it's 7am goodnight

i know we’re all dying to see erwin’s 9/10 combat skills in action and i’m betting we get to see that on season 2

but then again, remember how he was just about to go on a mass-titan-killing-spree to get to eren and le wild titan appears and takes him by the arm in its teeth

and the next thing we know erwin’s one-armed and slicing eren free from bertolt…

remember how the anime makes really good 3dmg and action sequences

imagine already amputee erwin soaring past the myriad of hungry titans – friendly reminder that to kill them you need TWO ARMS to swing TWO BLADES – with blood and gore on his sleeve, determination in his eyes, just so he could get to eren and take him back. with only one arm, he could not possibly defend himself so well, and would have ro rely soley on his 3dmg and excellent motor skills to avoid the titans and imminent death

which he fucking did. and he brought hope back to mankind, time and time again

i’m excited to see erwin finally using the 3dmg to its full purpose and swinging blades all badass and shit

but it also worries me, and despite the fact that i already know how things would unfold, i cannot be sure if i will ever be emotionally prepared at all