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Hey :D I was looking through your posts and I just want to say that I ALSO REALLY LOVE SHY AND SOFT YUGYEOM AS WELL AS JINGYEOM!! cx I can't believe I found a jingyeom shipper XD I saw you wanting to get asks but I'm such an awkward potato that I hesitated a lot and now I should probably go to sleep because its frigging 6am where I live so :D but I'd like to talk more with you about jingyeom later if possible?? cx I hope that's not much to ask... (doubting to click the 'ask' button... done)


Hanging by a Moment

James knew that a walk through Diagon Alley this late at night was probably not a good idea, but he and Lily had gotten home recently from their honeymoon and hadn’t even opened their presents yet. Apparently, it was tacky to only care about that. He was tired and she was tired too, but they had both agreed that they were hungry, so they decided to go to Diagon Alley. James was feeling like a drink as well, so he’d suggested the Leaky Cauldron, who apparently sold food too.

He noticed that it was getting darker and darker as they ate, and his senses tended to be odd when he was drinking.  “We should probably head out soon.”


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hi I'm just getting into gaming channels and stuff like that and I made a sideblog and I was wondering if you could recommend some good blogs that blog jack, mark, game grumps, etc. thanks!!

I am the worst person you could ask this but here you go, these are some of my favorite blogs that post/reblog mark, jack, gg (not in any particular order):
@martziplier98 @protectmark @dogiplier @dork-iplier @lyssiplier @egogrumps @shcrtiplier @jackiplierpie @blue-eyed-boss @jacksepticeyegifs (jack gifs) @tinyblogtim (mark gifs) @markiplier-imagines @punkdmarkiplier @tyler-slime(rad art) @destiplier (their art is so good) @lum1natrix @zzbwrites (amazing fanfics) @neximoo @septiceyespeed @darkplier @darkwingcrobat
@megsiplier @ameplier @itsfoxyy @mr-markiplier @markimu
There are probably many more but it’s so late I can’t remember, sorry. I really need to follow more blogs especially gg ones and I should get some sleep too *____*

Feeling Bonely, A Soriel Fanfic: Chapter 8

This is getting super lengthy for a readmore.  Still, I’m putting it under a readmore simply because of TRADITION.

Summary: Toriel tells Sans to enjoy himself for once.  Sans takes her advice a bit far.

Read it HERE because tumblr doesn’t copy-paste italics and stuff.  And I rely on italics like, a lot.

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