it's 8 letters

10 september 2017

my dad’s place, the living room

Hi Rose,

You refer to your little brother as “it” and “thing”? I mean yes we used to dress up Hugo instead of our doll and walk around with him in a pram, but you know he’s not an actual doll right? If you keep addressing him as an inanimate object I might just have to switch Hugo with my oldest brother for his safety’s sake. You can have that insensitive idiot and I’ll keep your brother.

But all silliness aside, it was wonderful to have him around for a bit. I don’t know where he gets his cheery mood from but as soon as I find and exploit it I’ll be richer than Fred and George. He even kept me so busy that this letter is a day late.

We may or may not have finger painted James’ bedcovers (on the bottom not on top, my dad can’t see of course) but we most certainly did have a huge pillow fight with my dad which was great fun.

I think he really needed it, work has been though on him lately. He’s been doing a lot of long irregular evening and night shifts at the auror department ever since he and mom moved out of our old house at the start of summer.

He doesn’t really know what to do with himself now that I am the only one he’ll meet when he gets home. I do try to make the flat a bit more cozy so that he might start feeling at home a bit more but so far I’ve had no success. I think he needs to start dating, or even better get into a proper relationship so that he has more to come home to besides his grumpy daughter.

He’s still not entirely over my mum tough, or rather over the idea of my mum. I mean they’d been fighting more than talking for at least two years before everything went belly-up. Their marriage was dead and they both knew it. Still, my dad can’t really accept it and I know for a fact he feels lonely. Maybe I should get him a dog if he’s not ready for a girlfriend yet. What do you think?

With love,

Lily Luna Potter

Ps. Hi Albus. You know you could just send your own letters right? Oh and you were too late with the warning, the plants have ceased photosynthesizing quite a long while ago

Pps. Ah thank you Angelina! A meet up sounds awesome. Anything better than the awkwardness of last christmas

Ppps. I do expect you to win that trivia quiz Rose. After the disaster that is James we need someone to restore the family honour!

Panic! At the Disco

A Year of Songs

Day 13 of 365 - November 12th

Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco

at first I didn’t like this, but it grew on me so quickly

your love’s a fucking drag, but I want it so bad…

I have seen the discussion of a pride and prejudice au, but may i offer, in counterpoint, a persuasion au?

leviathkand  asked:

he has attempted to wrangle together what appears to be some kind of cake, frosting and all. it may not taste the best, or look the best, but it is definitely... cake-like. after all; " 'can't have a birthday without cake! " despite its' obvious imperfections, it's offered up to her eagerly, the creator hopeful he could muster some kind of celebratory normalcy to her birthday, though she's celebrating in this strange and sometimes joyless land. " happy birthday, Terra! " ( sorry we're late! 💛 )

     Stunned is the girl born of magic upon the sight of the star of the Zanarkand Abes and the cake in question. She is nearly speechless, though the sheer BRIGHTNESS that exudes off the blond quickly inspires Terra with words of kindness.  ❝ Tidus…!  Did you make this for me? ❞  How he managed to procure the ingredients and bake what appeared to be a delicious dessert is beyond the half-Esper, but even so she is happy, to be thought of at all.  Taking the cake in her hands, she manages a smile of her own, hoping to express her gratitude.  ❝ Thanks.  Say…let’s eat it TOGETHER, okay?  Maybe EVERYONE can try it too!

Letters from Kizaki Yuria to Mukaichi Mion

Dear, Miion

Congratulations for your 19th birthday

I’m sorry that I’m the one who was chosen to write a precious letter for your birthday, but I want to write about what I think about you since I met you 3 years ago.

Actually, I love you more than you think. There are too many things I like about you. First is the mole under your eyes, or just to make it simple, I like your face. If we take a look to the past, I even like that kid from unfair.

Also, I like Miion when she performed “Zannen Shoujo” unit. Well, I like it when you were singing, but the one that I love the most is your expression during the "Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate” intro when I teased you. That is one of the reason I can look forward to a stage performance.

Since we spent a lot of time together for the Breeze Light CM and Tofu Wrestling, we started to talk a lot and become closer. I really love the serious, humble, and kind Miion.

I often worry about Miion who is too nice. Please don’t strain yourself too much. It’s difficult for you to release stress, but let’s enjoy when we are together.

You’re almost perfect except that your eyes dented when you’re tired. Please keep being like that.

Happy birthday. Let’s go out sometimes. 

From Kizaki Yuria

Huh… Just checked my Notice me Senpai account, seeing when the next new birthday is (Itsuki is 2 days away, btw) and noticed that my Cafe sign is in disrepair (missing 6 of its 8 letters). Has the game noticed that I’ve abandoned it? Is the game just breaking down due to the lack of matinence?? I checked back on it after refilling my coffee pots, and it was still missing letters.

That’s so weird! Did you maybe try to edit the name of your café, too? 

I hope that if you give it attention again, the game’s sign will fix itself, maybe…


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