it's 4chan

dont believe….. 4chan…. posts… claiming to know who nazis marching are… they do this shit all the time… the’yll claim that (x) person is a racist or whatever and it’s usually like…. a jewish person…. c’mon guys its fucking 4chan 

I don’t get why you’re making such a fuss, Killing Stalking is a work of art. I mean, there’s lots of anti-moral, violent movies or series about this kinda stuff out there and it’s not wrong to do them, it’s pure fiction.

Did you really react like this when you saw Misery, for example?? The Clockwork Orange was inspired by the rape of the writer’s wife. The guy wrote a book from the poin of view of a rapist! The guy that raped his wife! Is he crazy? Is he in favor of it? Of course not, it’s just that; showing you the world from another point of view. That’s what an artist do.

There’s rapists, pedophiles, murderers, humans with mental disorders… they are real. People like this is real, it’s no sin to write about them, about the real world, what is actually shameful is to think it’s wrong to expose it.

Alright, this is a message from the original poster of the “How to keep yourself safe during the 4chan raid” post.

Today is the supposed day the raid will happen.

I am here to safely tell you all that that entire thing is BULLSHIT.

And before you say anything, no I’m not a liar. That is my point. The 4chan raid happened LAST year. The post was made LAST year.

Someone revived it for… Whatever reason.

And suddenly thirty thousand people are paranoid for no reason whatsoever. There is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. There is no raid. I am checking the 4chan raid tag and it is a SHITSTORM. I want to message people to say it isn’t happening but ironically most people have their ask boxes shut because of it.


It isn’t so hard to do one quick Google to find this entire Tumblr VS 4chan Warfare happened in 2014.

Spread THIS around instead of telling people the raids are happening. They’re not.  

back when splatoon first came out I frequented the /vg/ splatoon threads for several months and we always used to meme about this guy Tim who was considered the best player in the threads and the “king of /ink/” (the “splat tim” meme only fueled this)

he was in that splatoon tournament yesterday and his team fucking won, watching it was surreal

Y’know, it’s weird to think how 4chan broadly used to be really liberal Back In The Day. 

I know that sounds ridiculous to say now, but back before 2010-ish it was definitely the case.

4chan was smaller, a website by outcasts for outcasts. If you were tough enough to see a shock image or a bad word every so often and laugh it off, you were welcome. 

Hell, most of the earliest 4chan “bullying campaigns” were against targets we’d consider acceptable. Racists, homophobes, sexists, those were the sort of people 4chan picked on.

I distinctly remember a time when 4chan found a guy posting racist shit on MySpace with pictures of confederate flags in the backgrounds of his photos and 4chan figured out where he lived based on the limited amount of shit you could see out of his windows and got him fired.

Back in the day, 4chan just did stuff like that. They outed pedophiles, got animal abusers arrested, got racists fired, they all worked together as this sort of bizarre anonymous vigilante justice system to help people.

It’s so bizarre to think back on now how it used to be like that after what 4chan culture has devolved in to today.

Ultimately though it was its culture of “shock content” that became its downfall. 4chan would use racist and homophobic slurs in its own community “ironically” as that “shock filter” to keep the normies out. It was all facetious, but as time passed more and more people started joining that weren’t being ironic. Soon they became the majority. The small, welcoming community of outcasts because a large, hateful community of assholes.

and well

i don’t need to explain where that went as time passed.

I gotta say, it was a surreal process to watch happen in real time. It doesn’t feel real to even think about now. The evolution of internet culture over the past decade and a half has been an insane thing to be a part of.