it's 9 am goodnight

why does he look so good even without looking at the camera

Merry Fucking New Year

Today’s been a wild day, and I just needed to share Some Of The Things that Happened. I hope everybody has had a good year!

So here’s some Things that Happened today:

-a lovely conversation with border patrol that was literally “are you all US citizens?” “…..yeah?” “Kay, you can go”

-learned that driving at 5 in the morning in Texas is the only time where you don’t have to worry (as much) about being hit for going the speed limit by a 13 year old driving a big ass truck on the highway

-disassociated while driving for a solid 20 minuets, drove better than when I do pay attention

-listened to the first song in A Very Potter Musical with my parents not knowing what it was

-“as kate would say, this is the music of my people” -my mom to my dad, about Spanish rapping song that was playing on the radio when they were looking for good I Need To Stay Awake music

-taught my dad the difference between El, La, Los, and Las is Spanish

-called a hawk a flying trash bag, bc I didn’t realize it was a hawk

-had an argument with dad about if 5am was early night or late night, we settled on late early night (for now)

-had to ask my dad how old I was because I hadn’t been sure

-listened to ABBA the entire drive back, all 9ish hours, because we pissed off mom and she put herself in charge of the music

-had to come to terms with the fact that I knew almost all the words to all said ABBA songs

-learned about relativity and how time is really weird from my dad

-“are you staying up till midnight with me for New Years?” “nO”

-saw the tINIEST LIL PUPPY at one of the rest stops and I died from the cute

-my dad called out Disney for being sexist at some point during hour 7, which was a very fun conversation of him going on a mini rant and me nodding along

-heard a man un-ironically greet someone with ‘howdy’

-“have you finished your APUSH yet?” x3000 from The Parents

-“you know what this situation calls for? Adele” -my dad when we figured out the subway we were planning to eat at was closed

-“hey look, is that another flying trash bag?!?!!1!”-my dad being mean

-figured out that my former neighbor’s nephew is Bon Jovi

-placed bets on how long we each thought it took them to come up with ‘Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over’

-there were So. Many. Cows.

-started a really really old sci-fi book that I stole from my dad with permission, it’s about relativity and the science is accurate so heck yeah

-I looked like trash the entire day

-“wow, it’s a lot less dark out than I thought it was” - my mom after she took off her sunglasses

And a bunch of other fun stuff, it’s been a wild New Years Eve. Hope y’all have had a good year, and that you have a better one next year!