layers of clothes
  • helps his neighbours shovel snow from their front yard
  • can you imagine this tall boy wrapped up in clothes trying to keep his balance from falling over
  • when he does, sometimes the guys like to push him down icy roads (like in ice hokey)
  • main target of snowball fights tbh
  • “ow guys, that really hurt” :((
  • extracts his vengeance with jinhwan 
  • get a cold after spending 0.638495% of a nano second outside
  • blocked nose chanwoo hOLD ME
Weird conversations on Skype starter meme ft. my actual conversations with Ladyofabug

“I am currently applying Dark Hue-mor to my nails.”
“Do you know how long it takes for something to decompose underground?”
“The fact that people do it doesn’t make it less weird.”
“Google says 5+ months tho.”
"I’ll give her till it warms up before I go digging.”
“But whats the point of having a superhero identity if you cant exploit the fuck out of it?”
“To fucking help people, Boo!”
“Not a giant hair dryer…”
“I feel like she’s the real villain of the high school…”
“They haven’t responded in 15 min. Either they went to bed or they died…”
“Blushu blushu cant think lady to close!”
“Just gonna say, its fucking cold out side. Like damn.”
“I was gunna make a tree pun…. But i have self control.”
“I think I asked about coconut oil, but tea is cool too.”
“I’m like 90% sure you asked me to get you one from costco…”
“I responded accordingly… I think.”
“Strange ass text message. I feel the need to blame you.”
“This is my sexuality now.”
“I’m voting that from now on we handle all problems like this.”
“I go to school for four hours and shit hits the fan!”
“Except that was barely low key…”
“I would just like to say, my hair looks pgood today considering I washed it in the bathroom sink this morning.”
“Gross… ok, we can bake.”
“Honey? I’ve never been a pleasure to anyone.”
“People have started coming to the window and I just… I sorry…”
“Did you do a thing? I don’t think so but wtf…”
“Boo… I’m on mobile at work…”
“I’m sick, I blame you.”
“She has to many secret weapons.”
“Oh speaking of kittens… congratulaions!”
“Impresses guyfriend with my knowledge of how long tortoises live…”
“I’m hella good with the men folks.”
“Cuz I wanna and they wanna, but no dice…”
“I didn’t just spend ten minutes watching at gif of Tadashi Hamada breathing…”
“Oh jeeze if he’s going to take her for a fancy dinner every time he’s going to try and ask, he’s gonna be so broke!”
“He crashed his motorcycle and woke up and was immediately like "Imma marry Amy!" and then he bought a ring and panicked for, like 6 months!”
“I have no idea whats going on, but I like it.”
"You can’t put a price on honor!”
"Well maybe the offer was just to low!”
“Also we gon pick up the booze…”
“Well, I’ll come over but ya’ll gotta come get me.”
“I was gonna come over but you were dead and I decided naw.”
“I was fabric shopping…”
“Bro… did you drunk pass out… at 5?”
"Yeah, but I’m not having rum in my tea at work…”
“I took a shot on an empty stomach and then drank a cider and I’m fine…”
“I told my boss I was starting to get a scratchy throat and you know what she told me to do to fix it? Shoot whiskey.”
“Like shit gotta rep to uphold!”
“Metaphorcally adopts the child like I am your blonde parent now small one.”
“She’s so mad that they bond over it.”
“Kay, so Condos, clinic, bank and then your house… you also have my booze.”
“So… you should come over and we can actually get comfortable in the kitchen where there is a abundance of tea.”
“… And then I might show up at your house. Not sure yet.”
“I got pissy vibes but I’m pretty good at not taking them to personally when they come from you.”
"Also I’m sorry I got pissy with you. If you could tell that was pissy. I just had to have a 3.5 hour mental breakdown and now I feel better.”
“I’m trapped in starbucks for an hour. Entertain me.”

thenextflight  asked:

I go to school in Florida but I'm currently in Michigan on break (where I have lived all y life previous) and I think it's hilarious how Floridians are freaking out about their "cold temps" while I'm sitting here in temps that are actually colder then the North Pole counting the days until I am back down south

like i’ve said about 8 million times, this is actually really cold for us and does not happen often. we’re not conditioned for cold weather. we’re conditioned for 90 degree weather with 70%+ humdity. you grew up in super cold weather so this is like nothing for you. it’s a lot for us. i’m sure in the summer, you think it’s really fucking hot (and we do too, but probably not to your degree).